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Manuelito High above in the sky, clouds hung moving with the currents and kept the heat in. It was stifling hot out today; abated only the coolness of the southeasterly winds that blew through. The sounds of ocean crashing against the coast line is heard as the intrepid heroes scout the perimeter of the looming Facility known as Poseidon Energy.
Manuelito As the interprid heroes wander the coastline of old Mexico, some spot a boat that is anchored just before the shoreline; a pier stretches out toward it. (Alertness 1+). Others see people moving along the pier, handing off equipment and stashing it on the boats. (Alertness 2+). Meanwhile others are entranced by a dancing starfish on the beach. It was two feet tall and waved it's feet toward them before bouncing off into the ocean. (Alertness 0)
Aralyn Ara blinks and stares as she notices a boat, a pear and people.... She squints and notices folks passing things off to each other and finally Aralyn raises her rifle up to set a scope on the whole thing to try and identify what's going on... "Umm guys? I think someone's maybe beaten us to getting stuff from this place." She says and without waiting to be told so begins making her way toward the pier.
Fiona Fiona crouches to study the weird mutation at the edge of the surf. It is looking up from the freakish thing that she notices a boat. "How unsporting." The corporal says, adjusting the brim of her hat. "Lets go have a chat. Make sure they don't have what we need."
Camilla     Camilla is lost in her own little world and has absolutely no clue what Aralyn is talking about. "What?" she asks, piping up and then turning to watch Ara walk off and deciding it best to not be alone or let her be alone either. Cami hops up and follows behind Ari, nodding at Fiona's statement.
Qwillis     Qwillis limps along with the others. The bonus of having a metal leg.. it hurts less. He'd absently check his needler, then stashes it in his pocket for a moment. He noticed the boat, but it was Ara saying there were people that had him curious.
Joe Caine Joe Caine moves along, his eyes locked on the beach, and the giant starfish. His eyes go wide, "Woah. I ain't never seen such beauty.. it's.. it's like a.. it's like'a massive toxic waste pool.. but.. not.. toxic, or green.." He doesn't notice the men, or anything else though. Way to go Recon Scout!
Manuelito As they approach, one of the men on the boat glances toward them. "Intruders!" He shouts to his fellow men. There is activity on the boat and pier as men move about, aiming guns down toward the incoming group.

There were two men on the boat (Alertness 3+); four men were heading toward them, armed with SMG's (Alertness 2+); Qwillis swears a Panda Mascot was seen disappearing behind the boat as it made it's way down the pier (Alertness 1); It would appear these men were not wearing typical armor seen northward, or for the most party anywhere (Alertness 3+).
Qwillis     Qwillis frowns as the group starts towards them, he'd look around, then take up as good of a defensive position as he can behind his allies. Shaky from pain, he'd try to sight on those coming at them with a frown. "I don't recognize that armor.."
Fiona Fiona rushes to the beach end of the peer when she sees they are thankfully hostile, otherwise she would be a raider. Aiming, dropping to a one knee down kneeling position she clips a leg on one of them.
Aralyn Ara drops to a prone position as the woman kicks out the bipod on her sniper rifle "I got the boat guys!" she says aloud and through her helmet radio. Next she's carefully steadying her weapon as she sites in on the first of the boat mooks... Ara frowns, "No Head shot..." She mutters, then shrugs and settles for what she can see, His chest through a bit of boat... That works! Ara then takes a breath and steadies her self... As she hits the bottom of her breath the woman squeezes the trigger. Suddenly the sand is blasted up and away from from the giant rifle as the beast of the .50 cal is unleashed. The first projectile screams down range, blasting a hole in that little boat partition and also the person behind it.

"One down..." She announces, then turns slightly, the woman now getting a bead on the second man on the boat.. As she notes him looking around and being still, Ara smirks "Mistake..." Again the deep breath and the exhail. And like a machine she fires again at the bottom of her exhail, sending another massive chunk of lead screaming down range. This hit however isn't quite as pretty as she instantly renders the second fellow's head non-existant.
Camilla     Camilla has no clue who these people are, but, she's not going to sit still and not defend herself or her friends. With that, her AR comes up and lets loose two, loud, rapid, bursts of lead and flame. The shots echoing and cracking throughout the area strike home on at least one.
Qwillis     Qwillis keeps to his location he found. Digging in as it were. He'd breath out and take that shot with the needler. Unfortunately, from the distance, all it does is miss them. He's definitely not a fighter.. Shaking his head, then wincing in pain, Qwillis keeps low. Well, he did try..
Fiona Fiona lines out, tat-tat-tat, she fires rapid enough to seem like full auto, yet each shot as steady as a a bolt action, the slender 5mm rounds maximizing penetration. The bullets sink true, pelting the bodies of her targets dead. She smirks faintly, better them than her. Then she pulls the barrel over to scan the dock.
Aralyn Ara sees mooks pointing guns her way, and like a cat almost, the pointy-eared purple-haired woman is jumping to the side, takng that massive rifle with her. As she lands, she rolls back prone, ending up covered ins and, but well, now that beast of a rifle is fixed on the enemy again... She notes Fiona taking out one group, then Ara focusses in on this other... Then well the two kind of move like they're going to cross? Ara grins and squints through her scope.. "Waiiit......" Then she grins "Mistake." And gently squeezes the trigger. Both the men's heads dissapear in a cloud of pink spray as the massive .50 cal round blasts through them... Ara then glances arond and calls out "CLear!!!"
Manuelito The experienced heroes make short work of the eight raiders that were attacking. As the numbers dwindle to the remaining two, those two survivors tremble in fear of how quickly the others were dispatched.

With Qwillis firing on them they began to run away quickly; however would not make it far as Aralyn made quick work of them.

Somehow though, the boat sets off to sea! The engine revs and takes off. On the pier, the heroes find boxes of empty liquor bottles. Further examination of the raiders show that they were using advanced armor; for those with knowledge, it would be Enclave armor.
Qwillis     Qwillis watches the men's morale cave, then they're on the run. Shaking his head, he'd get to his feet slowly, painfully, to brush himself off. "Well. That could of gone worse." Needler checked, then pocketed, he'd head over to the others, mindful of the rest of his wounds. "Everyone ok?"
Qwillis     Qwillis frowns, then starts looking around. "Oh.. hey.. there was this.. uh.. bear.. panda? thing? Mascot. It was around here. Maybe it took off with the boat?"
Aralyn Ara blinks and looks to Qwillis curiosly, then ummms... "Well, we can possibly take the armor off these guys, enclave armor is good... Weapons, ammo we can get off them, grab the supplies here and take em back and sort through them later..." she glances forelornly at the boat that's running off "Wished we coulda gotten that boat, we could have used it..."
Fiona Fiona swaps mags on her rifle, stidinf down the dock. Then she hears that putter rumble and she runs for the boat. One might think she was going to dive in with full battle rattle to chase it. She almost did too. She catches herself just before the end. Salt water is very bad. She shrieks, "You..." There is more but we'll just go with the excited beeps of a telegraph as she works a poetry of obscenities.
Aralyn Ara glances now to Fiona and umms "I can probably shoot its engine out from here.." she offers and tilts her head "Then again, we might just want to let it alone and work at what we have here.."
Qwillis     Qwillis pauses, then picks up what looks to be a fossilized.. chunk.. of.. something. "Huh.. well.. I'll be.." He'd look around and start gathering up some more. "This can be processed via a reverse osmosis into a plasmatic gridding that can seperate the chemical bondings enough to reform into a more useful energy unit.." Q frowns, staring at it, then shakes his head and drops them. "No. Have to keep moving. The lab work alone to do that.. just.. no."