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Lilu Wandering was something the woman was good at. Her feet still didn't know how to keep still, and after leaving the Saloon hours before, and finding some private little hovel to call shelter for the night, she was up and about at the sickly crack of dawn. Somehow, she found her way here again, and there was an odd comfort that washes over her partially hidden face once she takes in the sites of a field. She keeps her distance, her violet eyes tracing members of the Militia as they pass, back and forth; back and forth. Standing taller, and straightening her spine, she shuffles her boots against the dirt and takes a few cautious steps closer, a hand up in a lifeless wave of greeting. "Mornin'," she murmurs to any of the members that would hear her. "I, ah, I ain' here t'cause no trouble. Jus' wonderin' if dere s'mbody I c'n talk to 'bout helpin' wit de farmin'."
Manuelito Walking casually over to Lilu was a Navajo man that looks to be in his late twenties. A charismatic smile crosses his face as he approaches, hand moving up to wave to her before extending out to her. "Greetings." He said quietly. "Inquiry on the farm huh?" He pauses and hmm on that. "Are you looking to grow crops out this way?"
Lilu Lilu eyes the man, looking from his hand, up to his face, and down againt. Nodding, she reaches her limb out, accepting the contact, even if her own 'shake' is a bit lax, and brief. "Mmmhmm. I jus' got int' town yest'day. M'use t'growin', n'if m' plannin' on stayin', might 's well be useful." Pausing, she reaches up and hooks at her scarf, pulling it off her face so that her whole visage is on display. "M'good at healin', too, if y'need dat 'round here. S'big place, least I ain' bein' shot at."
Rose      Rose wasn't much of a farmer. She could scavenge what she needed off the land while on the trail sure enough, but she certainly didn't have the same level of skill when it came to making things grow. Today she was walking the borders of El Dorado, getting a better feel for the area. The settlements, farms and ranches so far hadn't been somewhere she'd ventured save her recent return of the stolen horses to the Militia stables, but the NCR Ranger found herself not far from the gatherings of militia members, eyes looking over those gathered and those going about their daily toils at this hour with a certain measure of curiousity.
Manuelito The Militia were here to make sure Raiders and the like did not attack the farming community. They were just beyond the reach of the heavily fortified El Dorado's main gate. A few of the Militia men paused to observe Rose, but mostly ignored her. Her presence was known, or at least semi-known due to her assistance and being seen in the town.

While hers was lax, his was firm but gently when he shook her hand. A slight tilt of the head is given as a nod. "Well we could always use an extra hand around the farms honestly." The Navajo replies quietly. "And if'n you are a doctor, I bet Iris could always use an extra helping hand." He notes and adds "Names Manuelito Romero, Militia Captain for the El Dorado Militia."
Lilu "Iris, right. She in de town?" The woman questions, shifting her grip to something more solid before the contact is broken. Hand back, she rests it in the pit of her pants pockets, her eyes shifting toward the farms curiously, and just perhaps, in a judgemental glance. "M'lucky den, meetin' de capt'n off de bat." She smiles, slightly and nods. "Nice t'meet y', Capt'n R'mero. M'Lilu. How-how long y'been here? S'nice town?"
Rose      A nod, Rose makes her greating informal enough. Manuelito she'd seen, even if she'd not addressed, within the walls of the Saloon. The other woman is a new face, but Rose herself ahd only been in town under a week. It was just a busy week. The security was good though, a good sign to the Ranger's own concerns about the people out this far. Too many raiders had been rather bold lately, the last she needed was to hear of another attack so close by.

     For now she draws nearer, but does not interupt the exchange.
Manuelito The Militia men give a wave to Rose before turning to head back on their patrol quietly.

"Lilu? What a beautiful, unique name." He replies charmingly. "All my life, ma'am. Not born in the town, but was raised by the Romero's since I was a baby. The town is a bit older than I." Manuelito replies smoothly with a smile. His arms fold lightly against his chest as he studies her. "Where are you from if I may ask?" Eyes shift to Rose as a gentle nod and smile is given before looking back to Lilu.
Lilu Lilu glances down at the compliment, keeping her focus on her feet and the sands under them. "T'anks." She murmurs, lavender eyes shifting toward Rose as the other woman moves to join them. Standing to the side, at least a bit, she allows for conversational space between the trio. Where was she from? Her brows furrow briefly, dipping down as her head lifts and she looks out toward the horizon. "Out dat way. S'been 'while, so I don' 'member 'xactly." Jaw tightening, she clears her throat and breathes out. "M'sorry, too. I, ah, ain' been 'round otha' people all dat much f'while now."
Rose The Ranger herself nods in greeting, even if the vague 'out that way' answer makes her smile. It's a roundabout answer she'd probably give herself, but that's more to do with a life spent travelling than isolation for the mostpart. "Newcomer as well huh?" she questions lightly of Lilu in a friendly tone, perhaps injecting herself into the conversation before she turns her gaze to the Militia Captain. "I came out this way to see what the security situation was like, if you'd had recent raider trouble this way given what happened with Acme...and that crater not far from the one gate. Seems all is well for the time being though."
Manuelito "It is quite alright, Lilu." Manny replies kindly. "You will find that El Dorado is unlike many of the wasteland towns and shelters. Here, we act as a community to help one another out. Many in the town are decedents of a tribe known as the cowboys, some are former Vault dwellers and even survivors. The settlement has been around for seventy-five years; but the facility we use has been around a bit longer than that. Roughly two hundred years old some believe."

Eyes shift to Rose quietly. "Our town is well defended and equipped. It's been about sixty some years since a Raiders decided to attack our settlement." He gestures to the Militia walking around. "These men provide security and safety for our town as well as many others out in the wasteland that is near us. We even have scouts that are gathering intelligence and information that go beyond our normal protection range to keep us alert." He adds.
Lilu Lilu nods to Rose, keeping her silence for now as Manny speaks. Another look to the lands, then back toward town, her focus drifts from Milita to Ranger, and back again in kind. "Y'town got a lead'r? S'mbody I should talk wit 'bout me bein' here?"
Rose      "I'm not trying to offend or judge," the blonde ranger says with a nod, following the gestures of the captain. "A place like this couldn't be what it is if it hadn't had good protection. You and yours have done a hell of a job, especially for a militia with limited resources." A nod of her head and she turns her gaze to the farmland itself. "Raider attacks, thefts and such lately had me curious is all. Don't intend to go steppin' on any toes, but if lending an extra gun here and there stops someone else from getting killed I'd be inclined to offer it should it be welcome."
Manuelito "We have a mayor I suppose you could talk to." the Navajo replies before turning his attention to Rose, studying her for a moment. "Our town has done well for itself. These little fires of sorts that come up happen from time to time." A small pause is given, hand moving to the back of his neck to rub. "I do apologize, though. We have done well and I am not keen in the idea of having NCR, Brotherhood and Legionnaire people in our town. To many stories an' honestly our town need not to be swallowed up in whatever grudges they have with each other or be claimed." Another pause as he extends a hand to Rose. "Manuelito Romero. If you're looking to help, then perhaps you should join the Militia. We could always use an extra gun and hand."
Lilu Lilu nods, keeping her silence for the time being and listening to the pair.
Rose      "If anyone goes firing shots over outside grudges, it won't be me." Rose nods her head, extending her hand to take his and shake in greeting. "Rose Hallows, and trust me. World looks a little different in the eyes of a ranger than it does your average trooper. I'm here to help folks, do a little good if I can however I can. Usually that means with my guns." Another pause and her own hands return to her sides as her gaze turns back to Lilu. "Some others though? They can help people through more...constructive means." She offers the other woman a smile.

     Just because Lilu wasn't another gunslinger here in the Wasteland doesn't mean she wasn't worth respecting. If anything? It made her more worth it for her profession alone.
Manuelito Shaking her hand firmly, Manuelito gives a charming smile as his head nods. "Well, it is good to have you here Rose. As I said, if you want to stay and help the Militia could use an extra person. Especially one with experience." His eyes travel to Lilu as he adds "We could also use our own personal medical officer to; if you're interested in it."
Lilu "Me?" She asks, her eyes settling on both, a bit wider now as she was back in the discussion. "I don'...I jus' grow. M'use to it." She admits, digging her toe into the dirt a bit more, but there was a hint of a smile pressing, desperately, at the corner of her lips. "Medical offic'r? M'not sure m'well...militant? I ain' sayin' no, dough. I like helpin'."
Rose      "Being willing to patch up people who are as good at fighting is just as valuable as being able to fight yourself," Rose nods to the older woman. "None of us can keep going when we're bleeding too bad to walk properly. I'm sure it'll let you do a little good." A pause, she turns her gaze back from the land. "Of course, people need to eat too. Growin' stuff to keep people's stomachs full does plenty of good too."
Manuelito "It'd be a noncombatant role and assigned to the Militia Headquarters. You may also be sent into combat to provide first aid.. but there will be Militia folk protecting you." Manny responds lightly, head nodding in agreement to what Rose says. "Could do both honestly. We don't see a lot of combat and would give you time to plant and tend to a farm."
Lilu From Rose, to Manny, she stares at the pair, her brows dipping and relaxing now and then, the gears in her mind working. "I-well, 'suppose so. M'," she sighs and rubs at the nape of her neck, giving her scarf a soft tug. "M'jus' new s'all. M'gettin' use t'bein' 'round people, n'if y'don' mind me bein' a at first, I'd like t'help." She decides, then gives a nod, her messy locks bouncing a bit from their bun-tail combo.
Rose      "Don't let anyone bully you into something you don't want." Rose comments as she adjusts her coat, the momentary movemetn revealing her holster belt beneath. "Think on it, noone is going to go forcin' you into anything. If they do? Well...let me know." she says with a wink before turning her eyes back to Manny. "If you're looking for me, I'm stayin' at Katherine Caine's Saloon. For now? I'm gonna head back that way and find myself something to eat. Been a long day and all this talk of growing things is making me hungry."
Manuelito Manny smiles to Rose, head nodding in agreement. "Not asking you to join today Lilu. Think on it, and let me know." He adds kindly as he steps back. His eyes look from Lilu to Rose and he hmm "Going to tempt Katherine's food are you?" He asks jokingly.
Lilu Lilu nods, allowing herself to fall silent once more. The comment about food, however, causes her to muffle a snicker, covering her mouth and clearing her throat after the noise. "I met her, n' s'm otha...odd people dere, at dat saloon. De food was ah...well, like coal, but I was beggin', so I couldn't be choosin'." Her lips part, then close, reconsidering herself a moment before she does speak up. "I know I been 'way f's'm time now, but...s'it normal t'talk 'bout sex n'teachin' girls 'bout it so openly?"
Rose Rose actually chuckles as she walks away, glancing back over her shoulder. "Fair point. I'll find something to eat -before- I walk back in there!" With those words and a sweep of her duster, Rose continues walking back to the town proper only to stop and blink at those words. "Well...I mean they do have workin' girls there. But it wouldn't be where I'd go to learn about the birds and the bees."
Manuelito Manuelito chuckles and gestures Lilu to follow "Katherine isn't the modest woman you'll find in El Dorado. Sex in general at the Saloon is as natural as eating. I am not at all surprised if you over heard hre and her girls talking and teaching themselves sexual stuff." He notes quietly, a frown growing on his lips. Looking to Rose, and the frown shifts to a small grin.
Lilu "S'true? Wasn' her speakin', dough. S'man, big'un. T'ink dey called 'm Iron? He was talkin' wit s'm girl, Nikki. Poor t'ing was kinda...child like." She explains, her face twisting up a bit in clear discomfort. "Sorry...I was jus' wonderin' if dat was normal."
Rose      "Nikki," Rose repeats. "Comes across a little...not slow, childlike is probably closer to the mark. Can't say it sits perfectly normal with me, but like I said, not a local." With that, and now a shake of her head, the Ranger shrugs her shoulders and starts to hed back to the town. "Ironface ain't exactly the most subtle of creatures," she adds over her shoulder.
Manuelito Looking from Lilu to Rose, Manny apparently had gotten some of the information wrong. "Ah, I see." he said plainly as he continues to walk.
Lilu Lilu chases after, her steps a bit quick until she makes pace with Manny. She listens, she learns, and nods again, now keeping her mouth shut. Nibbling to her lower lip, she then perks up and turns her head toward the Navajo. "So, if I t'ink 'bout joinin', do I come talkin' t'you den?"
Manuelito Manny nods his head gently, smiling "Yep. I'll be in the headquarters." He tells her kindly.