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Owner Pose
Skittles The shop is pretty empty at the moment, save for a lone girl looking through the piles of junk a little drunkenly. She rolls her eyes after yet another piece of equipment is turned over, exposing its gutted innards.
     Sighing to herself, she stands back up straight and walks over to a crate, sitting down with her back against the wall. She's wearing a worn and dirty set of overalls, a BoS jacket warn over that, with a purple shirt under everything else. Her tricolored hair seems to swirl with color as it shifts, fading from brown to orange, blond, then back to orange, and finally red.
Jacqueline Peeking around the doorsill of the shop, Jacqueline blinks in surprise at the sight of someone with distinctively tricolored hair rooting through the piles of high-tech clutter. The shop's plainly open, but Roman's nowhere in sight. Plainly there are no trust issues here.
She steps in, hands in the pockets of her much-mended denim jacket, offering the other girl a smile. "Hey, Meggan! Find anything good?"
Skittles Skittles looks up and opens her mouth to speak, "Who...", she burps suddenly, long and loud. She adopts a relieved expression and blinks a few times, "Uh, excuse me... ", she laughs and then recomposes herself a moment or two later. "Um, no I didn't find anything, waiting around for Roman, seeing if he's got any capacitors to sell. I'm not sure if he's any idea what one is, so figured I'd look through the junk he's got around.".
     She shrugs a shoulder at this and shakes her head, "I'm sorry, but I don't think I've met you before, someone send you my way?", she asks as she gets to her feet.
Jacqueline Jackie stifles giggles at the belch, shaking her head after. She can read the signs of tipsiness well enough. "I guess you had a couple too many last night. We met yesterday, at the Gold Digger. You even told me about being in the Brotherhood, and that there was always room for another pair of helping hands there," she explains, leaning down to look Skittles in the eye. "I'm Jackie Wayne. You're Meggan Stroids, but folks call you Skittles. I call you Meggan, 'cuz I have no idea what a skittle is, and it might be insulting," she adds wryly.
Skittles Skittles squints through the shop's light at the blurry figure before her. After a few moments, the images seem to sharpen back into one, "Oh, yeah. Sorry, I guess I've been hitting the sauce more and more.", she lets her gaze drop and quietly adds as if to herself, "Weird, never use to drink before leaving the city.".
     "Sorry about that. and um, Skittles, it was like a candy or something, bunch of different colors. My hair, eyes, skin, it's all pretty abnormal.", she says as she shifts her weight from one foot to the other. Continuing on though, she states, "I guess there was a bunch of those candies in this place when the original tribe moved in. Good thing to, they didn't have enough vitamin C, and the things were loaded with them.".
Jacqueline "S'okay. Everybody tells me the booze here is some of the best in the region, so that might be part of it," Jackie says, not without sympathy. "So Skittles are candy with bright colors, and they helped your tribe's nutrition? I can see someone naming you after them, then. I've never seen hair as bright as yours. It's strange, but it's pretty, too."
She looks around the shop. "Need help finding those capacitors? I'm not sure what all they'd be in, but I know what they are."
Skittles Skittles waves a hand, "Sure, wouldn't hurt I suppose.". She points to a corner, "I hadn't checked that stuff yet. Could start there if you're so inclined. They'd be in anything that needs to discharge electricity quickly. Wireless stuff a lot of times.". She moves over to another pile and begins sifting through the various piles of collected trash and junk. "I swear, I think he just drags in anything and everything from the wastelands.". She lifts up a bra that's missing a cup and scowls slightly, "Seriously?", she says in disgust, tossing it to the side.
Jacqueline "It's as good a place to start as any," Jackie replies, looking around the shop, which isn't so much cluttered as chaotic; anything might well be in there, but finding it would invariably take some looking. She moves to lift up what might be an old garbage can lid, setting it aside upside-down to hold smaller items.
Hearing that disgusted tone, she glances up and stifles giggles. "Not much use now, is it? Unless you need straps or clasps, or just material, I guess. He probably really does pull in everything he finds, or that other people find."
She sets aside a bookend shaped like a sad-eyed beagle puppy, just the one, and picks up a toaster oven that rattles and clunks suspiciously when she moves it. Opening the front, she whoops in triumph. "Found one!"
She lifts it out, offering it to Skittles. Then she gets a better look at it, now that it's in the light. "Only... I think it's discharged. And there's a hairline crack in the casing. Maybe it's just the enamel?" she suggests hopefully.
Skittles Skittles glances up after setting aside the oddly shaped hunk of metal she's been trying to pry apart, "Ugh, ", lifting an arm she shows a bandaged arm and patched shoulder, "You can keep that one. I've had my share of exploding capacitors for a life time. Good find though.".
Jacqueline "Pass. I'll set it aside for Roman, let him know it needs to be checked or tossed," Jackie replies, setting it inside the garbage can lid. She resumes her search, peeking inside a plastic bread box that looks to be in good shape. She sets it aside, too. Even stuff that's just junk can have some use if you have a shop.
Skittles Skittles lets out another burp, this one smaller, "Well, I'll find one eventually.". Getting to her feet, she yawns while covering her mouth, and then dusts off her clothing, "Want to head to the saloon?", a pause, then, "Or maybe somewhere with better eats.".
Jacqueline Trying not to smile at Skittles's gastronomic antics, Jackie picks up a small tire that looks to be a former part of a sentry bot, shrugs, and sets it down amidst the stuff on the floor. "We can come back later, once Roman gets back and can help us. There's just too much to go through. We might miss three of those capacitors, working this way."
She sets the garbage can lid on top of the pile she'd been searching, the cracked capacitor and the intact bread box resting on top of the lid in turn. "I don't think the Gold Digger ever really closes. There's a diner farther down, too. Some food might help stabilize that stomach of yours."
Skittles Skittles shakes her head as she turns for the door, "Nah, I don't think so. Always one of those bots on hand I think.". "Diner it is then,", she says as she pokes her head out the door and looks around. "Have you heard anything about stabbings?", she asks as she ducks back in and waits for the other woman, so they can leave together.
Jacqueline Jackie picks her way through the assorted junk to join Skittles. "Stabbings? Where?" she asks, probably answering the question whether she meant to or not. "Is that a good thing to talk about before breakfast?"
Skittles Skittles shrugs a shoulder, "If you've something else we could talk about, I'm all ears.". She continues as she watches her approach and adds, "Though, I guess my information on the subject isn't all that great either. I just heard there was a stabbing around the saloon, but doesn't seem anybody's heard wind of it.". She looks thoughtful for a moment before she turns to head out the door, and down the street, hopefully, with Jacqueline right behind her.