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Vault Girl It's been roughly a day since the Expedition has made camp at Poseidon Energy in Mexico and the Militia have been hard at work fortifying the position on the orders of Marshal Manuelito, with the APC Qwillis is working on being dragged into the hangar.

If nothing else, The El Dorado Militia may have gained themselves an armored vehicle. Hopefully it would last longer than the ones in Fallout: Tactics.

No doubt you're all wandering around exploring or presently at the base camp, maybe on sentry duty or even taking a break doing other things.
Sparrow Sparrow is sitting over at the Medbay they'd made to help the injured rest comfortably and in relative quiet. She's leaned against an old strut, smoking her cigarillo and listening to the tales of people coming and going. She's really mostly paying passing attention to must things at the moment.
Aralyn Ara well, the woman is currenlty in her little crows nest, havin gher self completely covered up in such a way she can see out, but it might be rather difficult to see into her little area. The woman casually pulls a bag of fruit-chips from her pocket and begins nibbling on a few while still trying to look out and scan the horizon for trouble... She sighs and then rolls onto her back before arching it and stretching, then exhailing with a pained sigh... "I Swear, I hate rockets." she mutters quietly "Well when they're used on me..."
Iris Lark     Iris glances up at the sky, her eyes narrowed. "Uhm..does anyone else hear that Vertibird? Seems like it's coming in fast." She points off into the distance. "From that direction." She pulls her pistol from where she has it stashed and checks her ammo.
Grover Grover is working sentry duty. He can't fix things, can't help the injured...well he can help them one way, but it seems the others want to keep them alive. So he does what he can do for the moment, and stand there looking mean.
Abe     Misadventure, it happens!


To Abreham.

The Scribe Errant rests now. Another shape on a cot or on a make-shift table. Swaddled almost head to toe in bandages or gauze, anything that would staunch a wound and hinder bleeding.

He was dreaming of infections and amputations when something roused him.
Alice "Aircraft? Flying towards us? Wow. If only we had some people armed with rocket launchers helping to guard or ready to attack. That would have been pretty awesome." Alice exclaimed sarcastically before slipping on the helmet of her power armor with a sigh.
Vector Vector is sleeping in the driving seat of Velocity. He's sitting upright - but his head is resting rather firmly on the steering wheel..
    .. Audiable snoring comes from behind his veil.
Ashur Ashur has walked the beach since the bonfire last night, enjoying the sea breeze and the salt tang-- never before has he experienced it, and it's likely he never will again, after their adventures here are complete.. though maybe, in the future, when all his ambitions have been reached, he'll consider retirement down here in good ol' lovely Mexico.

That time is not now. He raises his head and quiets, hearing something over the lapping of the waves. The sound of a Vertibird-- and more startlingly, the distant shape of rapidly-approaching things on the water. He makes his way back toward the center of camp, raising his voice in a great clamor.

"There are vertibirds coming, and some strange sea monsters!"
Apostle     Her head tilts.
    Apostle has heard the magic word:

    "Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth,"

    Oh, here we go.

    "And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;
    Sunward I've climbed and joined the tumbling mirth of sun-split clouds -
    And done a hundred things You have not dreamed of -
    Wheeled and soared and swung high in the sunlit silence.
    Hovering there I've chased the shouting wind along
    And flung my eager craft through footless halls of air."

    Hssk. Hssk.
    Her head is tilted upward where Iris has indicated, her breathing speeding up with some ill-placed excitement.

    "Up, up the long delirious burning blue...
    I've topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace,
    Where never lark, or even eagle, flew;
    And, while with silent, lifting mind I've trod
    The high untrespassed sanctity of space,
    Put out my hand...

    Hssssk... hsssssk...

    "And touched the face of God."
Alice Alice walked over and went to slap Abe in the face to wake him up but it appears that Abe was far defter than his hefty form would suggest, "Wake up Abe!"
Fiona Fiona is sitting in the hangar, buffing her helmet. The assault carbine recently cleaned still smells of gun oil. Her cigar sitting in on the box so the fire hangs off. The tequila, it sits on the other side. Very little a shot and a half scavenges from a dozen bottles. Riiight. Incoming. She takes the final swallow, shoves her shiny bucket on ber head. The rifle is check. Two more puffs, the the smoke is snuffed. She sticks the remainder in her mouth to chew. "Caine Moving. Take cover, spread out." Then she heads for something to do just that as she searches the skies.
Lucette     Lucette had been busy finishing some final touches to her favourite piece. The friendly green glow of plasma had been replaced, tinged yellow and held lovingly close. She's sitting not too far in the open, and probably easy to direct.. she's not noticed an incoming herself.
Abe     Oh, oh that hurt.

Moving a bit quicker than he should have, Abreham heard the approach of Alice and opened a single eye with the effort require3d of wedging open a stuck door.

He spots a figure standing over him, hand raised and readied.

He makes a poor choice anrd rolls to the left, dropping from the small cot and onto the floor with a audible, "Hoof!"

"I'm awake... awake, jesus, what?" he groaned, resting a hand on the edge of the camp bed and hoisting himself upo to his feet.
Sparrow Sparrow cants her head at Iris and then turns to look where Ashur is. She frowns and pulls her healing kit out and heads to find a spot to take cover in; checking her medkit for the ready. Nevermind the nervous little tremble at a not-so distant memory of her last encounter with one of these things. She checks her helmet to make sure she's secure before readying to dash to whoever needs her first.
Aralyn Ara hears the goings on, and rolls over now, the woman shouldering that massive rifle of hers as she starts scanning the horizon in the recommended directions with those crosshairs... "Oooh why couldn't they just let us get our business done." She mutters, the woman now turning her cap backward as she checks her ammo and gets ready for hell to break open on everyone.
Ashur Swinging through the camp with sound and fury enough to drown out the aircraft, Ashur makes a storming clamor to wake and alert all who have not yet caught on to something going down. "The rocket launchers should be in the hangar!" He mentions, as last he knew that is where the vehicles were stored. He's never once wielded one, but strides that way regardless, white cloak billowing out behind him.

There's no guarantee these men are hostile; perhaps they'll sympathize with the desire to unmake the Horde. But deep down, Ashur's blood boils, and his instincts tell him true: soon, the sea will turn red.

Besides, even if they are peaceful, negotiating with rocket launchers puts you in a position of strength. No one is more persuasive than explosions.
Grover Grover hmmms, and stretches his shoulders a bit. "So far this dull." Then he realized the others are moving around and seem excited for something. "Well now...maybe things are about to get Unless of course, they start that talking garbage again...then who knows what might happen...or who it might happen too." He says..course no one prolly heard him, and is just monologing...wait, do good guys monolog...surely they must at some time...ah, does it matter. "Right, onto this."
Iris Lark     Iris ducks as shes tries to find cover, tugging at the straps of her armor to make sure they're tight. She glances around to place where others are in the camp in case it becomes necessary for her to make her way to them.
Lucette     People look like they're settling in for fun, Lucette's reverie broken. Her Piece is holstered and she pulls her other one free, moving to find cover behind something and tugging off her goggles for her glasses out of her backpack. "The hell's going on? Rocket launcher?"
Eden Eden looks over to alice. "you want me out here, or on the minigun?"
Vault Girl The Vertibird that several have heard flies overhead and sets down on the roof of a near-by building with the kind of tactical precision you could only expect to exist from a group like The Enclave in post-war America.

The whine of several more approaching aircraft can be heard as well, Lucette and others familiar with Enclave Combat Tactics would realize that The Enclave often used Vertibirds in a Close-Air Support Configuration to allow them to better provide support for the boots on the ground.

Those in higher perches will see that the 'sea monsters' Ashur has spoken of are boats that are moving out towards the Oil Rig that you had yet to gain access to, they were out of range and out of sight of most weaponry.

The more immediate threat were the bulky ten foot tall figures wearing power armor, beasts that made Ashur look puny in comparison. Mutant or not, they were in Enclave colors and had come from an Enclave Vertibird.

Leaping down from the rooftop of the building they had deployed from with earth-shattering force that cracked the pavement beneath them as they landed, "Hey Muties, come out, come out, wherever you are." The lead Enclave Super Soldier called out in a mechanical-tinged voice as he stared directly into the hangar, "Oh, there you all are."

"The President of the United States of America sends his regards and a message. Death to traitors and mutants!" The five super-soldiers began to charge towards the group, no doubt entirely unaware that they themselves had been turned into mutants.

Blinded by hatred and patriotism.
Sammy Sammy had picked out a crow's nest of armored vehicle wreckage, with a good view out, and some cover in, and proceeded to camp there and catnap until the hubub started, squinting through his scope at the figures in the armor, "They stick the landing. . ." he grumbles and brings the rifle to his shoulder, but first, a touch of 'the pure.
Apostle     Flying into the back of Velocity, Apostle is done with poetry.
    A booted foot kicks the back of the driver's seat.
Alice Alice runs over to the Militia Truck and grabs the Rocket Launcher that Sparrow had said she could use and looking very badass she skidded to a halt and took a knee, "Hey, Enclave Dumbasses! TAKE THIS!"

Click. Click. Boom!


No Rocket fired. There was just a Click. Click. No Boom.

"CRAP!!!!!! These things have no rockets in them." Raising her fists into the air she cried out, "DAMN YOU MARSHAL JOES DAD!"
Sammy     "Shots out." Sammy murmours at a deadpan, balancing the rifle just peeking over the ruined hulk that could easily provide him cover, he holds in his breath, and pulls his shots off one after the other watching with satisfaction as both seem to at least register on the super soldier who could only be described by some, as a mountain of meat in armor.
    But then he's lifted the barrel and ducked, looking for a bit harder cover, because that's a whole lotta incoming fire.
Fiona Fiona takes cover, then sights in on the first chump somebody else shot. She squeezes off a double pop. Then scans the field as she readies for return fire.

The back of Vector's seat is kicked, and thus the man guns the engine as if it was a waking-up action reflex. Some people snort. Some people grumble. Vector apparently attempts to turn on imaginary cars and drive. Much to his delight, there is no imaginary car, there is Velocity - and thus the engine simply kicks into overdrive, and the vehicle comes screeching out of its cover, already kicked up into high-gear, kicking up a cloud of dust as the overpowered engine revs to the MAX. YEEEEEEAH!
Aralyn The elf-like woman frowns and mutters "Shit is now spinning in the fan..." She mutters and then sites in on Sammy's target. The woman not even bothering for trying to attain a head-shot before she squeezes off first one round, ths smashing dead center in the creature's chest. Next she takes another deep breath and sends another round down range, the bark of the .50 cal most obvious at this point. Next round is a little further off center, but still solid. Ara then frowns and gets on the radio "Everyone focus on one target at a time to bring them down faster..." She announces, probably not even having to do such, but she's just reinforcing the obvious!
Ashur "We musn't let them destroy the vehicles," Ashur remarks, glancing through the hangar as their titanic foes advance. "Being stranded here is defeat as much as death is." Ashur lumbers forward, toward the hangar's exit, and watches as those metal beasts advance; their footsteps are thunder, the flashes from their weapons surely as bright and hateful as lightning. "I will engage them outside; draw their fire, and make sure this interior is spared as much as possible. Kill them faster than they kill me."

With a dramatic swish of his cloak, Ashur turns and begins to run, near-suicidally throwing himself at the wall of power armor, and releasing a fierce battle cry!

It'll probably work.
Apostle     Her pistol is raised as the car speeds off, her knees bending to compensate for the sudden acceleration that Apostle has become so accustomed to. The orange lenses glint in the light, as though she were sending out signals to someone -- these sunkissed flares that spark from their quickly departing location. Lasers fire from their location -- PEW! PEW! -- they go wide, but those bitches know what's up. Hmph.
Ashur A rocket strikes Ashur dead in the chest; there's a crunch as it impacts the glimmering, molten armor he wears, the hellclaw's leather seeming to glow as the rocket explodes and bathes him in fire. He drinks deep of that heated air, feeling it wash across him in painful caress. That heat and pain, and the crack in his sternum, is what makes the world fade away, as the berserker gives into that soothing battle-rage. Even strong as he is, he can only take so many of those blows-- but so long as rockets come for him, they don't go for the hangar. He barely even notices when he looks up and smashes the rocket-launching brute with his power fist, right where the rocket hit him.
Vault Girl "Don't be lured in. Take down the priority targets and insure their transportation is dealt with." The lead super soldier ordered his men, clearly they had a purpose here. They may have even planned this long in advance, maybe Lucette had some part in it as a 'member' of The Enclave.

Alice is torn into by repeated minigun fire, the fact that she is wearing Enclave Power Armor probably pissing them off to no end. Velocity fares much better, avoiding any hits against it until the Commander orders, "Ignore that vehicle, close air support will handle it. Focus on the parked vehicles."

Ashur is hit dead-on by a rocket at his feet but it doesn't stop the man, if anything, it only made him look kind of badass! If puny compared to the Super Soldiers.
Joe Caine Joe is in a prone firing position, using the corner of a wall as cover as he lines up a shot. A super soldier whose unfortunate enough to be the next to pop his head up in his iron sights, "Adios ameeeego!" Slowly he depresses the trigger, twice in a row. The second shot misses, his VATs glitching out on him, "God damn technology.." Regardless, the first shot was plenty enough to kill the enemy, the massive bullet piercing it's eye. "Boooyaaaka!"
Lucette     The soldier that's been designated bullet sponge has been targeted by Lucette. She squeezes off a quick trio of lasers, burning crisply against mister target while Lucette pipes in her own two caps.

    "From where I am your team's been the ones mutated! Stand down and I will retire you all from duty!" she exclaims towards the super soldier team. Looks like Halsey got the Spartan team off the ground.
Abe     Word spreads, trouble. Vartibirds. Enclave.

Abreham suched his teeth, displeased, afraid.

If Super Mutans were a even matcfh for a well-trained, well-equiped troop of Knights and Paladins, Enclave soldiers were their greater.

It hurt to move, it hurt to think, it even hurt a little to drink. He all but ached for a drink and it had been a long, long trip.

But he wasn't going to be shot dead in his bed by a bunch of snooty assholes who thought they were superior because their ancestors were elected, government bootlicks.

He stood and left the medical tent...

He found her in a corner of the garage, covered in a tarp to protect her seals from sand and dirt.

He gripped the drop cloth and pulled, the whisper of it coming free barely registered in his ears over the commotion. outside...

In the movies, this was when he would see her, resplendent and gleaming. The camera would pan over here every detail. The shot ending at the eyes and then cut to Abrehams, a resolute determined flame within...

But it wasn't a movie, the T-45 was sun-bleached and rusty. He had meant to spruce her up but time got away from him. As for Abe, he looked tired, worried. Maybe he should just take Dr. Doberstein and try to hide in the facility.

No... they'd just kick down the door. Dr. Doberstein might live but Abe, well, Abe might as well take a fighting chance.

Rounding her, Abreham gripped the wheel anf gave it a twist. She opened up and he stepped inside, leaving his helmet behind on a crate.

He settled in, cozy and tight. His thumb worked a switched and she closed in around him, sticking his heart with a mild sense of claustrophobia until the HUD came to life. He collected his Pistol from where he had left it and took those first steps.

It was hard not to feel invinvcible in Power Armor. Even T-45 suits. The sight of his enemy helped, towering brutes, literally walking tanks.

But they had enough firepower here to handle them, didn't they?
Sparrow Sparrow watches Alice take the brunt of the fire and she grunts. Sparrow stands and dashes across the way towards the Power Armored Vaultie and gets to work, while she does she sort of leans in real close to Alice and says through ehr visor helmet, "Let's show threse souped up Tin Cans what new Mexico is made of." She almost demands passionately as she works on getting Alice stable enough that they don't loose a valuable gun hand, and then she's diving behind something solid again.
Iris Lark Iris stumbles after Alice, seeing Sparrow shore her up. She moves in and tries to help as well. She sees the soldiers moving in and she takes off across the landscape, finding cover and priming her stimpak. She can see Sparrow where she's hunkered down and she calls out. "Things are about to get ugly, huh?"
Apostle     Well, that's not going to go well.
    Apostle sees the mayhem unfolding, but hears little over the roaring of Velocity's engine and the rattling of equipment heavy in the back. Without hesitation, she moves to put away her pistol, much like having shot at a tank with a watergun. Her gloved hands move to the minigun affixed to the vehicle that carries her, fingertips caressing it gingerly as she settles in and wheels it about to bear down on the enemies at their rear.
Joe Caine Joe Caine takes another shot, it hits, but the damage is miniscule. He grunts, "Fine. FINE Alice.. You Win." He pulls a rocket out of his ammo-pouch. (Yes, he carries rockets in his ammo pouch, like every good Fallout Wastelander) "Here.. take a rocket.. but don't blow me up!"
Camilla     Where had Cami been? No one knows. The gunfire and sounds of combat had drawn her back though, she was needed to be in the fight and so, here she is, weapon at the ready.
Ashur "Suffer me now!" Ashur roars in taunt, the gout of flame from that rocket still trailing behind him-- it ignites the tips of his second cloak, wreathing him in thin trails of smoke and leaving him all a-glow as he dances along the battlefield. His allies focus their fire on the soldier in front of him, and as Joe's final bullet pierces his helmet, Ashur leaps and grasps him by the face, momentum carrying him forward as he topples the giant. Wild-eyed, laboring for breath from a cracked chest, and flush with adrenaline, the burning man looms over their first victim, squeezing with that power fist hard enough to dent the armor, before standing tall.

Certainly some of the other Enclave soldiers see him there. Certainly they see this traitorous, un-American bastard stomp the head of their dead companion, desecrating the corpse with a wipe of his boot, staring them down.
Vault Girl From the skies above the Vertibird that had been heard earlier on made itself known as it used the targeting information being provided by the soldiers on the ground to perform an attack run on Velocity which seemed to be eluding the soldiers below.

The miniguns do nothing but the rockets exploding around the car cover it in a cloud of raging fire that only serves to make it seemingly go faster! There was some damage suffered though..



High above in a nest is Manuelito. His one eye peering down the scope on the Super Soldiers. "Damnit." He mutters, frowning as reloads the rifle "Fucking Supped up soldier boys." He shakes his head, aiming once more.
Ashur While the taunt was super impressive, and being partially on fire and raging is pretty cool, and these guys are ten plus feet tall and weighing like a thousand pounds, Ashur nevertheless finds the one he attacked has watched a thousand holo-vids of Muhammad Ali, and is impossible to hit. It's an incredible display of agility!
Fiona Fiona lays into her target, having a seriously focused aim. She isn't so sure she is doing much, but she is at least being consistant.
Alice Alice takes the rocket from Joe and replies, "Thanks, wish I had it earlier." She was doing her best to ignore the pain from the frickin minigun bullets but the painkillers and other stuff were pretty helpful. She was pretty high she realized, pretty high and pretty triggered.

Reloading the rocket launcher she aimed it up at the sky and announced, "FIRE IN THE HOLE!"

The rocket flew up and hit the Vertibird dead-center in the cockpit and exploded; killing every bastard Enclave onboard and causing the aircraft to go spiraling out of control and crash with a huge explosion that would make Michael Bay get a boner!
Aralyn Aralyn has a moment of clarity as she focusses in on the soldier that Ashur is fighting... She slows things down in her mind and takes a deep breath before gently squeezing the trigger. Suddenly her rifle barks and Ash might even hear the zip of the bullet as it passes nearby over head, impacting the enemy soldier squarely in the head, even penetrating the helmet. Ara tsks and frowns, again waiting for a moment, and then boom, she squeezes the trigger, Again the sound of the bullet zipping by and impact can probably be heard by Ashur before the heavy .50 cal reports., the next round impacting the heavy 10 foot tall juggernaught's left arm... "Christ these things are tough..."
Alice Alice cries out, "Eden! Go jam a stimpak in Abe's butt, quick!"
Vault Girl The assault from the Enclave Super Soldiers continue even as they lose two of their number, but they were on a mission and it was not simply slaughter. The President wanted some of these people alive.

Even as explosions and minigun fire was spewed across the area amidst a crashing Vertibird, more explosions were added to the mix as two of the convoys vehicles went up in flames to exploded minigun fire.

They were denying you of transportation. If they weren't stopped, you would have no way back for everyone.
Sammy     Sammy ducks out from behind his new piece of cover, spies a super mutant reeling from a headshot, cupping one empty eye socket. That makes the giant mutie hold still just long enough for Sammy's rifle to bark once, finding the other eye socket.
    .50 cal rounds are meant for tearing apart light armored vehicles and aircraft. When they're trapped by the roundish insides of a skull they do bad things. Helmets compound that, and fountains of red and pink brain matter erupt from the gaping wounds that were the eye sockets as the solder collapses.
    Sammy has the next target lined up and squeezes off another shot, the first bullet's cartridge having not even hit the ground first, the second shot hits true. and he flicks a magazine from a pocket, getting ready to swap it after that next shot.
Abe     It seems that no sooner does he see day light than does Abe feel the first round pound into the protective hull of his T-45. It wouldn't be a stray shot. He knew that, he didn't have time to think about that but he knew it. He knew just how to turn to make things right, turn his shoulder towards the blaze like his mother taught him. Let the armor do the work, take the beating... and it did. For as much as he despised the T-45 series, it saved his life, so many of those rounds halted or deflected by the thick, armor plating. It couldn't stop them all, nothing could have.

He barely feels the first bullet pass through him. Then comes the second and third. This will end him.

It's almost a resignation until he feels that terrible sting of a needle. His skin crawled, causing him to shiver. He despised needles. Almost as much as he appreciated the heat that swep through him, cellular regenerated hijacked and overdriven. He can feel fles twisting and shifting. Binding itself together. The inside of the armor is soaked with his blood but those wound close. He can still stand.

Eden, he owes hew dearly. Gratitude will have to wait, it's rude but hate must prevail.

His pistol rises and he levels it on the commander. Red hot streaks of SCIENCE streak down range to rip into the man. He just keeps squeezing the trigger even when he feels the cooling system fail. Smells his own flesh burn within the suit. It's the worst the gun has given him so far... but he just keeps firing.
    That's the noise Vector's making behind his veil. Madness apparently clouds the man's vision as he swings and shifts the vehicle around in an attempt to avoid the most of the damage. Bullets and missile sharpnel scours the area - causing the man to hiss in irritation as a few bits 'ping' around him. Swinging the car around in a harsh semi-circle until he is presented with a new target. The Commander.
    The wheels rotate violently until it catches the ground - violently sending the car ramming into the commander. Where it then violently screams to a stop. He stares at the commander - all the while revving the engine.
    He opens his mouth, and simply screams in anger at the mutant in power armour.
Apostle     Wham!
    Apostle is jarred into the ridge of Velocity's hood as she comes to a sudden stop, her fingers reflexively tightening at the controls of the minigun as she leans to take a good look toward the one that stopped the ramming vehicle. She just stands there staring for a moment as the engine gutters out and the wheels spin in the sand.
    "It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets."
    "Today we sound the fanfare for warfare..."
    WhrrrrrrRRR--The weapon powers up, spinning in the immediate promise of carnage, heating to feverish glow so very quickly before it begins to belch bullets.
    "And herald, the Angels, as they lay us to rest!"
    Dakka dakka dakka dakka!
Lucette     BY THE STARS AND STRIPES THEMSELVES THAT HURTS, DAMN! Is Lucette's response to the sudden torrent of ows that send her dropping to her knees on the ground. Wounds that carve their way into her- and thankfully the team's there to help her. Before she gets to cover she moves to fire off one last bolt from her pistol, but it seems it's far too wide to make an effect as she shuffles behind something sturdier than herself for cover.
Iris Lark Iris scrambles towards Abe, chancing that she won't be seen as she tries to patch up his wounds best that she's able in the short amount of time she has. She sees Apostle firing for all that she's worth with her minigun and she uses that distraction to get back under cover. She checks her stimpak and her medikit, trying to figure out how much supply she has left.
Camilla     Suddely Cami! As well as Suddely a fully automatic mag damp from her AR right in to the bad guy, like, /that/ bad guy, the big boss guy, jerkface mccommanderman. Cause like, super soldiers in power armor? /OH EEEMMM EEFFF GEEE/ Panic'ed cami Panics and sure enough, click, click, click, click, no more bullets.
Carter Griffin He had been out patrolling the perimeter of the encampment when the vertibirds had appeared. Without any sort of vehicle, and without any way to get any long range firepower on the vehicles, he had to run back as fast as his wounded ass could run.

Things were already in complete chaos by the time he got back into the battleground the camp had turned into, but he jumped into the fray just the same. The first thing he wanted to do was recover the rocket launcher he had left in one of the vehicles, had he known they would be ambushed he would have grabbed it earlier, but alas.

Once he finally gets to it, he pulls it free only to find the weight is far too light to be effectively loaded. Damn. He quickly slings it over his back and turns towards one of the still-standing soldiers, snapping off two quick shots with his revolver, one of which pings off of the armor due to the angle, but the second shot manages to find a chink in the armor and penetrate the fleshy body within.
Vault Girl The Militia begin doing their best to try and return fire at the super soldiers as another vehicle goes up in flames and the Commander of the Enclave Super Soldiers begins to push back on Velocity before moving out of the way of the vehicle, laughing at the driver, "Nice car kid."

The Commander may have been a psychopath but he was also a tactician and he knew that with the loss of their Vertibird Support, this operation would be next to impossible.

No, they had sewed their fear, reaped their terror, "I'll be seeing you all soon." The Commander called out as he and his remaining two men began to fall back, unloading their miniguns full-tilt towards the group.
Vault Girl The commander pauses for a moment to unload with his minigun towards some of the group pursuing before ordering his men to cover his retreat and dashing behind a set of buildings.
Aralyn Ara doesn't really chase, she's still nice and secure in her little nest... She takes aim at the injured soldier she can shoot at, the woman calmly taking aim. Then suddenly she puts two rapid rounds down range. Both penetrate the helmet, one sending blood and gore blasting out the hole in the front where that half inch diameter round punched. She then frowns "Christ, never seen something take headshots like this." she mutters "Stupid power armor." she adds, then fires another round this catching the staggered soldier squarely in the chest, and still he doesn't fall.
Carter Griffin With the enemy troops already starting to retreat, Carter knows that his best bet is to try to take one of them out before they can get away. After all if they have fewer men, there's a lot less of a chance they'll come back. So he drops to a knee and shoulders the launcher, taking careful aim down the sites before he unleashes the shot, sending the rocket screaming towards the retreating super soldier. The rocket should tear that power armor apart, that's the whole idea behind these launchers after all, if you hit your target. Carter misses and the rocket sails off into the sky and explodes on a rock somewhere out in the distance.
Camilla     There's no time to cry, or scream, or freak out. Lives are on the line. Though, when you have a few bullets from a minigun rip through you, it fucking hurts, and not that it's not lost in the sounds of combat, but Cami screams out in pain. With obvious tears in her eyes and blood streaming from said wounds, she still manages to reload her assault rifle, and let another soldier have it with an auto burst.
Abe     Once upon a time, Abe had a very large problem with people chasing down and butchering his fellow, if estranged members od The Brotherhood...

But here he is, hustling along in his power armor, alive only by the grace of god and the kindness of two women.

One who may very well have choice words for him later.

He chases these men down with murderous intent. He intends to kill this fleeing man. He proves this fact by taking careful aim around the bulk of Ashur to shoot this bastard somewhere he will feel it.

Abreham is a hypocrit.
Sammy     "Do unto others." he angrily states, moving with a deftness to keep at least ONE of the retreating monstrocities in his sights long enough to snap a shot, then another, hypervelocity rounds rip through the air and tag the retreating guy, but no magic bullet makes it's way home. Maybe the NCR Ghosts/Angels are only around El Dorado. Maybe the altar of the sun was farther north and they can't hear the needs of the many. Sammy doesn't know. Maybe they're wrestling that god damned mother fucking car in Dunwich.
Vault Girl The super soldier maintains his position and unloads on the two heroic medics who are doing more than many of the fighters, if only they had stayed in the battle instead of hanging back.... Abe takes the hit for Camilla though with his heroic girth and Sparrow takes it like a champ.
Sparrow Sparrow is shooting, hiding and shooting, but finally she just tries to take a shot at the dudes and doesn't take cover and of course, regrets this choice immediately. Like milk in hot weather. Sparrow's arm blossoms in gunshot and for her trouble Sparrow tries to aim, wobbles, and ends up shooting a rock.
Aralyn Ara now suddenly screams out, her whole body feels like suddenly it's being wrended by something unseen! After closing her eyes to try and fight off the sudden and unexpected pain. She then frowns and takes a few deep breaths, the woman shakily pulling a spare magazine from her duster as she ejects the spent one. She slams the mag home, takes another deep, shaky breath, then pulls the action back on her rifle, chambering a round. That last soldier is still up, and she clears her suddenly pain-blurred vision by wiping her eyes with her left hand and calmly sights in on the soldier. She doesn't really have it in her right now to take a head shot, so settles the crosshair center mass, then cuts loose with a pair of rounds, hurling them at her target with still suprising accuracy.
Camilla     Well, there's an Abe suddenly. Just after both of her trigger pulls send out a few rounds of lead at a target, and miss, and she's pretty sure it's lights out, there's an Abe. There's someone she doesn't know, saving her life. Ok, well, shit, the fights not over...
Abe     Maybe he meant to. Maybe he just stumbled.

Either way, bullets hammer into and through his armor. The T-45 staggters, slowing, stopping. Abe drops to a knee but still, he makes poor choices.

He hefts his pistol and fires. The heat containment fails the first time, the heatsink bursts, he manages to keep firing even as the dark creeps in and he pitches forward, still.
Vault Girl The Super Soldier Commander launched as Ashur's fist connected with his mid-section, "It's luck you followed me. The President remembers you. He wanted to give you a gift, wanted me to give it to a few of you but I suspect we'll be seeing each other soon enough."

"I'm not a Mutant, but you're about to become one." The man grabbed Ashur and violently injected him with a syringe, giving him all the contents before whispering in his ear, "Tell Lucette Richardson that we have a far worse fate in store for her. See you soon Mutant."

The Commander retreated, no doubt using some hidden accessway or tunnels to get away from the group and rejoin the larger group of Enclave who were now out at the Oil Rig/Research Facility.
Aralyn Ara is just kind of laying where she was firing the rifle from. She simply just breaths. She's not interested right now in looking at the super-soldiers they dropped. She just wants to rest... She frowns and now pops the magazine out of her rifle, then tops it off before putting it back in place, Then the woman pats the heavy weapon sighing "Did good..." Before she rolls over on her back, wincing quite visibly as she tries to get comfortable... "Allready fucking hate supermutants, and then they gotta stick em in power armor?" She says and frowns, before the woman sits up, she turns slighlty and grabs her rifle, then starts climbing out of her nest, she's in no condition really to continue to man that position all night. Instead she goes looking for a medic to get what wounds she took treated.
Alice Alice was doing her best to get out of her power armor at the base camp so she could get medical treatment but somewhere in the midst of it all she passed out from the pain.
Ashur Ashur is blue. If he was green he would die. Da bu di da bu dye.
Sammy     "HEESUZ Tap Dancing Christ On A Crutch. Setup a Triage line and lets get the wounded back in hard cover." Sammy calls out with his microphone on the convoy frequency, shouldering his rifle, drawing his pistol and taking off to find where that brave, defiant, idiot went. He's following Ashur's blood trail in the vague direction that he was headed. "Ashur you lovable mountain of meat, you'd better be pulling attitude adjustments on a motherfucking mutant by the time I catch up with you." though this is more under his breath. Maaaybe the microphone got left on.
Carter Griffin "What in the blue hell was that." Carter finally seems to be able to actually put his thoughts into words, as things finally calm down. He holsters his weapon and shoulders the launcher again, "Sammy your mic is open." He cuts across the radio fequency, before he moves to head towards wherever they are setting up medical at.
Ashur The injection courses through Ashur's veins like a poison, and as powerful as his constitution might be, it isn't prepared to deal with the laboratory-perfected payload shot right into it like a syringe full of heroin. His skin crawls and burns; he claws at it, as if to stop a sudden itch, ripping his gauntlets off in the process. His nails trace bloody ribbons down his arms, shredding the flesh and surely leaving scars, before the bloodied, dripping injuries begin to swell, his skin spontaneously discoloring and bubbling up like heated tar-poofs. He claws them more, and then a raging pain begins in the back of his head and he howls, loud enough to be heard through the whole area-- loud and animalistic, as if his vocal chords were shifting.

He passes out from the pain, feeling like his skeleton no longer wants to be inside his body.
Camilla     The pain is becoming a great deal for Camilla to manage as well. She crumples to the floor, a dust cloud poofing up around her as she does. She looks over to where Abe, the big slab O manbeef cooked extra /merow/, is, and crawls over to him to smack him with a stimpack. He did save her life, and despite the fact she should know better, she slams him with it and dumps it in to his veins.
Sammy     Sammy's seen some shit before. This is a different level of odd. He grabs the scraps of Ashur's braces, and carefully with gloved hands, crosses Ashur's arms across his chest loosely binding them just to keep them from flopping around, leaning down to roll and lift Ashur into a fireman's carry and bring him back to camp, where medicine may be able to be applied, in time.
Abe     Abreham Mcdonald, pure, Grade-AAA, marbled Man-Beef.

Why do you think Vector and Apostle have taken so kindly to him?

Well, that and, of the trio, he is sure to prove to be the slowest.

Man-Beef in a can. Blood oozes from various holes. Iris had plugged a few with bandages and gauze but more were made. Plenty of places to jab a needle... or you could just crack the hatch and take your pick.

Either way, there is that shart, short sting of a Stimpack, it hjarrs him back into conciousness.

The armor jerks and a sharp intake of breath can be heard... before a long, sorroful moan of "ooooow..." escapes.
Sparrow Sparrow had restreated back to the hangar when her arm had proved to be useless for anything. Moving off into the medbay to huddle there until everything was over; and that's where she'll be, using teeth and her off hand to carefully work on getting the bloodflow staunched. The medbay, thankfully, was a largish area that had ben squared off.
Camilla     Job done. Debt, kinda sorta repayed somewhat. Camilla just slowly rolls over and lays out on the ground at this point.