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Iris Lark Iris walks through the camp, seeking out Sparrow Drake. When she does find her, she crooks a finger and quietly leads her away from the camp. Gesturing back, she smiles at Sparrow, wanly. "So what do you make of that mutation?"
Sparrow Sparrow is at the med bay, watching people and keepin an eye on Ashur who's udner armed guard. Sparrow pushes herself up when Iris catches her eye and moseys out of the hangar. She takes this opportunity to light up one of her last cigarillos and finds a place to perch. She's still sore from yesterday evening. "I make that tht mutation isn't a bad one. Looks similar enouh to the rumors of Super Mutants from the Mojave. Not like the centaurs and blobs. I think to get any sort of information out of it that we're gonna have to get a sample from one of the factories. Ashur? Well, he said it himself; bring it home in change or kill it." Her lips thin, she realizes how heartless she sounds. "How about you?"
Iris Lark "Not sure, I saw something...odd when a few people came in after running into some Centaurs at home...nothing like *that* though." Iris folds her arms over her chest and lets out a soft sigh. "How do you suppose we treat it?" She asks, quirking a brow at Sparrow. "We..I mean, lets be honest, do we have a way to get him home if we can't treat it here?"
Sparrow Sparrow is quiet a moment. "Sure. If you can convince Manny. He'll fit in the General." She replies around her cigarillo and takes another hit. "Curing him? I've no way of knowing until we get into that facility and, hopefully, you know the folks who are known for doing things light lighting dynamite or shooting rocket launchers near frendlies will be forced to stay outside during that time. Otherwise, our chances are pretty fuckin low. Because if they pull that shit in there.. who knows what would happen." She looks up at the looming monolith of the energy plant and takes a breath. "We need to get inside, Iris. Even if it's just the brainiacs and a couple sharp shooters to keep us alive."
Iris Lark Iris holds up a sheaf of paper and tilts her head slightly. "Will this help?" She asks, holding the paper out to Sparrow. "Found it when I was digging around in debris." The paper has some access codes on it. "Hopefully *any* of these work. If they do, getting in won't be the issue - keeping it from exploding is more likely to be the problem." She squints her eyes and her nose wrinkles a bit. "We'll just have to stress the importance of the information, and hope any of them agree."
Sparrow Sparrow says, "We did that at the Town Hall." She reminds Iris taking the paper and looking it over with a cant of her head. "Wow. You've shown this to Jude, Lucette and Alice right? I mean I'm all right at the science behind the stuff and of course biology but when it comes to pre-war facilities the Vaulties and the Brotherhood are actually going to be our best bet here." She chews her lip, "I think we need to get Manny, Lucette, Jude at least and probably Alice to have a proper talk on this one. Do you want me to see if I can go find them?""
Iris Lark "Yeah, that probably would be best. Nobody knows I found them yet." Iris remarks, gesturing for Sparrow to go. She takes a seat and rests her hands on her knees. "Bringing them back here?" She asks, tilting her head slightly.
Sparrow Sparrow nods and smiles, "Yes. I'll be right back." She pats IRis' shoulder.
Iris Lark "Thanks Sparrow, I appreciate that." Iris says, watching as the other Doctor moves off to gather a few folks. She tilts her head down and gazes at her knees while she waits for whomever is coming to return.
Sparrow Sparrow comes back and after has delivered the messages and returned to sit and talk with Iris. While she's at it she's making sure that her weapons are clean. Where they are itns hard to find, it's 'alone' but not outside of shooting distance of the expenditioners that are left. She's also picking over her dwindling supplies.
Manuelito Walking out of the shadows is Manuelito. The quiet Navajo had been exploring the insides of the facility for most of the day, having only return now to the hangar that was requested in the not.

Arms folding lightly against his chest, his eye takes in the two women. "Sparrow, Iris. How are you two doing?" He inquires kindly.