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Aralyn After the events of the previous night, it's no doubt that many folks aren't of a great frame of mind to get much of anything done. However with the need to get to the lab, and even more stress now being applied by the Enclave it's rather imperative that the Expedition gains access to the station. It's now mid afternoon, and a group split off from the expedition to go check out the energy research facilities, and hopefully gain access to whatever technology and information can be gathered. Aralyn stands outside the door, that enters into the building its self, looking the worse for ware as she glances at the door every now and then, those violet eyes studying then glancing back away as she awaits the others to gather and make ready to get inside. She frowns now, glancing at her pip-boy every now and then, trying to check everything she might possibly know about this whole thing....
Lucette     Luce wasn't going to just stay around at camp when there was places to explore. Heritage to uncover, and so she went with the group exploring. Keeping together as good as she can with those unexplained injuries, a few paces behind Aralyn and a hand over her right hip's holster. "Problem?" she asks of Ara.
Grover Grover has come along with the group. Perhaps a door will need to be kicked in...perhaps a horible monster is hiding under a desk...still, anything is better then sentry duty. "I wonder whats inside."
Sammy     Sammy, stovepipe of a rifle over his back, and having spent a night helping the medics and a morning doing more of the same, patrols on the beach to work his leg back into shape, and overcome the pain from his arm. He's inquisitve as hell about all of the base itself, specifically how it's handled, was for example, the tactics used lat night an example of what happened over the last 200 years whenever a fighting force actually got to the power plant? Did they send in the super soldiers to 'recruit' the best biologicals they could get their taitned mitts on, at regular intervals and then it just ... crumble? Had the facility been breached and the horde added to every time someone found it? He's leery of systems, and the like, and hunting for traps, 'little surprises' like antipersonell measures, turrets, mines. That kind of thing.
Fiona Fiona is likely there for security, showing up at a faint shamble stride. She nods to the group, shifting outside the door from the heavier gear. "Evening al. I hope they left the air on."
Aralyn Ara takes a deep breath, catching and wincing as she nods to Lucette "I will be, I think." She says and frowns. "I wasn't hit by a bullet, suddenly developed bruising and burn mark over 50 percent of my self. I still havn't recovered as the people who were more critical were getting treatment last night." She adds and glances around "I can still help with this, then maybe I can grab a medic..." She says and then frowns as she looks at the door, her eyes tracing over the others here..

"I'm hoping computers and the power systems to this outside are and all." she says and then the elf-like woman tilts her head... She smirks as she nods to Fiona "Probably not, but we can maybe get it going... " she tries to stand fully upright at this point and then mentions "So our goals are simple, get in, turn the power on, and get the mainfraim to let us in that facility... Like any other Enclave place, I imagine there are a few suprises waiting on us. So, raise your hand who's familiar with technology and computers... Those that aren't, you'll watch out for us, and if we need it kick down doors and such... I am a bit familiar with pre-war technology and a fair hand with a computer so I might be able to help with any hacking, or jury rigging we have to do, but that means my gun will be out of the fight..." She then smirks "If there is even one, sorry folks, I think I'm still going on adrenaline from yesterday..."
Lucette     Lucette listens to all of this and glances. "I don't know if they'll work after that incident in Roswell, but I do still have some of grandpa's access codes. And I think I've discovered documentation of others in use here." she answers to Aralyn, "Otherwise. I have a general knowledge of computers, tech, and how to read robco coding."
Grover Grover says, "machines and I tend to disagree on things....and when we do, they tend to not to work even more. Stuffy uptight thinking machines are even worse...they seem so nice, then they turn on you..turn on you like a filthy traitor!" As he rests his axe on his shoulder. "Best if I and machines don't come in contact.""
Sammy     Sammy looks at both pistols, ,ooks at the door, "I guess I'm here to kick doors, and look for those nasty little laser tripwires and such?" he chuckles, "Though if we find something like an auxialiary generator I might be able to coaxe it ot lyaing nice. I'm wary of old world systems that talk to each other. Because two hundred years of gossiping to each other is bound to be very bad for any of us . ." he looks at the door, up at the ceiling, out the hall, "Like, say, security from here talking to the facility out in the ocean. Would be bad. I'm just remembering how bad things went in Roswell." he considers. "I should pick up some more fine skills... I wonder if that guy who was collecting 'Tumblers Today' still offers a correspondence course out of Navarro." he smirks.
Aralyn Ara nods to those here, and straightens, wincing slightly as she rolls her shoulders.. "Fucking burns..." she mutters, then turns the knob to the facility and pulls the door open.. Inside it's dark, the light grey walls a little rusty, or mold-ridden here and there, at least in the entry way. some ceiling tiles have come down, but, it appears there's the lights might work with a little help, considering the bulbs appear in tact. It's obvious the entry way was at one point maintained, and it's quite obvious this place has been used in the last 200 years and not left derelict. Hell there's still glass over the reception area.

Ara turns and walks in, activating the lights on her pip-boy and helmet as she begins to look around.
Grover Grover steps into the building, looking around. "Well, isn't this nice...real homey if you ask me. You know, we should just stay here..forget about that other place...what was it called? idea...yep, this is better...already to be moved into."
Sammy     Considering the interior, his helmet is turned on, he looks around, doing his usual sweep and clear, looking for things, nasty things, hiding things, things that look like they were used often; Keyboards with less dust than others. People are creatures of habit, you can find amazing amounts of things by looking for the signs of wear-use. "Aralyn, we'll make sure you get some better painkillers tonight, get you sorted. Lets just get in, crack this safe, find what we need, and head out, get back to the main camp." He's rather put out that Q didn't show for this, then again, really, investigation wasn't good for easily distracted brainiacs.
Lucette     Lucette keeps at the back with a slow walk, her breath is sharp and pained. Healing powder only goes so far anyway. She can't see much outside of the lights provided by Ara, at all. So she just does her best to stay super close now that she's inside.
Grover Grover glances around, "Some curtains...make this place nice..just another room if you ask me..I bet they all look like one home."
Aralyn Ara glances around and frowns a bit, before sighing. "I'll start looking around, suggest all you guys do such as well." She suggests, as she find an open room and wanders on inside to begin searching through said room.... her lights providing quite a bit of illumination as she starts sifting through papers, sorting magazines and the like.. As she continus digging she frowns as she finds something that gets her interest, and begins promptly looking through what appears to be an open filing cabinet.
Sammy     Sammy looks over things, the receptionist desk, "Someone loves their 'America'. " he considers the mug, looks at it, "Coffee is the universal language of the data entry people." he considers and opens a few of the file drawers, "I think this computer is fairly intact though, maybe we can get more info?" he starts riffling through the contents of the drawers. "Haystacks of kipple, perhaps, where is the needle. Or better yet, a good electromagnet." he hmmmns, "Because as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack is, it's easier finding a needle in the ashes of a haystack. Which I'm fairly certain someone's going to try, as a part of the whole 'If I can't have it, no one will.' scenario they always run in the old holo-vids when the villian finishes their exposition in act 3."
Lucette     Lucette's very close to Ara, mostly just trying to keep her ears open and listening to everything- trying to count footsteps and keep track of positions where allies are to try and avoid getting pounced.
Sammy     Sammy looks at the filing cabinets, and then trying his luck a little further, he squints in between them, "Oi, I think we have a winner. See if we can get to this switch, and if it's labeled something useful." he glances up at the lights flickering. "As much as I don't want to just reach in and poke a switch for the sake of randomly flipping levers."
Aralyn Ara is busy looking at some binder type books "Got some codes here!" she calls out, then glances around and hears Sammy call "Get a light on em... I'll look 'round here some more!" she calls out and then the woman blinks as the lights actually flicker briefly... "Anyone see that?" She asks curiously... Next she goes back to looking around the side room some, then calls out "Got a locked door here!" she calls out as she messes with a large metal door with nob and keypad..
Grover Grover hmmms, "Well if your afraid to just reach in there...remove the obstacal.." as he reaches for the cabinet and grabs it...pulling at it to get it away from the wall...."See..easy enough."
Aralyn Yup, it's just two simple switches, could be lights, could be anything. However it's been around so long the labels have faded to the point of being illegible.. Meanwhile the breaker box has a number of switches, all of them labeled with a number? However the breakers are currently in the off position with one being kind of caught half way? It could be why the lights flicker every now and then...
Lucette     Lucette found her own thing in the breaker box, eyes on it, looking at the halfway. "Hold on to your butts." she warns, and hits that halfway switch to ON instead of off.
Aralyn Amazingly enough, not much happense. There's a brief pause, and the lights flicker more as the balasts charge, and finally about half the lights come on. The LED based illumination lighting the place up quite well... Ara blinks and stands up, then looks at the breaker box... "Flip em all on maybe?" Nothing else really comes on in this front section though, just lights as there's just on switch...
Lucette     Lucette grumbles. "If I turn everything on, we might arm self destruct or defenses." she notes to Ara, but does go to hit another switch and test to see what response is given from that.
Aralyn And now the other lights com on. Giving even greater illumination to the place.
Sammy     "Exactly my thoughts," he smirks, looking between the computer, the switch, the lights, "What makes me curious is the switches, as if nobody coming through here needed them, they'd be out in the open more, you'd think?" he looks behind the cabinet Grover moved, "Because you usually find 'just plain light switches' near a door." and he gives a knock or two on the bulkhead walls to see how they sound.
Grover Grover says, "Well, see..nothing bad we have light...I say, hit them all..they were hidden yes, so someone didn't want them turned we turn them on. If we get zapped with a death ray, at least we'll know we tried.""
Aralyn Ara looks at the breakers and sighs.... She starts digging through the spiral she found and blinks... "Those are lights and and power for this section of the building. Ya turn em on you get power to the sockets, lights, computers, and the electronic door locks." she says matter of factly... SHe then walks over to where Grover and Sammy are.. "Umm according to this, those toggle the electronic door locks here... There's more on the computer, but we gotta have power to this section... Saddly this book only deals with this particular section of the building... Those breaker switchs run this section on its own power, but enables you to get to the machinery room there..." She points at a side door. "That'll get power to the rest of the section, then we'll need to go section by section, turning the breakers on till we get to the main mainframe... We gotta route power to said mainframe through these breaker boxes and the main generator which is housed in the machinery room of this section. We'll need to also activate the other generators to make sure we have enough power to go through the conduits to the main computer room... I think they did this so if someone screwed up in a lab section and sent out a power surge, it wouldn't get into the rest of the building.." She says and turns the spiral book to where all can see...
Sammy     "It's a trap; of sorts. Keeps someone from letting loose and running in or out, things happen in a certain way. It's a good way of slowing down people just coming and going without hte neccesairy manpower to say, radio ahead for switch use." he glowers at the switches, "Leave the system just damaged enough it can't run all the things at the same time." Sammy considers, "Can we start working our way through, to get some more power?"
Grover Grover nods, "Right we move from room to room, flipping switches as we go. Ok, got it...which is the next room then?"
Lucette     Lucette slips back from the beaker box, "Nerves are shot, my brain is hurting. Someone else handle the switches." she murmurs, shaking her head.
Aralyn Ara shrugs and glance to Lucette "Ya allright?" She asks curiously, eyebrows raising, before she goes over to the breaker box and starts turning on all the switches... As each goes on, the place begins coming to life. Eventualy there is a dull buzz from both the doors as a red light appears above them. Next the computer begins to boot up. Finally a red light on the locked cabinets show up, well except the one that got ripped away from the wall, it simply sparks from the back side, and the locked droor on the cabinet doesn't do much of anything... (repair roll to fix the broken cabinet, Hacking to access the computers) Also with all the lighting, next to each door of course is a keypad too. So evidently the doors can be opened with a keypad, or also with either of the two overide switches Grover uncovered, possibly. Maybe redundancies like this are everywhere. (If you don't want to chance the switch, you can manually attempt to override the door at the door, with Technology rolls)
Sammy     Sammy slips one of his pistols into it's holster, and pops his combat knife from it's sheath, looking at the de-0electrified cabinet, and working on getting it to open, a little slim-jim action on the edge and around.
    If anyone's ever seen a soldier on their knees crawling through a minefield using a knife to dig for surprises, this is about what it looks like, only it's a filing cabinet. 200 years is a long time for paperwork to be used as firestarters, or for people to stash useful objects in drawers. It could also be a stack of ashtrays.
Lucette     Lucette shakes her head, "Most of the pain's gone but I got hurt pretty bad out of nowhere in that fight yesterday." she answers while taking in quick, sharp breaths. "If you want me to help with anything specific, let me know."
Grover Grover says, "You know, we could just chop the front of those cabinets off..don't care what kind of a lock it has, if you just make a big hole in the door."
Sammy     Fiddle-fiddle-ping. Yay, explosives ordinance & disposal manual paid off. The drawer opens,and Sammy steps aside to let it, "Man. Someone needs to pry the brainiacs away from inspecting what exactly is going on with Ashur, and have them look this stuff over." he opens the drawer, pulling out a piece of plastic around a sheet, with something inside, "Kinda looks like a ... Serial number?"
Aralyn So, seems Sammy by getting access to the drawer has found a small laminated sheet. The tag inside is red, and on it is -5771B-. Meanwhile the computer beeps as it's now online... Aralyn makes her way to the computer, tilts her head and begins messing with it. Aaand then Alice just punches the lock right off the door to the machinery room, the door then just kinda creeks open. Breefly there's what sounds like a feint alarm sound, the light above the door flashing Blue three times, then Red, and a skull and crossbones appears above it? Then well nothing at least for now. Helpfully though, as the door is of course opened, the lights to the machinery room open up. And there inside is a generator... said generator has a keypad attached to it with a screen wanting an input code to activate On the screen is (*****- -*****- -*****). The Keypad is actually fully alpha numeric, and even has asci characters on it, so not just numbers but symbols too...
Aralyn Ara was working on the computer, then she hears the smash as the door is litterally knocked open by the woman with the power fist. Her eyes are wide and then she acks and glares at the computer screen... "Ooh I got my work out for me.." she mutters then tugs the spiral book she foun dcloser and flips through the pages before fiddling with the keyboard some more... Another of the cabinet doors open at this point as she messes with the keyboard, the light turning green on said cabinet as the drawer slowly opens...
Grover Grover says, "See, now thats what I'm talking about..the best way to solve a problem is brute force..."
Lucette     Lucette maintains the flank as prople progress, listening for any requests and keeps mostly quiet and to herself otherwise, leaning up on something inconsequential and out of the way.
Sammy     Sammy winces at the explosion of the door, because he's seen things go pear shaped in a hurry. But then the drawer next to him clicks and unlocks, and he peers inside, pondering, keypads. passcodes, "I wonder, it looked like that door light did so not appreciate how you knocked. Have you been taking Diplomacy lessons from Ashur?"
    He looks into the new drawer to see if it too has something useful like another part number.
Sammy     "I hear something." he states, as Sammy grabs both the things from the drawers, and hands them over to Aralyn, "These look important." he states, "Lets see if we can get them all open, close 'em, and shunt the power somewhere we need it." he looks at the 'puzzle' of the cabinets, his guns drawn again, as he tries to tilt his head up, down, "That doesn't sound like natural, friendly sound." he gives a bit of a growl into the mechanic bay.
Manuelito The ever quiet, watchful Marshal stands in the background; observing the actions of the individuals with arms folded against is chest. His eye looked over the group quietly, glancing from them to around the room slowly as they tried to figure out the technical puzzle.

The Navajo was not a professional technologist; sure, he understood the technology out there, but diagnosing and troubleshooting it? Shit, it was easier to headshot a mutant at thousand yards than trying to hack past electronic locks.

Then Alice taps into her inner power with the power-fist; the door busts open and a smirk crosses his face. "Well, Alice, that is one way to make a grand entrance." Manuelito says chuckling.

Pushing off the wall, his arms unfold as he begins to walk toward the machinery and suddenly pauses. Hmm escapes his lips, eye glance around slowly; hand unslinging the SMG. "Everyone quiet down; someone is coming; perhaps eight .. things."
Grover Grover says, "oh good...maybe its the receptionist, and she'll know how to use all this stuff...or at least get us coffee"
Lucette     Lucette's hand goes to her holster with a sigh, "Damnit." she mutters, "Don't need more trouble." breathing heavily and looking around for places she could hunker down in, after the warning of people arriving is a thing.
Sammy     Sammy has slipped into the nasty side of business, , looking primarily into the machine room, both pistols out, his stance low, he glares a bit more into the not quite darkness. "But seriously though, can we get those other drawers open?"
Alice "Thank you." Alice replied to Grover before saying, "I just wanted to smash something with it, I don't use the power fist much. As much as I dislike Ashur for being a sexist pig, I gotta say I feel bad for him though. I hope we can cure him, he may be a stupid fascist barbarian polygamist dipshit but he's out stupid fascist barbarian polygamist dipshit."

Plugging her pip-boy into the computer, Alice announced, "Let's see what I can do!"


The third drawer opens and Alice swiped an ID Tag from it with what looked to be a code of some kind, "This might help, it's a security badge! Maybe we can swipe it for access?"
Grover Grover rests his axe on his shoulder, "so, we staying here..or moving on to the next room to find the next power box?
Aralyn Ara peers at the badge and tilts her head "Got a number on that too..." She mutters All together the numebers read #3381x- -5771b- -1496y Pehrapse it's a code? Meanwhile the clicking is now loud enough for everyone to hear. Two hatches in the floor open up and two small hatches in the walls open up, and from within each hatch 8 red lights can be seen inside, getting brighter and bigger. Soon enough mechanical spiders the size of small dogs come skittering into the room. As they notice the people inside, a mechanical voice emenates from all of them "Intruders.. Exterminate Exterminate Exterinate!!!"
Manuelito Spiders.

It had to be fucking spiders. Couldn't be molerats, humans or heck, deathclaws; it had to be fucking spiders.

His hairs stand on end on his arms as the spiders enter the room; face contorting to a frown as the SMG is raised.

"Incoming!" He calls out and open fires in a suppressing motion.
Grover Grover is ready for the spiders as they arrive..."Ok, now this I understand..." As the axe comes about quick, slashing one way, then the other at one of the spiders. " this is great!"
Sammy     Sammy's always favored long guns for their ability to take the time to squeeze the shots just-so, but the handle on his wheelgun rolls back as his arm snakes out, in the confined space, the magnum barks loudly, and maybe it was a mouth, maybe it was a sensor eye, it's hard to tell on robotic insect nightmare fuel. But it made a satisfying as hell crunch.
Alice Alice takes the code and moves over to the console by the generator and begins to hum a catchy old school 1950s tune, singing every other verse or line, "I don't want to set the world on fire but I don't know the whole lyrics, la la lala."

She appears to do this right, after inadvertently triggering the security systems so that should cancel it out?

The generator hums to life! The team did it!

"IT'S ALIVE!" She cried out!
Aralyn As the machines litterally climb out of the ground and the walls, half of them are blown or chopped to smitherines.. Two folks make neat work of one, while Grover smashes the other pretty handedly, sparks flying up from their little computer brains in their abdomins! Of course, if one were to look very close, as they are hit they'd notice thin electric bubbles? That's a good word right? Around the little critters.

Of course the big Generator springs to life after Alice enters the code into its terminal. A loud robotic voice springs to life "Generator number one functional. Opening access way to main thorofair..." A second, bulkier door to the back opens up. However the spiders don't turn off... Ara fires a pair of blasts into the head of one, knocking out several of its sensors and seeming to blind it temporarily, the other shot simply hits that 'bubble' making it flicker out of existance as the bullet glances off its carapace...

There are still two more, -functioning- spider bots in the room, Those watching when they fired would notice, these things shoot lasers... evidently they have fangs after all!
Manuelito Firing an automatic spread once more, Manuelito takes a quick crack shot of five bullets against the first, then another five against the second. The first explodes in a shard of metal, but the second.. well the little bugger still stands. "Damnit." he mutters.
Grover Grover growls slightly, as he sees the spiders falling..but that that one is still moving...."Now, from the depths of hell I stab at thee!" as he bring the axe down, chopping once then chopping again..little bits of spider going everywhere around the room..he starts laughing manically...."Ant...boot...tell me if you want a magazine." He grins as he spins the axe around.
Alice Alice had been off exploring on her own, seeing what she could find and generally just trying to figure out what she could do on her own rather than working with the team. Returning to the group she announced, "I've done all I can and a kraken also got loose, so keep on the lookout for it." Walking up to one of the locks she eyed it before grabbing it with her power fist and trying to break it! (WOW INSERT THIS WAY EARLIER!!!)
Aralyn So after much fiddling and messing with computers, they're able to achieve a couple more codes, entering the first one they found, then the second into the second generator. Then the third is done the same way, all three codes are entered as a large double-door opens up its way into the mainframe room. As the machine starts to boot up, the AC of the place comes online, quickly cooling the whole place down... In some remote part of the building the party can hear something breaking, then windows breaking as well as a pair of screaches can be heard....

One look out a window might reveal a pair of what look to be giant white rabits, with saber teeth, both running off in the distance, arcs of electricity working up from the base of their over-long ears to the tips and then arcing from one to the other? As they dissapear into the compound, one might wonder just what in the hell was being researched here anyway!

The Main Frame room is just that, it's a large metal, sterile looking room, no trash or anything around, it's just nice and neat, evidently something's been taking good care of this place. In the center of the room is a three display pannel with keyboard and roller ball in front. The middle screen simply reads Log-in.

Aralyn's binder she found actually has another rather complex code on the back page, could that be it?
Sammy     Sammy looks around, and sweeps into the room, considering, wondering where the next surprise will be. "So, they were making bunnies. Terrible bunnies. That's just great. The legends of the Jackalope will spread far and wide ... " he shakes his head a bit, gritting his teeth a little bit more and sweeping around, "So how can we turn this...?" he sweeps one gun around the larger room, "Into a weapon to undo what's out there?"
Manuelito Manuelito takes everything in with a simple quirk of a brow; including the giant white rabbits with saber teeth. "Well then." He says quietly, watching the electricity.
Alice Alice is happy to let others go ahead and enter the codes and stuff now since Aralyn seems to have it well in hand, taunting Manuelito a little when she says, "Did you see me shoot down the Vertibird with the /ROCKET LAUNCHER/? It was pretty awesome, you should trust me with those things more, I'm not an idiot, you know."

Then she sees the creepy white rabbits and steps back to push her back against a wall, "What the heck are those things?"
Aralyn Aralyn blinks as she also watches the rabits who are luckily running away, at least for now. Ara's left eye twitches and her ears droop a bit, before finally she stares... "Well whatever wierdness they're going away from here..." she mutters, then she sees the huge computer.... "Ok! WHo's better at operating a computer than me?!?"
Manuelito Glancing to Alice, he nods. "Aye; I was still picking metal scrap from my hair after you blew it out of the sky." He notes, rubbing his head. "Does not help that part of the scrap hit my on the head either." He adds calmly before looking to the rabbits "Pikachu's? I remember reading about these strange animal rabbit like things when I was younger in a book called Pokemon. Couldn't believe such strange things existed; but now I'm looking at one.."
Sammy     "They don't exist, they're not supposed to, that's kind of the point of them being monsters," Sammy looks around, to see if there's other nasties lurking about in the room, or if this was rpetty much a data mainframe access point, "... Mutants, super mutants, abomination-things, sometimes centaurs. They're not natural. They weren't meant for the ecosystem. Can they have natural predators? No, probably something for Yao Guai and Deathclaws to thumb wrestle over who's more tasty." he sighs, resting for a moment, puts the pistols in thier respective holsters, and finds an empty spot a table to rest his hands, shifting to take the weight off his right knee.
Alice "I don't know you well enough to say I'm better but if you're not comfortable, I can handle it." Alice replied to Aralyn as she stared at Manuelito, "Pokemon? What the.."
Aralyn Ara blinks and walks back to Manuelito and ummms.... "Nooo they're not yellow." she says and grins slightly, before making her way back to the computer... She sits down at the thing and looks to Alice "Can ya help on this?" She asks as she motions to another keyboard.... "Maybe with the both of us we can get everything entered and start getting information?" She then grins at Alice..> "How bout I assist you then?"
Manuelito "Apparently before the bombs fell, geneticists apparently made these creatures called Pokemon and kids went out to catch them. Used some kind of specialized balls to catch them inside." Manuelito shrugs; hey anything is possible ... and it was two hundred years ago. "I guess it was a favored pass time; they made a lot of these things before the bombs fell."
Alice "Sure thing." Alice replied to Aralyn as she listened to the tale of the Pokemon, wishing she could catch some now to keep Vaultmeat company as she went about the computer stuffs! oh ya!
Sammy     "I mean the problem being, if that was a breeding pair, and it may have been as they were kept together. In a few years, we could see them replacing say, gekos or mole rats as the varmit that massacres unwary caravans." he sighs, and considers what he's seen, "And that's presuming they stay the same size." he grumps, and folds his arms, "This won't end well..."
Aralyn With Ara helping, Alice is able to get the main computer online and get into the navigational menus. There's a ton of files on it, but also, plenty of commands to turn things off, on, etc... Including exactly what they came from. Also there's a window that's minimised, and should folks want to look at it, this involves an experiment to convert normal animals basically into easy to feed batteries? It's kind of a wierd science and all, but evidently it was mostly successful, if you discount the fact that the two test subjects turned into giant sexless man-eating monsters that shoot electricity...
Sammy     Sammy peeks, because he's curious, and he can read. "So basically, .... the 'posieodon energy project' just ran away..." he considers, "Is that what was powering this base for so long? Is it powering the derrick Was it?" he considers. He looks at the computer, "Does it have maps of the facility, we can't be all the way inside yet."
Alice "Of course we're not." Alice replied to Sammy with a confused look, "I mean we stepped into a building, we didn't teleport into the research facility we can't gain access to in the blink of an eye." Then she went to disabling whatever security systems and what not she could before leaving the computing to others.
Sammy     Sammy looks at Alice with a weird sort of bemused smirk, "So any maps? Or are we shooting in the dark to find the rest of the facility?" he grummps, looking out the corridor to the hallway beyond it, the door, and the camp in the hangar, "Need to get Qwillis and Abe in here, pour over this stuff." he considers, and looks to Manny, "You hear how Abe's doing? He wasn't looking so great."
Aralyn So after much looking around, yes a map of the outer area, is found, showing places of interest and whatnot throughout well this building. There's even a rough layout of the Poseidon facility its self... Ara glances around and plugs her pip-boy in and begins downloading any bit of data she can get her hands on pertaining to this place so the brains of the operations can figure it out later... "Am thinking we should get the techs in here and go from there? Don't y'all?" she asks curiously then motions to the computer "I'm better off shooting things not so hot at hacking and computer stuff."
Alice "Yeah, Qwillis would probably have fun with this." Alice said with a smile, "I'm just okay at lots of stuff, not really a pro at anything. Good work everyone!"
Sammy     Sammy tucks the 10mm back into his underarm holster in the duster, and then replaces the spent shell in the magnum, spinning it to listen to the balance of the cylinder. It is dropped back into his hip holster with a bit of a flourish. Yeah, that one, seen in all the holovids about hte cowboy west. "Lets go give them the good news that we cleared this far in."