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Owner Pose
Abdiel     Abdiel was new to the town and because of his medical training he was in the clinic to try and help out. For now he simply remains in the main room, reading a magazine which was present for people.
Lucette     Lucette is back with the expedition from Mexico. She'd not wanted to bother the team while they were coming home, so instead she waited until they got back home. She walks stiffly into the clinic and moves to take a seat, breath brisk and heavy.
Abdiel     Abdiel approaches Lucette and looks to her. "Do you need a doctor to treat you?" Abdiel asks, concern on his face as he watches the woman. "Havent seen you before so you must be the folks who went to mexico to save the town?" He asks curiously.
Lucette     Lucette nods, already going to unclasp her cuirass and wiggle out of her duster. "Yeah, got some weird injuries over in Mexico." she answers. "Stuck with me since, didn't want to waste resources there, need another pair of hands to help. Self operation's harder than you'd think."
Abdiel     "I believe it." Abdiel says as he begins to examine the girl and begins to gently poke and prod at the girl before looking her over some more. "Okay so this will sting a little, let me know when you feel pain." He says as he begins to prod the woman.
Lucette     Lucette ows at even the slightest touches, "I checked. Probably a cracked rib and a lot of impact trauma over my upper body. Heavy bruising uniform over the area." she helps answer.
Abdiel     "Alright." He says as he begins to get some bandages and gauze to try and wrap about her torso. "Being a doctor isnt my main profession but I know enough to be one." Abdiel explains. He begins to wrap the gauze around her. "So are you are a doctor by trade?"
Lucette     Lucette lifts up her blouse to allow appropriate coverage. "No, but my training included field medicine and triage." she explains, "Some of it is still sinking in without having to use it when I learned." she adds.
Abdiel     Abdiel nods as he listens to her. "I grew up in a religious town. preaching is my main job, but I learned gun slinging, gun smithing and medicine from my missionary work. I am a new canaanite."
Lucette     Lucette smiles. "Well, ain't that somethin." she murrs, being still and careful not to disrupt things. "Don't hear of new canaanites too often, think you're the first I've properly been introduced to."
Abdiel     "This is the furthest east that I have ever been. I am hoping to hide in this town from the white legs. I dont know if you heard but new canaan was attacked by a tribe trying to join the legion. they even salted the earth to make the land useless." Abdiel says as he wraps the woman with gauze.
Lucette     Lucette winces at the wrapping up and sighs slowly. "Sounds rough. But it sounds like the kind of thing that would get the Legion's favour." she gives in sympathy. "Hopefully I'll be back on my feet again and able to work at my best."
Abdiel     Abdiel nods as he finishes wrapping her with gauze. "Alright that will be twenty five caps please?" he says as he watches the woman. "What do you do? Work with the town's militia?" He asks curiously.
Lucette     Lucette pulls a string of caps from her bag and hands it off to Abdiel. "No, work with the local Brotherhood chapter. It's based here in New Mexico, loose connections to the actual Brotherhood. Own goals and ideals." she answers.
Abdiel     "Ran into the brotherhood a few times, but mostly avoided anyone with advanced technology." Abdiel says as he puts the caps into a pocket and looks to Lucette. "Any more aches and pains?" He asks curiously.
Lucette     Lucette shakes her head. "No, nothing left that I can't handle myself." she chimes brightly, "Thank you for the assistance thusfar." she adds. "I'm Lucette, Lucette Richardson. Courier is my profession, let me know if you need anything delivered- or another gun."
Abdiel     "I need to find a gun to use and be able to defend myself. other then that, I am glad to meet you. My name is Abdiel Kataras." Abdiel says as he begins to head out.
Lucette     Lucette chuckles. "I can sell you a pistol of mine. It's a decent piece, semiautomatic, abundant ammunition." she offers. "Hundred caps and I'll hand it off to ya without any questions."
Abdiel     Abdiel stops and moves to his pockets and pulls out a handful of caps and moves to hand it to the woman. "Here you go." Abdiel says as he hands her 100 caps, watching to see what kind of gun she will give them.
Lucette     Lucette stands up, "N-not yet. I don't have it on me right now, gotta fetch it. You don't mind waiting for me to wobble home and back, do ya?" she asks politely
Abdiel     Abdiel nods. "Take your time getting it. I am going to be here and about the city, relatively easy to find." Abdiel says with a friendly tone to his voice.
Lucette     Lucette nods and inclines her head to Abdiel as she thanks him once more and heads out.