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Qwillis     While the group from El Dorado works on returning back home, there's a book that's initially found, then almost discarded, before finally being kept. That book had the name of an El Dorado native, Achilles within it. It seems that he's been through here. When the mutants were! So a group of people from the expadition are selected to try and track down where Archelles went. They're to meet up at the edge of camp and from the first entry of the book, it seems they need to head east of the camp for a few miles to a gas station.
Aralyn Ara is wandering the area, the woman keeping that behemoth of a sniper rifle of hers slung over her shoulder as she looks around... She glances at the area, violet eyes taking in the sites, trying to commit to memory everything she can as she studies the area, looking for sign...
Alice Alice moved along with the group her helmet off as she wondered what Achilles was up to, "At least we know he wasn't near the nukes. Wonder if any innocent people got hit by them. I will say Abe's got big balls to have pushed those buttons, especially while Sparrow shot at him."
Fiona Fiona walks up to join the hunt, removed the helmet to wear her hat. She is worried, her steps drag at a slower pace. At Alice's words though she speaks up, "I don't know what to make of that. Now I did it. Really? What happens now."
Aralyn Ara tilts her head... "Lets hope for favorable winds..." Is what she says as the woman kneels down and studies tracks again.. "Soo this person we're hunting. What they look like?" she asks curiously "I've never met them..."
Qwillis     Qwillis, for his part, was pretty torn up. having come flesh to maw with several mutants, he was still struggling to move about. But, well.. Pain was an old friend to him. Either way, he'd walk along with the others, heading for that spot the journal had mentioned with a small shake of his head. "Sometimes, trouble is like that. The best of a bad situation. Sure.. he dropped the bombs. But it may also have saved so many lives due to ending those threats travelling out there. We can only hope they disperse. I doubt a mutant horde like that would be kind to El Dorado.."
Fiona Fiona pushes her hat back a little, kneeling down, then studying the horizon. She stands and moves to keep up, "I didn't .. Maybe he was wrong. It could be wrong, but the best choice." A head shake and she sighs, "It. Sometimes, it is better not to question. Shooting an enemy, somebody that would kill me or mine. The did that, but.. I don't know."
Alice Alice replied to the questions, "Well, probably lots of lives were saved I guess, anyone near the mutants when the bombs hit was probably screwed anyways. Still lots of mutants heading into Arizona and Texas but the legion and the brotherhood are pretty well-equipped, we may never even really have to deal with them." Looking to Ara she said, "Achilles is a super tall beastlord barbarian guy who wears power armor and carries an axe, he also has a mutant dog named Terrance who is friends with Vaultmeat."
Ashur Ashur remains an oversized lunkhead; the man's got a good chance of disguising himself as a small hill if he closes his eyes and stops moving. Albeit a bloody hill, red-skinned as he is, with his veins a pale and bulging blue. The mutant is still wearing only his loin cloth-- such a fine white wool!-- but now he's reacquired his cloak, singed by rocket fire and with the ends charred and frayed black. He wears it.. but it's undersized, barely wrapping around his neck and shoulders, and only coming down to mid-back, like some sort of child superhero's cape.

"Mm," he says, lumbering up with the group. "I like dogs."

He can't read.
Aralyn Ara seems to find something? She's currently by some rocks, reaching into them and pulling out what looks to be papers? She stares at them and wanders toward the rest of the folks, and grins "I think I found something..." She says and holds the sheets out to Alice... "Looks like kill counts and a map of some kind." she adds.
Qwillis     Looking up at Ashur, he'd hesitate, then shrug. Looking to the others, there's a slight smile given to Alice. "So.. then.. survival to those who push the button. Those who were near the bomb's detonation range were screwed anyways.. just as you said." Shaking his head, he'd look to Aralyn curiously, then nods. "Good find. Guess a sniper would do that. So do we head on? It seems to be pointing south.. I think.."
Fiona Fiona lets the other topic fall away. She quiets, stepping up to glance at what was found. "Good eye." A quick study, then she steps back.
Alice "I'll catch up with you all in a bit. I want to investigate a little more." Alice said before walking around and checking out random rocks and stuff.
Ashur Gnarled fingers rise and scratch against ribbons of old, faded scar tissue, Ashur rather quiet as he walks-- his body speaks for him, thump-thumping like a dinosaur in some old movie, the shifting of his lopsided bodyweight almost making him waddle when he walks, leaning first this way, then that way, back and forth. He only speaks up now and then to go, "Not that way," or "No, this way", easily following the tracks regardless of conditions and finding them when they disappear again. The mind dulls, but his old skills are still there!
Aralyn Ara continues to peer at the map curiously, then she casually glances over at the hulk curiously.. "Ummm..." she says and blinks curiously, before shrugging "I have this map thinige, maybe this'll help us find whatever we're looking for quicker?" she asks curiously.
Fiona Fiona looks to Ashur in side glances, sometimes fascination, sometimes caution. The rifle is carries at the low ready. "See anything through the scope?" Mostly, she shambles for now.
Qwillis     It takes about an hour's walk heading towards the south for them to pick up the next location. A small shallow cave. Enough to not quite be in sight, as there looked to have been a fire here and other markings of a camp. Qwillis moves along with the others carefully. He's worn out. But, well, having someone on hand to help with any.. issues.. even if it's something he'll have to work at, isn't a bad thing. "This guy seems to have moved around a lot.."
Aralyn Ara glances at the cave curiously, then shrugs and flips on her helmet headlamp, and also she turns her pip-boy light on... She glances at the cave now, then looks at the map and at the cave... "I guess we go in?" she says curiously, as she shoulders her heavy rifle and begins to wander toward the cave.
Ashur If the oddly-dressed super mutant notices Fiona's occassional side glance, he doesn't comment on it-- though she'll see at least once that when she flicks her eyes to the side he's already watching her, his thick lips pressed into a flat line, his jaw tight, and his eyes narrowed.

When the group reaches the cave, the brute takes a moment to patrol their immediate perimeter, storming along on mile-long legs and crunching rocks and grass and sticks beneath his callused bare feet.

"He was here when the Horde still was," the lug remarks, calling out in a booming, growling voice toward Qwillis. "Staying still in enemy territory does not work; when they move, you have to, too, or you'll be caught."
Fiona Fiona steps into the opening, looking around. Then she sits, shifts and reaches about. "Dog, right. Cold camp." A frown and she stands looking down, searching for tracks and trash. Then moving to follow.
Qwillis     Qwillis would jump slightly as Ashur's booming voice. Wow.. ok. That's kind of scary. Shaking his head, he'd frown at the camp. "Good point.." Helping the others search the shallow spot, he'd finally find that next set of papers. Adding them in to the book, he'd look over the map with a frown. "Looks like we goth North from here.. going to be a bit of a walk. So shall we get going?"
Aralyn Ara blinks and looks at the new map curiously, then tilts her head "Sure that aint West?" she asks curiously, then tilts her head before shrugging, she's here to give sniper support if need be, that's what she was sent to do, that's what she will do, till it's time to either go home, or go back to the NCR...
Ashur "We were right to drop the bombs," Ashur comments as the group walks toward their next destination, the charred ends of his cloak tickling along the grotesquely-swollen muscles of his back; it damn near makes him a giant Quasimodo, a lump of flesh hard as a turtle's shell forcing him to lean forward. "The mutants are too strong to fight normally; culling their number makes everyone safer."
Fiona Fiona still looks for tracks, trying to judge age when she finds them. He could have circled back, she doesn't want to miss a turn. The comments draw her thoughts back to the nukes. She draws out a cigar, lighting it and taking a slow pull.
Qwillis     Qwillis shows the map to Aralyn. "See? This marking here and here. It's showing the way north. To be able to keep track of the path taken.." He'd shrug and add it to the journal as they walk along. Frowning, Qwillis glances to Ashur, then shrugs. "I guess we'll find out, won't we? Those things are dangerous.. The Vaults were made to deal with such things.. and look at where we are now."
Ashur "The world was ruined not by three well-aimed bombs," Ashur rumbles, once more scratching at his chest-- expanded as it is, the tissue there -itches-, especially around the parts where his old human scars were. "When Mars' fury cleansed the earth, it was a wall of fire that turned all to ash and dust. This? Was taking out the trash."
Aralyn Ara glances to Ashur, tilts her head and shrugs slowly... She then looks to Qwillis "Well lead the way." she says, now smirking slightly as she leans that massive barret over both her shoulders, her hands resting on the stock and part of the barrel as she walks along behind... "So ca you tell me anything about this Achilles person?" she asks curiously "What kinda person is/was he?"
Ashur "I met him once," Ashur says, looking down to Aralyn and staring at her as he walks. "I hated him; he was a nosy stupid man."
Fiona Fiona keeps up, but in one of those glances at Ashur.. She cannot help but wonder if a seat were mounted on his back, he would make a great mobile firing point. "We'll see when we get home what we are: saviors or destroyers."
Qwillis     "As oppose to being a nosey, intelligent man? At least.. I try to be intelligent.." Qwillis grins up at Ashur with a shrug. He'd continue that limping walk along, the metal leg more sturdy than flesh this time as they'd head north. It's a good hour or so for them to reach that site that the map is pointing out.. which would be their own base camp. There the journal was first found. Qwillis frowns and looks at the maps, then sighs. "We went in a big circle.."
Ashur The behemoth snorts, that squat broad nose flaring its nostrils, and reaches over to smack Qwillis on the back good-naturedly. "You are a good man," he decides, based on effectively nothing. "You came on this quest intent on saving and protecting those important to you. And if you are smart, that is good. smart is good." The hand falls away. "Achilles was not that. He thought it his place to tell me how to speak to my wife. I told him I would crucify him if I found him in the wild."

The giant pauses, suddenly angry, and looks around. That's right! He hates Achilles! "Where is he!"
Fiona "Well, at least don't have a long trek back to base." Fiona says as she glances forwards, "Maybe he just didn't make it? Or maybe.. Well, they were using Fever virus on people." A glance to Qwillis, "You need a medic any way, I'mmma go get some, chow we can reconsider a other hunt.. If there is time."
Aralyn Ara blinks as she glances around now again... "Could be he was leading them in circles, they're none too incredibly intelligent.. Or he was leading them away from here so he could put something here we havn't found yet..."
Qwillis     Qwillis isn't expecting the back pat. 'gentle' as it may be for Ashur.. Qwillis in his current state? Doesn't stand a chance. "AAACCCKKK-*THUD*!" Faceplant. Right in the dirt. He'd groan quietly as Fiona's comment, a muffled, "Yes.. a.. medic.. would be nice.." And that's about it for the tinkerer. Guess it's a good thing Ashur likes him? x.x