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Sammy     Here it was again, the route plotted back from Poseidon's Energy Facility behind them, a little farther this time, with the help of good maps, this time with enough energy to get to the North-east outskirts of Azteca with before twilight stretched the shadows long and a moonlit night engulfed the world in it's clutches.
    The survivors, the team triumphant, were returning, less vehicles to round, the circle of camp is smaller certainly. But sentry duty has it's role, and as people are settled in the watches start, as dinner fades, first watch went by. A few hours later, some are roused from sleep, these, the Night Watch, covering the dead of night in a fit of sleepless, restlessness...
    And up... on a bit of building, overlooking camp, is Sammy, crouched down and very very slowly sweeping his gaze out into the night, making sure the embers from the fading campfire don't mess with his night vision. "Cold hearted orb that rules the night, removes the colours from our sight, red is grey and yellow white..." he whispers to the wind. "But we decide which is right, and which is an illusion?"
Aralyn Aaand she's found a water tower!! Aralyn is currently using the tower as a watch post, the woman having taken up a hidden location inside the emptied out water tower. She's currently using her scope and knight vision to look around, studying things at a distance. Carefully she tugs a bag of fruit chips from her duster, then opens the thing before she begins chewing on a bit of dried apple. Next she gets on the Radio "Nice little poem, you gonna be entertainment for tonight Sammy?" Asks the woman, a bit of mirth in her voice as she teases just a bit.

Ara then turns and goes to another spot to look eastward a bit now. She even lifts her rifle and rests it up on the the edge of the opening as she looks out eastward while she looks through the scope of her rifle.
Iris Lark     Iris is with Sammy and she is keeping an eye out towards the horizon. Instead of standing though she's kneeling and leaning forward slightly. "I just can't wait until we're on our way home. The further away from this place we are, the better I'll feel." She glances up at Sammy and quirks a brow. "How are you feeling?"
Carter Griffin It seems like it's the NCR's show tonight, for the most part. Carter is currently standing near the campfire, twirling his Sequoia on his finger, practicing his quickdraws, things like that.

It's probably just goofing off, but he's always ready to spring into action at a moment's notice.
Grover Grover stands watch, "I still say that place wasn't that bad...I mean, beach side homes....we should have stayed there..." As he casually holds onto the minigun, glancing back at camp.
Aralyn Ara smirks a bit and into the Radio she mentions "Oh yah, beach-side homes, plenty of food, lotsa Enclave folks looking to turn us into rampaging monsters. That or filling us full of holes with their super soldiers in power armor." She says and smiles slightly, before turning again and scanning the horizons curiously. "However, I will say, I actually enjoyed the one or two peaceful nights we had there... coulda used a few more than that to be honest." she says and the woman lifts her m82 to her shoulder and continues to scan the horizon, switching it to night vision briefly, then back...
Iris Lark     Iris wrinkles her nose and shakes her head as she continues to gaze around the area. She takes a breath and leans back against her hands, electing to relax a litle bit instead of keeping an eagle eye out. "Some of the places down here are pretty, but honestly I can't wait for home again."
Sammy     Sammy looks to his radio, and gives a little flick of the end-cover, a tiny little crank flips open, it's small enough to spin with one fingertip, and he does so, the power-indicator on the battery pack pulses moving from a tiny red sliver, to two tiny red slivers, before he replies over the radio, "It's part of an old song. I'll see if I can find the tape of it when we get back. Maybe give it over to David Ghoulie." he shrugs, and though he's off-mic, keeps cranking with a soft little whrr-whrr-whrrr noise.
    Leaning back a little he grins beneath his mask, and it carries a little in his voice. "We are on the way home. We're recounting our steps and all that... I suspect, with the road conditions we've been able to find we'll be back south of New Rome at that Lone Star waypoint in a days' drive." he considers. "My knee is angry with me, but, for now, if I time it right, I can make the painkiller last. My left arm is still sore from the shrapnel. But it's healing." he stretches his neck, rolling his head side-to-side then loostens his shoulders, shifting just a little where he sits. Vertibrae pop loudly in the dark. "But I'm hoping to sleep in my own bed soon too. And take a nice, goood soak. And put on socks that weren't washed in seawater." at that he gives a little wiggle of a boot.
Grover Grover says, "Oh, I'm sure there will still be much mayhem and death to come in the next few days. Its a long trip, and not everyone alive now will prolly make it the whole distance." He shrugs a bit, "You never know..""
Carter Griffin "It's a damn shame those Enclave guys didn't have any socks. You'd think being as high and mighty as they are they'd have extra socks in one of their storage rooms." Carter twirls his revolver again and then holsters it, turning to look over at Sammy, "I have to admit this whole thing has been nuts. No way NCR would have authorized this mission.."
Aralyn Ara blinks quietly, then chats away... "Well they sent me to help, so evidently recognized the danger... And Socks? You out of socks or something?" she asks curiously, then shifts a bit to her right to watch the horizon some more.. "It's a shame we can't really relax till we get home... And even then I don't think we'll get to relax much either.. I'm going to have to go back West and debrief..."
Iris Lark Iris glances at Sammy and tilts her head slightly. "I'm staying home." She says quietly, folding her hands in her lap. She glances back out at the horizon and keep an eye out. "Back to work for me, or something like that."
Alice Alice rushes in with over 9000 mutants at her back and screams, "THE HORDE ARE COMING THE HORDE ARE COMING!" The Horde all happened to be dressed in British Uniforms!

That didn't happen, but Alice did dream it before waking up to the sounds of conversation, "Huh? I didn't do it!"
Aralyn Ara blinks at the scream, and then ummms... "I think there is a combination of things there, I don't get.." Ara yawns and nibbles on some more hcips before responding to Sammy "Music huh? Might have to get some on my pip at some point before heading home..." She says and grins a little. The woman next unhooks her cantine from her hip before taking a pull on the canister...
Kaydin     Kaydin comes to the group, taking off his helmet and looking to the people present. "Hey." He says to the people present before reaching for a canteen himself and taking a drink. "So what sort of thing are we talking about?" He asks curiously.
Iris Lark     "Contact.." Iris says softly, glancing back towards Sammy. "I make ouot five, small weapons on all but one. Not sure exactly what it is, could be a machine gun." She says, checking to make sure her pistol is loaded. "Pass that along on the radio?"
Sammy "Allright folks, looks like we have eyes on them. Lets make this rude, and quick, so the rest of camp can get back to sleep faster." Sammy states, into the microphone on his helmet. His big gun swivels down, "I'm on Overwatch." he murmurs, and before he starts to draw a bead on the crowd, he ever so daintily lifts the silvered flask from his pocket, flicking open the cap and taking a swig, slipping it back into his hip pocket in a smooth gesture.
Alice Alice takes cover near Sammy and says, "I'll watch your back in case anything tries to sneak up on you." She held her katana at the ready and kept herself low so she wasn't a target.
Sammy     And to be certain, the band of predators sneaking through the ruins, doesn't look that wary yet, but their body language is totally different from the refugees who came to greet the campfire before. Namely the refugees didn't have their weapons out, and weren't slinking between places. Their garb resembles raiders, only tinged with more flair from south of the border, the way they have their gun belts hanging, their clothing's materials, and the fact the one in back has a poncho on, which up north would have a totally different cut, and probably a bigger hood.
Aralyn Ara sighs and lifts the rifle to her shoulder, now spotting one of the mooks sneeking out in the ruins... "Nasty greeting on the way." she informs as she sites in on one of the men's torso.. Slow and steadily she shifts the her rifle slightly till she gets it all centered up. Ara then genetly squeezes the trigger. Suddenly her rifle bucks, a massive ploom of super-heated gass shooting out the sides of her m82's muzzle break and muzzle as she sends a half-inch diamter chunk of lead screaming at the Bandito at near 3000 Feet per second.
Iris Lark     Iris isn't one to panic, and she doesn't move much as she eases up to her knees and takes aim. Her head tilts slightly to the side as she pulls the trigger once, sending out a laser at a bandit. He stumbles slightly as he's hit, and she adjusts slightly, the second beam taking him in the stomach. She shifts, trying to sight out another shot her eyes narrowed slightly.
Carter Griffin Sigh. Why can't they just have ONE night where Carter doesn't have to kill someone? It's not like he LIKES snuffing out the lives of raiders and thugs, but they just never give him a choice.

He pulls a bottle out of his duster, what's left of a bottle of whiskey he had looted, and downs the whole thing in one go, his other hand pulling a massive silver handgun from his pack.

He turns the weapon towards one of the banditos, and then chucks the bottle. The glass bottle smashes into the bandit's head, staggering him, before the hand cannon roars and punches a fist sized hole through his chest.
Kaydin      Kaydin readies his rifle and aims, trying to hit center mass. Still his rifle dips down and instead hits the man in a rather tender place. Kaydin winces a little as he readies for his next shot.
Sammy     Firefights in the night are often very quick, very deadly. Muzzleflashes just don't give a damn. Phillipe aims up towards the roof where someone shot a Laer at Jose, right before Jose crumpled and died. Saw a head and tried shooting for it.
    Sammy, held still, rifle up, as the angry bee went by missing him by inches. The rifle up, snap fired, and belches out a large gout of flame with that familliar .50 cal cross-pattern in the night. Phillipe clutches at his chest, or what's left of it, and collapses in a heap.
    A sucking chest wound is Nature's way of saying 'slow down.'
Aralyn Ara now shifts her target, picking up on the dude missing berries... "Okie, Wierdo Raider Smallberries, or is that no-berries." She mutters, and yah it's probably being picked up on the Radio. Ara takes a deep breath again, exhailing then gently squeezing the trigger at the bottom of her breath again. Her rifle barks again, and Emilio is now mising a head and a good chunk of his upper body what with the sheer impact that .50 cal has... Aralyn then sighs and looks around now, the woman sweeping the area with her rifle "One more down, that all?"
Alice "Nice shots." Alice said to the shooters before attaching her Katana back to her armor, relieved she didn't have to fight in her present condition.
Iris Lark     Iris stows her pistol and gets to her feet, stretching her arms over her head and standing on her tip toes. "Might as well get some rest, I'm going to go check in the triage tent to see what's going on there." She pats Sammy on the shoulder and gives everyone else a wave as she moves off. "Try to stay safe, if you can, it's a long drive back."
Aralyn Ara casually reloads her rifle, then ummms.... Suddenly a "YAY!" can be heard coming from Ara's perch as her replacement arrives... Then quieter "Woot I'm off duty now! I can now get sleep." Yah since having been through hell, both litterally and figuratively with the group, Ara's finally opened up. And well, she's sometimes a little wierd and perky, even considering what her job is... As she slides down the fast-rope at hre crow's nest she stops near Alice and tilts her head "You should go to the Triage tent and like camp there till they help you." she says with a grin.. "Need help getting there?"
Carter Griffin "I wonder what they thought was going to happen." Carter says, as he moves over to police the bodies, see if they have anything worth taking off of them. After all, no sense letting any caps or good gear rot in the desert.
Sammy     Sammy nods as Iris pats him on the shoulder, he's watching the still formso n the ground, then his gaze looks up, stretching out to the horizon, he's perfectly still save for the adrenaline pumping into his system, his breathing careful, measured, slowing. Letting the Adrenaline fade away slowly. "Make sure you get some rest too, Iris." he calls just as she gets near the edge of earshot.
    Five bodies lay in the dirt and rubble. They had been preying on smaller packs of refugees, getting some food here and there, but for the most part, ordinary folk a little tired, a little too hungry, and a little malnourished, combined with the horrors of what they'd witnessed when the Horde splashed against the walls of Azteca and then broke through? It's enough to drive people over the brink. Evidence of Civilization breaking down...
    A hardening of resolve to not let the same fate befall El Dorado swirls through Sammy's features as he grips the gun again. and pushes himself up, winds his way down and back to camp, The watch, was over. Time to trade shifts.