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Owner Pose
Lucas Lucas enters the diner with a purpose, making his way towards the counter. He looks like he's had a rough few days at least. bruises and cuts cover half faded bruises and half healed cuts, nothing serious, but he moves slightly stiffly. The dark rings around his eyes suggest that he's tired as well. He begins to look over a menu, getting comfortable in his seat as he does so.
Alasa Alasa sits at a booth in the diner as well, fiddling with something on her table..."Right...and around here...and...crap..dead end again. Hey, I'm gonna need some more placemats over here!"
Lucas Lucas looks briefly in the direction of the call for more placemats. He places down the menu, ordering himself a coffee. and stretching out a little, shaking off some of his stiffness as he gets comfortable. He glances again at the woman in the booth, curiosity over the strange order kept in check by good manners.
Alasa Alasa slides out of the booth, stretching a bit. "Oh well, maybe next time I'll get out of that maze..." as she looks around the diner. Her manners aren't that great, as she plops down at the counter next to Lucas, "Well hi there fella!"
Lucas Lucas offers a nod and a smile to Alasa. "Hi, I'm Lucas." He glances at one of the placemats. "Never thought about the maze before." He chuckles. "I never really looked at the placemats."
Alasa Alasa smiles, "Alasa, you the state, but with no K...for obvious reasons.." She nods, "Oh, life in the big city..gotta get your fun in. Not like out there, now there is fun. Never know what you might come of all the gin joints in all the world, what brings you into this one?"
Lucas Shrugging Lucas smiles. "It was the nearest place I could think of to get a meal and something to drink." He chuckles. "I don't know as I enjoy the Wasteland, but I've always got reason to head back out there, so I can't complain about it too much."
Alasa Alasa says, "Well, theres lots to eat out there..if your not too, don't have to come to town for that." She laughs, "As much as I like coming to town...they do tend to have a lot of rules, you know?..out pretty much make up things as you what keeps you going back then?""
Lucas "I'm looking for friends." Lucas shrugs a shoulder. "I also need to learn the area." He grins. "I've never been driven by what I want to do, so much as by what needs doing. Knowing the area, knowing where I can go when I leave here, or where I can find things that might be useful? all important." He sips his drink. "I quite like sensible rules. I prefer order over chaos."
Alasa Alasa says, "Oh, you can find useful things everywhere...the sands are always shifting out in the know, you can walk by the same spot for a week and see nothing...then the next day, a shotgun just seems to be waiting to be picked up.""
Lucas Lucas chuckles. "True. I scavenge when I head out, but mostly I'm trying to learn the lay of the land, just to make sure that there aren't too many surprises out there that might cause problems down the line."