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Zealot Shreya The low hanging clouds are keeping the heat in and making it miserably hot as you ride into the abandoned neighborhood. The sounds of the glowing ones lets you know to be on your toes. The rest of Roswell has been cleared by the ghouls who live here. For some reason the ferals do not attack them. Only soft skins like you have ought to fear. It seems there is an effort underway to corral the monsters and most of them are confined inside the houses. One house is different, a large estate that may have once belonged to a movie star before the bomb. A woman in the black robes of Atoms devoted is in the yard, gutting a jack rabbit with a sharp knife. She looks up at you after tossing the severed guts in a bucket.
Elias Hooves drum an unhurried cadence through the center of the street at the rider's approach, keeping open distance between him and the unknown inhabitants of the surrounding structures. Sitting easy and upright in the saddle, but with his left hand holding the reins and his right keeping his service rifle propped warily on his shoulder, he wears that notorious armor that serves as admirably recognizable badge of his office. That vaguely sinister shaped helmet pivots this way and that, sweeping the place with an attentive survey as he goes. It seems likely, being unfamiliar, he didn't know of the glowing ones before he chose this route, and having spotted the signs he seems determined to pass through as quickly. But then he spots the lady with the rabbit guts, and that helmeted head dips a polite nod to her. The speaker crackles lightly, conveying the soft spoken voice from beneath. "G'd afternoon, ma'am," is offered politely as he goes.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya looks up but continues her work. "Ahh hail ranger. Do you come to this sacred place alone? It is my sanctuary away from the ignorance of the unbelievers."
Elias His expression is hidden by the helm, but as she speaks, he reins his horse to a halt. The head seems to pivot with a quick study of her sanctuary before nodding. "It's a very nice place," he returns diplomatically. "And I was just passing through."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods. Hanging the rabbit corpse over the side of the bucket she approaches the fenceline with her bloody hands. "On your way to El Dorado?"
Elias Elias shifts in his saddle to sling his rifle, and wraps his rein on his saddle pommel, freeing both gloved hands to rise and lift his helmet from his head. The human head beneath shakes his slightly sweat soaked hair free of his brow, blinking to adjust to the light, before offering a mild, polite smile. "I am. I haven't been out this way for..." he trails, "... a long time."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya frowns. "Come and share the bounty of this animal. There are strange things afoot in that town and you should know before you get there." She opens the gate though it is missing in places so not really an effective defense. "We can tie up your horse around back."
Elias Elias tucks his helmet beneath one arm, and had been just openning his lips to mouth a polite excuse to move on. But, then she speaks of strange things and his shoulders sage a bit. He really ought to hear this out. So, he nods. "I'm much obliged," as he swings down from the saddle and lead the beast over behind him, offering his hand as he nears. "Ranger Elias Petersen, at your service, Ma'am. You say there's some sort of problem?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya leads you around through the gate to the backyard. The house though ruined seemed normal until you get a look inside the ruined pool. She ties your horse to one of the posts connected to the back porch roof. She sets about to setting a fire below her makeshift grill. "Have you ever seen an elf?"
Elias Elias keeps his distance from the glowy corpses stacked in the pool after craning his neck on tip-toes to glance over it's edge. Some wry skepticism lingers on his features regarding the radiation, and he doesnt get too close. But, then he blinks at the yet more surreal question. "I beg your pardon, Ma'am, did you say, 'Elf'?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods. "Two girls in El Dorado, Aralyn and Kaelyn. Pointy ears, half human, half machine. Cannot remember their former lives. Kaelyn claims to have no Agenda. She looks like she was created to be a sex slave but since no one is hanging around to reap the benefits of that, there must be some other purpose. Her PiP Boy claims to have nursed her to health and that she has no ulterior motives. I think someone is controlling these abominations remotely, to what purpose I know not."
Elias Elias's eyes round with a few owlish blinks. He studies her for a moment, as though endeavoring to determine if this is some sort of joke or trick. But he does seem to make some careful note of the information offered, weighing the salient facts against eachother. "I see," he hesitantly answers after a moment. "And these... uh... elves; have they been engaged in anything otherwise suspicious?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya shakes her head. "No. One of them seems to be a sweet girl and the other an NCR Ranger. She told me she is programmed for inflitration but of course she is infiltrating other organizations not the NCR itself. You should be concerned."
Elias Both brows crane abruptly aloft and there is more blinking from the ranger. "She's a..." he parrots with clear surprise. "She's a ranger?" He regathers his bearing, though, and nods. "You can be certain I'll look into that. Uhm..." He shifts his weight from one hip to the other, considering her, before continuing, "Is there anything else notable or unusual you can think of, to mention?" Pause. "Besides the glowing ones and ghouls?" 'Unusual' is always a questionably useful adjective, these days.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods with a dark expression. "The ranger calls herself Aralyn but it isnt her bodies original name." She looks to the horror of the decapitated glowing ones that she herself created. "Division is a mercy to the Forsaken of Atom. The glowing ones as you call them are at peace, but there are many more to go."
Elias With a sigh, Elias pulls out a small notebook and a pen and begins scrawling out a couple of notes. "What gives you to supposing it wasn't her original name? Did she tell you that? And can you tell me what, specifically, makes you eblieve they were controlled, somehow?" The comment about the glowing ones only occurs a glance to the pool and a nod, "Amen," politely, before looking back.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya says, "They can neither of them remember who they once were but freely admit they were someone else. When I ask questions of Kaelyn her pip boy answers to reassure me that I should trust her. It claims to have saved her life and kept her alive. Why would a computer insist on anything? Why would it care?""
Elias Elias's brows lift and he frowns thoughtfully for a moment. "Valid points," he concedes, with a nod, lowering his gaze to scribble down more. "I'll look into this, especially the ranger. But I have to tell you, Ma'am, that unless there's indication of some siniser intent or activity, official interest will likely be limited. And... again, just... why do they look like elves, again?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya shrugs. "I would ask their creator but neither of them know where he is of who he is. Im not asking you to do anything, just giving you the warning I would want to be given were I you."
Elias "Well, that's very neighborly of you," Elias commends with a smile, closing his notebook and stowing it away. "And I appreciate it. Still, it's generally standard procedure to follow up on reports like this, to let you know what I turn up, if anything." He cocks his head. "Is there anything else I can do for you? Are you... safe out here?" Another glance is cast towards the pool and illumination therein.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya shakes her head as she takes the rabbit off the flame. She cuts it in half and uses another skewer so that you have something to eat it from. "I serve the Lord of the Glow and he provides all I need."
Elias Elias smiles thinly, and possibly uneasily. But he dips his head with polite gratitude as he accepts it. It's not so much mistrust, really , so much as wishing he had a Geiger counter on him to measure the rads on the morsel. But he takes a bite, valiantly. "Thank you. And, still, even religious folk need a hand now and then," he offers as he chews.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya tears into her grilled rabbit. Chewing and swallowing before replying. Some grease shines on her chin. "Well that is a thoughtful sentiment. All too many simply seek to destroy the children for ignorance. We are not the enemy."
Elias Elias shrugs his shoulders and peers sidelong, bemused at the woman. "I can't say I know much about them," he confesses. "But, in my line of work, I have plenty of real threats to deal with. No need to invent new ones." He takes another bite and chews thoughtfully. "Besides. My father was a preacher. I have no quarrel with peaceful relgious folk, whether I understand their ways or not."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya smiles as she listens. "If you want to hear about my faith I would of course explain. We are all Children of Atom, it is only that we who understand it are called such."
Elias Elias gestures with his rabbit-on-a-stick. "I'd be much obliged. Conversation over dinner is always nice. I usually find myself eating on the trail alone. Well. Unless you count my horse. And he doesn't say much."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods and begins to tell her tale with the far off snarls of the glowing ones and the crackle of flame a backdrop to the sermon. "Ever since man crawled naked and dumb on the face of the earth, they have saught to understand the divine. All major religions foretell an apocalypse followed by a new reality. Christians have their second coming, Hindu have the breaking of the wheel, and on and on. But all of these religions had only pieces of the truth, hints and glimpses and dreams. We are living in it. The Glow is our connection to Atom. Through its own greed, the people of the world unleashed this holy fire and look, does the wheel not break? Do the chosen not live forever? Is the world not made new in His image, even if He is not as we imagined?"
Elias Elias listens, biting and chewing quietly and attentively. He doesn't interrupt, mute until she's finished, and then a few thoughtful moments longer. "So, ah," he finally ventures to clarify, "Your folk believe that the radiation is holy?" He manages to sound politely neutral about it, conversationally curious. "Isn't that kind of dangerous?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya raises a brow. "Is it. Those ghouls who are not feral live forever. They were exposed to what you would call lethal doses of radiation and received his communion. Those who reject too long his blessing become feral. Do we not have larger livestock now because of the glow? It is dangerous if you are not chosen but in the end we will all be reunited in glorious division."
Elias Elias listens, peering as he eats, before asking, "The glorious division?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya says, "Within each of our bodies are a multitude if molecules and each of these contains a trillion universes. When the holy fire of Atom takes us, we are divided, but these universes go on. Who are we part of now I wonder."
Elias Elias takes the last bite of his rabbit. "Well. Such questions are beyond me," he returns as he chews. "I was never the properly contemplative sort. And on that note," he adds, with a glance skywards, "I ought to be riding on. But I'll look into those matters and if I find anything out, I'll come back to let you know." as he speaks, he's gathering up his horse's reins. "I'm much obliged by your kidness, Ma'am."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya stands and wipes her hands on the rags she is wearing. "Atom keep you stranger. I shall look forward to hearing what evils you uncover."