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Owner Pose
Qwillis     Some days? Sentry duty is fine. Boring even. It's a study of staying awake through the shift to make sure nothing comes up on the group.

This day? Not so much.

    There was a scuffle with the sentries on duty. It'd be obvious from the massive concussive booms, two of them, that says an M82 custom sniper rifle was fired. Chatter over the radios too and the sound of one person, Qwillis, yelling for help before that distinct sound of something.. feral.. coming over the radio chewing could be heard by those in the camp too.

    It's about 10 minutes later that Qwillis is brought into the camp, bloodied and torn up, there are several chunks missing from his chest, his flesh arm and flesh leg. They weren't interested in the metal of course. But overall? he got hurt. Badly. This is on top of the radroach swarm that he had dealt with earlier in the day.

    Some days? They were just bad days.
Sparrow Set up in a small area that has been set up for the Medic. She's made herself available for the off shift and quietly stares off through a hole in the roof as she smokes her cigarillo and works on making sure the string on her crossbow is strung.

That is until the Militia patrols bring in the wounded Qwillis. Sparrow frowns and perks and starts moving to direct them where to set Quillis up and she shrugs out of her Duster. She doesn't have much of her stuff with her and in her rush she forgets her medkit. (Derp, Sparrow!) but even without it with the supplies she has on hand she starts working on Qwillis quickly. First things first, she pulls his clothes off him and gets them to the side before she starts working.
Qwillis     stripped down to skivvies, Qwillis isn't yelling in pain nearly as much as would be expected.
    Then again, Pain? it's an old friend of his..
    With out the clothing on, it's easy to see the stump that is his arm and leg. Where the mechanics latches on with bolts no less and the actual connections hidden under those plates. Of course, the flesh wounds on the rest of him mirror plenty of other scars. Life is rough in the wasteland. He's almost unconcious, but helps as much as he can at least. Head dropping back against the mat only after Sparrow is able to at least wrap and staunch most of the bleeding.
Sparrow Sparrow is able to do a lot more than that; there's cutting away the necrotic flesh, cauterizing, stitching, and otherwise basically treating Quillis like he was a engine block. The comotion is bustling and Sparrow wipes her forehead with the back of her arm as she works on the wounded Qwillis. She's careful to make sure tht nothing is left behind that might create an infection and everything is properly bandaged.
Qwillis     Getting patched up well, Qwillis shudders slightly, but finally relaxes when the pain ebbs some. It'd take him some moments to push past that pain so he could finally speak, his voice horse, mostly from the yelling. "Ah.. Thanks.. that.. that's not something I ever.. ever want to repeat again.."
Sparrow Sparrow looks up, "No problem, Qwillis, I'll make sure Iris or Camilla look in on you when my shifts over. These are particularly nasty. Try not to do anything too strenous for most of the day and othing that pops the stitches. Some of them are holding important bits in. With any luck, you never will. Next time take a patrol with ya, huh?"
Qwillis     Qwillis chuckles weakly, then groans. "Ahh.. I.. well.. we had.. some. We were spread out for the sentry duty.. They.. just came from all sides.. I think.. I just.. got the worse of it.." He'd shake his head, staring up at the roof. "I'm.. not going to do much.. I promise. Maybe work on the cars some.. if.. if the Commander needs it.."
Sparrow Sparrow nods. "Good. Take it easy on the trip, make sure you keep the stitches clean all right? NOt that I need to tell you or that the folks in VT6 wont keep their eyes on you. But keeping to the cars should be safe enough." She finishes the last bit of making sure the gauze is taped down before putting things away and cleaning up.