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Jacqueline It's been some time since Jacqueline Wayne darkened the doorway of the Shantytown Clinic on business, other than checking in on the place to make sure it was still standing. What with people being gone to Mexico for days and days, it was vacant quite often. That invites sticky-fingered people, the kind she keeps checking the place for.
Like today, really. She unlocks the door, pushing it open quietly and peeking inside. Aside from the faint weariness and the less faint haunted look in her eyes, she might be any waster in gecko-leather armor.
Kurokumo Mibojin      The place is deserted, would be customers on the Expedition. There's only so many times that Kurokumo can busy herself with tidying the place up before she goes stir crazy. Six months along, the pregnant doctor is really beginning to show, and Jacqueline finds her reclining in a chair off of her aching feet.
Jacqueline Spotting the very pregnant healer, Jackie blinks, then slips inside and shuts the door quietly. "Miss Kurokumo, hi... back sore?" she asks, a little more concerned for her friend than for herself. Some things never change. "I can come back."
Kurokumo Mibojin      "No! No..." Kurokumo is startled a bit, but all too happy to finally have someone visit. It's been getting much too quiet, and it's starting to show in the pent up restless posture as she shifts in her chair. "Come in, Jackie. Something I can help you with?"
Jacqueline "Just a small thing," Jackie replies, moving closer and giving Kumo a quick hug. "Okay, a few small things. I picked up some nicks and such scavving. It's a job hazard. How have you been? I keep trying to stop by, just to keep the thieves from thinking the place is deserted."
Kurokumo Mibojin      "That's really kind of you." Leaning down to grasp the medkit to bring it to bear, Kurokumo blinks away the dryness in her eyes before taking a look at Jackie. "What did you pick up this time around?"
Jacqueline "It's more interesting than standing watches," Jackie admits, smiling a little as she divests herself of weapons, setting them and her belt aside. "So it wasn't much of an inconvenience. What with so many people gone, someone has to take up the slack in keeping this city defended."
She shrugs off her jacket, setting it aside with the other gear. "Well, there's a cut on one of my thighs, from some scrap metal, and a scrape on my side from a door that fell against me. And another cut on my forearm from where I tried to keep the door from falling against me. It wasn't a good day."
Kurokumo Mibojin      "Damn, you're all kinds of clumsy..." Kurokumo has seen Jackie bump into furniture, and trip over her own falling pants. It's nothing new, the Doctor wearing a wry smile as she reaches out to tend to the bared forewarm. She gently twists it, back and forth, to make sure there isn't a hairline fracture hiding inside.
Jacqueline Jackie winces faintly, but that's probably more from scabbed skin stretching than anything else. "Yeah, that's me: The Walking Disaster," she says wryly, trying to take down her pants with the hand Kumo isn't holding. She has to settle for pulling them open and pushing them on one side, then the other, in the hopes that they'll fall on their own. Which they stubbornly refuse to do.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo is busy with her task, humming along whilst the various scrapes and bruises are tended to. It keep the nagging thoughts away, the ones brewing from weeks of the absence of her beloved and the fear that the people she's grown to enjoy the company of won't return. It doesn't take long before Jacqueline's all patched up. "Good to go. How's Wassup?"
Jacqueline "Whassup? Oh, he's good... though I think he's a little depressed that Doc Iris hasn't been around," Jackie says, letting Kumo work. She still can't get her pants down for that leg injury to be treated, with the healer working on her side and arm. "He misses her cooking, the greedy featherhead."
Fern     The door opens slowly and Fern peeks in. She assesses what she sees, which is Kurokumo helping Jaxkie's side and Jackie with her pants half off. Eyes narrow slightly. Suspicious. The girl clears her throat and waits for a second before asking, "Got time for another after you fix her up?" she calls to Kurokumo, a little grunt in her voice.
Kurokumo Mibojin      "He certainly liked the gooey bits from the Dragonflies. Maybe I should cook something when everyone comes home." Kurokumo nods at her handiwork, her head perking up at the newest arrival. "Yeah, I've got time." Time, so much of it, until folks decide to come home from the long trek. If they ever do.
Jacqueline Jackie glances up at the sound of the door, blushing at the sight of Fern coming inside. And here she is in her underwear! Well, mostly: Her jacket and shirt are off, but her pants are being stubborn, one side down on her thigh and the other bunched up at her hip where she can't push it down farther with her opposite-side arm. She manages an embarrassed smile for the street urchin. "Hey again, Fern. Have you met Miss Kurokumo?"
She stifles a smile at that memory. "I like to never got the ick out of his feathers," she says. "But he liked that stuff just fine. Let me know if you want help? I'd love to do another dragonfly gumbo cookout."
Fern     Fern eyes the situation for a moment longer, and soon the door is opened wider and she steps inside. "Cool. Thanks.." A pause as she looks to Jackie again. "Hey, Jackie.. Nope. Haven't met her yet! Hi," she says, a wave giving a quick wave to Kurokumo before she is looking to Jackie again. "What happened to you? Bear attack you or did a horse kick you?" she wonders, doing her best to guess what went on. "Your pants are falling down," she notes to Jackie.
Kurokumo Mibojin      "Jackie has an ongoing feud with rusted metal. And gravity. The usual." Kurokumo shrugs nonchalantly, her sarcasm rather light today. "It's nice to meet you, Fern. What kind of interesting adventures did you have lately to require my services?" There's a wry grin before the Doctor pulls away enough for Jackie to get some freedom of movement.
Jacqueline "Worse: I got attacked by some broken metal and a door. And yes, my pants are trying to fall down. It's not their fault, though," Jackie replies wryly, grinning at the younger girl. With Kumo drawing back, she can finally reach down and shove her gecko-leather pants down so the healer can work on her leg. Standing in her lavender athletic bra and briefs, she crosses her arms and grins impishly at Fern. "I want to hear this story, too. It makes it easier to hold still for Miss Kurokumo to work."
Fern     What kind of adventure? Glad you asked! Fern stands a little taller and puffs her scrawny chest out, chin lifting as she says, "Rode out into the wastes, in a Jeep.. Super fast and jumping hills and all that stuff." She has that 'Yeah, I'm a bad-ass' air about her while telling this story. Her arms cross over her chest then and she continues, "Rode up to this old car manufacturing plant.. Got out and broke in.. Busted this old Mr. Handy up. He exploded all over the desk and almost set the whole place on fire.. till I put it out," she says with a smirk.

    Fern now leans back against the door, but she shifts slightly as if that was uncomfortable. Her eyes wander a bit. Hard not to look at someone when they are in their underwear. She glances away and to Kurokumo. "Broke into this secret room in the back and it was filled with like.. twenty Mr. Handies.. and we fought them off and took what we needed." She grins. Pause. "Got a few bruises and stuff. Nothin' too bad."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Patching up Jacqueling's thigh with ointment and bandaging doesn't take too terribly long. Kurokumo's brow rises, however, when Fern winces from her posturing. "Metal limbs and nasty projectiles, no doubt. You can put your clothes back on, Jackie." For the good Doctor, vanity and shame aren't on her list of priorities as she contemplates pushing herself out of her own chair. Her belly hangs low, the woman obviously pregnant and deciding against it. "Come on, Fern. Let's take a look."
Jacqueline "Sounds like it was pretty exciting," Jackie says appreciatively. Granted, she probably can't /believe/ much of the story, but it still sounds exciting. "What all did you find in there that was worth carrying away? With all that, bet it was some good stuff!"
She almost misses Kumo's words in talking to the young adventuress. But she doesn't quite, and gratefully shuffles back several steps to give Fern room to get to the healer, and herself rroom to dress without being in the way. Which she begins to do. "Your turn!"
Fern     Fern moves forwards then, and she huffs slightly. "Nothing -that- great. Got a few car manuals so the guys back at the shop can fix up the cars they have.. I -told- them we should take a few cars, though. So many were in perfect condition!!" She grumbles, eyes rolling. "They acted like they knew everything, though. Next time, I'm going by myself.. and I'll bring back my -own- car!" Hmph. That'll show them.

    When Fern realizes it's her turn she looks between the two. Teens and getting stripped (somewhat) for medical exam? NOT cool. She grunts again and moves closer to Kurokumo, turning to put her back to the woman as she slips her jacket off and lets it be pinned between her knees pulling together. She then tugs her shirt up in back, showing several bruises to Kurokumo. It's not that bad.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo looks tired, extremely so. Her practiced eye notices Fern's discomfort with the situation. She reaches over to her desk, grabbing a jar just for closed brusing and swelling. Her expression is one of detachment, applying the herb scented mix to the affected area before turning away. "You're all done. Good luck on getting a sweet ride of your own."
Jacqueline Nearly dressed by now, Jackie looks thoughtfully at the back-showing Fern as Kurokumo finishes. "Fern? Do you want to come to my mom's place? She should have dinner just about ready by now," she asks, almost hesitantly. "Miss Kurokumo, we could set another place at the table for you, too."
Fern     Fern tugs her shirt back down into place, then quickly puts her jacket on. "Yeah.. Thanks. I'll let you see it when I bring it back," she says as she gets all situated. She glances to Jackie then and hrmms, "What's she making for dinner?" she checks. Gotta ask the important questions!
Kurokumo Mibojin      "Naw, it's alright. I'm just going to close up early tonight." Kurokumo gives Jacqueline a tired smile before waving her two patients off. Someone has to be here if people come back from Mexico... "Have fun at dinner."