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Aralyn With the information gathered from the MainFrame access from a previous mission, it's been determined that it would benefit the Expedition if the Security systems could be overloaded and or brought off line some way. It's mid afternoon at this point and it's a fine day, pleasantly sunny, there's a good breeze coming from the ocean. It would be awesome save for the fact that it's really time to handle business.

Standing just outside the rusty portal leading into the security annex is Aralyn. The purple-haired woman is examining her sub machine gun as she waits for the rest of the people to gather...
Abe     Clmp, clmp, clmp.

The heavy footfalls of a newly reclaimed X-01 power armor lead The Scribe to the mustering point. The bulk of the armor and it's pronounced shoulders make Abreham's head sticking out in the open air seem rather small in comparison.

One of the few times he doesn't seem to have a big head about anything.

Without tinted visors or other such nonsense, Abe has no reason to call Aralyn out of her name.

"Walk in the park, right?" he mused as he brought the suit to heel.
Alice Alice was here with the others in full Power Armor because forget about taking chances, holding her Katana in hand instead of a more practical heavy weapon she asked, "What's the plan?"
Fiona Fiona showed up for the requested squad checking out the security annex. So much better than the city, the ocean was such an experience. She swam in it, ate a fish from it. Now she is ready to get back to killing things. She tugs the slide back to check the chambered round, and adjustes the strap so if she lets go of the carbine it falls out of the way but doesn't hit the ground. She squints at Abe's approach, but relaxes when she hears him. "Ready."
Aralyn Ara glances to the power-armor folks curiously, eyebrows raising then she shrugs "Well we're going to go in, we need to hack the security mainframe and overload the system. Maybe if we're good enough we can turn it against the Enclave. What I do fully expect is there to be some kind of armed resistance." she says with a slight smirk... "Anyhow, I guess order of people should be y'all in the power armor? Fiona and I will back you up. Maybe?" She says and then rubs at the nape of her neck before fiddling with the door controls, opening the door and glancing into a dully-lit corridor...
Abe     Abe nodded along. The plan seemed sound enough. Maybe he could even manage something with the computers... was getting aministrator acces to them too much to hope for? He almost drooled at the thought.

He cast a glance over towards Alice and... found the some-like cowling of his shoulder armor in the way. His features colored with mild annoyance as he stepped forward. "I'll take point..." he hated those words... but he had confidence, budding confidence in the armor...

Of course, he did have to hose the previous owner out of it so there was that BUT EVEN STILL

He disengaged his pistol's safety with the flick of a switch and moved pasth the threshold. A helmet, he'll have to see if he can modify the 45g to fit. He could use the light right now.
Alice "I'm not sure I'm in any condition to be up in front, so maybe we'll leave that to Abe, he's got the heroic girth we need for the job." Alice teased about Abe's weight before moving in to take position behind Abe with her blade at the ready.
Fiona Fiona slips to the side, crotching down and bolting in the door low. She makes a creep forward, carbine up as she seeks a target. The militia woman angles to leave a clear line of fire to the others as she shoulders a wall forward.
Aralyn Aralyn now glances toward Abe, and the woman slips in behind him.. "Ok, You take trail position Alice... Abe front, Fiona and I somewhere in between or on the flank?" she says and begins heading down the hallway now toward the door.. Ara glances around curiously, looking at the various lights, then looks at the door now curiously, before she tilts her head to the left. "Hey it's open?" she says and then bumps the door, the heavy metal object now swinging open. At this point a horn-like siren sounds a few times, red lights flash and of course a group of like 6 spider-like robots perk up and turn around, their 8 beady sensor/eyes shining now in the low light as they turn toward the crew...

One of Ara's eyes twitch, and her jaw falls open as she stares a bit... "Oooh crap... this ain't from a nightmare is it..." She mutters
Abe     The hell...?

Abe scrutinizes the drones, furrowing his brow. He's too fascinated to assign blame for their predicament. Some kind of... Bubble? If he could recover it-

"Back up, back up!" he advises the crew, "Let them funnel in!"
Alice "More spider-boats?" Alice groaned before readying her katana, she really wasn't a fan of insects in general let alone robots formed in the shape of one, "At least it's not one of those Scorpion Mech things.."
Fiona Fiona assess and counts, she keepa to the wall and slides to the side. Safety off with a thumb flip. Choosing her targets: the countdown begins in double pulls.
Aralyn Ara blinks and frowns slightly, before nodding to Abe... "Yah lets get back and force them to bottleneck.." She says and yah the purple-haired sniper slips behind the person in their brand spanking new fangled power armor... "If I remember right, they use lower power lasers, but there's lots of them, so watch out..." She says and slides back down the hall.... As she does the Spider bots turn and begin making their way rapidly toward the door now, starting to line up as they get closer so they can better get through the opening. Of course, some actually go up the sides of the door and start coming through the openings that way or along the ceiling... Damned spiders....
Alice Alice moves towards the closest spider and takes a swing of her katana before smashing at it with the power fist, "Damn these little buggers are tough." She notes to the group trying to ascertain how everyone is doing.
Fiona After Alice dings up one, Fiona locks in on it to try to finish it off. "Consentrate fire." Fiona shoots the damaged robot with a quick double shot, then squeezes off a pair of misses on another before zeroing in to simply damage it.
Abe     It was working just like he hoped. Better than he hoped.

Two zero in on him and Abreham lifts his left arm to try and shield his face and head from their aim. The first fires wild, it's targeting systems likely decayed by age. The second finds home, a angry beam of sciene that needles into the torso of his X-01 suit.It leaves a smouldering spot in the armor but these were suits meant to combat the Brotherhood's weaponry, primarily lasers. It held up well.

He answers their fire with some of his own. Putting a laser through the second and downing it. He hoped he left something for recovery but tried not to dwell on it as he directed his pistol around and leveled it against the third, placing two rounds into it's central mass.

Pew. Pew, Pew!
Aralyn It's utter Mayhem, as a scene from a sci-fi horor motion picture double feature is being played out right in front of everyone! As the Arachnobots (TM) come swarming into the hallway they begin discharging their lasers, many missing folks wildly, others impacting power armor and doing nothing, while the other person in power armor manages to make the one 'sure' shot coming at her miss! Meanwhile, the stalwart troopers are dishing out much more punishment than they give out, as spider-bots go out one by one as they concentrate their firepower..

Ara calls out "I am beginning to hate these things!" while she takes aim on one of the damaged bots, the woman squinting briefly before firing a pair of rounds at two bots, pinning both in the head area and causing them to shudder briefly, spark then die down as their legs spread out... still though, as creepy as the first four were, there's more! 2 in fact!!!
Alice Alice moves in to swing the katana again and try to follow up with a heavy smash on the spider but only the sword connects with what appears to be the head of the creature and lops it right off!

That doesn't stop her from trying to smash the remaining bits of the beast with her power fist which hits the ground with a smash!
Eden Eden comes rushing in from behind the group, finds them in combat and immediately pulls out her gun to help. Aiming at the nearest clear target she fires and hits. She hits, but the creature doesn't die. There was some sort of buble around it that softened the impact of the bullet.
Fiona Fiona sets to lock in on the final bot, aim and squeeze, four even shots into ths mechanical sentry. Then a scan of the room, standing from her braced position. "Clear." Then she reaches tl her hip to change mags.
Aralyn The team does a wonderful job wiping out the spider-bots.... Some are utterly destroyed, the bits that are separated sparking, including the legs, somehow even the legs still have enough power going into them to be still sparking when separated from the host? The ones with bullet holes in them are also sparking, blue arcs lancing ou tof the bullet holes. Even the one with the severed head sparks, both halfs... Somehow every bit still has some kind of power to it... Ara smiles and motions to the bots "Great job." she says and opens the door, to the next room, blinking as she looks at the computer curiously... "Hey, what's "Time to Self Repair: 90 seconds mean?"
Abe     A deft movement of his thumb reengages the safety. He eyes the robots... and marvels. Self-repair capabilities?! Was the Old World really this advanced... was this something like what was supposed to be hidden away within the lost vault?

He almost wants to stop now and study... but there is a time limit here!

"It means-" a switch is flipped and the back of Abreham's suit upens, allowing him to step out in just a pair of strange, denim jeans and a Bat Man t-shirt.

"That I need to get to work."

The portly Scribe-

Has he lost a little bit of weight?

Never mind, Abreham hastens over to the computer and gets to work. He starts by trying to halt the repair process temporarily.
Abe Type, type, type, type, type, type, type, type, type, type, type, type, type...

"I'm in."
Alice Alice nods to Abe, "Looks like you got this, I'll go make sure nothing is coming to ambush us or whatever while the others cover you." She heads back the way they came, just in case!
Fiona Fiona steps forward, smashing a boot hard on to one bot piece, then kicking another. "Smash them to smaller bit, squish and break." The militia woman says as she starts humming a tune that she heard here in Mexico, seems just made for stomping. "Coo-ka.. Raych. hhhm hmma hmm." No, she was not born to be singer, nor should she be allowed.
Eden Eden steps right in to help- they only have 90 seconds. She begins pulling up bits of the gangplank grid and making a container. "Hey- mid-sections in here, everything else in another?"
Aralyn Ara blinks and grins at Abe... "Wow, nicely done." she says, the odd-looking woman looking rather happily supprised... She then nudges one of the spider-bots and makes her way back to Abe... Amazingly enough, as Abe gets into the computer, the machines stop well self repairing for now, seeming to go on standby. There's a raspy beep and it shows the repair and activation sequence for the next bots to be halted, as well as full access given to current user....
Abe     Rocking forward in his hastily taken seat, Abreham pulls out marker, it's lable faded with time. Biting down on the cap in his mouth, he pulls it free with a quiet pop, "Yesh, yesh..." he utters, leaning forward and hastily writing across the top of the frame. "I know, I'm th'greatesht"

When he pulls the marker away, 'Abreham wuz Here' is left scrawled across the monitor casing.
Fiona Fiona stops dancing, and maybe she would have been good at that. "How is that going. Can you see where they keep the Pip-Boys? The Fever Virus thingie? Oh, does it say where they keep the fancy wine?" The shootist, not computer person, moves to prove she really can be less useful leaning over Abe's shoulder.
Eden Eden says, "That works way better" Eden laughs as the bots drop lifeless. She abandons her boxes and walks over to abe, peering over his shoulder at the computer. Timidly she whispers her hope: "Anything to cure Ashur?""
Aralyn Ara settles in to help Abe out with the working on the computer, the woman actually fairly competent with the keyboard and mouse setup, Of course she also has her pip-boy attached helping her out. Ara then glances to Abe curiously "What have you found thus far?" she asks curiously, then glances to Eden... "If we can find it in this computer we'll try, but it's really limited to security based systems... " She then looks back to Abe curiously "Now that we have more access to the computer, think we can turn a bunch of these spider-bots on the Enclave?" She asks with a wicked grin.
Abe     Commands and prompts fly across the screen as Abreham types up a storm. Green text that is largely techno-babble as Abreham mutters, going through sub-systems and administrative controls.

"I can crack this entire place open to us right now..." he uttered, "but that means opening her up to the Enclave as well..." he is distant as he speaks eyes flicking along lines of code. "What I want to do... is try to take control of the facility's security..."

They press for information he cannot provide. His lips thin as he continues his work, shaking his head solemnly. "It wouldn't be on the this consol. Places like this, they wouldn't have allowed the security officers or even the lead to have access to sensitive information... Maybe I can find a on-site armory? It'll all be unlocked when I release the security locks anyway..." he doesn't stop to think about quarentined areas. He should have but he's riding a rare high right now...

He tries to adjust the security system targeting parameters, tries to crack open every last door networked to the system. It all culminates in his finger hovering over the return key.

"Wish me luck..."

Fiona Fiona steps away, making sure things don't get insane when the button is pressed. "You know, nerds are weird like that. All paraniod, restricting access and information from the people they give the big guns to. What's up with that?"
Aralyn As soon as enter is hit, there are dots appearing a cross the screen as it reads

L O A D I N G . . . . . . .

More dots appear at this point and then the words COMMAND ACKNOLWEDGED Appears on the screen. Make it what you wish, the commands were received and acknowledged, whether they did much, the computer doesn't really say... Only so much could be done afterall... At least in this building though, clicks ca be heard through out, as doors with red lights above them have those lights turn green and the doors click open.

Also the self repair command suddenly pops back on and says "Finished." The spider bots them selves reassembling as body sections hold up an antenna with a u-shaped device at the top that spins around it, there's beeping and soon clicking as the spider bots stand up and turn around.. However they completely ignore the people inside, then set to wandering around the building... One even goes through an open door calmly as the 6 annoing death machines wander off, on the back of one of the abdomin, one reads "Repair Bay." Maybe that's where they're headed? Who knows, as the 6 shuffle off, 6 more enter through various ports, doors and accesses, and proceed to wander around the room randomly, till they all perch above a doughnut-like outcropping and kind of settle down into them before the little red lights of their eyes blink out.
Abe     "Well, you wouldn't hand a grenade to a infant, would you?" Abreham replies in a off-handed manner, "Besides, there was a lot of concern for international security back then. They thought the chinese were everywhere."
Fiona Fiona looks back at Abe, shifting her shoulders. "I said nothing about infants and grenades. I said why would you put a guy in heavy power armor, give him a mini-gun.. Then turn to him and say, 'I don't really trust you, guard me with your life and that big gun, but I am not.." She is cut off as the robots start moving again, popping the rifle barrel up. She watches the changing of the guard. "We should.. Get out of here soon."
Abe     "It's not about trust, it's about understanding that there are things that some people just don't need to know." Abreham replies as he pushes away from the keys, watching the machines scuttle away. He hoped that boded well.

Standing, he continued, "I agree. I think we've done all we can right now. Lets grab Alice and tell the others." he claimed as he stepped up into his armor. It closed around him once more.
Aralyn Ara stands back from her keyboard and glances around, blinking as the 'guards' change as it were.. "Well they're not shootin at us at least." She says and glances to Abe... "Ya done all y'can? Whenver you're ready, we can head out I guess" Ara then grins at Eden and gives a thumbs up "Nicely done... Thanks for that little extra help back there..." she says and then her eyes go back to Fiona "Just don't start shooting, I think we'll be fine..."