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Camilla     It's late in the afternoon, and there are still plenty of people who need to be patched up from the previous engagement with the Enclave. Several of the mainline people were hurt rather badly and Cami has been trying her best to get to everyone she can in order to take load off Sparrow and Iris. She is currently wondering about the medical bay are that was set up, doing her rounds and checking up on patients. She'd made an announcement that anyone that wanted to see her could come whenever they liked.
Aralyn Ara had been out most of the day, doing well mission stuff! Now she's back in the treatment area, the woman now curiously checking the place out as she sighs, it's about time she get those wounds tended... The dark-skinned knife-eared woman tugs her armor free, before taking off her shirt and starting to carefully pull out of her skin-suit. Underneath is kind of space-age underware she keeps around, the stuff seemingly light and very form-fitting while at the same time supportive and whatnot... She sighs and sits up in her cot, the woman now kicking her feet idly.
Camilla     It doesn't take long for Cami to rear Aralyn, most of the people she's watching are all in cots or what counts for sleeping bags, resting. Most everyone else, has had everything she can do for them, done already by Row or Iris.

    As she walks up to Aralyns cot, she blinks, a very confused look on her face, causing her to pause a moment before stepping up cloer to get a good look. "Aralyn, what happened?" she asks as she leans in and stars giving the elven womans injuries a good solid look over.
Aralyn Ara glances to Cami and shrugs "I have no clue... Never had anything like this. Nothing hit me last night, but suddenly I felt like i was being squeezed and burned at the same time. I think it happened when Ashur was hit by one of those mini-guns..." She adds and frowns a bit then shrugs "I don't know if it can be connected, but I saw him get hit, then this happened." she states and shrugs "Probably my imagination..."
Camilla     Camilla frowns, visibly, and exhales deeply. "Ok, well, I've not seen anything like this before in my life, so, I have no idea how to handle it. I'll do what I can to try and at least take some of the edge off." Cami turns about and digs through her bag to pull out all the things she can think of. She turns back around and starts to press her fingers against some of the wounds, seeing if they're hot, like a sunburn would be, and no doubt trying to gauge how sensative they are for Aralyn. "This hurt when I touch it?"
Aralyn The wounds aren't hot, they are like a cross between a bruise and a burn... Ara then nods "Yup sure does..." she states and sighs "Just do whatcha can, treat the pain and the bruising, I'll deal with the burning I guess... "She says and glances arond again while still keeping the wounds accessible...
Camilla     Cami nods and goes about doing what she can, which, with her dwindling resources and the fact she herself is in a great deal of pain and trying to keep it hidden, might not be a whole lot. However, there's a job to do, and she goes about doing it.
Aralyn Ara glances at Cami and sighs... "Look get me treated and get yer self some rest... We need all you medics as good as can be... Also next time we're in a massive melee like last night and all. Stay in cover, if you want come out take one shot but get back to cover, don't just stay out there plinking away, allright?" She says with a slight grin "Y'all are more important than us grunts..."
Camilla     Camilla exhales deeply, and finishes doing said treatment before turning back to Ara and forcing a smile. "I'm not going to stand by and do nothing, and I'm not going to argue with anyone. No one is any more important than the next person, that kinda of talk comes out of the mouths of people like the Legion. If I can fight /and/ save lives and do my duty? I will. I admit that I should ahve found better cover, but, I've never been in full scale combat like that before and yes, I took a few shots, but I'm still here and if you grunts go down? Whose going to protect us socalled more important medics? It's a symbiotic relationship. We need you. You need us. We need each other."
Aralyn Ara sighs "Ok bad words... Camy? You have a very important skill. You keep those of us loonatics who rush out to meet 10 foot tall power-armored monsters alive... Focus on that..." She says with a slight grin. "I'd personally rather see you hang back, then rush in to administer triage and first aid, than blasting away with your rifle and getting shot your self..." She then winks.. "Shooting and getting shot at is my job."
Camilla     Camilla's backbone shrinks vanishes and she nods as she hangs her head. "Right, will do..." she replies softly. "Just, make sure you come to me when you need me ok? I don't want to loose anyone else. Just, follow your own advice and be as carefull as you can be in combat please. I'dactually like to get to know you more.."
Aralyn Ara blinks and laughs, then tries to place a hand on Camilla's shoulder "Takes more guts to race in to pull someone out of a fire fight and heal them than it takes to be in the fire fight its self... Trust me ok?" She says calmly, evenly, about as close to showing real emotion as she usually does... "Now mind you, this is all coming from a creature that was quite litterally grown in a testube, then an incubation chamber... But I was built from the ground up to be a soldier more or less... Then I went on to do it more... Honestly some folks need to live through this thing. I'd just assume see it was you. And the other non combat first folks... Y'all took a huge risk comin' down here..."
Camilla     Camilla smiles for real and nods. "Yes, well, I do that normally.." pause "but as I said, I kinda panicked a little this time. Never seen anyone like that before. I mean, I've seen power armor, but those guys were mutants in power armor and they scared the hell out of me. So, lesson learned.." she adds keeping the smile.

    "You were made?" asks Cami, because nothing quite changes the subject like someone said they were made and not born. She kinda ignores everything else that comes after that statement.
Aralyn Ara nods slowly. "More precisely, I am kind of a modified clone made from a trio of base DNA's, and having had my genetic structure altered enough so that as a Species my kind can survive should I live long enough to bear young..." She says matter of factly, and now that voice kind of goes back to its low emotional state as the woman sounds more like a machine than a normal person. "We are modified to exhibit certain characeristics, then grown to young adult hood. During that time we have knowledge, training as it were litterally downloaded into our brains, then after we exit the incubation chamber we are given final training. Most of us stay at the place we are made, some, like me decide and are given permission to leave."
Camilla     "So, you're all manmade slaves?" asks Cami, quite curious and entirely unable to really grasp this at the moment. "I mean, you were allowed to leave, but what if who made you didn't want you to go? Would they come after you?"
Aralyn Ara peers "Noo, it's not a slave thing, we're part of a living community. Right now we're incapable of sustaning our selves through normal means, so we rely on clones.. Some of us have been able to go out, get men bring them back, but we don't like suit up in harems around one guy, usually, we know that we need to, should we choose, take a single mate at a time... Some of us have been around a very long time and have outlived 2 or three..." Ara then grins slightly... "Understand now? Sometimes some of us well, we pass... Then new ones need to be made to fill that loss..."
Camilla     Cami just blinks a few times and nods, she kinda gets it. "So, who made you? Why? Why give you these?" and she points at Ara's ears. "If I understand, you're all women, why do that? Do you make each other now? Like, is the person that made you gone and now you have to like, make each other?" So many questions.
Aralyn Ara laughs "Our elders do maintain our population through cloning. All cloning is done through A.I's that manage the process. Traits are selected for the desired outcome and based on the original three genetic profiles a person is made. Though we also add new DNA through of course marriage and taking in mates, and those mates have their Genetics added to the pool. Yes all of us cloned are women. Males can't bear children and also the survival traits in us that we want passed on are best carried through the females. And all the original three were all females..." She says and shrugs slowly "I don't understand it more than that... Because the original three were females, they all had these pointy ear traits after their initial modification, we all have the same issues..." Ara then grins "I don't see it as a problem really, just makes us a bit different."
Camilla     Cami just gets a bit glossy eyed for a moment, lot to take in. "Oh, ok, wow..." is her only real reply to all of this at first. "I, well, I didn't mean to say that having pointed ears was a bad thing, I was just curious. I mean, we have ghouls and mutants and the like, so, having pointed ears is like the least wierd thing I've ever seen. So, yeah. I, well, stay alive ok? I'd like to have more talks like these. Maybe one day I can meet your sisters?"
Aralyn Ara shrugs "Well supposedly there is one in El Dorado..." She says and grins slightly "Kaelyn is her name... I just know, should I survive this, I'm going straight back to the NCR and their military, or maybe back home. I don't know yet." she adds and grins a bit.. "I won't be hanging around El Dorado as I was only sent here to help you guys out... Still though, we might see each other some time after..."
Camilla     "Oh.." pause, "Well, I'll have to meet her as well."

    "Of course you'll survive this, if I have anything to say about.." she adds in reply, smiling brightly. "Oh, so, you're leaving? Ok, well, suppose there's nothing I can do about that, but, come back and visit?"
Aralyn Ara nods "Well maybe... we'll see what happense and all." She says and shrugs slowly. "As far as leaving goes, I have orders, being part of a military. I can't just disobey them without consequences." she adds and smirks slightly. "It's a life I chose, I live with it, and live well..."
Camilla     Camilla nods and has nothing else to say, she leans in and gives Ara a hug. "Well, it was great to meet you, regardless. Just, stay alive please? As I said, I don't want to loose anyone else or see good people dead. As to being in the military, I understand. You need to do what you need to do, just be safe getting back to the NCR."
Aralyn Ara grins and nods as she begins putting her things back on. "Sure will, as it is, I think I'm gonna go find me a place to sleep for now. I have a watch early in the morning." She adds and winks again as she finally slips her duster on... "Good night?"
Camilla     Camilla nods, "Ok. Get some rest. Good Night Aralyn." Camilla simle warmly and turns on heel to go do more rounds and check on more people.