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Aralyn Meanwhile, Ara is trying to walk back and forth, the woman's pacing maybe something she can use to try and wlak the pain off she's feeling... She frowns now and sighs, the woman now trudging toward the medic bay. As she enters the area her hand rests wearily on one of the walls as she glances around. She has her rifle slung now, but she looks like she could fall over at any minute... She then trudges to a cot and sits as she pulls the rifle over her head and leans it up next to said cot. Next she wordlessly begins removing her armor... Honestly? A big reason is she has to see just what damage it is? She feels like someone shot or crushed her but isn't seeing any blood.

A pained hiss is made as she gets her pper armor off now and of course her helmet. Next she takes her sleevless T-shirt off and glances down again, the woman noticng something resembling a cross between a bruise and a burn? She stare at her exposed arms and starts peeling her body-suit off and then frowns. She appears crisscrossed with the same obscure injury "What in the hell?" she says, staring at the discoloration on her abdomin now... "I look like someone baseball-bat-swung and hit me repeatedly with a burning board!"
Sparrow Aftermath; it's messy. It's really messy. People are bloodied, people are beaten and broken.. Some people aren't even people anymore.

It's been hell of a day.

Sparrow finishes wrapping her arm and starts directing injured in glancing to Iris, grateful she's headed off to help out the wounded who haven't been brought in yet.

Sparrow and the other Medic folk are prioritizing; Ashur gets directed to a 'seperate special area'.. just for him. Ignore those people Sparrow has posted on him. Just ignore them.. the guns don't mean anything either. Really.
Ashur Ashur is still a person! He's just colored a little strangely, and his skin is damaged, developing warts and boils. It is rather disgusting. He's also completely unconscious and has nothing to contribute beyond being gross.
Camilla     It takes her a few moments, but Cami finally manages to pull herself to her feet. She, looks like complete hell, but, she did her part today and she knows she did. She shot. Shot helped. Now, the other part of her job, trying to find out who else needs help before she passes out from pain or exaustion. First things first, check on Iris and Sparrow and make sure they're ok.

    Cami manages to finally crawl her way in to the med area, and looks for Sparrow. "Row, come here please, let me help.."
Sammy     Sammy keeps gloved up and helping out, and by helping out he's investigating Ashur's injuries and making notes, someone's going to want to know the science, and the brainiacs are rather keen on getting as much data as they can, expecially from the 'first responders'. This is gonna mean undoing all that cursed armor. And other things down to probably just the mighty man's toga and skivvies, everything kept right nearby.
    No way in hell he's taking his own armor and duster off yet either. Friggin quarantine protocols.
Sparrow Sparrow will deal with Ashur after she's attended all her non-infected patients. But when Cami stops her she hmms as she pasees and smiles, pale and her lips tightly drawn. "All right, Cami. Have we made sure Lucette, Abe and Alice are comfortable though?" The tired cowgirl rolls her shoulders but she's still not a Healer so she leaves that to the healers. The other shoulder remains limp her good arm practically useless. Why do they always love to shoot her in that arm.
Camilla     Camilla nods, "I hit Abe with my Stimpak, all of it. I've not had a chance to see to Alice and Lucette yet. I wanted to see to you, to get you situated so you could help with the others. So, sit.." she says to Row as she points at, well, what ever is close and goes to town. Painkillers. Bandages. Checking the arm for broken bones. Checking current bandages. Doing all the stuff that she needs to do to help get Row at least operational.
Sparrow Sparrow lets herself get set down, helps unwrap the arm and very intently chews on a piece of her belt while Cami's digging bullet fragments out of her arm. She settles in, glances towards the spot where she'd 'quarentined' the now questionable asset. (Sorry Ashur) She looks back at the ceiling for a few moments and squeezes her eyes shut. "Thank you, Cami. We do need to get folks healed so we can try and find our way inside. We need to get those and I need to find a "
Sammy     Sammy keeps on documenting as best he can, the concept of stopping the patient from dying is not lost on him, he did pass his combat lifesaver class once upon a time, but that was ... four years and two thousand miles away maybe? He's kept up his first aid just not as much as some others. "Gotta keep you alive big guy. Pardon the pain this causes."
    What? Has he been listening to Sparrow and Iris and Kumo too much when they've patched Sammy up, that he's developed bedside manner? Who knows. But he's got a begrudgijng respect for this darned fool seeing him charge right into 'the shit' so much.
Aralyn Ara glances around, and well she waits to be looked at. Meanwhile she sighs, and grabs her duster. The woman then tries to lay down now, hissing a bit in pain as she tugs the duster up over her self to be used as a blanket.
Camilla     Cami finishes up with Sparrow and begins her rounds around the medical area. There's plenty of people that need help and she counts them out in her head.

    Abe, handled with a stimpak for now. Asked others to help get him in the medbay.

    Row, as best as I can get her for now. Ambulatory and awake and aware by three.

    Ashur, triage suggests Ashur is an immediate concern. Unresponsive. Priority.

    Alice, another Priority. Took multiple wounds in power armor. Is a direct combat asset and mission critical individual.

    Luce, injuries, non mission critcal, secondary.

    Camilla hmms, "Ok. I need to get to everyone else. I've done what I can for you Miss row." With that said, she smiles warmly to Row and begins her rounds.
Sparrow Sparrow says, "You need to leave Ashur alone, Camilla." She says firmly as she sees the younger Healer looking at the Mutant. "Understood? He's being watched for a reason. Iris or I will deal with him. But make sure everyone else is all right." Sparrow looks at her arm, "Thanks, Cami, you do great work.""
Sammy     Sammy steps away from the unconcious hulk of Ashur, he doesn't seem to be leaking anything else at hthis point, ribbons of bandages, he even goes so far as to unbind the man's wrists, lay them at his side, and use the bindings to hold bandages where they were needed, knowing full well a professional will have to double check it sometime afterward.
    "He should be okay. Just watch when he wakes up, make notes, and get Q over here to do an interro... err... interview if he's up for speaking. We'll probably have to have him see everyone is alive. But be ready to ... sedate and restrain him forcefully if you need to." he doesn't touch the guard with those gloves, he steps away and starts to peel his outwerwear, the duster, his armor, and then carefully his own helmet off, before tucking the gloves in, the duster is folded around the contaminated supplies, and he looks down at his fatigues, yeah, probably not so great.
    "I'm going to go wash up in ocean water and spread this gear out hoping a bit of sunlight can kill whatever... is doing that." he points to Ashur's arms.
Ashur The FEV flows like slow syrup through Ashur's veins. When his armor is stripped, the man's body is revealed, in whatever state of nudity his caretakers see fit-- regardless, even without this infection, the consequence of his berserker lifestyle is clear; every inch of him, head to toe, has been broken, stabbed, cut, burnt, electrocuted, or something else, to the extent that beneath his neck it seems there's more scar tissue than not.

But those are normal injuries. This is something new; the discoloration of his flesh seems to lag behind the discoloring of his veins, which are a putrid bright color now, spreading across his extremities first. And lining his skin, developing with a rapidity so stunning the physical mutations can be seen by the naked eye, are pus-filled boils, eager to be lanced and spill what is surely an infection-rich pus on anything near him. His arms have open, weeping sores, from where his fingernails clawed the skin to shreds-- indeed, one of the cyst-like growths there has popped, and is draining upon the floor in a lurid froth of red and yellow.

But his hair is still fabulous.
Camilla     Cami sighs at Row, "I had no intention of doing anything for him at the moment. I have no idea what's wrong with him, or what it could mean for the rest of it." She exhales again gently and forces a smile, "Thank you.." she adds softly in reply to being told she does good work. With that, she moves over to a corner of the Med bay, and sits down. She must have intended to rest for a moment, but unfortunatly, she's soon falling asleep.
Sparrow Sparrow nods to Camilla and then smiles towrds Sammy and nods, "Thanks for looking him over." She tells the Ranger and then rolls her shoulders. "Cami, how are -you-? I know they were takin shots at you too. Are you .." Camy heads off to sleep and Sparrow seems concerned then gestures to Sammy to see if he wnts to go play a game of Go fish while they keep an eye on the medic camp.