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Iris Lark     What is the first thing that a workaholic does when she gets back from a stressful trip? She goes to check on the clinic of course. Iris walks in slowly, happier than she can say to see this place again. She lights the fires to start warter boiling and rummages inside the cupboards for tea as she does.
Bart Bart is sitting in a chair already, an icepack on his head and looking rather pale and piqued. There's a sour look on his face as he sits beside his brother. The uptown boys. Dressed in that nice suit and a lab coat, he huffs as he pokes at Milton again, "You'll be getting seen as well?" he questions of his brother.
Milton Milton hmms, "Oh, ye sof course." Milton replies closing the magazine he was reading and pushing himself up into a more sitting position. He looks about and then back to Bart, "You first, of course, you've been sleeping terribly lately. What did I tell you about that place though. And you wouldn't believe me." He chuckles at his brother before smoothing his fingers over his lapels.
Iris Lark     Iris jumps when she hears a voice and moves inside one of the treatment rooms to find the brothers fussing with each other. "Have you two been here long?" She asks, looking quite amused. She folds her arms over her chest and shrugs off her rucksack, dropping it near the exit to the main clinic. "So what is wrong with the pair of you?"
Bart Bart huffs softly at his brother, "So long as I'm not the only one," he pines. "I believed you to an extent, now I utterly believe you," he says quietly before looking down at his brother's fingers sliding over his labels, the fussing earning a grunt as he bats the wandering fingers away, "Must you?" He exhales and turns to look up at Iris, "Oh Miss Iris, apologies," he says, "I am suffering from a concussion I believe...and he has been bitten by ghouls."
Milton "Today? No, not long at all, Doctor. Splendid to see you again, Madame, just splendid. Have you had thre pleasure of meeting my brother, Bart this is the Lady Doctor I told you of the other day." He introduces the two and pushes his glasses back onto his nose. "I've got some bites and scratches that I aquired while studying the behavior of Feral Ghouls when exposed to tarberry jam.." He sounds /super/ stoked but lets his hands be slapped away.
Iris Lark     Iris glances between the pair of them and nods slowly as she steps further into the room. She rummages around for supplies and then moves towards Bart. "Pleasure to meet you, I hope you don't have the same kind of luck that your brother has." She says quietly, leaning in to gaze at his eyes for a moment. Apparently satisfied with what she sees she works quickly. "Bitten by ghouls, jam? Really?" She says, trying very hard not to smile. "What did you find out?"
Milton Milton sniffs, "Well, I found that it doesn't distract them enough to sneak by them." He says with a shake of his head. "I'll figure something out someday I'm certain. Just more trial and error I suppose." He sniffs but seems in good spirits depite it being implied his luck is 'bad'. "My brother likes to tought himself as the more sensible Knox man."
Bart Bart tries not to roll his eyes at the explanation of jam. Nodding to Iris with a part smile, "Pleasure," he offers in entirely rote manners. "I certainly hope not either, but I'll patch him up and then you can patch me up," he offers with a nod as he leans forward to make himself available for treatment. A good doctor patient? Unheard of! "More trials and errors than findings. I still don't know what makes you think their olfactory senses are triggered by anything other than food."
Iris Lark     Iris listens to them talk while she works and then she clears her throat to get their attention when the argument seems as if it might take over. "Pardon me.." She says, as she moves over to tend the bites on Milton. "I heard that you two were hiring someone?" She says, turning away briefly to pull some salve from a shelf. "Has that job been filled yet?"
Milton Fiendly arguing, bickering really, but it's clear that Milton respects his brother quite a bit. "Yes, Ma'am, we are trying to find a made or a butler. We had someone but it seems they lost interest now. SO we are, unfourunately, on our own once more. it's a dreadful shame too... I'm afraid to have to eat Bartholomew's cooking for one more evening. I think you may find me in here again.." He languishes and puts his hand to his stomach.
Bart Bart perks up a bit and smiles as Iris brings up the mention of the position, "We are still looking actually," he allows Milton to explain and then makes a face with rolling eyes at the mention of his cooking. "So I don't use spices...they're unnecessary," he almsot pouts.
Iris Lark     "Spices are necessary." Iris says, before she slides onto a stool facing the pair. "So what would a position like that pay, if you don't mind me asking?" She links her fingers and rests them on her lap. "What does it entail as well?"
Milton Milton sighs, "I know, I know, spoil the pallet." He flaps his fingers together as if mimicing Bart talking. Then he turns his specticaled gaze towards Iris. "Hmm, Well, to start one hudred and fifty. We just need someone to make sure that the house stays tidy. Neither of us have much time for such, and no talent at it to boot. Depending on how useful the help were to make themselves there's room for pay increases."
Bart Bart blinks and shrugs haplessly at Iris, clearly they weren't going to agree. He sighs as his brother mocks him and simply reaches out to snatch up his hand instead. It's hyper focused, the way that Bart inspects Milton's hand slowly, finger by finger, his own digit trailing over the skin, "You're a terrible imitation," the unhumorous scientist mentions. Looking back at Iris he nods, "The right person might expected to clean lab equipment," he mentions.
Iris Lark     "Well, I clean lab equipment here so that's not such a scary prospect." Iris says, getting to her feet to put away the supplies she didn't use. "So cooking some cleaning and making sure you two don't kill each other?" She shrugs and chuckles softly. "How does one apply?" She folds her hands behind her back and turns towards Milton, her head canted slightly. "I hope you don't need references from my past employers, I believe most of them are dead." She deadpans.
Milton Milton eyes bart for a moment and stares at him for a moment. "Well it isn't my fault I wasn't born first." He takes his manicured hand back and taps hie brothers hat over his eyes before turning to smile towards Iris. "Oh, well, mostly it was just going to be an interview and a familiarization with the oddities and quirks that the Knox house prefers. Aren't you happy here though, Doctor? That would be a lot of time spent up in El Dorado. We live by the gardens."
Bart Bart seems adequately satisfied at Iris' reply and he nods, "And you keep a clean shop," it's an odd moment where he seems to have emotion and a friendly one at that, at least for a fellow clean addict. "We're unlikely to kill one another, though I may insist you leave a few cabinets of unstable elements alone - clearly labled of course," he says. The brim of his hat being knocked low gets a huff and he stares at his brother for a long moment before looking at Iris. "What will become of the Clinic if you left?" he asks pointedly.
Iris Lark     "I don't exactly work on a schedule here and there are other doctors. I the place, basic administration isn't a difficult thing to keep on top of from just about anywhere." Iris replies, a slight smile twitching at the corner of her lips. "I'm rarely needed here at the moment, only for the worst cases." She points out and adds. "When something goes down and help is needed we all tend to gather at that point."
Bart "Ah, schedules," Bart seems to positively brim with excitement suddenly. "Tea at precisely eleven in the morning and eleven at night, in bed by eleven forty five, I accept no dalliance or deviance from structure," he insists. "But seeing as you are available, and I believe my brother trusts you, this arrangement could be mutually beneficial," he nods before reaching to his wrist to show a strange device strapped to his wrist, "Speaking of which, it is getting on time for my evening tea," he complains.
Milton Milton hmms and looks to Bart and then back to Iris. "And just hen he was grousing at me that it would be impossible to find anyone smart enough to fill the position." He laughs merrily. "Very well, we'll give you a trial run, Madame. See if you can put up with my brothers partcicular peculiars." Nevermind Milton's own walking brand of chaos.
Iris Lark     "I put up with a lot of strange things. You two let me know when I can start and..we'll make it work." Iris says, her eyes on her knees until Bart speaks up and then her eyebrows lift slightly. "Someone who sleeps early, that's nice, and you two have real tea?"
Bart Bart chuckles softly, "She says she can put up with strange things," he looks at his brother a bit knowingly. "Yes, quite early, and yes real tea, is there another kind?" he asks suddenly taken aback by the very idea of such a thing. Not real tea?! The very idea. "So you were with...the party to Mexico? Did you," his fingers twitch a little, "Was there anything brought back that might help? I have beakers reserved for samples."
Milton Milton says, "Well of course, we don't really eat dinner together so it's the one event we make sure to attend every day. We discuss our daily errands and adventures." He explains as he looks over Iris work on his scratches and bruises and sighs. "Much better. I would hate for my lovely physique to be marred by a scar. You are a lifesaver, Doc."
Iris Lark     "Call me Iris." She says, nodding at Milton before she rubs her eyes gently. "Yes, I went with the party to Mexico, and there were samples brought back. In fact, a rather large and living sample." Iris says, giving Bart a quick smile before she shrugs her shoulder. "You'll need to speak to Sparrow about the samples though, and I'm not completely sure where she is, though I need to find her."
Bart Bart stiffles a snort at Milton remarking on his physique, "The only thing you care more about than your pornography," he sighs and looks back to Iris with a nod, "I'll see if I can send a missive to Miss Sparrow. Or perhaps as part of the trial you can run a message to her for me? There may be small errands we need done now and then, now that I think about it," he states bluntly as he hmms, "And certainly do keep us aprised of any developments? I think Maid may be a bit of a misnomer, perhaps Family Helper?"
Iris Lark     "How about seneschal or chatelaine?" Iris says, and it's quite obvious that she's trying hard not to grin. "I can run her a message, I want to take a look at her face anyway." She holds out a hand to shake each of theirs. "That means, you'll have to make your own tea though."
Milton Milton chuckles, "I'm sure he can manage it for a few more days. I've got bicarbonate in the study." He says with a soft chuckle and he nods, "I like it, Seneschal. Yes, I think we should probably avoid traveling over much until we've found a good vehicle and gotten it fixed up. Then we'll look for a chauffer." He rambles amiably.
Bart Bart nods emphatically for the first time, "Seneschal is appropriate," he concurs with Milton and then gives him an affectionate shoulder bump and a sly look. "Avoiding travel is likely best, despite your pention for running out into the desert," he sighs and shakes Iris' hand rather quickly. Right back into his pocket. "Excellent, I didn't think we would get such a qualified candidate, I sit corrected."
Iris Lark     "Well I'm quite safe, I rarely get ambushed anymore. I think my lasers are getting a reputation." Iris says, pulling a cloak from her rucksack. "I'll go find Sparrow and speak with her and let you two know what she has to say." She glances between them as she pulls her hood up. "Anything else you need while I'm out and about?"
Milton Milton waves his brother off. "I must study. For my book." He explains to his brother, "And I will break the story o Dunwhich. Miss Lark! It has been my pleasure to see you, if you could potentially find us someone with mechanical influence who'd be willing to work with us on finding a good family car."
Bart Bart stands up and doesn't wobble for the first time in a long time. A grin on his face, "You are truly good, Miss Iris," even though he'd been told otherwise. He tilts his head some and draws his hat back up to where it should be. "He'll get himself in more trouble is what he means," he smirks and gives Iris a polite nod, "I think that's it, Miss Iris, thank you again for the head..and the help."
Iris Lark     "I know a few mechanics, I'll yank someone along with me when I stop by, if I can." Iris glances out towards the main room and nods as she prepares to step out. "You're welcome, on both counts - try to get home safe, no getting jumped in town." She says pointedly to Milton.
Milton Milton stands up and adjusts his collar and wastecoat and gives a little dip at the middle. "Always a pleasure, Miss Iris. I think I'll be all right.. well hopefully. After all Solomon's mooks have been run out of town haven't they?" He wonders as he's escorted out the door by his brother. Good thing to he'll talk Iris' ear off.
Bart Bart is draggin his brother by the lapels if he has to, wiggling fingers at the woman as they leave. Right back into heated discussion on light particles the moment they're on the street again.