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Iris Lark Iris steps over the threshold and then stands to the side, waiting for Stockton to show her through the house. "Has she told you what happened?" She asks, kneeling briefly to let Bacon free once the door is closed. "Yes, I wanted to catch her on the road to see about her nose, but then Camilla got shot and..well, it didn't look good for her for a bit. Things got crazy."
Stockton Stockton makes sure to pause and give Essjay a fond pat before he moves inside after iris. The pig gets a glance and he tilts his head, shaking it he gestures towards the chair. "Naw, she ain't said a word to me, I ain't asked neither. Figure she'll tell me when she's ready." He moves inside further and offers, "Get you water? Yer fresh off the road yerself.
Iris Lark "I wouldn't mind some water, thanks." Iris says, watching as Bacon starts to follow Stockton. "Well, I wont spoil it if she hasn't said anything, I just hope her nose hasn't been broken this entire time." She glances at the chair briefly and continues to stand.
Sparrow Sparrows in the kitchen area, since that's where the best windows re and all her herbs. She's tucked under a blanket and her tea is held up to her face. More for the steam against her battered features than anything. When she hears voices and more than one set of footprints, including four prnacy little cloven hooves, her brows lift and she waits for Iris and Stockton to appear. She glances at the chair when Iris declines to sit and nods at her in greeting nodding to the chair as well. She's quick to slip the mask back up though to hide the ruin that one pwoer fist and a mutant can make.
Stockton Stockton moves to get water glasses and water poured. No fancy ice but it's clean water. He offers this to Iris and looks back at Sparrow. "Darlin, yer gonna need to take that off fer her to lookit you." He tells her and his broad shoulders slump a little as he moves out of the way. "Let me know if there's somethin I can do to help."
Iris Lark "Hold her down if she fusses with me." Iris jokes quietly, walking over to Sparrow. "All right, let me take a look at your face, please." She says, shooing Bacon away from her with a gentle foot nudge. "Also, it's probably best to just tell him what happened, because if you don't, he'll hear it from someone else and that will probably piss him off more." She folds her hands in front of her. "I also have some other news that we can discuss while I try to take care of whatever is going on under that mask."
Sparrow Sparrow's bright blue eyes are stark agains the bloodshot of the racoon eyes from her broken nose. She exhales softly through her mouth and reaches up to untie the mask. She's going to scar, just hopefully it all wont scar. The rebar in power fists can really screw a person up. So she sits, in silence, waiting for Iris to take her broken face into consideration. "What should I tell him, Iris?" She asks finally, her voice rough and raw. "Hmm? cause all he'll hear from the others is that I shot the Hero." She clears her throat and looks at the window again staring south.
Stockton "Gladly," Stock mutters darkly about holding Sparrow down as he pulls out another smoke, because he's nervous perhaps. This is his life long friend we're talking about. "What happened that's gonna piss me off, Iris?" he asks her more pointedly. Gaze shooting back to Sparrow when her face is revealed and he blinks slowly. He's seen ... worse surprisingly. "What Hero, what the hell?" he questions and just exhales through his nostrils, the stubborn and frustrated dragon in the doorway.
Iris Lark "You did what you thought was right, and as much as I am fond of Abe, I wasn't for him using those nukes either." Iris says, stepping closer to Sparrow, reaching out to turn the cowgirl's face back towards her. "You should have come to me right after we made it out of that damn facility." She glances briefly at Stockton and sighs. "Ashur hit her.." She gestures at Sparrow and then adds. "Because she shot at Abe to stop him from firing off nukes." She takes a breath and her eyes narrow for a moment. "He's not even sure if he should have fired the damn things." She steps closer to Sparrow and gently feels the bruised flesh around her nose. "Is it just the nose broken, because ...that I can handle - anything else..well.."
Sparrow Sparrow's eyes turn to Stockton and she looks away, her brows drawn down. She lets Iris look at her face and thankfully her expression cannot really be read thanks to the mottling in colors and broken skin. But when she says she's not sure that Abe was sure about it, it's like someone plucked a bowstring. Sparrow quivers and her jaw sets and she winces slightly. "I'll need the stiches for the cheek and the gash above my eye too." She says simply, "I can't feel them but I know the brow has seperated. She looks a mess but she's holding it all in. "We have a cure. I am.. not looking foreward to the fallout from his Iris. The soil. The animals. More mutations. More ghouls.." She swallows and closes her eyes and tamps it all back down to the stoic non-entity she'd become on the way home.
Stockton Stockton tries not to look but he catches sight of that face and his lips are curled up in a snarl already. Naming Ashur as her attacker only makes his teeth grit tight enough that he actually bites right through his cigar and the freed end tumbles down to hit the floor. "Yer tellin' me one of our own set off the goddamn nukes?" he asks with more than a hint of disbelief. " that ain't my El Dorado," he says quieter as he catches Sparrow's glance. His face softens a moment and then goes right back to scowling as she looks away. "Abe jus' ruined two hundred years of nature fixin' herself, of people gettin' their lives back," he's quiet a moment and then shakes his head. "If there's somethin' you can't handle, I'll pay her way into the Vaultie Doctors. They've fixed up worse," he exhales slowly again. "If I didn' already know he could take a few bullets, I'd put Ashur six feet under."
Iris Lark Iris pulls a needle from her kit and shakes her head. "It's up to her, honestly. If she doesn't mind a scar or two - small ones - I can handle this." She kneels down and reaches out for a moment to pat Bacon before she gets to work. "Abe didn't do this area any favors, but the computer mentioned more Enclave bases out there, what if they have nukes as well?" She glances between the pair and then shrugs and gets to work. "Someone else could do the very same thing and they could send nukes *here*. Life was complicated before, now..doubly so." She leans in and gently starts to work on Sparrow's face, getting the stitches done first.
Sparrow Sparrow lets Iris do the work. "I don't mind a few sars, Iris. A few days after you set it an stitches and I should be healed." She says roughly. The cowgirls throat is thick and she lets her eyes close back again. "Ashur .. needs to be left alone for now. He .. was never very bright and then he got infected. Speaking of which, Iri, I need you to take these samples to your scientist friends in Acme. Get the Lab set up, start folks working on it. I.. I don't think I can go back for a while. I need some time."
Stockton Stockton is stuck somewhere between watching and pacing like a caged beast. THe scowl isn't going anywhere clearly. "Abe didn' do anyone any favors. And if there's Enclave out there, they got nukes, they got more spider bots like the one under Roswell. And who know what else. Someone figures out it was us that set the nukes off they may come back for revenge. So add a nebulous amount of enemies made in Mexico to the growing list of threats." He looks at Sparrow, "You were right, we need to focus on the towns around El Dorado afore someone else does," he nods once and bends down to pick up his stog again, slicking it down so it's smokable again. "Rest is what'cha need anyways," he tells the cowgirl.
Iris Lark Iris doesn't pay attention to the pacing, she pays attention to her patient. Mostly. "Well the threats aren't going to go away, so it's time to shore up the defenses. Jude will be out soon, and I think he wants to settle here as well." Once the stitches are done she starts to nibble on the inside of her lip. "Alright, this is going to hurt, a lot. I'm going to need you to *not* yell or thrash about, but..once it's done, if you feel the need to hit something, we'll find something for you to hit." She places both hands on either side of Sparrow's nose and gazes at her. "You ready?"
Sparrow Sparrow sighs and holds up a finger and then gestures for Stock to come over. "If I weren't exsausted, Iri, I might be able to agree. But seein' as I've been lookin to hit someone - not you - since I failed to stop Abe it's probably best of Stock holds me." She explains and then looks back to Iris, touching her shoulder. "Thank you."
Stockton Stockton nods at Iris, "Speakin' truth there, Miracle," he twitches his lip a little and then grimaces at the mention of Sparrow hauling off on someone. That someone's going to be him. So he just mozies on in even before she starts that crooking finger beckon. Settling in behind her chair his big hands settle on her shoulders and then slide down to take hold of her biceps. His thumbs hook into the chair itself and he keeps her restrained before giving Iris a nod, "Do it."
Iris Lark Iris is already wincing as her hands settle on either side of Sparrow's nose. She takes a breath and jerks her hands, bringing the cowgirl's nose back into it's proper place. It makes a crunching noise and Iris goes pale as she steps back away from the chair. She rubs at her eyes with the palm of her hands and shakes her head. "I hate that..every single god damn time." She says, more to herself than anyone else.
Sparrow Sparrow's eyes cross and an undignified noise escapes her as the cartilage is set in place. But it's going to need some work, thankfully Sparrows got supplies here at the house and so bandaging her nose shouldn't be hard. Nor should the stitches when Iris is ready to do those. However for a few moments Stock's bracing Sparrow against that chair pretty hard and Iris probably would've been swung on blindly. She coughs a few times and pushes Stock off her real quick so she can go outside and deal with the pain heaves for a moment. Essjay takes this time tomove on in and trot over towards the fireplace to another rug that's been laid down for him. He greets the group with a small bray as he does.
Stockton Stockton even flinches when that visceral crunch comes, a shudder working down his spine as the nose is reset and he only relaxes when Sparrow does. Pushed away he bats at her hands and lets her go deal with the heaves. Essjay coming in makes him smile at least and he nods to Iris. "Glad that's over with at least. You met Essjay yet?" he nods towards the donkey that makes himself comfortable over yonder. Course he's swapping their waters out for whiskey at this point. Stitches and nose alignments were no joke, especially on the face. More battle wounds? He's almost afraid that's a habit she picked up from him. "Thank you, Iris, yer still a miracle."
Iris Lark The Healer's gaze trails after Sparrow as she goes outside. She still looks green around the gills as she takes the whiskey and drinks deep. "I haven't met Essjay yet, no." Iris say turning to walk over and ruffle the donkey's head. Bacon has already made himself comfortable near the animal, squealing softly. "If I was a miracle, I'd have taken care of this days ago." She takes a seat and sighs. "Not that she would have let me."
Sparrow The little donkey seems interested in the pig butas he's spoiled he doesn't move from his spot. Just stretches his neck way out to sniff at Bacon before looking up at his name. Intelligent little beast. The ruffle of his stuff black mane makes hum vocalize just under his breath an odd little noise of happiness. He's completely content to have attention lavished upon him. Sparrow takes afew moments to come back in looking pale but at least her nose isn't at angle.
Stockton Stockton still stands, but leans on a support beam, relighting his cigarillo so he can puff on it slowly. "I'll let 'er tell yah what it means, but he's a sweet bugger s'long as ya feed him and pay attention to him. Otherwise 'es a stubborn jackass. Which is the joke," he mutters before turning his gaze to the door, "Yeah, she probably wouldna let yah," he comments even as 'She' comes in. Unapologetic he just grins a little. "So we got a cure at least, that what I heard?"
Iris Lark "We've got everything we need to make a cure, or so I believe." Iris says, glancing at Sparrow when she returns. "How is this going to be handled?" She asks, quirking both brows slightly. "Who is going to work on Ashur? You said he needs to be left alone, but..doesn't he need to be cured?"
Sparrow Sparrow snorts, "S'not a joke. It's alegitimate statement. This little guys Junior." She says as she moves in and Essjay stands to trot over to the cowgirl and pokes his nose at her until she heads to the kitchen and gets him a couple of carrots to chew on. "I mean Stockton doesn't need to be shooting him. As for the research, Well, the samples I gathered and the gun need to be returned to Professer Einstien in Acme. And then you need to gather those brainaics you were tellin me about; Jude, Percy, Qwillis, whoever.. you get'm workin with Einstien. I'm tapped, this is where my knwoledge ends. I was treatin this like I would an outbreak among the brahmin or horses. Find the source, go from there. The scientists are goin' to need our help too. But first rhye need to go through and catalog it all so that we can figure out how to best innculate our people and weaponize. Me and Stockton, and anyone else who wants are gonna also be workin' on fortifying Avalon and then clearing out the cities on the way to Dunwhich. The ones overrun by ghouls. But that's why i need ya to take the Serum to Acme."
Stockton Stockton grumbles softly, "I won't go shootin' Ashur," but he's trying not to make it a big deal cuz he might really want to right now. "So it sounds like we got all the ingredients we just need some brains to piece the puzzle together. Well that's definitely outta my realm." Which is why he's on town clearing duty. "I gotta ask though. There weren't anyone else that spoke up er tried to stop Abe? Cuz that ain't sittin' right with me still."
Iris Lark Iris nods at Sparrow and she gathers up her things. "I'll take care of getting the sample to who it needs to get to." She says quietly, moving to scoop up Bacon. "I have to get home, and start sending out notes to people I need to get in touch with. "Most seemed fine with him wiping out the horde. I just think a better way could have been found." She takes a breath and tucks Bacon into her cloak. "You should talk to Abe, I know he did something extremely stupid, and he knows it too. He also brought the doctor back with him, and they might be of help."