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Iris Lark     Iris has been working in triage and it's been busy there. Several members of the group have been ambused since they've left and keeping up with that has been time consuming. She finds a moment now for herself, and she sits out a little away from the cars as they are refuled and little problems are fixed. She sits, facing west, her legs tucked against her chest and her arms wrapped around them.

She honestly can't wait to be home.
Abe     Some don't agree with what he did. Some agree too much... but until they arrive home, nobody's really all that sure of what to make of Abe. To be honest, he's not so sure himself.

Even so, he might not be talking a mile a minute but there's still only so much fretting he can do. He's kept himself occupied. Just now he's been helping with the fuel situation, lightening his load of fuel cells to get everyone home.

This overblown explination is what leads him here, having spotted a rare Iris outside the confines of the medical tent.

"Thirsty, Doc'?" she might have heard the sand and grit crunch beneath his feet before now but this was as good of a hello as he would offer. It came with a drink however, a canteen offered out. "Just water." he apologized, "Filled it up at the last rest stop we stayed at."
Iris Lark     Iris glances back and spots Abe, pushing to her feet as he comes near with a canteen held out in his hands. "Water is always appreciated, and I've told you many times. Call me Iris." She takes the canteen and takes a drink before handing it back. "You've looked better, Abe. Come over and sit on the blanket and I'll take a look at some of your wounds. How are you feeling?" She asks, reaching to tug her rucksack closer.
Abe     A smile that didn't quite reach his eyes worked across his lips. He breathed a note of laughter and eased himself down gingerly, "Right, right, sorry." he apologized... but just you watch, those three letters'll be back. Accepting the canteen back, he screws the lid on once more after pulling from it himself... Nothing like warm water to make you miss home. It's laid aside as he stretches out. A grunt could be heard as this or that complained but nothing was spraying in a arterial fashion, just aches and pains.

"I'll..." he started, lips thinning as his words trailed away. "I'm worried I fucked up here, Iris. I didn't know the payload of those things. I don't know how far it'll reach. I was playing the sad sack there... and figured I could weasel out of the blow back by acting like a martyr and staying put but now I'm here and I'm not so sure I should be."
Alice Alice stepped into the triage area not wearing her armor for the first time in forever and it was clear she was quite a bit more worse for wear than she had been letting on, "Hey Abe, Hey Iris." Alice caught the tail end of Abe's words and said, "You're not a Martyr, Martyrs are usually psychopaths or suicidal people. You're a hero, Abe. You saved thousands upon thousands of lives."
Iris Lark     "I noticed you trying to be a martyr." Iris says as she turns and kneels by Abe, settling back so her rump rests on her feet. "Can't say I was too happy about that. You thought we were going to leave you behind? That's not how it works." She checks him overly slowly, looking at and then deciding how to deal with each wound.

"We didn't have time to stay and reserach what would happen if you did what you did, we didn't have time." She says, pulling out some water of her own with a little bit of alcohol mixed in. She uses it to clean his wounds first before she starts to stitch, salve and dress. "No matter what, you did what you thought was best to protect lives. If anyone has issue with that, and they weren't part of the group who went there? I'll be the first to tell them to shut their damn mouths. You can't not risk your life, and then judge those who have." Her eyes narrow and then she chuckles softly. "Listen to Alice, even if you took lives with your actions, you more than likely saved more." She gestures Alice closer and points to the blanket. "You take a seat too. I haven't had a chance to tend to you and I won't do anything permanent. I know you prefer the Vault, but there is no reason to be in more pain than you need to be."

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Abe     You just can't get a good mope going anymore, not around the crew.

He refastens that smile in place, that one that didn't reach his eyes. "Heya, Boss lady." he reported with a lift of his hand. It passed for a wave if you were feeling generous.

They piled on him. His belly and shoulders jostled... Could he tell them he was sorry he didn't have more to spend? He understands how the world got like it is. Solutions like that, just a little bit of math and there you have it? His eyes glazed for a moment.

It was short lived, the tingling sting of antiseptic brought him out of it with a hiss, air sucked in past his teeth. He did manage not to jerk away... although he did all but lock eyes with Alice when she began her pinch and tug with that needle and thread. "Yeah, join the party, Alice. Plenty to go around." he assured. Was it assuring? He hoped he saved people... He knew he gave the south a fighting chance but was it too close to home? He was waiting for the day they could spot the smoke from the fire in the distance... Maybe it's become a lake someday.
Alice "Sure thing." Alice replied to Iris before taking a seat with a noticeable wince of pain as she did so, "I think the blast is far enough from El Dorado that we'll at worse suffer a radiation cloud or two? Maybe? I can't say nuclear fallout is my specialty, don't really have one at all but I can say for sure, you did a very good thing."

"There were lots of lights in South America, more than I saw in America, lights usually mean civilization. The Enclave probably wanted to wipe them all out, but like you said, now they have a fighting chance and so do we in the South. Texas and Arizona both have strong military forces occupying them from what I've heard and El Dorado can handle anything that comes our way now I hope."
Iris Lark     Iris turns and takes stock of Alice, moving to tend to her scrapes and wounds. "I feel for those people down south if they have to face even a fraction of what we've seen on our travels." She murmurs, using the water in her botttle to clean the wounds before she checks each one to make sure no bullets remain. "So Abe, are you going to become a recluse when we get back to El Dorado? Retreat because you might have harmed some people who would have died anyways due to the horde? I'm worried about you."
Abe     A few more grunts and twists follow as The Scribe is inspected. He works hard to keep his attention off of Iris and her needlework, this just means that Alice is treated to every contortion of his face as she stitches and dabs away. It's half-comical.

"Really... trying to work a mood here." he complains half-heartedly to the pair. It was reassuring... to hear his own conjecture and rational coming from someone else's mouth. Helped him believe what he did really was a good answer, not the 'Right Answer' but still a good one.

Besides, those Texas guys should be thanking him. Now they have something to do come winter.

Iris sticks him with a question and... he gingerly reclines, careful of the hole that Sparrow put in his back. "I was going to try... but I have too much work to do with the mines, ISABEL and HEDY... I'll be able to get in a little bit of reclusion but not much.":
Iris Lark     "Well, I'm going to keep coming to check up on you." Iris replies, shaking her head at Abe as she finishes working on Alice and turns, curling up until she's comfortable. "You can work any mood you want, as long as it's not..woe is me." She says, chuckling at Abe and shrugging a slender shoulder. "Who is ISABEL and HEDY?"
Abe     "ISABEL is what I'm calling the Asalto-ron unti I rigged up for Dr. Doberstein after I reattache her head." Abreham confessed... the thought of that project helped, "HEDY is the one I have laying on my work bench back home. She still needs a lot of love to get her working again."
Iris Lark     "You like robots?" Iris asks, a gentle grin on her face as she regards Abe. "Well I hope to see them when you're finished. How is the good Doctor doing? A bit of shell shock I imagine at everything that's happened, yes?"
Abe     "They're why I came to El Dorado." he confessed after bobbing his head in answer. His lips pout and his attention drifts, "I think he took it pretty hard, his lab gone in an instant like that. Centuries of research up in smoke or down in the sea..." Maybe you should have let the kindly, bodyless old man keep your Assaultron, ABE?!

No, that's just silly.

"What we managed to recover though, maybe it'll help him get a good restart."
Iris Lark     "El Dorado is going to find his knowledge very useful, I imagine." Iris says, a slight grin on her face as she shifts, folding her legs indian style. "Well whatever reason you came to El Dorado, it's good that you're staying. Hey, once the Mayor hears what happened, you might get a statue or something. Though I imagine you wouldn't want that."
Abe     Not far from the motor pool, the trio rest on a shabby blanket laid across the bare earth. Abreham idly sweats under the sun, peering upwards at the vast sky talking to Iris while Alice fidgets with something or another, silent for the moment.

Until she comes back and tells us otherwise, we can say she is engaged in a intense bout of 'Spinnering'. Tiny little toys twirling between her forefinger and thumb.

Abreham... almost brays his laughter at the thought of him passing for Statuesque. "Jeee-Zus..." he breaths, laying a hand across his eyes, "No, oh no. The poor bastard that would have to make it would kill me." imagine getting that much material?

"No, I'd be happy with a plaque... Nail it up right outside Miss Kitty's."
Qwillis     Qwillis limps away from the motor pool with a shuffling gait. It's hard to tell which leg is more firm, metal or flesh as he'd move over towards the base camp. At least, until he noticed the blankets with Iris, Alice and Abe. There's a pause, then a sigh and he'd head over that way, shifting that arm bound against his chest a little uncomfortably. "Ah.. I'm sorry to interrupt," as he totally interrupts, "I was hoping, Iris, you might take a look at this arm? I rather it not get infected and then I have two cyber arms if I can help it."
Iris Lark     Iris glances up at Qwillis an she nods, pointing to the blanket they're sitting on that is spread out under the sun. "Come on, sit down and let me look at your arm." She says, giving him a wry smile. She digs out her supplies and shifts on the blanket until she's comfortable. "You don't have to be sorry for the interuption, it's the reason I came after all."
Manuelito From the West comes Manuelito with a small group of roughly ten to fifteen refugees. Making way into the camp, he speaks quietly to his Militiamen whom break up to tend to the refugees by fetching food, water and blankets.

Satisfied, the Marshal walks away, toward the group; pausing at the water truck to wash his face and hair. Finally, he makes his way to them, nodding "Alice, Iris, Abe.. Q. How are all of you doing?"
Abe     Abreham's smile reaches up across his face to draw his eyes a little more narrow. He offers Qwillis The Nod of acknowledgement, bobbing his head at him in that way that men do. His attentiuon then finds it's way to the approaching Marshall...

It's... don't laugh, okay. Abe takes a moment and a bit of wiggling to get himself into a seated position to greet the Militiaman. "Marshall." he greets him, folding his legs in, crossing them at the ankle, "Doing well, yourself? Anything needed helping with?"
Alice "Doing much better thanks to Iris." Alice replied with a grin as she eyed the refugees that Manuelito had arrived with, "We picking up strays now Marshal?" She asked with a curious expression looking towards the new arrivals.
Iris Lark     Iris smiles at the Marshal as she gets ready to treat Qwillis. "I'm doing well, thank you for asking, ready to be home." She has a faraway look in her eyes for a moment and then she shrugs. "Who are these people you've brought? Do they need help?"
Manuelito Glancing back to the group of people, Manuelito smiles. It is the first smile that has crossed the Navajo's lips since coming to Mexico.

The refugees were now sitting in a circle; children in the laps of parents, blankets wrapped around members while many were consuming food or drink. They seem happy, rejoiceful and humbled.

Looking back to them, he nods slightly "They may need to be checked over. I found them wandering the desert about three miles out. Seems the Horde wiped out their village, but they survived. Apparently, they have heard of our heroic efforts and asked if they could join us. I saw no harm in it."

A pause as he looks back. "But, we are going to need to strengthen our walls. I feel we may see more refugees coming this way soon. some of the towns out near Roswell will need to be cleared and militiamen added to ranks to protect them. We could easily see our populace and community double or triple."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles to Iris and would carefully take off that lab coat. He'd go to sit on the blanket, mindful of the wound on his leg as he'd sigh softly, letting Iris do what she needed to do to tend to it. Looking up to Manny, that metal arm is used to wave. "Commander. I.. well.. doing well enough. The APC is fully up and running.. But I'm pretty worn out.. I'm not sure how much longer I can go.."
Abe     Abe hunched forward, attention drifting to the small gathering of survivors. His had bobbed his acknowledgement and understanding... Walls, huh? He was an engineer but not a architectural engineer... Looks like he'd have to studyup if he wanted to help out on that front. "I think a few places out west of Roswell got swept up fairly well before we made this little road trip." Abreham opined, sweeping a hand over the top of his head, streaking his hair back with sweat, "Somethings bound to have moved back in between now and then, though..."
Iris Lark     Iris takes stock of the bumps, crapes and abrasions that Qwillis is sporting. She pulls out the fortified water she used to clean Abe and Alice's wounds and starts to clean the his. "I know that Jude had some plans drawn up to help Avalon, and a few other places. I'm sure the work will get done, we've got a lot of people invested on keeping El Dorado and the surrounding settlements safe." She goes quiet then and devotes herself to dressing the wounds on the Scientist, as she nibbles on her bottom lip.
Alice "I'm sure something will get figured out." Alice said with as much reassurance as she could, "Probably going to be lots of folks who hear that El Dorado smashed a bunch of The Mutant Horde, and more people, means more bodies to help fight against them when they do eventually come.. because I have no doubt they still will. There were lots of mutants, I think most of Mexico was taken by The Horde before we intervened."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles wanly. He'd shift slightly, squirming some at Iris' administrations, but not complaining in the slightest about it. "I might have some ways to help as well. I'm going to try and get my lab set up.. with Iris' permission at the Clinic.. and then I can start helping people who have wounds we can't easily heal.. Like your eye, Commander. I think I have a plan for it. But I need the lab to work on it for sure."
Manuelito Manuelito hmm slightly at Alice's comment before shaking his head. "The various canyons and natural rocky design that aligns most of old New Mexico and Arizona should form a natural barrier against the Horde movements. Besides that, the Legion will gain their attention in the south; and as they move north, the NCR's will attract their attention as well. More than likely that branch will find it's way into California and Nevada." He frowns on that though, pausing.

"As for Texas branch; that is a bit trickery. The Brotherhood patrols much of old Texas, but the shear size could bring them up along the old New Mexico border; unless for some reason they continue in a northeastern direction. In which case, we probably won't see them again. Really depends on settlement activities."

A small frown creases his lips as his arms fold against his chest. "When I get back, I plan on talking to a few of the NCR people to get word to there people." A pause "And I will be leaving for Texas; the Navajo Tribe is known to frequent the area along the old borders. They may be of help to spread word to the Brotherhood and settlements in that area."
Abe     That took a moment to register. Abreham's brows furrowing absently. He listened and chewed the words. No... He said exactly what he said. "You're leaving, Marhsall?" Abe repeated.
Qwillis     Qwillis looks between Abe and Manny, frowning slightly. He'd look to Iris with a weak smile, then speak up. "Commander? I'm hardly telling you how to do your job.. I am curious though.. isn't that why you have people working for you? That sounds like a courier job.."
Manuelito Glancing to Abe, Manuelito nods his head. "For a month at least; maybe a bit longer." Looking to Q, he says "Perhaps; but I know many of the settlements along the border and the Tribe has been known to venture further into Texas." His arms fold lightly against his chest. "I am sure that El Dorado and the Militia will be fine in my absence." Looking again, he spots something and adds "I need to address something."

With that, he heads away, toward a few Militia men.
Alice Alice looked sort of shocked at the news from Manuelito and grew very very quiet as she looked between everyone there.
Iris Lark     Iris gets to her feet and starts to gather up her things. "We should keep moving, we're so close to home now, and I really..*really* want to sleep in my own bed tonight." She says, putting her rucksack on her shoulder.
Abe     Well, at least it wasn't permanent. Not in theory, at least.

Abe drew breath cycling it in and out through his nose. That was going to be fun... "You're right... abound to be something a good pair of hands can do." he muttered as he went through the process of standing up. "And while they good hands are doing that, I can get mine into something as well." Small joke, very small, presidential sized but you still might miss it.

Dusting his backside off, he bade his fare wells with two fingers to his brow and a cock of his wrist, "See you all around." he promised.
Alice Alice joined the group of folks leaving and smiled at anyone sticking around, "Cya later, going to go get the car refuelled and stuff. Try not to get in too much trouble Qwillis."
Qwillis     Qwillis works to get to his feet, dusting off as the others walk off. That lab coat secured back in place, he'd sigh and look at the motor pool. This started out so differently than how it ended.. and yet. Could if have gone another way? The wind tugged at the tinkerer, pulling on that lab coat with the sun's pressure of heat almost crushing in that moment.
Fiona Fiona walks in from the west, a canteen raised to her lips. She looks around as she is passed by a wave headed the way she came. Things are like that. Time for some coy-meat jerky. Home soon, better food, and booze. "Hey."
Qwillis     Snapped out of his musing by Fiona's voice, he'd glance over. A small nod is given to her with a vague wave of metal claw hand. "Hi there, Fiona, right? I know we've worked together a few times now.. But I never really got your name. I'm Qwillis, by the way. Nice to meet you."
Fiona "I guess, I do forget that sometimes. Fiona Caine." The woman annouces, drawing off the weathered sway hat. "I have heard your name, Qwillis. I just don't know for honest if it is your first or last."
Qwillis     Q chuckles with a warm smile to Fiona. "Only. I grew up in Shanty Town, back in El Dorado. So it's all I had.. Just about everything else was lost, or taken." He'd frown a moment, then simply shrug, looking back to Fiona. "Part of the Caine family then? Your family has done a lot for the city. It's nice to meet you, formally, I guess."
Fiona "I am only.. A cousin, my grandad on my Father's side was Mayor Max. Mayor Kate is my third cousin." She explains as she makes herself comfortable at a vacated seat. "I need to learn some of those tech skills. You seem to know them pretty well though? Is home safe?"
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles in response to Fiona. "It looks like I may be setting up lessons soon, actually. I.. well.. stay at the clinic now. With Iris. I got a room I'm turning into a lab there." He'd muse and nod slightly. "Big family. I wonder what that's like.." Shaking his head, he'd take a small breath and let it out, settling back on the blanket. "Ahh.. I learned because I always wanted to.. I started just as a mechanic though."
Fiona Fiona nods her head a little, chewing on the meat. She olds out the hide wrap she keeps the meat in. "Want some? It is coyote." She says, looking east. "I was going to save some ocean fish, but I didn't have anyway to make it palatable for the trip home." The tone a little disappointed she doesn't have better. "I've always been a hunter and soldier. I usually let my cousins and seniors in the militia do the tech stuff. That.might be something I need to fix a little."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles to Fiona and accepts the offer. He'd chew on the piece he took a moment. "It's good to know at least a little. Sometimes, when in a pinch? That's all you have."
Aralyn Aralyn now can be seen, the bruised up elf-like femal wandering into the area with one hand behind the nape of her neck, the other is carrying that rifle of hers, carefully cradled between the crook of her elbow and her hand on the handle, with the barrel up and out at an angle to make sure the weapon's safe...

The fact she carries it with practiced ease is probably a testament to how much she's been around the thing as the purple-haired sniper gets closer to the group... Once nearby she smiles and bows slightly "Hallo." she greets.
Fiona "I can repair a few mechanical things, just the real tech stuff.. Computers, science stuff like that. Should have paid more attention." Fiona says with a shrug, chewing at her jerky, pausing for another sip of water to soften it. "But, sometimes it just soldiers, and not many of us seem to do much with it."

Fiona looks up and off at Aralyn, nodding, "Hey, Lyn. What some Coy-jerky?"
Qwillis     Q glances up at Aralyn's approach and waves that metal clawed hand her way. "Hi Aralyn.." Looking to Fiona, he'd nod, taking another bite of the piece of jerky he has. "I'm.. not a fighter. I think that was made vividly clear with what happen to me. I can defend myself.. that's it. So.. I guess there's a balance. That said? I'm still happy to teach."
Aralyn Ara sits down at the fire at this point, letting her rifle rest on her shoulder, before she glances around... "Fiona, about whatcha wanted to go visit that salesman? How many caps do ya need?" she asks curiously...
Fiona "You just ate a bunch of pain, as a fighter, you handled yourself well enough. Better than many, certainly keep going when most wouldn't." She finishes her meat, and looks to Aralyn, blushing a touch nervously. "I am ninty short on the pistol. I have money at home, I can pay you back soon as the bank opens in El Dorado when we get in."
Aralyn Ara digs a bag of caps out of her pocket, and tosses them Fiona's way. "There ya go... Go get whatever it is you want..." She says and smiles... "Y'can get it to me when you have em, or do me a favor and give em to my sister in town... SHe looks a lot like me save for white hair and red eyes instead of the purple hair and violet eyes..." she adds with a playful wink... She then oh's "And she's curvier too.."
Fiona Fiona takes the caps, adding them to her purse from her backpack, "I really appreciate this." The soldier girl says as she starts to rise. "Sure thing.. I have seen her around a couple of times." There is a quick smile at the added descriptive. Then she turns towards the place where the trailing merchants set-up. "See ya around, I hope. You are a very fine sniper." Her hat slipped back on, then she canteen returned to her hip after a sip.