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Sammy     Moon still high in the sky, the last watch. It's about 3am out here in the desert, the stars, this far out, so radiant in their twinkling, not bothered by the light pollution of the city, and the coals of the cook fires from the Lone Star Camp have long since been doused. Just barely, to the east, the horizon has started to show difference between the darkness of the west, the moon and sun in eternal chase.
    True to his nature, Sammy signed up for another night of watch, this watch is the one that gets the most sleep, you go to bed early, but you get up early, which means you're wide awake when breakfst is ready. All hail the chuck wagon. He's up on the very tippy-top of the 'Posiedon Energy' service station's roof, actually having enough use out of his leg now to make it up there. He's quiet, thinking of breakfast, of getting to sleep in his own bed tonight after one last push to get home.
Kaydin     Kaydin volunteered for the final watch, rifle in hand as he sips some coffee he found and brewed for the people on night watch. He gives a wave to Sammy as he sees him on the roof of the service station. He then turns to see who all showed up for final watch duty.
Fiona Fiona is on the duty, often better to take the night shift and sleep at the worst heat. She eyes the smoke she rolled earlier. Then lights it to draw a puff. Fiona takes a sip of the coffee. "How's it been, California? Seen you around.. Meant to ask how far we were from the NCR."
Lucette     Lucette was also a volunteer. Her shenannigans was becoming cumbersome, and now she's hoping that she can keep an eye out for trouble.. hopefully from here to home it'll be smooth riding.
Kaydin     Kaydin shrugs. "According to the NCR, everything east is supposed to be legion territory. Finding a town outside of the legion was a boon." Kaydin says to Fiona and sips some more of his coffee. "So how are things with you?"
Sammy     Sammy doesn't so much as eavesdrop as everything is actually pretty darned quiet which he's okay with. He stands up slowly, and flexes his knees, stretching his calves a little, leaning against the upright of the top of the sign, then settles back into his seat. Yep, he's being not so great at watch tonight, distracted by the promise of his own bed. His horse. Cold Beer on tap... It was just there, a mere two hundred miles to the north-east.
Lucette     Lucette stretches her arms and winces. "Gonna have to stop by the clinic once we get back. This is all terrible." she mutters, wiggling some where she's settled in.
Fiona Fiona nods slowly, shifting the metal coffee cup to hasten the cooling, "I thought the base was south of the NCR? Shouldn't give the legion too much credit. It will die. They don't make things, save death. Now that they have stopped expanding, they won't have enough food. No allies, just enemies." She glances away, checking the horizons. "Like the Enclave. No one will mourn them either."
Kaydin     "Not that far south. Anyway the enclave will rear it's head again and the people of the wasteland will show that we are still people, no matter what they think." Kaydin says as he finishes his coffee and sets his cup down somewhere.
Lucette     Lucette gives another face at Kaydin, but then her hand goes towards one of her bags. "I hear a sound. Many sounds. They sound sound-y." she murmurs in a hush, ready to get up.
Fiona Sammy and Lucette get nods as she listens to Kaydin. Then Fiona frowns, dumping the coffee off to the side and the dropping the cup, in the same motion her hand goes to her hip. "Look alive, company is coming."
Sammy     Sammy heard something, but it was enough of a natural sound he wrote it off at first. He hefts his rifle up over his shoulder, swinging it down and looking, seeing some bushes move to the South East, "Look alive. Scavengers." he grumbles, his gun heavy, he pulls it up to his shoulder.
Lucette     Lucette scrambles up to her feet and pulls her colt from ber pack, checking it for a moment and slipping a pair of loose rounds into the magazine before sliding it back in, eyes to the southeast..
Fiona To those normally around Fiona outside of her family, the militia woma choosing a pistol might be a surprise. The speed with which it clears the holster and aims at the scorpion in the lead is a blur. Two shots in the body one handed, then the second hand is up, bracing and sinking the next pair of bullets to sever the head from thorax.
Kaydin     Kaydin raises his rifle taking aim and firing for the stinger of the scorpion only to shoot the head of the scorpion and making the head/body of the scorpion explode upon impact. He lets out a happy sound as he watches the bullets hit.
Sammy     Sammy drops that rifle down, but it's too late, the closeness plus changing of angle, the damn skittering things move fast when they get wind of breakfast getting ready to be cooked. The rifle barks, and churns up the sand behind one of them. "Damnit." his shoulder reminds him he's been neglecting it a little, time to have one of the docs fix it properly once we get back to town again.
    Scurrying along, the two remaining bugs do charging scream & leap routines, narrowly missing Kaydin & Fiona and generally making hissing clicking nuisances of themselves.
Sammy     However now he's gotten a look at how ugly the damn things are and he's been roused much more out ofhis reverie, he drops a shot into thebody of the one that had jumped the boundary line of the camp first, as it turned to try leaping back at Fiona one more time.
Lucette     Lucette's in pain, that makes the whole seeing and aiming and everything difficult. But the easy trigger on this thing makes getting those two rounds out such a euphoric experience. The pair of .45 rounds smack the scorpion at the base of the tail side by side, severing that limb and sending it twirling off into the air. A second later, before Luce can take aim for her next shot, the tail comes down and stings its owner right between the eyes, having the arthropod skitter to both sides in a little dance of confusion trying to claw the tail out of its carapace. The process injects the bastard with its own venom, and it dies shortly after.
Fiona "Everybody okay?" Fiona asks as she drops the magazine from the pistol, flipping the old to her duster pocket. "Ouch.." There is a wince. Another is pulled from the back of her belt and slipped in place, the slide release locking a bullet in the chamber before she holsters it. "Upside and vengence, scorpion claw for breakfast. Beats coyote jerky up and down."
Sammy     Sammy takes a little time to sit at the top of the sign, sitting down to take care of his knee, which was telling him loudly there was still a lot of healing to do left. "I'm in no worse shape than I was Yesterday..." he calls down to Fiona, keeping the wound bandaging a little more private, nobody needs to see that right before breakfast.
    With concentrated effort he shimmies down the little maintenance ladder for the awning and touches down on his good leg, favoring his right a bit more, rifle slung back over his shoulder once more. "What's left to season it with, I'm starving." he grumbles.
Sammy     The sun starts to push the Eastern horizon more, the sky starting to turn slightly pink, a few high altitude clouds caught by it's first rays, orange and white in the sky.
    Fresh breakfast ingredients brought in, on their own legs. Dispatched, with the best freshness packed in. Mind the stingers tho.
    There's a certain energy as the camp starts to stir. Home is just one more long ride away, and everybody seems to sense it. For some, it's their first trip away from their Home. For others, it's the farthest they've been from El Dorado; and for some, it's about making El Dorado safe, so that it can become their home.