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Iris Lark     Things have been busy for Iris around El Dorado since she's been back from Mexico, but this afternoon finds her in the clinic, cooking lunch for the patients, workers and other sundry from Shantytown who stop by. On the menu today? Sandwiches and sun brewed tea. She hums to herself in the small space designated as the kitchen, tucking a stray lock of hair behind her ear as she slowly works.
Camilla     Camilla, as normal, is in the clinc stocking, cleaning, seeing to any patients, and just generally doing what she can to take the load off of Doc Iris. She slides in to the kitchen area to check up, "Need anything Iris?" she asks softly, a warm and bright smile on her face. "Oh, and, when you've got a moment, I wanted to talk to you about something Mister Qwillis said to me. We spoke a few hours ago and well, yeah..." pause "when ever you have a moment." She smiles again and goes back about her work.
Qwillis     Qwillis, speaking of, comes out of the lab area with that alternating click of metal and boot heel. He'd look around, then smile at spotting Cami and Iris. "Ahh.. it smelled good in there. I thought it might of been lunch time."
Iris Lark     Iris smiles ad Camilla and nods, gesturing for her to take a seat at the table. "Sure, we can talk whenever you'd like." When Qwillis walks in she waves him in as well. "I made a lot, so come on in and eat up." She says, offering him a smile. "How are both of you doing today?"
Camilla     Cami smiles back and does just that, foods food and doc's cookin, wooo. She slides in to a chair and crosses her legs as she leans against the backing. "How about now?" she asks, and was serious, that is until there's suddenyl a Qwillis, welp, crap. She shoots him a smile and motions towards another seat. She seems a little lost in thought for a bit, before exhaling deeply.

    "Do you want me to take over the Clinic Iris? Qwillis, well, just a few hours ago he asked me if I was taking it over, so, I just figured I'd ask to see what you wanted."
Iris Lark     "You're working here, of course, Camilla. Because you are, I can step back a bit and let you do that. You don't need me in your way. I'll still be doing the administrative parts of running the clinic. When things need to be built, or people hired..I'll take care of that." Iris says, offering the other Doctor a smile. "I just won't be here every single day unless something serious goes on. You don't need me here hovering."

She gestures towards Qwillis and adds. "That is basically what I told him when he asked if I was leaving."
Qwillis     Qwillis purses his lips, then nods, chuckling softly. "I guess it was simply my own misunderstanding then. But that does line up. I didn't mean to cause any issue or anything like that. Just a simple misunderstanding I suppose."
Camilla     "But, I, I just, I just got here..." she replies to Iris plainly. "I mean, I've been here a few weeks, and we went on the trip together and all, but.." she exhales and nods. "Ok. I'll do my best." She exhales again and just nods.

    "Yes, well, it's nothing big really Qwillis. I was just, confused is all. I've only been here a few weeks, and despite being on the expidition with you all, I didn't think I'd earn that much faith and trust. Regardless, I'm happy to be here, and I'll be doing what I can to help keep this clinic running."
Iris Lark     Iris furrows her brow and she glances between Qwillis and Camilla. "If you need me to be here every day treating people with you. I can do that, I just figured that you would be able to handle the small stuff." She shakes her head and turns to cut the sandwiches, bringing plates over for them both. "I'll make some adjustments, it should be fine."
Camilla     Camilla shakes her hands back and forth, "no no! No, it's fine, I was just, confused is all. It's ok. I'll be ok and I can handle it, honest. I'm fine, thank you for putting the trust in me." She seems to have almost instantly jumped to the concuslion that Iris is upset with her, and it shows. "I mean it, I'll be fine. You go do, and I'll be here." Camilla just smiles, warmly, from ear to ear.
Qwillis     Qwillis glances to Iris, chuckles and shakes his head, waving that metal claw slightly. "It really was just a misunderstanding. I'm sure Miss Camilla will do just fine here. Anything big, of course we'll get you too. I guess Camilla just isn't use to someone being willing to trust so readily." He looks back to Cami then with a shake of his head. "That wasn't just 'some trip'. That was a major event that may of possibly altered the very future of El Dorado. You have to trust each other out there. Otherwise, what do you have left? So I think that everything will be ok, just going with the plan as Iris mentioned."
Iris Lark     "It's not as if I'm just going to ..never show up here. As you can see from today, I'll be around." Iris remarks, taking a seat and picking up her sandwich, taking a bite. "However, we're going to be building walls in Avalon and Acme, I'll also be working at the General Store there - as I do on occasion, and I'll be helping out the Knox's." She glanes around the quiet clinic and adds. "There are several other doctors who work here too, you're not going to be on your own." She quirks a brow at Camilla and tilts her head. "If you're not okay with the responsibility, you tell me, and we'll fix it however we need to."
Kaelyn The door to the place opens, then wanders in the white-haired red-eyed girl, Kaelyn! The knife-eared woman glances around curiously and is suddenly grins as she calls to those here "Welcome back!!!" she says, as cheerful-seming as ever as she's all grins while she looks from person to person.
Camilla     "No, nothing to fix. I'm entirely ok with the whole thing. Honest." She is, despite having been a bit confused, telling the truth. She smiles warmly and moves to grab something to eat.

    She glanced over what Qwillis said and realizes it, shse turns to him and sighs, "I know. I was shot. Multiple times. I almost died, and we lost people, and things were hell. Though, if you'll forgive me Qwillis, I'd rather not talk about it at the moment."

    Then, Suddenly Kaelyn, and suddenly, a very happy Camilla. "Aralyn! You decided to stay!" Cami pops up and moves to hug the other woman. Who might now, be a bit confused.
Qwillis     Qwillis shakes his head and carefully takes one of those sandwiches himself with that metal claw hand. Glancing over at Kaelyn showing up, he'd smile with a nod her way. "Kaelyn. Your sister Aralyn was out there with us. Seems that you have a few clones. Does CORA know about that?"
Iris Lark     Iris gestures to a platter of sandwiches as she smiles at Kaelyn. "Good afternoon Miss Kaelyn, feel free to grab a sandwich and join us for lunch." She says, tucking into her food. She gets to her feet and pours out a few glasses of sun brewed tea and sets them out around the table before she settles back in and starts to eat again.
Kaelyn The one who is well hugged, lets say Kae is much fuller of figure than Aralyn. She blinks as Cami calls her by some other name then hugs, the woman's A.I. giggling as CORA calls out "See? That last person wasn't the first, won't be the last." Kae blinks and ummms before she pats Cami on the head... Kae then says "Wrong umm clone I guess?" she says and glance to Qwillis curiously and then smiles "Evidently..." she then politely corrects Camilla "I'm Kaelyn... Aralyn, and yah we have met and talked a bit, has purple hair and violet eyes, my hair's white, and my eyes are red and kinda glowy..." She says and then oh's "And Umm from what one person has mentioned, I have bigger boobs." she mentions and grins a bit, wondering what colors Cami will turn, seems CORA is rubbing off on the white-haired woman...

CORA then pipes in about clones "Yup, I noticed when Aralyn and Kae visited... Evidently the one that created Kae didn't stop with her... He modified 2 others, then instead of modifying, started cloning the three, mixing nad matching and whatnot till well he had a bunch, then things kept on going..."
Camilla     Cami is just, confused, really really confused. Though, once she takes a moment to look Kae over and make note of all the things she said makes them different, she just stands there and blinks. "Ah, well, Ok then.." she replies plainly as she pulls back. She looks about at everyone as this AI thing talks and there's a voice from no where. That's not, like, creepy at all.

    Camilla just blinks and turns around to go and grab up a sandwhich as well. She plops down in a chair and crosses her legs again as she sits there, silently now. Seems she's rolling around stuff in her head at the moment.
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles at Kaelyn, then studies her a moment before shrugging. "I believe the saying is, 'it's not the size that counts, it's how you use it'?" He'd nod to Cami then. "Camilla, this is normal day to day here. I.. well.. tend to bring a lot of tech people around. They like to talk shop." He'd chuckle then. "I'm happy to teach if you wish.. Iris is pretty good about getting a handle on such things too."
Iris Lark     "Teaching here wouldn't be a bad idea." Iris says, gesturing at several of the empty rooms. "We have lots of room now." She puts down the crusts of her sandwich and gets to her feet to start to clean up the mess she made in the kitchen. "How were things here while we were gone Kaelyn?"
Kaelyn Kae blinks and umms "Wasn't saying that, just pointing out the differences between me and Aralyn? She's more... athletic, slim and all... I'm still built more full and stuff..." she says and shrugs before she looks at Cami again.. "Umm everything allright?" CORA, now speaks up "You allright laaaady?" Asks the AI, now her little chibi-avatar can be seen showing up on Kae's highly modified pip-boy, her hands are on her hips and it looks like she's leaning forward with really big anime-eyes to 'study' Cami...

Kae blinks and looks at her wrist, then smirks a bit and tilts her head before the white-haired woman settles down into a seat and helps her self to an offered sammich.
Camilla     Ignoring pretty much everything else that's been said by pretty much everyone else, Cami, curious as all hell, slides up out of her chair and moves over to look at that pipboy. "What, what is that?" she asks as she quite literally pokes the pipboy a few times. "Oh, ummm, yes, I'm fine..." she also pipes up, before wacing her hand at Qwillis.

    "Not really interested in anything other than survival and medicine, thank you though" she adds in reply. "I just want to learn how to stay alive, shoot things, and help people."

    She pokes the pipboys screen a few more times. Poke. Poke.
Qwillis     Qwillis chuckles quietly, shaking his head at Kaelyn's response. He'd smile to Iris with a small nod and eat his sandwich. Or.. well.. give it the ol' college try. Considering his one arm is wrapped up and the other is a three digit metal appendage. Maybe this is why he's staying in his lab? Either way, he'd study Kaelyn, Camilla and of course, CORA. "I actually made a breakthrough recently, CORA. I've managed to get enough resources off the trip to repair my own pip-boy." He'd look over to Iris then, raising both brows. "Oh! Iris, I'll pay you back too, soon, ok?"
Iris Lark     Iris blink at Qwillis and after a moment a smile spreads across her face. "Oh, right, no hurry Qwillis. I'm just glad I was able to help." She dusts off her hands and starts for the door. "I'm going to head out to Acme and check on the store, you all take care of yourselves." She says, raising her hand to wave as she leaves.
Kaelyn "Eeee the world is shaking the world is shaking!" Calls out CORA, the screen looking as if it were having some kind of earth quake... CORA then calls out, making growlie noises as an angry anime-face appears across the screen "Not nice to poke folks who can't poke back! Then she 'looks' up at Kae.. Poke her back minion! I demand it!"

Now Kae blinks at CORA and umms "I really need to get you a physical adjunct.. a good one.." She mutters, but doesn't seem to be moving to poke at Cami... CORA then starts making annoying siren noises combined with baby cries, till ke sighs, holds her ears and reaches out to poke at Cami "Sorry, if I didn't she'd just keep that up all day..." Next Kae is interrupted by CORA "Yaaay You now have a pip-thingie too!" And now CORA is dancing on the little screen.. And if this were an anime, Kae'd be sweat dropping buckets... Kae then pokes at Cami lightly a few more times for CORA's benifit, and CORA makes a smug face while on the screen and crosses her arms...

Kae then looks to Qwillis... "I swear, I think CORA's getting loonier while trapped in this pipboy.... that or she's just bored and is being really goofy.." At this point a Goofy face rolls across CORA's screen and she grins 'impishly.'
Camilla     Camilla stops poking on the pipboy and just, yeah, blinks a few times. She stands up and furrows her brow at Kaelyn, "Well, ok, but, is it alive?" she asks of the elf lady. "Because like, it's just a uh.." pause, beat, "Machine, right?"
Qwillis     "Artificial Intelligence. It has a program that allows it to have the responses it does." Q smiles to Camilla, then looks to Kaelyn and CORA. "Careful CORA. You push her too hard she may ask me to turn off certain subsystems, hmm? With me getting a pip-boy, I'll have an even easier time to do such too.."
Kaelyn Kae nods and grins cheerfully. "Yup CORA is an Artificial Intelligence.. Means she is a self aware program..." Kae comments, CORA then sticks her 'tongue' out at Qwillis "Kae won't letcha!!!" Kae glances at CORA then shrugs to Qwillis while giving an apologetic smile...
Camilla     Cami just, she can't even. She stands upright fully once more and gives everyone a smile before she brings a hand to her mouth to cover up a rather loud yawn. "Well, hmmm.." she says at first to Qwilliss before shruging her shoulders. She's a simple former slave girl, all this stuff is still a bit over her head, despite her being pretty smart, and the whole being able to read and write thing. "I, think I'd like to go lay down for the night. If you two need anything, just knock on the back door."
Qwillis     Qwillis chuckles quietly and takes up his sandwich. "That'd be why I said she'd ask me to do it. Then she wouldn't stop me, CORA." Smiling to Cami, he'd simply nod in response. "Of course. I'll try to keep it down when I go back to work, Camilla. Rest well."
Kaelyn Kae blinks and laughs a bit... "You know now I'm not gonna get any sleep cause well CORA is gonna nag me about not letting you touch her systems and stuff right?" he says to Qwillis and laughs CORA then pipes in "You betcha!!!!" Kae sighs and flicks CORA who calls ou "Heeey... " Kae smirks a bit and now looks to Qwillis. "So how are ya after yer long trip?"
Qwillis     Qwillis finishes up his sandwich and eyes the glass. Looking over to Kae, he'd smirk and shake his head. "I could turn that off too. Easy to make her behave, if she really bothers you too much. But! If she behaves, then no need for anything to be turned off, right?" He'd chuckle softly, shifting in the chair as he'd shake his head. "Worn to the bone, Kaelyn. I did confuse you with your clone initially too actually. But she showed me the differences. I got.. well.. mauled.. by some mutant ghouls.. and I still haven't recovered really." Q motions to his wrapped arm. His leg was in a similar state, but his clothes hid the wounds on his chest.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and tilts her head curiously... "Ummm well mutant ghouls are bad news..." She comments and tilts her head to the left before grinning "Seems like y'all did a number on the mutant hoard and stuff.. " She says and titls her head "I'm assuming the mushroom cloud I saw to the distant south was yer doing?"
Qwillis     Q nods slowly in response to Kaelyn. "Yes. They are. Being chewed on? Even more so." He'd shake his head slightly, then glance to the door and from there, Kaelyn. "It was from us. A few critical strikes. But it's far from over, sadly."
Kaelyn Kae ooh's and nods "So still quite a few of those buggers out there huh?" She asks curiously, the woman tilting her head curiously, then she grins and glances around "I take it you have your lab now?" She asks, as she motions to the room.
Qwillis     Q nods. "Yes. They only struck at two of the four hordes. Tried to save us and a group even further south. There's two other hordes moving out there and the place we went to was empty of bodies." Shaking his head, he'd sigh, then glance over at the door. "I do! I can do tech stuff in there. I'm rebuilding my Pip-boy as I mentioned and will also be working to reinforce my arm and leg."