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Martin     "So like. So like here the thing. We love cars." Says Manuel, speaking for the Rotary Club of El Dorado. "And we can work on them. Mostly. Like we can change the tires, do the aligment. Grease them up, and we even understanding how the universal differential. Which is this cool." One of the other members speak up, "Manny manny." Manny pauses, and looks a bit sheepish. "But like the thing is, the thing is. Well the thing is is that we're stupid. These cars, especially the bad ass Highwayman well the heart of a thing is a nuclear battery or nuclear reactor. Not sure which. And we don't know how those work. We work on cars. It gives warning lights. And like, well, like we dont know what those mean. We even got a pipboy and hook it up, and like nadda. Its just a bunch of reference codes." Manny explains. "So we need manuals. For as many kind of cars as you can get. Lots of cars. And any manuals would be great, but repair manuals would be the best of the best." He says explaining it to the group that wanted to give this a go, standing by the Golden Salon.
Kaelyn Kaelyn wanders up on the conversation, the woman blinking as she studies Manny.. Manuel, whatever... She tilts her head curiously and looks down at CORA "Start digging for manuals on a Highwayman.." She says and CORA calls out "Got it! This could take a while, you should help look for them!" Kae ooh's and nods, then glances to Manuel "So where should we start looking?" Asks the crimson-eyed woman as she studies the person curiously.
Fern     Fern may be a new face to members of this club, and why you may ask? Because she just so happened to be bored out of her mind and wandering around town when she caught part of the speech and.. well, look at that. The Rotary Club just grew by one member.

    Fern stands off to the side, but close enough to others, as she crosses her arms over her chest and lifts her chin slightly, watching Manny. She listens to the speech and nods slowly to herself, and as she glances about she spies Kaelyn. The girl grins and looks away. Yeah, where to? Fern looks ready!
Lucky Arms folded against his chest, standing next to Kaelyn is Lucky. Extending a hand outward slightly in a gesture, he says "So, what you are saying is that you, mister Manny, are in need of manuals for cars; specifically, that of a Highwayman. I suppose then, you know of a location to pick up a few? Some old factory facility or library or something?" He asks, brow raising upward ever so slightly.
Martin     Manny nods, and claps his hand. "Yea yea yea yea. Its a place we go to every now and parts. But we're just not that gifted for clearing buildings, however that is done. There this dealership." He says, "And we'll drive you out there, just fine. Drive you out and back and run like hell if we need to." He gets out a map and shows where the dealership is. "And this place should have lots of manuals. Somewhere in there. We've seen folks move in there, but dont what they are." He says. "Like honestly we dont now how scary it is in there." He informs.
Fern     Fern glances to the side and notices Lucky is there beside Kae, and it gets her smirking. The kid glances to Manny again and says, "Don't matter. We can handle it. Can't be nothin' too bad in there," she adds with a little snort. They're going on an adventure! In a CAR! Sweet.
Lucky Listening and looking to the map, Lucky covers his anticipation and eagerness of scavenging with a simple roll of his shoulders. "Yeah. sure, I'll help you out. Count me in." He says nonchalantly, arms crossing lightly against his chest. "What'cha think Kaelyn, gonna join up?"
Kaelyn Kae shrugs... "Yah sure, I got CORA searching her data banks, maybe she can help too! So lets go find goodies!" she calls out, allways open to a little bit of adventure! "So ummmm, where is this dealiership?"
Martin And with that last setence, they fade cut exiting out of Dorado. They're in four wheel drive nuclear powered jeep, with actual suspension so when the company go over the rough roads and not so roads, its actually pretty smooth. Manny is driving, and has a friend riding shotgun, by the name of Gus. Its about midday with a very nice breeze hitting them, overall being a nice pleasant day for some scavenging and building exploring.
Lucky Tapping his finger on the door panel, Lucky looks out along the highway as they drive; taking in the landscape quietly. The jeep appears to drive pretty good given it's age and everything.
Fern     Fern doesn't seem to care that she's in the back next to Kae and Lucky, who she says to, "You two better not start makin' out or nothin!" She remembers the Diner...

    She's against a door with her head nearly hanging out the window, feeling that breeze as it hits her face and tosses her dark hair all around. If it wasn't messy before, it is now! Fern looks thrilled, not one bit scared as they head along towards their destination.
Kaelyn Kae peers at Fern curiously "Ummm That won't happen?" she says, now looking at the teen curiously, and more than a bit curious. She then shrugs, and casually checks her firearm before glancing at the building "Sooo, you guys lead, I'll try to follow and help where I can!!'
Lucky "Uh, wha?" Lucky replies looking over to Fern suddenly; cheeks flushing. Looking to Kae, then back to Fern, he adds "There's.. nothing going on between us" He says quietly, looking away from both shyly.
Fern     Fern just grins. She leans over a bit more, folding her arms over the side of the door to rest her chin atop them. She closes her eyes and just enjoys the ride through the wastes.
Martin     And what would have been an long days walk, in about an hour the jeep manage to make out to the huge black turf flat lands of the car dealership. Hundreds of cars. Some asploded. Some not asploded. Its like arriving in a different world. A wasteland of tar top and cars. A haze of cars. Man starts to slow down by quite a bit, "Yea yea yea. So this is this place. No idea, whats it called before the war. That sign is long gone. Its about a mile to the building. Some of them are garages, some of them offices we think." He continues. "This lot out here is pretty safe. Sometime a roach, but mostlys its baking and safe."
Lucky Glancing to the building a mile out, Lucky nods ever so slightly. "I see." He says, thankful that the subject changes quickly; though he steals a glance to see Kae.
Kaelyn Kae glances around, using her hands to shade her eyes as she looks at the buildings "We need to stay together." she says and then glances at Fern "Stay close please." she says with a smile, her Crimson eyes go to scan the place, and she begins studying the building in question curiously as the woman now shoulders her rifle, while they all drive along.
Fern     "Ho-ly shit!! Look at that! Just look at it! Holy fuckin' shit!" Fern is about to jump out of that window, so it's a good thing the jeep's not going too fast. "Think there are any bikes out here? I wanna get one. Learn to fix it up, and then I can go out and ride all the time," she says, sounding extremely excited by the idea.

    "This is so cool! We should bring some of them back! Yeah? Why haven't we yet?" she wonders, leaning forward to grab onto the back of Manny's seat and start poking him in the right shoulder. "We can get one started and I'll drive it back home, alright?" she tries to convince. A glance to Kae and she says, "I'll be just fine!"
Martin     Manny pulls up to the front of the entrance of the building. Its three stories tall, with various broken windows on all the floors and large welcoming doors. Well, they would be welcoming if they were still doors. When doors, lack you know the door, its just a big hole. Or is it a big hole that we just like to call a doorway?
Regardless, the building is roughly shaped like an H. The main entrance is in the middle of the two legs. And this place has a great big cieling, and seem to sales floor, and display floor.
    As they pull up Manny speaks toward Fern, "Well little lady. Its a lot harder then it seems Most of these things have been moved for over two hundred years. Cars dont sit well. They keep best when they move. I doubt you can get any of the wheels to even just turn. We're lucky to get one of these cars in working order in a few months." He then gets elbowed by Gus. "Right right right. SOrry, just, just my passion. Fucking love cars. Anyway. This is it. We got a few hours of sunlight left, and we'll just hang out here, wait'in for ya. We dont know if the manuals are gonna be holotapes or you books. Hope its holotapes. Lots easier."
Lucky Stepping out of the vehicle, Lucky looks to the dealership; door closing with a soft click. Removing the SMG from his Duster, his head nods ever so slightly. "Right, well this should not be too hard; I think." He says optimistically, glancing to Fern and Kaelyn. "Ready?"
Kaelyn Kae glances around and tilts her head curiusly, before she grins and motions to the Building "Lets get this over right?" She grins at Fern's enthusiasm "Yup, If it were easy we'd be right back driving tons of vehicles everywhere..." Kae then grins and again checks the ammon on her assault rifle and starts to walk on inside.
Fern     "Shiitttt. Gimmie a strong chain and I'll drag one of these back, myself!" Fern says. Clearly she is a new member, cause she has no clue about cars! She just wants one. Or a bike. Probably a bike.

    As the jeep stops, Fern hops out, taking her backpack with her. The kid glances around a bit to first make sure they -are- alone, and once it seems so she begins to walk towards the entrance. Eyes scan around for mines or strings of cans, or hell, even a lone scale, but nah. nothing that exciting out here.

    The girl turns to Kae and Lucky, and she grins. "Yes sir'ee!" She snickers, heading in with the two.
Martin As Fern walks into the concourse to the dealership, it hints at a world before whats here now. A world where that was teeming with people. There are desks, and chars, and benches, and 15 cars on platforms, some of them are even still slowly rotating. Along the back wall, is the dealship slogan, "We want everyone in car, no matter what!" With a faded nuclear family behind it, with a house and two cars sitting in the drive way. And then a Mr Handy comes from... somewhere, and greets Fern loudly as she gets about 20 feet into the entrance.
Lucky "er, wait up!" Lucky states quickly, moving on after and inside. Taking in the concourse, he blinks. "The.. place still has power." He mutters quietly, looking around slowly. As Mister Handy shows up, or more the sound of him coming in from somewhere, the brash kid raises the SMG. Seeing the robot.. thing, he lowers the gun slightly "Uh.. it's a floating robot. How weird." He says in awe.
Kaelyn Kae all but jumps through the ceiling at seeing 'mr handy'. The woman blinks and stares at it while both her ears droop and she stares wide-eyed, those red eyes all but glowing at this point while she watches the thing "Wow crap still works here!!!" CORA then speaks up.. "Well they did build this stuff to last!" Kae then blinks and looks at CORA and shrugs "Still 200 years?"

The odd Elf-like woman stares at Mr Handy and ummms... "Hello!!!! We are looking for unified repair manuals for the vehicles you sell, and ummm well also especially a Highwayman... We need the mechanic manuals, and all the other stuff pertaining to repairing one!"
Fern     Fern's eyes widen when Mr. Handy greets her, and she grins ear to ear. "Howdy there," she says to it. "Fancy meetin' you here!" She shuffles a foot and digs her toe into the ground, making the spur on her boot jingle. She glances to Kae when she speaks, and she nods in agreement.

    "Yeah! Our Highwayman broke down a few weeks ago and Richard told us to come on back if we ever needed anything. Now we need something! The manual. Where would we find one of those?" she asks.
Martin     Mr Handy tries to speak, but its a bit scratchy, but then it breaks through mid setence with sparks and a bit of smoke, "...aintce of vehciles still under ...anty need to be taken to the Official *garbled* Garbage for a complentary 30 point inspection. If you liked to wait for a *garbled* representive to meet with you to set up an appoitment, then please have some complentary coffee, and one will be with you sh..." It main thruster to keep it elevated shuts off and falls to the floor with a loud clang, then it fires back up again, and sparks along the floor, hitting one of the desks, then sitting it ablaze.
Lucky "Uh, I think it is on some kind of automation program." Lucky replies, watching the bot quietly. "Pity." He adds, moving forward eyes looking around. "So.. If I was a manual.. where would I hide?" He asks aloud, pondering on it momentarily before saying "oh! the repair shop." glancing to Mister Handy, he asks "Where to the repair center?"
Kaelyn "That's not good!" she calls out watching Mr. Handy kind of fall apart... She glances around and tries to make sure the fire is not going to spread... "C'mon get some sand help me put this out!"
Fern     Fern's eyes shift between Lucky and the fireball Mr. Handy, and she says, "Uh.. I think he's busy at the moment.. Maybe we should put that out," she murmurs, watching how the dead Mr. Handy is setting a desk on fire. They might need to return some day, and it'd be a shame if the whole place burned down.

    When Kae springs in to action, so does Fern. She glances around for a fire extinguisher. They should have one of those around, right? The kid goes to look around at a quick pace, first looking over nearby walls and then a hallway.
Martin Mr Handy Salesmen Bot, starts to cry out in its death throes, "We have a fantastic thirty thousand mile, or 10,000 half life warranty on all four door sedans. We'll qualify any credit score. We'll let you walk out with zero down, zero apr, because those damn commie reds hate captalism!" It then lets out a puff of acrid smoke. Kaelyn and Fern manage to find a still pressurized ABC fire extinquisher and puts it out.
Lucky "hrm." Lucky mumbles, watching Mister Handy puff out acrid smoke; head shaking. Turning, he looks around the facility slowly. "Now then. I spy with my little eye..." Still looking around "... It's this way!" He states, pointing and begins to head in a direction, pausing and head shakes "No, this way! I know for sure it is this way!" He says, moving down a hallway; hand waving for Fern and Kae to follow "Trust me, my instincts and detective skills say it is this way."

As he heads down the hallway, a big sign saying 'REPAIR THIS WAY' looms above the kid.
Kaelyn Kae blinks curiously... She shrugs and after getting the fire put out, the woman begins following after Lucky... She even begins to whistle a cheerful tune... probably something from Wizard of Oz... "Well lets go get things taken care of right?"
Fern     Fern is poking at the Mr. Handy once the fire is out, and she starts to poke and prod like she might take from it what she can.. but then Lucky is hot on a lead! She bounces away from the crispy robot and hurries after him, a spring in her step that makes her run more than walk. "Yeah! Let's get allll the manuals!"
Martin     As the crew walks along the darken, sometime flickering lit hallway along the ground floor, they come across a door that is different from the others. Above it it says Garage, but it appears to be locked somehow. Dastardly.
Lucky With the semi-darken to darken areas, Lucky presses a button on his pip-boy and activates the light while walking. "See. Garage." He says cheerfully, smiling back to the two ladies. Glancing to the doors, he hmms and bends down. "Locked But that's never stopped me before.." He begins to examin it.
Kaelyn Kae stares and looks at the garage curiously, then the lock and ummms.... "Well there's power here... maybe we can get it to unlock?" She asks, and the woman begins checking the lock rather curiously, scrutinizing the door while she looks around.
Fern     Fern is still tagging along. She can't pick locks.. yet! So she's no help here. She looks around to see if there's anything to bash the handle off the door with!
Kaelyn Kae fiddles with the door, the woman moving over to the electronic door lock. She pulls it up on her pip, then glances around and finally the door begins to open up? Kae grins cheerfully and helps the door along before giving a slight bow and motioning inside the Garage... "Well there ya go, entrevous monami!" she says with a cheerful smile before she all but skips inside.
Martin     And with the doors open, it lead into the garage. There was quite a bit of baffeling on those doors. Probably because the garage would be loud as AF otherwise. Inside where various Mr Handies. There was some deconstructing a car. Others were reassembling a car. The paneling on the cars are starting to seem very very thing, as if these Handies have been disaseembling and reassembling these cars for the past two centuries.
When the doors open, an alarm goes over, and the group is blockaded by a Mr Handy. It talks to them. "No no no no. I'm sorry. No customers inside the garage. Its far, far to dangerious for customers."
Lucky Lucky blinks at the new Mister Handy in front of him. "Customer!?" He laughs, hand going behind his head as he chuckles "No man, not a customer; I'm a mechanic! Yeah, a techno-security-computer mechanic. These are my interns who are helping me"
Fern     Fern grins as she sees the door open. "You made that seem easy enough.." she comments to Kaelyn and then to Cora. maybe those things -can- be helpful. She hmms to herself and then looks towards that locked room. If it's been locked this long, no telling what's inside.. but she goes in anyway, only to be stopped by Mr. Handy. She looks to Lucky and Kae, then says, "Yeah. We're here to learn. Even got my hard hat. Safety first." Right.
Kaelyn Kae grins and is about to do the whole self back patting and all, then they're accosted by people? Kae motions to the cars they're assembling and putting back together then ummms "Hey, we need to take a running car out of here, we also need manuals on all vehicles you work on... There any way we can download those?" she asks curiously...
Martin     If a Handy could flex its eye brow in a incredulous fashion, then Mr Handy would be. "All right. But the Foreman wont be terribly happy that you're 1708800 hours late for work and out of uniform." It then backs away from the door, allow the trio get in it. THere about ten mr handies here, in two teams working on two cars.
Lucky Giving an apologetic shrug, lucky says "Well, time travel is sort of a bitch and I got the Tardis lost in the temporal stream briefly." He tells Mister Handy, walking past him. "Timey wimey stuff is so confusing; but I'm here now!" He adds chipperly continuing in to the garage.
Fern     Tardis? Fern looks confused by this. Must be something secret. The girl heads farther into the room, deciding to check out the machines building machines.. Oh yeah, and she idly opens drawers now and then, snooping to see if there are any manuals lying about. With all the technology around them, though, will she really find a paper one? Maybe a holodisk, but.. She looks up, a brow arched.
Kaelyn Kae stares at Lucky and tilts her head.... "Ummm...." She then shrugs and begins looking around curiously as she makes her way around the place... Of course CORA says to Fern "TARDIS.. it's bigger on the inside than on the out...." Kae glances at CORA and sighs, then looks to Fern "We can plug CORA into a display and watch some of that stuff later.." She says and grins slightly as she makes her way around the place... "oh and it's more like 1 million 7 hundred and fifty two thousand hours" Kae adds with a slight grin, before she goes to the motioned door, still trying to find any manual she can get her hand on... She then glances at the MR Handy's and ummms "Maybe we should get these guys to come back with us."
Martin     This Mr Handy wagges one of its eye stalks back and forth, "I dont much care for your hippy excuses. Sounds like Commie talk." It says.
Lucky Looking back to Mister Handy, Lucky's brow quirked. "What's a Commie?" He mutters before looking around slowly. "Alright.. if I was a manual.. where would I hide..."
Kaelyn Kae is hunting manuals! Of course getting almost run over by a robot sure doesn't help anything. The woman ends up stumbling away, but seems incredibly agile as she slips to the side of another, then goes back to hunting up books of any kind she can get her grubby hands on!
Fern     Fern continues to look around, and sometimes she forgets that she's not alone in the room. She gets bumped into a bit, hit once or twice, but nothing too serious. She'll probably have a cool bruise or two, but it's worth it when finding so many manuals!
Lucky Heading inside the garage, Lucky comes to a faltering halt; his eyes widening, jaw gaping open. "Uh-huh!?" He says, watching the Mister Handy's zipping about here and there and everywhere.

Saw blades whirled, torches blaze in streaks growing up to five feet in length, wielders wielded and metal objects flung around. These Mister Handy's were completely out of control!

"Well, ya know .. I uh, wanted a challenged but this is ridiculous!" He says laughing awkwardly, hand going to the back of his head. Getting a serious face on his face, he nods "Well, lets get to it."

And so, the nimble Lucky dodges flames, blades, hammers, nails, bolts, metal and other things in increasingly dangerous maneuvers as the Mister Handy's move about. A few nearly give him a new hair cut or even threaten to lob off an arm or leg.

In the end, he makes it back to the entrance with six manuals and no injuries; perhaps the name Lucky holds a little weight for him.

That would be wonderful, had he not slipped on a bolt; Flinging into the air, he comes back down on his back, manuals falling on top of him. "Ow."
Martin And the trio manage to make it through the whirling production of eternally trapped Mr Handies, forever taking a part the same two cars for two centuries, until the cars have worn thin, until they wear thin. Until its nubs trying to reassemble and disassemble nubs. Though the group did manage to get several manauls together. And after they trek back out to were Manny and Gus are waiting for them.
They were kind of surprise, that it didnt take longer. Manny eargerly greets yall as you come out and uh, rudely takes the manuals from them and starts to read them just on the spot. Gus rolls his eyes somethng firece, and apologies to the group. "I'm sorry about that. I mean its all our passion, but its not an excuse for rudeness." Then starts to honk the horn and yelling for him. "Manny. Manny, get over here. Manny, I'm gonna leave without you." And Gus then starts the car, which finally starts to get Manny to move his ass back over to the jeep. "Man shit. Alright, I'm here. I'm here. Damn, alright. Lets get back to down."