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Iris Lark     Iris has only smelled what she thought was the ocean once before, but to hear it and see it is another thing entirely. She has pitched her tent a little away from the carts, choosing to snag a little bit of quiet before the storm breaks. Her tent is simple, yet neat, with two small bedrolls laid out and some medical supplies in her ever present rucksack. She sits on one of the bedrolls now, taking inventory on the chems she's brought with her.
Carter Griffin Carter is still feeling hurt from the rocket attack a few days ago, compounded with some injuries he sustained while trying to find his way around the facility. He has made his way out ot Iris' tent, since she set up away from the rest of the group. He tried to bandage himself up earlier, and it helped, but he may need more help than just that.
Iris Lark     Iris sees Carter lurking and she pushes open the flap with a stick and grins out at him. "Well come on in then, tell me what happened, and lets get you all bandaged up and pretty again, yeah?" She says, pushing her hair out of her face. "Have a seat on the second bedroll."
Carter Griffin He grins and sits down, "Thanks.." He says, "I wanted to say thanks, I know I hadn't had a chance to do so yet.." He sits down and looks up at Iris, "You didn't need to come along on a dangerous mission like this."
Iris Lark     "I wouldn't let the people I care about, and I care for all of you in a way, go so far without help." Iris says, offering Carter a smile. "Besides that, I also am a fair shot, so here is hoping that I can be helpful that way as well." She murmurs, kneeling to dig in her rucksack for bandages. She pulls out a pair of tweezers as well, slender with a pointed tip, to dig out shrapnel and other debris. "I saw your bike get hit by the rocket, I was worried for you. Glad to see you're not ..dead."
Carter Griffin "Yeah well trust me, that makes two of us." He replies, "Had that missile been any closer it would have been lights out for sure. Two more dead Rangers, but Sammy and I both made it out okay...Relatively speaking."

He takes a deep breath as she digs out the peices of metal, "I know NCR command wouldn't have approved this mission, that's why I didn't ask permission, I will just beg forgiveness when I need to. They'd figure they have the Colorado river and the whole Legion between the mutants and them...But that won't be enough to stop that horde."
Iris Lark     "Sparrow mentioned something about the horde slowing down. I hope whatever she's learned is valid, because that huge amount of things was headed towards our home in a way, you know?" Iris drops the metal and other debris she pulls from his skin on the ground, and when she's certain she has all of it, she scuffs her foot in the dirt. "I found some passcodes, when I was out wandering today. I'm going to pass them along to Alice, I make sure they're used properly."
Carter Griffin "All I found was a jagged peice of metal that I snagged my leg on." He replies, chuckling, "I need to be more careful. Gonna end up dying from tripping and falling instead of some glorious fight against overwhelming odds."
Iris Lark     "You won't die of infection, not with so many of us here." Iris promises, giving Carter a grin. She salves and dresses each wound and pulls out a small crock, handing it to Carter. "If your bandages get dirty, just put some more of this on the open wounds, they shouldn't stay open for very long." She murmurs, offering him a grin. "Also, just come see me if the pain gets out of hand, okay?"
Carter Griffin "I will, you can count on it." He says, as he stands back up, and then looks out towards the sea, "You know I've seen it before, I grew up in the Hub, back in the NCR, but I'd imagine for a lot of the folks here it's the first time seeing it, huh?" He says, "It's pretty impressive looking. Water as far as the eye can see, and none of it drinkable.."
Iris Lark     "It is the first time seeing it, and I'm seeing it free, which is even more of a blessing." Iris replies, smiling at Carter as she gets to her feet as well. "I'm going to enjoy it as much as I can before the craziness starts." She murmurs, folding her arms over her chest. "Let me know if you need me though."
Carter Griffin Carter grabs his helmet and tucks it under an arm, "Enjoy it." He says, as he strides off, back towards the main camp. He knows she'll be fine out here for now, she's very capable, and unless something came from the sea itself, it'd have to get through the rest of them to get to Iris.
Iris Lark     Iris eyes Carter and chuckles softly. "You're as bad as some of the little orphans in Shantytown who trip, fall and get into everything dirty and dangerous." She says quietly, clearing her throat. "Put some of that salve on it, and it will help. More than you might think."
Carter Griffin Carter turns back around and gives her a bow, "Of course." He replies, "I will do so any time I need to. For now, thanks again." He turns back around and heads off, locking his helmet down onto his head as he does.
Iris Lark     "See you Carter!" Iris calls out, waving a hand over her head before she ducks back into her tent. She stretches out on the bedroll and settles down for a nap."