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Vault Girl Over the past few days the members of the Expedition have been making good progress on fighting the Enclave for control of the greater facility and a number of systems including overall security of the base itself excluding the Primary Research Facility situated on the oil rig.

Attacks have been fought off by the Enclave and an Enclave Trooper who had been too scared to take his medicine (Suicide Pill) had revealed that The Enclave was not trying to kill the Expedition, but was just trying to wear down their resolve before ultimately infecting them all with the new strain of the mutant plague.

The soldier was about to spill more but his head /exploded/.

Among the group, coordinated by the efforts of Iris the full set of Poseidon Access Codes have been found which would allow the Expedition full access to the research facility; something The Enclave was not expecting. Even they could not have expected the group to uncover the pieces of the puzzle to unlock the original access codes over two centuries old.

Ashur had also regained some sense of consciousness and sentience once more, the man much larger than normal and stupider, but he had not succumbed to the darker aspects of the mutation; he was still Ashur.

As the Militia and others (Those not online), prepared to defend the camp, everyone else was heading to the Research Facility, the place you had come here to explore, the very place that held the secrets and weapons you needed to fight against the horde.
Abe     Abreham's test run was a success. The X-01 worked like a charm... against centuries old security drones with derelict lasers.

Now, now he was a bit more concerned.

He checked his pistol, time and time again, assuring himself of it's charge.
Grover Grover gives his minigun the once over, checking the ammo and the like. " we'll see if there is anything to actually see here..." As he waits for the others to lead on.
Iris Lark Iris follows with the rest, a slight frown on her face as she checks her pistol for ammo. She digs into her rucksack and pulls out a green and yellow tin and digs inside of it for a moment before she pops something in her mouth.
Apostle     Relatively uninterested in the others and the typical camp chat that's likely to follow the events of earlier, Apostle is still tinkering away on Velocity, periodically cooing out something reassuring to the vehicle amidst her repairs. Aside from that, she says and does very little.
Sammy     Sammy had spent the time idle time with what tools he cound scrounge and had brought to polish up the old Mexican 10mm he found, which fit nicely into the under arm offhand draw holster in his duster. As the tension in the air reached a decided boiling point, he looked at his flask, some used for cleaning parts, some used for disinfecting, and other times, for numbing the nerves that are making his fingers shake.
    That's about the time now. Guns holstered, rifle over his shoulder, he swings by Carter, and pours the man a dram in ... a spent 40mm grenade casing. The dimensions were too perfect. Shot Glass indeed. He looks up as Abe gets the X-01 rolling, sees it clunking properly, "That looks good on you." he states and considers, and sees him checkign the pistol. "Hmmm."
Aralyn Ara was moving with the group, the tall woman glancing around curiously, but still rather concerned. Her eyes dart pretty much everywhere, looking for possible attacks, snipers, hidden troopers, you name it... "Am thinking there probably is, considering the amount of resistance we got so far.." she says and frowns quietly before she checks the magazine of her rifle, making sure to top it off.
Sparrow Sparrow checks her gear a few times and then glances towards the others. She moves to find a quiet place to settle out of the way. Mostly, on this part of the Mission, she'll be stuck in the middle somewhere. The stoic cowgirl tucks her crossbow away after making sure it's loade, the quiet non-explosive weapon appears to be holding much of her interest.
Kaydin     Kaydin has been busy keeping an eye out for the enclave soldiers. "So onward to the facility. Lets hope we can find a nuke or something that can work on the horde." Kaydin says as he looks around and puts his helmet back onto his head, eyes glowing for a brief moment.
Lucette     Lucette is quiet. As she often is before things start. Checking over her kit, putting in fresh energy cells, adjusting her magazines. A final bit of maintenance and organizing her kit in case things got hot. Things would likely get hot. Camp was in good hands, but now things had to go forward and make this expedition a success.
Manuelito The Marshal was quiet as he walks with the group to the research facility, his SMG held in his hands at the read; eye glancing around slowly.
Carter Griffin Carter has been sitting, loading ammunition into his vast variety of weapons, until the other Ranger comes over and pours him a shot. He takes the shell casing and downs it in one go, drinking it and then taking a moment, "Thanks. Crazy few days, huh?" He says, as he smirks faintly and then puts his helmet on, "Lets roll out. This place ain't gonna unlock itself." He gets to his feet and slings the launcher over his back, before stepping off towards the facility
Vector     Vector has decided to let himself wander, y'know. Around and near the back. Patiently waiting for the rest of the group to begin heading in - if only so that he can probably head up at the back. One arm still firmly held in a brace to keep the bone from being hurt further, he casually taps the barrel of his revolver agains his thigh in a gentle *tap tap tap* motion, some odd drum beat in his head, maybe.
Vault Girl Old Gregg, the Enclave Scientist from Acme who had come in the stead of Professor Einstein was walking alongside an old assaultron unit that Abe had fixed up, which now housed the floating head in a jar of Doctor Van Doberstein.

"This is quite exciting, you know I worked mostly on robotics in my day but I've done a bit of work with cybernetics." Old Gregg said as if anyone cared, to which Doberstein replied, "Ah yes, we did a bit of work with the good'ol Cyborgs here to, but never anything exciting like those alien-human cyborg hybrids, god, what lucky devils they were to work on such things."

Old Gregg and Van Doberstein made their way over to Sparrow and Doberstein in his new assaultron body explained, "Your friend has been afflicted with something the Enclave has been working on for quite some time, he's very lucky to be somewhat lucid even. I'm positive we'll find the means to synthesize a cure from the information inside of my lab, it may not be today, or even tomorrow, but one day."
Ashur Where once sparked connection and introspection, there is silence; thoughts slow, the world ambiguous. Ashur is not mindless, no, but nor is he mindful-- the wit and pride that once suffused him have dulled, leaving him no superb meteor but a sleepy and permanent planet. Were he sharper, he would be enraged that he is dust, not ashes.

But, oh, how now he looms. He is caricature writ large-- a giant around ten feet, wider at the shoulders than some of the expedition are tall. His hands are larger than their heads, his bare feet striking the ground with all the subtlety of cloven hooves-- bare, yes, for nothing he has fits anymore. His skin has roughened, discolored, the tumurous growths of before having largely twisted into knots of muscle and bone and vein, leaving him mishapen and hulking.

His modesty is preserved only by the toga he wore previously, which has been refolded into a loincloth and wrapped around his enormous, earth-shaking body.

By pure dumb luck, he can fit his hand into his power fist, though the metal is bulging and squeezing, joints and screws loosening as the brace is forced to expand.
Eden Eden hears the scientist and nearly shouts in relief. She keeps her silence and joins the group. Hope growing, and a small smile on her face, she waits till it is time to move out.
Vault Girl It doesn't take long for the group to make their way to the Research Facility and as they are walking over the long metal access bridge that hangs over the ocean they can see a trio of Vertibirds flying towards the airfield.

They had to hope that those who had remained behind would be able to hold the assault off or there might be no way home.

Looming like the Gates of Troy before the Greeks, the large metal access door to the Oil Rig's interior waited to be unlocked.

A familiar voice broadcasted over a loudspeaker, "Oh, if it isn't my favorite mutants, some of you already turning into larger uglier mutants!"

Those who had been in the Enclave Facility beneath Roswell would recognize the voice of Zax-52, "You know the door is locked, right? There's no way in for the group of you. This is what you might call the end. Gloating. It's another thing I learned from all of you. Well, you're all about to die. The Security Systems will be coming online now."

Nothing happened.

Nothing happened because the group had already disabled and taken control of the facility security. Zax-52 didn't even know he was locked out until now.
Aralyn Ara grins just a teensy bit, as she lightly pokes at Abe's rside.. He probably can't feel her in the Power armor, but she adds vocally "Nice job that." she says with a smile, then doesn't say much else as she brings the butt of her rifle to her shoulder, with the barrel pointed at the ground. "We probably have a timer on this one.." she announces to no one in particular.
Alice Alice stepped forward and eyed the security terminal outside of the door before she said to Iris, "Why don't you go ahead and enter the codes, let's head inside while Zax learns more about rage and frustration."
Sparrow Sparrow glances up to Gregg a Van Doberstein. "I'm certain we'll find it too." She agrees with a brief but genuine smile. "Hopefully we can cure Ashur, thankfully he seems to be infected with a different strain from the horde. Different Mutations and considerably less pain and torment. I'm confident working together we can find an inoculation and potential cure for those recently afflicted." Including Ashur of course but Sparrow's mind is on a larger scale than her Cousins Husband. "But we've made sure to let folks know to be on the lookout, and if they see anything let those of yall who've got a mind for the science know.

And then off they go, stage right. The blonde cowgirl does as she says though n sticks to the middle of the pack. Basically keeping out of the more marshal-minded folks' way.
Iris Lark Iris takes the papers they had gathered and leans in to enter them, her fingers tapping on the keys to the terminal. After a few moments the terminal beeps and she stows the used codes back into her rucksack in case they're neded later. "Hopefully he doesn't self destruct." She says quietly, offering Alice a smile as she shrugs a slender shoulder.
Ashur "Stupid computer," Ashur complains, not realizing that when it says they're locked out it's wrong. The super mutant storms up to the door and smacks it with his hands. "Open the door!"

Smack, smack, smack.

Off to the side, Iris has entered the codes, and the door opens.
Manuelito Craning his head up slightly, the Marshal listens to Zax-52 speak, a frown creasing his lips. Looking to Alice, he nods. "Correct, much rather get in before he finds a way to override the systems." A glance to Iris, he nods "One step at a time." He replies with a soft smile.
Grover Grover hmms, as these people seem to know the talking building...well maybe they do know what they are doing...yes, chances of success have gone up in his mind.
Abe In the on-land facility, there was a office. In that office, there was a computer. On that computer's casing were written three words.

    'Abreham Wuz Here'

"Like I said," he asides to Aralyn, nervously boundign his pistol against the armored thigh of the X-01.

"I am the greatest."

He steadies himself readies. He'll follow with the crew.
Carter Griffin "Yeah keep that up, big guy." Carter mutters as he watches Ashur whack the door, thankfully some people know what they're doing. Carter's not one of them, he knows how to fire guns and hit stuff, but he's not very good at any of that fancy computer stuff. But that's fine, there's other folks who specialize in that. He'd not be able to do it by himself.
Apostle Apostle seems to be waiting for everyone else to do what they're meant to do. She is, at least, not in her car being completely anti-social. I mean, she's still anti-social, but she's walking around somewhere near Vector, mumbling out some mad nonsense about ... birds, or whistling or something from the small bits anyone else can catch. Who really knows what she's up to?
Kaydin     "The only thing the enclave is good for is dying. You all claim to be the future for mankind but all you do is make the situation worse. Even if we fall here, there will be others who will stop you." Kaydin says and when the security doesnt kick on he chuckles.
Fiona Fiona makes her way along, for a bit she follows the head in a bottle now attached to a combat robot. She keeps her finger on the trigger well on her carbine. When the vertibirds come into view, she starts moving to get cover and a firing point. "CONTACT. AIRBORNE." She yells in her outsids voice. The blonde readying for what will be dropping out planes.
Vector     Vector turns his head a bit towards Apostle, giving the woman a small nod before he then gestures towards the large assaultron that's trundling along, muttering to the woman in an idle muttering tone in return. He then sniffs, lifting up his right arm to wipe at his forehead, then he ensures that his veil is properly clipped into place. "One two three, not it."
Lucette     Zax. Zax was the enemy. Lucette is familiar with this, if countless dreams and self conversations had taught her nothing, atleast she knew Zax was the enemy. Wait.. The door's been opened, Zax had his monologue, and then Kaydin just... insults her. "I'm glad to know all I'm good for is dying." she retorts wryly to Kaydin while glancing ahead. "Everyone's frosty, right?" Fiona yells about airborne contacts and Luce is already trying to ascertain which direction and look out for cover while diverting attention equally to see if anything's coming from the facility.
Sammy     Sammy makes a 'loopy' gesture with a twirl of his fingers at the outcry from Xaz, and points at the security camera, as if the facility could still hear him, , he looks for a good spot to provide a good wide reaching field of fire, maybe somewhere to flip something over and use it for improvised cover. It's not like, someone was just hauling sandbags into -this- section. But he's on the lookout for what can and probably will need to be cover, since he's fair dinkum certain there's going to be no rest until he's hand-dipping bullets in anti-mutie juice for the cause.
    And even then, he's probably going to have his hands full doing reloads, hot loads, and reworks for the forseeable future. His mind even started thinking about how to pintle mount a gatling laser on the top of Lilly's sidecar, and how to counter balance it with armor from the other sides. He's going to have such a story to tell when he gets back.
    That's right Trooper, focus on the /when/ the mission's done. Don't let the what-ifs play in with the nightmare fuel crowd.
Iris Lark Iris gazes up, her eyes scanning for the contact that Fiona calls out about. She holds her pistol up at the ready position, waiting to see if she needs to fire or not.
Vault Girl The door shudders and begins to open slowly, the massive metal door opening up with such force that some of the near-by walkways that were badly rusted from the salty sea air rattled and fell off into the ocean; a fall that would have killed anyone unfortunate enough to be on them.

Perhaps it was why the Enclave had nobody stationed here, there was nowhere safe to stand on this entire Oil Rig's exterior, it was a centuries old ruin that only stood because of the sturdy craftsmanship.

The Door shuddered to a halt after opening about half-way before smoke began to erupt from the sides of it. It was broken but access had been gained.

When the group enters they find themselves in a large hallway that is very different from the exterior, more laboratory then Oil Rig.

Like so many locations visited on this expedition blood stains the walls, as do visible signs of battle but unlike many locations there are corpses here. Skeletons.

Over the loudspeakers of the research facility, Zax-52's voice returns, "Allow me to tell you a story."

Doctor Van Doberstein in his assaultron body moves forward and says to the group, "Ignore him, we must move forward at all costs. I'll guide you to my lab, it's one of the last functioning places in this entire facility, I made sure of it over the years."

Zax-52 continued to speak, "Over 140 years ago, the Enclave was struck a blow by a Wastelander, a simple mutant like yourselves, they called him the chosen one. He was not chosen, he was just lucky. He came to a place similar to this, he killed the President of the United States and destroyed centuries of research and data. He disappeared, lost to history. He wasn't chosen. He simply didn't matter. He wasn't the only one that the primitive mutants of the Wastes called a chosen one, a young woman came to this facility eighty years ago, attempting to free the region of the benevolence of the Enclave. She too was called Chosen. She released the FEV here into the air when she tried to destroy this facility. She died trying to stop the cleansing of the Wastelands. She died and she failed. That's the message you should all be getting here. For all she did, the work continued thanks to one good Doctor. One dedicated patriot."
Apostle Apostle copies Iris. But looks more menacing doing it. She doesn't seem impressed, nor interested in the story told. After all, she was brought on to get people here and help get them back safely -- she doesn't care WHY the virus is what it is. She focuses only on her task.
Aralyn Ara rolls her eyes at this point, moving her hand in a chatter-box motion as she mouths "Blah Blah Blah..." As the woman moves along with the group, ready to try and lend her assitance on whatever quarter tehy might receive an attack... As she looks at the robot with the human head she nods slowly "Ookay.." she says, not sure if she can trust the man but at least what he says makes good sense.
Abe     Abreham liked books, comic books were his prefered when he could get them. The paper was cheaper, softer... He always made sure to read what he could first. It helped pass the time...

In them, villains always did this, always monolgued. He listened... because he liked them, they were inventive and clever when well written. Comedic and laughable when the writer's struggled.

Trotting along side Dr. Doberstein, Abreham was momentarily distracted when the Doctor coaxed them on. He maintained a laboratory here?

"How?!" the man was a head... in a jar! He couldn't wipe his own ass if he still had it!
Grover Grover says, ", people nammed Chosen have bad luck here...anyone here nammed of hands....Chosen...chosen chosen? one..I think were safe crazy voice from the walls...soo...shadupa your face!""
Carter Griffin As he walks, revolver in one hand, Carter makes the same motion as Ara. It's actually kind of funny how they were thinking the same thing.

"Maybe he had a body back then?" He offers to Abe, as he turns around and checks behind them, "Everybody watch your step. This place looks like it's going to fall down if we look at it funny."
Ashur Ashur swings that oversized head as the rusted walkways tumble into the sea. He watches, with childlike curiosity, as the reddened metal tumbles and twirls through the air, clattering noisily with a tinny echo before being swallowed by the blue. "Mm," he rumbles thoughtfully, "Watch your step." A very important warning, indeed.

Then the group makes their way inside the door that has only opened half-way, forcing Ashur to hunch over like a gorilla and damn near crawl his way through, grunting as his bare knees and hands grind against old bits of pokey metal.

Forced low as he is, Zax's story goes right over his head-- a head that still has hair, for now, the long, tight braids dragging along the ground-- though he understands the broad strokes; he is slower, but not wholly imbecilic. "We have a good doctor too," he tells Zax, pointing to the brain in a robot. "He is better than your bad doctor."
Manuelito "This Zax talks to much." Manuelito says, walking forward quietly; eye examining the area slowly. After Zax finishes his history lesson, the Navajo hmm quietly. "Interesting history lesson. Here is one for you; We are not the Chosen; rather we are those that stand for justice and freedom. We will win."

Glancing to the group, he says "Fan out and follow Doctor Von Dober-something another to his lab. Keep your eyes peeled for attacks."
Sparrow Sparrow's silent as she follows along. Hea down, shoulders up and eyes alert nd her ears on both the Doctor and the PA. "I dunno.. I've always liked a good story." She pipes up but she doesn't push more than that. She's crefully watching where she's stepping and intently looking for any sort of filing cabnet, desk, a computer that someone could hack. Just about ny old thing that might be of some use.
Alice Alice offered reassuringly, "Hey, well the good news is we came with lots of people instead of just one chosen one type person. Seems way smarter, you know? Why would you travel in a maximum group of six or something when you can bring twenty?"
Sammy     "Truth, Justice, Freedom... Isn't that the American Way?" he comments, continuing to follow the group in, looking for where Zax is going to try to access this base from, where he's got pop up turrets stashed. Just because an invisible psychopathic AI is trying to get you killed, doesn't mean you're Paranoid. Some people might get concerned about hte walls talking. But it meant the PA systems functioned, so there was at least some point of entry for Zax... Which meant "We're probably working on a lit fuse till he figures out how to get down and blow this base and it's FEV across the entire southwest. Because Enclave Bases are so well built to blow up. It's how they roll."
Lucette     Lucette's not unfamiliar with the stories of her people, so she makes yakkity expressions as Zax recounts the tale and she follows the group inside. "A good self destruction that has collateral is a good deterrant from people going aggressive against you." she notes idly to Sammy, "Not that it's a good policy and is better off being a bluff than a reality."
Iris Lark Iris glances at Sammy as he speaks and she chuckles softly to herself. "Let's hope that doesn't happen, lets not waste time. We'll get in, get what we need and get out, hopefully before things get too bad, yeah?"
Kaydin     Kaydin remained silent when retorted back to. He makes his way across with the others, rifle ready to be used in the event that things come for them.
Fiona Fiona watches the Vertibirds coming in, but she starts to hunch rush to the rest of the group. Fiona just enjoys the history lesson broadcast at them. She always hated the stories where they shut-up the person explaining the background. The more the vilain says, the more they learn, even in lies. Just like poker, you spot the tells.
Vector     Virton.. Well. The voice coming through inside of the base has the man idly grumbling, his gaze shifting around in a manner most superstitious - to the point where he flicks some salt in the air before him. He drops his hand again as he softly drums his revolvers barrel continually against his thigh - an attempt to soothe his already arttled nerves.
Vault Girl Doctor Van Doberstein leads the group through the facility which has many collapsed areas that lead into massive gaps that fall right through the ocean. There are other sections that seem to be sealed off with skulls and crossbones painted on the doors signifying some kind of contamination in the areas.

"The lab is just ahead, but there's something you should all know." Van Doberstein explained as Old Gregg took position beside Abe, examining the power armor with great interest, "I did more than develop a cure for the New Plague. When the potential benefits of FEV were uncovered, I was assigned to work on weaponizing it."

The claws of the assaulttron click-clacked on a keypad in front of a door and when the code was entered, the doors to Van Doberstein's lab opened up.

Booted footsteps could be heard coming up behind the group, "Not so fast." A gruff voice called out, familiar as the Super Soldier Commander from the attack on the base camp.

"You aren't going anywhere from here. This is the end of the line." He was unarmed and wearing polished power armor, "Gotta say, respect your skills but none of you are heroes. No, you don't realize it, but you're the villains of his story. We're just trying to save America and mutant scum like you? You're trying to destroy it."

Menacingly, Secret Agent John Horrigan began to walk towards the group clearly about to attack. He was so confident in his abilities though that he had neglected to arm himself, he wanted to crush the bones of his enemies in his own hands, "We've never been properly introduced. Secret Service Agent John Horrigan, my brother? He was the hero of that story the good President told."
Ashur "I'll eat your brother!" Ashur roars, bashing his club-like hands against his mottled chest.
Iris Lark Iris moves slowly, not trying to attract attention towards herself as she makes her way towards the lab. Her pistol is held loosely at her side, her eyes on the commander and the others, moving as they begin to prepare to fight.
Sparrow Sparrow looks at the man and shakes her head. She says nothing instead, she turns to slip into the lab without a word. She looks at the doctor, "Yeah, go on?" She asks Van Doberstein wanting all the history lesson she can get since the computer was cut off.
Eden Eden has no training in combat, and keenly interested in finding what they came for. She moves to the side, toward the lab- going to join those searching. Let the fighters fight. There is another job here.
Lucette     Lucette glances around a couple times, then notes the crew present's working on beating up mister mutie. "Alright gang. Show that walking court-martial case what for." she bids her allies as she goes on to head into the lab.
Vault Girl "I was the Doctor who insured the survival of this facility." Doctor Van Doberstein replied, "It's what he was going to tell you next. I've lived quite some time, you will never understand my motivations but you must know, my only intent now is to make up for what I have done. I am not your enemy."

He stepped into the lab which was probably the single most advanced room any of you had ever set foot in.

It was filled with computers, scientific equipment, containment cells and rooms, various unidentifiable pieces of equipment and even a satellite uplink.
Abe     Abreham knew this, that Dr. Doberstein had worked on 'refining FEV. He had not been vocal on that point. Not at all. "Exposition can wait a moment, Doctor." Abe attempts to assure him, putting the bulk of The Scribe's power armor between the Doctors and the self-accalimed Hero of this story.

He did his best to glance over his shoulder when those doors opened but the armor made it impossible. He waited for the others to file in before he would back in himself.
Apostle     Hsssk.
    It appears as though Apostle has lost what little humour she had along the way. She watches the Commander approach -- the same roadblock that stood before the might of Velocity and stopped her in her tracks, standing here once again in the way of where she wishes to be. Emotionless mask and reflective lenses, entirely impossible to read, stare back at the man with some motionless, silent contempt.
    "Sometimes being a patriot means questioning your government. In fact, a patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government."
    Hsssk. Hsssk. Hsssk.
    Her head turns when others move toward the lab, head canting to one side just vaguely as she considers the venues available.
    "In every age it has been the tyrant, the oppressor and the exploiter who has wrapped himself in the cloak of patriotism, or religion, or both to deceive and overawe the People."
    She continues with that tinny, canned vocal.
    She looks toward Vector, "Fight not for a government, not for a people, but a purpose."
    With that, she turns and heads into the lab.
Manuelito Taking a step back as several of the groups people come forward, Manuelito nods. "Fiona, be careful." He says to her with a little smile; turning and heads with the group to the labs. Seven should be plenty for that Agent... Hopefully.
Aralyn Ara glances around, still holding that massive rifle of hers... She frowns and tilts her head "Sorry this is a little over my head...." Ara then glances back at John, then looks to the tohers and smiles "I'll help cover... Buy you guys some time." she says softly, then she tilts her head "Y'know what they say.. The roots of the tree of liberty must oft be fed from the blood of patriots, and Tyrants.. You sir are both.." states the elf-like woman as she stares at the giant shiny-armored behemoth...
Aralyn Ara doesn't waste time, she raises that massive rifle of hers, and yes, free-handed she starts cutting loose, 4 rounds are rabidly sent down range as the woman focusses in on the giant combatant, 2 strike right close in the man's right arm, before the second two strike him centered in his torso.
Vault Girl John Horrigan charges Aralyn who dodges everything oh wow. So exciting.
Fiona Fiona watches the super soldied go after Aralyn in a blinding rush of swing and avoids. She tracks the speedsted baddy, popping off six quick shots, four of which sink into him. "Damn, he can take a pounding."
Grover Grover watches the battle commence, as this agent charges at one of the group. Oh, so it's like that. He pulls the trigger on the minigun, sending a hail of fire at the man, "You talk to much...." He steadies himself, and pulls the trigger again...watching as the shots slam into the target...of course automatic weapons tend to drift up a bit when fired, and the second grouping hits a bit higher on the mans head.
Abe     Abreham affixed his pistol into a set of straps at the armor's hip and thigh as best he could, anchoring it there before he turned away from the brawl with wHorrigan.

When he turned... He was gob-smacked.

He thought he knew the utter heights of technology, growing up in the reclaimed bases and camps of the Brotherhood. He had ridden in a airship for fucks sakes!

"Je-Zus..." he breathed.

He could make out some things, standard equipment in models he never knew existed... but what the fuck was that, or that?!
Alice Alice is one of the few to apparently head into the lab, she can only imagine that the others are standing outside gawking at the fight as she heads straight for the computer systems and asks anyone who has bothered to head inside, "What are we looking for?"
Vector     Talking. Talking. Monologue. Everyone loves a good monologue. Except Vector - and the Grover man with the minigun. While his revolver isn't quite - read: it ain't - as impressive as the minigun, he decides to add to the level of current gunfire going out anyway: by opening fire twice. His arm snaps back with the force of recoil, but he levels it out for the second shot..
    .. And is given the proper grace as both rounds hit home into the target - with a low grunt from Vector in response. "Shit." Nope. Not dead..
Sammy     Sammy's keen to track on this Horrigan fellow, sureh e's got really shiny armor now, but that really doesn't mean that much to the Ranger. It's a bit disconcerting how he moves with as much speed as he does. Or that someone would take the time to resize the armor, is it just a superficial thing for fanity at this point, "I don't know if you've checked a mirror to your government issued identification versus a good shiny mirror. But I'm fair to certain you classify as mutated beyond human." he says, just before the rifle finds it's shot.
    KRAK-BOOM and the tattletale lance of muzzleflash from the .50 and cross of it's massive brake.
    KRAK-BOOM. . . The second shot comes more natural, feeling back into place. neither find a chink in the armor, or an available eyesocket. But that doesn't discourage Sammy, as he keeps tracking on the monster.
Carter Griffin Carter turns around to spot the power armor wearing soldier. At least he assumes the guy is a soldier, most non-soldiers don't wear power armor. When he declares himself as an agent, Carter briefly thinks about the NCR's own president, "Look, big guy. I understand the need for duty and honor, but you guys have unleashed a veritable plague onto the world. We can't let that stand. The NCR beat you guys before, and we'll do it again."

The following seconds are a chaotic mess, with the power armor wielding agent launching into attacks, and Carter moving. He tries to get a good line of sight, but it fails because there's too much movement, so he snaps off a shot, which pings off of the armor and hits the ground. He takes a moment to recover from the recoil, and fires a second shot center mass.
Iris Lark Iris moves into the high tech room and begins to look around. She's not sure what she's looking for exactly, she's hoping that Sparrow has more of an idea. She is just keeping both eyes out for anything that might jump out at her or looks important. "I think we're trying to find something that will give us more of an idea on the mutation that we're facing, there are several strains. Anything that will give us more information."
Ashur Ashur slams a hand against a door marked with signs of contamination; it rattles, partially collapses inward, as ruined as the rubble that strews so many of these hallways. The giant steps forward, kicking aside a pile of debris and sending it soaring through one of the open holes in the floor, grinding bits of shattered glass to dust beneath his heavy feet. "You made me this!" He snarls, staring down the gleaming form of the rat bastard that infected him. "You made me this freak!"

In all honesty, it was his own blind rage that led him into the trap, but that's nuance beyond Ashur's current mental and emotional capacity.

"I'll kill you! I'll kill you so much you'll be dead!" He howls and leaps at Horrigan even as the others open fire, not caring at all of the risk it puts him at. Ashur might not be used to his size and strength, the reach it gives him-- but he knows enough to ball his hands into fists and smash!
Eden Eden is equally gobsmacked by the astounding techinology in front of her... but quickly shakes of the awe and focuses. "what kind of computer would hold the cures?"
Sparrow Sparrow continues to look about, "Van Doberstein, anything else you can tell us?" She asks sof him, basically seeking more input. "Terminals that are up, we need to let Luce, Jude, Abe or Alice take cre of. REsearch notes, cool storage for specimens or serums.." Sparrow is basically searching out anything. Any specimens she can find, anything at all that will be helpful for the braniacs.
Eden Eden looks quickly for Doctor Van Doberstein and finds him. "What does it look like? a file a computer? Where do we find cures?"
Iris Lark Iris finds some boxes and starts to go through them, looking for any information that she can find. She pulls sheafs of paper out and then moves to open up drawers. Her eyes narrow as she files through things, muttering to herself as she works.
Aralyn Ara sees the oncoming doom. Her eyes get huge, purple irises nearly bulging from her sockets as the giant swings at the woman. Quickly she skitters out of the way, rifle trailing behind her as she sidesteps the first swing. Her eyes dart everywhere, still wide with what can only be a bit of fright at this point. NO sooner had she gained her footing, and she's rolling underneath the next swing, her rifle hugged tight to her so she can finish rolling to her feet before the next swing is inbound and the woman presses off the floor again, kicking the wall and now sliding away from the oncoming giant as he swings again, her back now slamming into the other wall while she pants.

Give the ranger-woman one thing, she's agile as all get out. Then the oncoming attacks from the other group slam into the giant armored hulk... She works her way to her feet now, still hugging that rifle close, but really too close to employ it in any meaningful fassion. "Thanks for the help folks!'
Lucette     Lucette ambles along inside the lab, more busy with keeping herself together than she is with looking around. "So.. can we disable that uplink? Or better, coax Zax into a local system and then disable the uplink?" she asks idly with deep beathing after she's stopped walking.
Abe     Abe reached up, sweeping the armored hand of the X-01 over his unruly hair. He breathed another profanity and then snapped out of it... Only he didn't because this was biology and he was a fucking engineer!

He prattled a curse before he disengaged his armor, slipping out the back once it opened up, slipping his head down through the opening before it latched closed again, left empty.

Tucking his laser pistol into his waist band, he checked the safety once more before he hastend over to a computer terminal, anyone available and dropped into the seat.

There... it was a fucking duck hunt, hoping he understood the OS while he tried to hunt down files for a cure or a treatment, vulnerabilities to certain compounds!
Kaydin     Kaydin looks around the computers and begins to try and use them to figure out which strain is which. The computers fail to show him anything useful. "Anyone found anything?" He calls as he looks to where the gunfire was coming from, as if debating on going out there to help.
Vault Girl Doctor Van Doberstein nodded to Eden, "There are files, hard files on the research data kept in the filing cabinets. There is also an inoculation that I was testing and a cure, but it is not the cure you want, it is a weapon. An airborne virus that will kill anything infected with this strain of FEV, it may require some tweaking though..." He didn't explain further.

Abe is able to gain access to the computer systems which have a wealth of information on the FEV Research, most of it is gibberish to him however.

Alice is able to take control of the Satellite uplink and bypass several of the secondary systems to find something else out.

Likewise, Sparrow and Iris both find things of note.
Alice Alice works away at the Satellite uplink, locking Zax out completely from the facility without actually disabling the uplink and announcing, "Looks like there's a quicker way home, we can avoid the Horde altogether. This is pretty cool." She was using the Satellite to look at stuff instead of doing anything else, checking out mutant hordes and what the continent looked like.
Iris Lark Iris holds up some sheets of paper and calls out. "Found some research notes on the FEV research." She calls out and then after a few moments she adds. "Some ..super soldier research as well?" She glances towards the door, her brow furrowed. "Do you think that might be what those guys are out there?" She asks, her thumb pointing towards the door. She stuffs the papers in her rucksack and moves to go through some more undisturbed things.
Abe     "Oh..." he had rabbit holed off into a divergent path. He was an engineer, not a doctor. The studies and files meant nothing to him. But this, this made his blood run cold.

"Oh god."

his hands lifted up from the keys and he pushed back from the computer. "This station has access to nuclear launch sites..." he informed the class. He inched forward, working over the keys, "Several... Still functional."
Sparrow Sparrow's digging about and there's a noise in her throat when she finds the locked storage. She huhs and murmurs, "Good foresight. She mutters to herself, a whispered compliment to the scentist maybe but she's busily looking for something that she can store the cannisters she finds safely. "Yeah?" She asks of Alice, "Awesome." She compliments Alice too but there's still threads of tension in the Doctor. "I've got some Samples here.." She tells Iris but whatever she was saying is stopped by Abes words and she just stares at him. Must be the lighting, she looks a little green around the gills.
Eden Eden rushes to the cabinet indicated and starts searching furiously for anything that seems related. She is thrilled to hear others finding something, because so far... But her head spins a moment at the words "Super Soldier research" that sounds like exactly what Ashur had become. Eden turns back to her cabinet quickly and resumes searching.
Vault Girl "You're all cowards." Horiggan spat out through clenched teeth as he was riddled with bullets by the group and then hit by Ashur again for good measure. He did what he could in this situation, he fought back tooth and nail against the very man he had turned into a mutant.

Inside of the laboratory, Abe and the others could see that the computer Abe was on had a direct uplink to three operational nuclear missile silos, each with a nuclear missile apparently active and operational.

If they weren't used or dealt with, they were an asset for the Enclave.
Sparrow Sparrow continues to look round. "Anythign at all to help with research sould be grabbed too, we don't have equipment like this back in El Dorado. Then we need to get out, we can't garuntee that they aren't sending more Soldiers in." She tells the group looking around making sure all's well, and that Van Doberstien is still on board before sneaking to look bout the corner to see if the combatants have taken out the solider yet, pulling out her syringe gun as she does. Checking to see if she get clear shot yet.. She hand't wanted to try and fight in such close quarters.
Abe     Nuclear missiles... Likely ICBMs.

Abe sat and stared at the screen. He could... just hurl them all into outer orbit and get rid of them that way. Tell them to just fly up and detonate when they reached their maximum altitude... When did Altitude reach maximum? When were you no longer considered to be going 'up'?

No, no, focus. His heart throbbed in his chest, his hands trembled slightly.

"Alice... where's the horde?"
Sammy     "I don't like this guy. Ashur, keep his attention so I can shoot him!" Sammy yells, though he's not sure if the BigLug(tm) can hear or even interpret him. He brings the rifle up, the first shot misses but thankfully also misses Ashur. The KRAK-BOOM of the first shot still echoing as the second burst of fire lights the area, this one found a piece of leg meat to burrow into and call home.
Eden Eden still scrambling through the files the doctor had indicated, was sure she was missing something. Another look through found a section about Super Soldiers. Eden grabs the whole folder and goes toward Iris and Alice to add this to the collection.
Carter Griffin "C'mon big guy, stop movin' around so much!" Carter yells out, as he misses his third shot, "Fuck man, come on. Just go down already, we don't NEED to kill you, but you won't surrender 'cause you're too damn cocky!"

He readies the pistol for a second shot, and then fires again, this one striking home in the torso. The weapon rolls over onto its final round, and Carter knows he's going to need to either reload or swap soon.
Aralyn Ara at this point realizes she's just too damned close to it to bring that heavy SMG of hers to bear on the giant in Power armor... Ara then brings her SMG up and uncorks with a long stream of firepower, the woman screaming now loudly and angrily as she poors a third of a magazine into the massive opponent "Die allready you overgrown pile of Shit!!!" She screams out, proably showing more emotion now than she has the whole trip, and the purple-haired knife-eared woman seems most angry.
Sparrow Sparrow watches Horrigan fall and she slips the awkward odd looking little syringe gun in her hand and strides over to Horrigans body. "I need to take a sample, don't vaporize or mutilate him until I'm done." The Doc speaks loud, sharp and fast to make sure she can interject before the looting or otherwise of the corpse begins. She's letting the other folks deal with the Nuclear Crisis - She's a doctor not an Oppenhiemer.
Sammy     Sammy comes up to cover Sparrow as she brings that -fascinating- gun with her. He'd only had a chance to make sketches and measurements from it earlier, but to see it in -use- was something different. Because he trusts Horrigan and anything of the wastes as far as he could throw it, he lowers down, and trains his rifle to the body, just in case it decides to get back up, like he's seen Ashur do a few times, when the unsuspecting enemy thought they'd gotten the most of the BigFrigginGuy. "Make it quick Sparrow, I wanna torch this corpse and get the fuck out of here." Because y'know, it'd been proven contagious.
Iris Lark Iris glances over at where Abe is looking off into space. "What is going on in that head of yours, Abe?" She says, walking towards him slowly. "You're not thinking what I think you might be thinking are you? There has to be another way."
Fiona Fiona put hers in the super soldier, not enough, but he went down in the end. She walks forward keeping her weapon in hand. She absolutely consider emptying the magazine into it. "Very impressive.. But, not the hero of the story.. And a mutant. Now, dead." A shrug and she turns to the door, "Back to work, I guess."
Alice Alice glanced at Abe curiously, before replying, "All over.. it looks like. There is a huge group of them moving through the bottom part of Mexico like, towards south america, three massive hordes, probably enough to wipe out all these cities I'm seeing.. like tons of inhabited places by the lights I am guessing. I wonder if they ever even got hit as bad as we did down there?"

She hmmed before doing what she could to control the Satellite, "Looks like other massive hordes moving in towards Arizona, Texas and New Mexico, lots of smaller hordes to. It's insane..." She was shocked at how many mutants there was.

And smash he does, as Horrigan goes down-- whether for good or not, who could say, but in his anger Ashur simply wants to pound the motherfucker who made his head hurt and made his skin look so strange.

He pauses, sucks in a deep breath, and then exhales, calming down. The barbarous mutant pivots, lumbers back toward the room, and peeks his head in.

"What are you doing?"
Lucette     Lucette hears Abe asking about where the horde is, and she sneezes. "Nuking FEV mutants will make the neighbouring ones stronger. Collateral damage is also a thing, don't use the damn weapons unless it won't interfere with commerce or innocents. Change the codes, lock it down in case a foreign threat comes in that a simple airborne cure won't fix." she insists to the consideration.
Eden Eden turns once again to the Doctor. "Have we found everything you think we need to make a cure? can the hordes be cured? You worked on weaponizing, can the cure be spread like that?" She shakes her red head to clear it. This time to Alice "Have we found everything we need, or should I keep searching?"
Abe     "Isn't it...?" he wonders, not looking away from the monitor. He knew well enough the sound of Iris' voice.

He drew breath, releasing it in a huff. His chest felt tight under the weight. Alice spoke, laying out the... the terrible scope of their problem.

"You weren't listening. He doesn't have a cure, he has a Weapon. It's a killer!" he he spun in his chair to face Lucette, "This... I... We can eliminate the larger clumps. We can stop the masses before they move into the states, before they can get closer to El Dorado..."
Alice "There's more people to the south though, in South America, way more people. They probably don't even know what's coming....." Alice spoke up, "Shouldn't we do what we can to help them? We know what the mutant horde is, we have a weapon to use against it and the creator of their virus. We've got a better chance..."
Ashur Ashur raises one gigantic hand and bangs it on the door. "Little people! What weapon?" He doesn't know about the bombs or cures or what-have-you, he was punching a mutant.
Aralyn Ara now starts picking up on what people are saying... And she frowns... "Noo, flinging nukes about got us all in the situation we're in now. Launching more won't help things. There's fallout to consider to, not to mention those mutants not incinerated, like the she says, will just get stronger..." She glances to the doctor curiously. "If a cure can be made from that weapon you have, would it be possible to put it into warheads and disperse this cure of yours where it will start wiping out those supermutant hoards?" She frowns and glances around "There's no easy answer here..."
Sparrow Sparrow Listens from where she is and call, "Abe, there's samples here plenty and a cure wont be to hard with everything we've found. For gods sake someone get his finger offr the big ass trigger that will potentially murder innocent fucking lives." She can't, she's working ong etting ehr sample. Bent down over the oddly muscular corpse and firing her sample gun into the corpse.
Vault Girl Doctor Van Doberstein spoke up and said, "I could also offer the locations of multiple major Enclave facilities, you could put a dent into their operations forever. To get retribution for all of this." Van Doberstein looked at Sparrow with a frown, "My dear, there might be a cure for your friend, but those people in the 'Horde', they cannot be saved, ever. They can only be released with death, one way, or another."
Ashur Ashur understands Doberstein well enough. "Kill the Horde!" He votes, with great enthusiasm.
Sammy     Sammy looks at Sparrow, "Doctors and I we do the same thing, in different ways." he speaks with a quietl calm tone, still eyeying Horrigan's corpse, "... I put bullets into things. Sometimes killing a thing, even a thing that might have once been a people, so that more people might live. Doctors, cut away the cancer." he takes his eye from the scope for the most horrible of seconds to look back towards the control room, "Are there enough nukes, to hit the large clumbs of hordes headed North, and vaporize the land bridge of Panama, stopping the Southbound from getting more ..." he sighs, "Fuel...?"
Abe     "If they're that close to the Horde, they're dead already!" Abe stuck to his point. He gestured heavily at the screen. He considered the Enclave option as well, swiveling around in his chair to try and lock down a hard number of warheads they had at their disposal.

"These are remote sites... Miles away." he stated for the class. "...The trip home might take longer... but we could be careful. The world is fucked because hundreds of warheads flew." he didn't know that as a fact. "We.. we just have to be smart... It's... maybe the fallout won't be so bad in lower concentrations." 3. He had 3. "...we have 3." that wasn't enough for all of the larger hordes.
Sparrow Sparrow falls silent and shrugs and goes back to what she's doing. "Ashur has only been patient for the last twentyfour hours, Doctor. Don't give me that. The answer is not a friggin Nuke. We're not the only people in this world. We've seen that. If we can innoculate we can fight. More than that, well, let it be on you." An she tucks her samples away with the rest and pulls her helmet down and reaches to unstrap Reason falling silent.
Ashur Nukes! The word makes Ashur's bestial golden eyes light up; his crooked mouth splits in a broad grin, wrinkling his almost scale-y facial features. "The anger of Mars," he explains, "cleans the world! The Horde is our enemy; slay them with fire!" He points a finger north. Or what he thinks is north; it probably isn't, the odds are against him. "Our friends, our families, are up there! Be a man and protect them."
Iris Lark Iris glances between Sparrow, Doberstein and Abe. She shakes her head as she tries to reason through what they're both saying. She turns and continues to look through the papers scattered around the office.
Carter Griffin "So...I mean lets be honest, people firing off nukes is what got us into this mess in the first place." Carter says, as he looks over the control console that everyone is talking about, "I don't know if firing off even more of them is going to do anything but make the situation worse..But you know I'm just a Ranger, I specifically go out of my way to not have to make high level decisions like this. I leave it for the brass."
Fiona Fiona approaches the group, listening to the arguements. She takes a slow breath. "This is how it happened, isn't it? Just a well placed nuclear warhead. Strategic placement, destroy capabilty. Tactical placement, defeat their war machine.. Plain old retaliation. Are we .. We are not going to do that again, bufn the world. Destroy our home, to hit them first? Let's learn from the past, just this once."
Alice Alice stepped back and said softly, "I've given my input, if we're doing it, I think we should nuke the mutants heading south and save all the innocent people. Once the mutants go south, they'll come back this way one day in the future probably if we don't deal with them now. If not, we should detonate the nukes in their silos and stop them from being used again. That's all I have to say."
Ashur "The Horde are stupid mutants!" Ashur replies, with a complete lack of self-awareness. "They can't nuke us back if we get them first!"
Lucette     Lucette gives a nod towards Alice's resolution. "Alice seems to have the best idea. If we hit north we risk hurting our own, and if we hit the Enclave, I'm sure Zax will retaliate." she murmurs between short breaths.
Ashur "Computer man hates us anyway! Computer man dropped a robot on me!" Ashur stares at Lucette angrily.
Sparrow Sparrow calls from where she's waiting, ready, near the door to flee. "Hey Ashur, dropping nukes willy nilly might hurt your family." She points out idly, inase the virus ate his brain. 'Incase'.
Sammy     When Horrigan dosen't get up, Sammy eases back off the trigger, checks his magazine, and pulls four shells from his pocket and a full magazine, the old one swapped out, the new one dropped in as it goes over his shoulder once more, refilling the magazine in his hands with the solid chuk-ka-chuk of brass being counted. "Alice, you said there was another way around the horde that would get us back faster. Would you show me on the maps?" the magazine, now filled disappears into a pocket and he pulls out his leatherbound atlas he's been hand updating for a while, and a pencil. "Abe, do you think we could nuke the Southbound ones, and blow the rest of the nukes in their silos?... Presuming of course this base isn't one of them, because that'd be extra double plus bad."
Eden Eden knows this decision is more than she has any real knowledge of. She sees both sides and just has no idea what the right decision is. She takes a step back and starts packing up the items, getting everything ready to be carried out.
Ashur Ashur stomps his foot like a child. "Don't nuke El Dorado, stupid woman! Burn the giant army we drove through to get here! Too many to fight!"
Alice Alice points at the screen, "Take a look for yourself. Might take all three nukes to get the mutants to the south though, I don't know, I feel sick just thinking about this more."
Abe     It almost hurt Abreham to realize he was on the same side of the issue as Ashur. Not deeply but like a banged knee.

"Give me a location on the southern Horde." he uttered after a moment, fingers lifting to the keys.

He half-wished he could recall the coordinates for Dunwich... But that was too close for comfort.
Ashur "South is the wrong way," Ashur explains, with a sudden patient tone he never had before. As if he's explaining something to a mentally challenged puppy.
Sparrow Sparrow mutters herself, "He's a goddamned potato. I'm sorry, Celly." She mutters to some ephemrial embodiment of her cousin in her mind and rubs her face. She waits, hving voiced her opinion but still looking unhappy about the fact they're all considering it.
Kaydin     "The man is right. Nukes make things worse." Kaydin says as he holds his rifle and shoulders the strap. He looks to the screen and then the others. "Two hundred years later and we are suffering from the effects of mass nuclear war. Can we really subject this place to more radiation and bombs?"
Iris Lark Iris walks over to Abe and rests a hand on his shoulder. "We have time to consider this, but we can't undo it once you launch the nukes. Lets consider all of our options before we just press a button and leave ourselves without other options." She leans in closer to him and sighs. "Please?"
Ashur Ashur tenses, and growls, and clenches his hands into meaty fists. The brute was never especially subtle with his aggression, but the FEV that burns like fire in his veins and even now continues to twist his flesh and sap his intelligence makes his body language even more primal and obvious. Anyone with sense who has seen him before should realize he is on the verge of hitting someone, convinced the room is going to sacrifice El Dorado to the Horde. "No!"
Aralyn Ashur? "We're thinking of options, if we nuke the northern hoard, it's quite possible the radiation and fallout could sweep over El Dorado... It would wipe out the town, and not in a quick way , but very very slowly, poisoning everything again.. We're looking at the biological weapon approach to possibly take out the northen hoard. Allright?" She says trying to explain to the giant mutant.. "We have two weapons here... One is a cure that probably with some modification will wipe out the strain of FEV that created this hoard, the other, and the near-er approach would be to launch the 3 nukes we have, however, downside is possible fallout poisoning over a wide area... Do you understand?"
Kaydin     "If the winds blow just right, it could launch the radiation north. And Super mutants arent that effected by radiation, they are similar to ghouls." Kaydin says as he looks to the computer screen and then back to the people.
Abe     It was the obvious answer, why was it so difficult to accept? He swiveld around in the chair, planting his feet. "It's... it's the best option." he uttered, eyes shifting from one person to the next, even dawdling on the soupy eyes of Ashur for a moment. "We could stop so much. In an instant, like that." middle-finger braces against thumb and strains for a moment before they slip apart with a sharp snap. "We have the tools... right here. If we don't do anything, they devour South America. We detonate them in their silos and maybe someone built a town around them? This is The. Best. Option." he insisted. He could launch them into space too... but Aliens.
Ashur "Not on El Dorado!" He repeats, teeth clenched, the words torn from spit-flecked lips like poison. "Everything dies when you burn it! Even mutants!" He points in the opposite direction of his earlier point now, which is meant to be south but, still, probably isn't. "Wind is down there, too! If we can kill them down there, we can kill them up there! How else do we save them?" He fumes, nostrils flaring, face scrunching up in wrath. "We've already been here too long! How does medicine kill them?"
Iris Lark "Abe, we have a few minutes to think it over, lets make the best possible decision. Let make it a majority decision." Iris shrugs, planting her feet on the ground and folding her arms over her chest. "Whoever wants to nuke the southern horde, let it be known." She turns and walks away, not wanting to vote for either. She's seen what the nukes can do.
Fiona Maybe they could shoot the Legion.. It really is about the only group Fiona thinks deserves a nuke. "Should ae have the computer map it? Show us the fallout? Or one of your Pip-Boys. No sense guessing."
Sammy     Sammy likes Iris's point of view on the matter giving her a nod as she passes on the way out. He nods to Abe's insights, "So basically if we fire the nukes, we get one horde we could eliminate." he counts on his fingers, making notes on the paper map, "We can shoot them here. Take out the Southern horde... Stopping them from getting south and gaining a more unstopppable army." he looks up at Doberstein, "Weaponized vaccination would work if we get out, in time, and get to where we can replicate and distribute the vaccine." he looks up to Ashur, "Make El Dorado Safe Again, and give you Lots of Horde To Smash while you do it." he's slowing his words for the big guy hoping they sink in.
Eden Eden finishes the boxes, takes the first and walks toward Ashur. hoping she will remind him to stay calm. She is afraid he will lose control over the virus in him. Not knowing any words that would help, she just stands near him while the group talks it out. She whispers to him, just him, so no one else can hear.
Ashur Ashur takes a deep, deep breath. The combat, his own body betraying him, the looming existential threat the Horde represents-- all of it has him running on rage and fumes, and the more worked up he gets, the more jumbled his thoughts become.

He breathes. Closes his eyes. Focuses, to what little extent he still can in this situation, and then looks at Sammy.

"I am not an idiot," he growls, a bit of that old pride resurfacing, listening to the man talk at him slowly. "This medicine is a guess. You do not know it will work. You are hoping. The bombs will work; are you willing to let everyone die and be twisted on a maybe? The world is strong. It survived the fire once. It can do so again. Who can say it would survive the Horde?"

Oh, his head. It hurts.
Sparrow Sparrow holds up her arm, "This is a brotherhood of Steel Pipboy, it's got some Science an Tech holodisks on it if ny of you eggheads wants to have a look at it. You know, calculate your odds." She shrugs. Her stance is known, she's also stubborn, but she knows she's not the final say.
Abe     "I'm... I'm going to do some calculations... Maybe I can map out... something. I don't know, give me a second." he utters, shoulders loosing their starch, drooping as he wheels around in his chair and starts typing in a very rapid fashion.
Ashur Ashur is watching Abe like a hawk to see what he does! And if he doesn't like the choice..! Presuming he can even understand what the button presses and such mean.
Vault Girl Through one of the laboratory windows the group of you spot the Enclave's Motorboats moving away from the Oil Rig out into the ocean and Joe Caine also radios in and lets everyone know that the Enclave is retreating from the base.

That couldn't be good.

Doctor Van Doberstein warned, "The descendant of President Richardson should know that if they are retreating, nothing good will come of it. They are enacting whatever contingency they have in place and I fear I'll be unable to stop it this time." He sounded fearful.
Abe     Abreham hunches at the keys, his broad, wide frame providing something of a blind. "I'm running the numbers... there's... there's a simulation calculator built into nthe firing program." he claims as he works the keys, feeling a weight sink in his gut. "They're... just a few hundred miles out of New Mexico. The larger southern horde... it's a lot of numbers, sorry, give me a moment." he continues... and then stops.

His mouth feels dry, ashen. One lass key stroke... His hand drifts towards it. A heart beat later and his finger will fall.
Ashur Ashur stares down at Abe. "Where did you send them?"
Sparrow Sparrow had been set up since she'd unstrapped REason. Moving to be out of the way, but give her a good clear shot of the room. The consoles and people gathered. She lets her fingers drift to her hip toying with the leather there. She'd said ehr peice but if nyone thought the stubborn doctor was just going to let them murder potential innocents? They are sorely mistaken and Abe? He's BAD Liar. Sparrow doesnt' even call him out she just quickdrws and unloads at the console. Sorry Abe, maybe eat less of Hanzhou's cooking.
Iris Lark "You heard the Doctor. We need to make a decision and get out of here. Like, right now." Iris says, as she starts towards the door, picking up papers as she moves. Then Sparrow is aiming at Abe and Iris goes pale. "Sparrow!? What the hell!?"
Sparrow Sparrow answers Iris after unloading. "He lied to us." Of cuirse, then comes the angries..
Lucette     Lucette groans, "It's too late to stop most of this, the hell are these nukes going." she murmurs, hand going into her bag. "If this goes bad, Zax is going to have a fun time tearing us all apart for it."
Abe     "South." he answers, the weight of his hand resting on The Key.

There was a clap of gunfire and something bit into Abe's back. He'd been shot before... this one was likely a graze, a flesh wound. His back arches, teeth gritting. He hisses a curse... But if someone wants you dead, you must be doing something right.

He sends the next, rushing to enter the prompts, "Two of them."
Ashur The gun's report is deafening in the room, and when Ashur sees the bullet graze Abe-- who he has no strong feelings for, but is apparently launching the missiles to blow up the Horde, which he agrees with (even if Abe is, unbeknownst to him, launching them at the wrong damn Horde!)-- he roars like a maddened beast and bumrushes Sparrow. "Stop, woman!" He commands, trying to wrap her in his strong, handsome, lumpy tumorous mutant arms, but she slides past him. "I said stop!" Another attempt, twisting, trying to grasp her, but she gets off every shot.

Frustrated, Ashur raises his left hand, and bellows, "You fucking degenerate, I said stop!", and gives her a backhanded five across the eyes, smashing her nose.
Sparrow Sparrow missed, she wasn't aiming at Abe she maybe wasn't just expecting Abe to be so... Magnetic. Her bullets don't hit the conceole. She knows what's coming nd there's quick, "Iris, take my stuff." Why? Weird request. She doesnt even DODGE the concoming mutant. She turns, instead, to meet the fist with her face and - OUCH- after her face blossoms in blood she crumples; and scoots back trying to keep her backpck and duster are out of the way of heavy flying fists or gunshots. Does it mean she's gonna take the brunt, maybe, but she's got a good reason to be protecting her armor..
Abe     The first one found his leg, the author lied. This one found the back of his head. A neat little hole drilled in the back of his head, jagged shards of skull frame the hole, a much larger one has sprouted in his forehead, gore, skull and blood splattering against the wall and computer screen. The world goes dark and he slumps forward onto that finalk key...

But then Sparrow rerolls the hitloc

Another biting pain. His teeth grit and he musters through, ignores it! Fights against the knee jerk desire to jump for cover.

He feels plaster shower down on him... and the last prompt is entered.

"You should leave now..." bleeding, he offered this advice. "You should all leave."

He himself made no efforts to stand.
Ashur With a grunt, Ashur stalks over toward Abe and away from Sparrow, a scowl plastered on his big ugly mug. "Well done," he praises the portly fellow, looking down at his leg. "You are very tough." A look at his leg, wounded and bloodied. "Can you walk? I will carry you if you can't."
Iris Lark "This is turning into chaos." Iris says, raising her pistol into the air and firing off a shot. She takes what Sparrow hands her, then she starts to swear, loudly as she moves forward to tend to Abe. "We have to get out of here, we don't have time for *this*." She spits out, as she tugs on Abe. "C'mon, on your feet, damn you." She says quietly, trying to find and stop the bleeding with a field dressing.
Carter Griffin "Hey what the fuck?!" Damnit all. They come this far just to suddenly turn on each other? What the hell. Carter's revolver is already pulled up but it's too late, shots are fired, punches are thrown, and the Ranger is left aiming his weapon at nothing, "What the hell was that about?" He looks to Sammy, his facemask somehow giving his fellow Ranger a look of 'can you believe this shit'
Sammy     "Get him. Get Doc Dober..." he looks to the crumpled form of Lets get the hell out of here." he yells, somewhat recovered from the initial shock of gunfire from within the control room. "I want this place in my rear view mirrors. We came here to get a cure. Lets leave with it." he ducks in to grab Sparrow, by the wrist and tug her along, forcibly if she protests.
    "We all leave and we'll sort it out later." he growls, remembering the Doc-in-a-Jar's warning, and getting that bad feeling in his gut about the whole Enclave in Retreat after just one douchebag going down.
Alice "Come on Abe. We're not leaving without you. Vault Team Six doesn't leave anyone behind, neither do the people of El Dorado and you're one of us." Alice grabs Abe by the arm attempting to haul the girthy man to his feet.
Vault Girl

The satellite imagery showed as close to real-time as was possible, but it was the cameras on the missiles themselves that gave the best views of the carnage as the missiles moved towards their impact sites.

The first two missiles were tracked launching from somewhere not in a silo as prior thought but from space...?

They were shown racing towards the massive concentrations of mutants that were moving towards South America. The last sight on the missile cameras was static as they impacted into swathes of mutants, culling the Horde heading South but not eradicating it.

The third missile headed straight for the large concentration of mutants heading for New Mexico, tens of thousands of them at the heart of the impact site as the missile struck in an explosion that incinerated them leaving nothing but a crater full of ashes and radiation for miles around.

The facility itself began to shake as much closer explosions were heard thanks to The Enclave setting timed explosive charges before their retreat.

The entire oil rig was going to collapse into the ocean before long. It was already beginning to sink...
Abe     "Stop, no-" he begins, half strating words or answers as he tries to ward off both Ashur but mostly Iris. "Doc', Doc it's-"

"God fucking... STOP!"

He was reaching back for his pistol when the world shook. Well, not the entire world but his little corner of it. He nearly fell from his chair.

He'd have to shoot them at this point... He couldn't stand the thought of it. Hypocrisy, considering what he had just done but even so, "Fine... just.. let me get into my armor." he bade, doing just that as he got out of the chair and limped towards the vacant shell of the X-01.
Sparrow Sparrow is conscious though mybe she's in shock.. staring at the screen beyon Abe she sys not a word as the Ranger hauls her away. Just shrugs out of her coat and puts it in Iris tender care. "Don't let anything break." Well it's more like 'Dubt lebd Abyfink Bruk, as she spits blood out onto the floor. Otherwise, out they go..
Ashur Ashur wastes no more time on Abe once the big fella shows himself capable of locomotion! Mostly because he's obsessed with the footage of the missiles, the sight of the earth from space, the horde that spreads like locusts-- and though he can't see the final outcomes, deep down, he knows it was righteous destruction on a massive scale.

Good. Now it's time to get out.
Carter Griffin Well nobody's dead except for Horrigan, so Carter figures now is a good time to get the hell out of dodge. He holsters his revolver and starts to make his way rather quickly towards the way they came in, "C'mon folks, lets roll out before we go for a swim!"
Sammy     "Worry later. Fix later. Run now." he says, mostly to sparrow's form as he gets a shoulder under, and lifts fireman carry her out. "Running gives us time. Time can be used to fix. What's done is done." he pants between breathing and making sure Sparrow isn't going to do something crazy like flail and try to go for a swim.
Iris Lark Iris follows the others as they make their way out of the facility, shrugging the duster on her shoulders. She keeps her eye on their surroundings as she runs, hoping that they can get to the vehicles before things go any further south.
Abe     Soon enough, Abreham is swollowed up by the suit of armor, only his little, round head poking out the top. His foot falls hammer the walkways at the tail of the group, taking up the rear. If anyone fell, the advanced actuators should allow him to hoist them up and carry them along.
Vault Girl The escape from the oil rig is harrowing but the group is in no real danger thanks to having a clear path and The Enclave already retreated. The Base Camp is pretty badly damaged when the group returns, there is a great deal of damage and several more vehicles have been destroyed and several more are dead despite the best efforts of those who were present.

Research into FEV and the Enclave's Super Soldier Project had been acquired as well as valuable samples that would help prepare the people of El Dorado for future encounters with The Mutant Horde.

Thanks to young Abe, who would no doubt soon be known as the Hero of El Dorado... the city was in no major danger for quite some time. Quite a bit of time had been bought for the people of El Dorado.

South America would be able to deal with the mutants advancing on it no doubt even if they would suffer some casualties but it would be the Legion in Arizona and the Brotherhood in Texas who were soon to bear the Brunt of the Mutant Horde.

New Mexico had been saved for another year.