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Fiona Fiona puts down her pen, looking over the paper as she stands. Then she heads to drop it in the report box. Then she grabs her tin cup and pours some of the tar out of the pot. "Hey, would it kill somebody to get a proper clean on this thing." She shakes her head and adds a bit of sugar to it. Then rest time after putting hand to shoulder on a recruit she volu-tolds to fix the coffee.
Vera Vera comes out of the barracks, her right arm in a loose sling. She glances around, befor moving over to find a chair to sit down. "Ah, seems like the vacationers are back. Did you at least bring some souvineers back?...I do so want a snow globe with a catus in it." She leans back in the chair.
Kaydin     Kaydin comes to the militia hq to look around. Instead he finds Fiona and walks over to her and watches her. "So how are things doing for you." Kaydin asks as he watches the goings on. "I still need to issue my report." He says as he looks to Vera and offers a hand. "Kaydin LeGraize, NCR rangers." He says calmly.
Fiona Fiona smirks in Vera's direction, "It was lovely, white sand beaches. Good fishing. Super Mutants with rocket launchers." She states and adds, "What happened to your arm?"

The blonde looks to Kaydin, "Hey California. I'm okay." A hhead tilt as zhe lifts her cup. "What report? " A sip and wince. "For the Captain?"
Vera Vera shakes the offered hand, "Vera O'shay" As she turns to Fiona, "Oh, someone had to stay here and deal with the mutants around El Dorado. I was a bit outnumbered, and got some pulled muscles and the like in my arm. And it seems, you took all the doctors with you to, for now the sling."
Kaydin     "Nice to meetcha." Kaydin says with a nod to Vera and then looks to Fiona and chuckles. "Yea mexico was fun. Pretty much like the rest of the world: a wasteland. " Kaydin says calmly.
Fiona Fiona shifts her shoulders and gives a little grin, "Not all of them. We did use a lot of them though." Another sip and wince, "Oh this is aweful. Yea, they are back. I think a bunch of them are down at the clinic in Shanty-town." There is a pause and she looks to Kaydin, "You really missed the beach? It was pretty nice." She stares at her cup instead of sipping this time, gets the look on simple memory, after which she sips. "Yea, Ranger Kaydin here is a bonifide hero of the Battle of Poseiden." She steps closer to Vera and puts her out out, not closer than six inches, "Need to be careful." A medical assessment worthy of a person with no training.
Vera Vera says, "A living hero? Is there such a thing...I thought that was awarded after your dead, sorta like making someone a saint...tell then your just doing your job...I mean, if you call him a hero now..and he starts robbing people...that just messes with the whole system.""
Kaydin     "I just did my part. very little compared to the others." Kaydin says as he takes a sip of water from a canteen before looking to the two and chuckles a bit. "Only time I rob people is when I know they are raiders. Anyone who robs hardworking people are asking to be robbed themselves."
Fiona There is a grin at Vera's theory on heroes, "Well, then you cannot have role-models and such." Her shoulders shift and she finally yields on the coffee, placing the cup down. At least she got some caffiene, so many bad things to say about it, weak isn't one. She looks to Vera more curiously, "There were mutants here while we were gone?" The ranger's reply gets a laugh, "That is a fair approach I suppose. Do unto others cause you know they already did it to somebody else."
Vera Vera says, "Your right..there are no role modlels...the only person you need to be, is yourself..least thats I how feel." She nods her head, "Yeah, you didn't think they'd all just disappear I hope...I run into them all the time when I'm on patrol. Sad, just when you mention them..most people act like it means no one talks about them...and thats a good idea, shoot them..cause they prolly deserve it anyways.""
Kaydin     "If super mutants are willing to obey laws, I wouldnt mind working with them. Problem is however they arent willing to so." Kaydin says as he takes another drink and then looks to Vera. "So were things relatively quiet while we were gone or did the raiders and mutants try and take the town?"
Fiona "That's troubling." Fiona takes it rather seriously, "We.. We brought one back with us. Ashur, one of those New Romans. He got infected with that Fever Virus, for now, he is still .. Not completely gone. I wouldn't trust him, but the geeks might have a cure for the recent turned." Fiona shrugs, she at least believes he should be given at least the chance. "They are usually way to gone for that, California. I heard some of them are nearly as old as ghouls that survived the bombs." A wince when she says bombs, like she hit a a sore bone.
Vera Vera says, "well I do hope that he is secured somewhere away from the public. Could go wild at any moment. So how long do the geeks get to fix him, before he is put down?""
Kaydin     Kaydin shrugs. "Let the eggheads try and cure him. If not we can always put him down unless for some reason the FEV affects him differently." Kaydin says as watches them. "Anyway nothing new?" Kaydin asks vera.
Fiona "I don't know. I would say they will push it. He earned that from the fighting. Besides, if they test the cure, he'll make a good subject." Fiona says, exhaling and looking to Kaydin. "We'll watch him. NCR hasn't made a cure for it yet?"
Vera Vera shakes her head, "Not really..just the usual...refugees and monsters following them here. Couldn't say really in town...let the sheriff and his group worry about any law breakers."
Kaydin     "As far as I know, the only cure for FEV is a bullet to the head." Kaydin says as he shrugs. "If there is a cure, this is something that no one has revealed to us. Who knows, maybe it can be synthesized, or remade." Kaydin says calmly.
Fiona Fiona nods to Vera at the news, "I tend to do the same with the city, I prefer clear shot." Fiona comments in a dry tone, glancing to the coffee cup, but deciding it isn't worth it. "The head in the jar says it had a cure." A hesitant grin to Vera, "Yea, we found a head in a jar. It talks, honest. Very weird." A pause, "I could use a beer, maybe some tequila would burn away that coffee. Feel like the Gold Digger?"
Vera Vera shakes her head, "Actually, I think I'll get some rest..with the rest of you back, I got a little more free time." As she gets to her feet, "Enjoy you drinks." As she head to the barracks
Kaydin     "I wouldnt mind a nuka cola. So lets go." Kaydin says to Fiona and smiles to Vera as she leaves before looking back to Fiona. "Well she is interesting. Always interesting people in this town." He says with a smile.
Fiona Fiona steps to the desk and grabs her hat. She dumps the coffee and starts out the door, "Those things must taste really good." She grabs the door and makes a sweep with her hat in 'after you' gesture. Then she draws her hat on to step out. "You never did explain about ths report."
Kaydin     Kaydin opens the door and holds it for fiona and lets her lead the way. "So I been thinking. How would it sound if I joined the militia. Think I can cut it?" He asks playfully.
Fiona Fiona pulls the hat off as she walks into the saloon, motioning to the bartender. "One tequila triple shot, and one Nuka Cola." She says and heads to a corner table. "Riight. Of course you could join. You have the talent and training. Of course if NCR bounty hunters don't show up to kill you in four months, we might have to shoot you as spy." A laugh interupted by the drinks from a curvy working girl that is chilling on a quiet night. "Got a local girl? I thought I saw you with some body."
Kaydin     "No girl, just thinking of staying out here until the town decides to join the NCR. Good place, and no legion so it works for me pretty good." Kaydin says as he takes off his helmet and then looks to the nuka cola as it is presented to him. He pockets the cap and sips his cola. "NCR doesnt set up bounties unless you are a particular pain in the ass." He says calmly.
Fiona Fiona rolls the liquid in her glass, making a little laugh, "So you really are moving in? It won't happen. Not till you move past Nevada." She says and leans back, boots on a spare seat and she goes to two legs on her chair. "We are too far away. Too independent by nature. The NCR might be great place to live, but we don't live there. All you can afford to give us, is taxes way out here.."
Kaydin     "Originally the united states were made up of various places independent. Eventually it all became USA. I know the same thing will happen for the NCR, by then we probably would have to rename it." He says with a sip of cola and moves to sit nearby, setting his helmet on the table.
Fiona "Why this, I mean I get loyalty. But, if you love the NCR, you stay home. You come all the way here, that's more. That is like one of those Cain-ite missionaries, like a religion. Seems like more than assignment." Fiona sips slowly at her drink, amber eyes studying the ranger. "What would you think in our position?"
Kaydin     "I mostly did the assignment to try and get people to come back maybe join the NCR. I also accepted it to explore the area and find new things. There is so much left undiscovered and left behind when the bombs fell. I explored to see just how far the legion's reach truely was." Kaydin says as he sips his drink and watches the woman he converses with.
Fiona "What is it really like? Compared to here? I have heard only Vegas has a bigger fresh water lake?" The woman idly watching the ranger as she drinks. "At least that we truly agree on, Caesar's legion needs to be erased."
Sammy     Amazing what a few days sleeping in your own bed will do for you after a deployment, it's severly raised Sammy's spirits, his duster's been mended, uniform fatigues are laundered, armor patched, helmet askew, but also having a fresh dose of the hand painted skull and bones motif on the black. He moves slowly down the railing from the second floor, pausing to wave, as if to debate going out, or staying in. Spying some familiar faces, he gives a wave to Fiona and Kaydin, checking his riding gloves from their pocket and slipping them on casual as you please.
Kaydin     "Well compared to the rest of the wasteland it is relatively quiet. We still have the raiders and supermutants to deal with, and naturally the enclave and the brotherhood of steel, but in the end, people are living relatively peaceful lives." Kaydin says as he is sitting with Fiona talking about the NCR. He then chuckles. "Vegas is a touchy subject when it comes to the NCR. It remains independant and in the end people blow away their money." Kaydin says before nodding to Sammy. "How ya doing?" He asks Sammy curiously.
Sammy     "And that's all we can do. We try to make sure that people, normal people, have every day lives." Sammy says, heading over a little bit, "But the area around New Vegas, including the Hoover Dam, pretty good strategic assets these days. I like the woll from the region, makes for good clothing, especially the really fine stuff."
Fiona Fiona sits in a corner table with her chair leaned back. Her militia hat in her lap and boots in a spare chair. "Well, I didn't mean to pour salt on the wound." She looks over at Sammy, drawing her feet from the seat. Then she sits up, "Hey there." She offers and gives a smirk. "Well, we normal people are grateful for the help in Mexico." She motions to the table for Sammy to join if he wishes.
Kaydin     "But vegas takes resources from the NCR, so I dont know how long we can maintain a position around the dam and vegas. Still the merging of the two rangers will probably keep us out here." Kaydin says with a shrug and turns to look to Fiona. "See originally NCR rangers didnt have the duster and riot gear. They gained that from the Desert rangers which protected folks in the area of the mojave."
Sammy     "Vegas is it's own thing, it's the area surrounding, the offshoots, side towns, settlements, areable land with irrigation, that's really the jewel of the region. Plus, seriously, Bighorner wool socks in winter; man you gotta get some if you haven't replaced your issued uniform sets." he chuckles. He swings the offered chair, and pours himself into it, spinning it around backwards and folding his arms cross the top of the back. "My long patrol standing orders were to 'Aid local Civillian Authorities where I could, especially if it helps paint a good light for the NCR' ... that whole 'Winning Hearts and Minds' campaign stuff. Seriously tho. It's a nice town. And a rampaging Mutant Horde, definitely counts as 'Something Bad' that needs to not happen to it."
Kaydin     Kaydin nods. "Thats my standing orders also and like you said, a rampaging mutant horde is something that needed to be stopped." Kaydin says as he sips his cola and he looks to Fiona and chuckles at Sammy. "My folks arent big on being comfortable. They only care if it helps with survival."
Fiona Fiona sips at her drink, eyes moving from Ranger to Ranger as they discuss the the NCR and New Vegas. A few relaxed nods. "Well, that is good. It was helpful." She comments and rolls her drink in the glass. "I think we are perfectly happy to be close allies and trade partners, I just don't see locals voting to actually be NCR.
Sammy     "I see it strengthening the El Dorado position as a trading hub in the region, we went down to Old Mexico, we returned, we found some nasty stuff on the way... I made a few map updates and I'll have those on a dispatch west, along with the radio relay we've already sent about the nature of the Horde, it's movements, and well, likely targets ... A betting man would say the Horde is looking for more ... biomass. Meaning it's going to try rolling over armed settlements. The way to combat that is to bleed it out, before it gets too near." he gives a shrug, "Not sure how things are going with the Brain Boys, but I figure the research we pulled out of there will get this town made safe , and we can spread that like a good vaccine, boost the overall progress. of humanity towards I dunno, medical care anyone can get access to, as long as they can get to a town or village." he shakes his head, "I don't know how many places I wandered, where there was just a strain of something that got in an d whipped a town's immune system, turning it back into a ghost town." he considers, "This place has ... the dubious advantage of having the vaulties and an influx of people from Mexico. It's gonna be a bit of a population boom in short order."
Kaydin     Kaydin nods with Sammy and sips his cola. "Thankfully we have a sheriff to keep the peace, and enforce the laws. If everyone works together, we can make this place into a good trade town." Kaydin says calmly.
Fiona Fiona finishes her tequila in a heavy sip, plopping the glass down on the table. "We are poised to grow well." Then a smirk at Sammy, "Just what do you mean by dubious advantage of Vaulties? My ancestors have done a lot to form this community. We were able to understand this place and bring order to this area. Mind you, the Waynes did there part."
Sammy     As if reminded of something, Sammy, raises up from the chair, thinking aloud, "Thanks for reminding me, I need to head over and check on something with the Mayor's Office, and the Sherrif's office as well... A certain little ... well, lets just say I'm interested in sharing notes on the former Mayor." he grumbles a little, "That fucking Omerta bastard." he rises from his chair, spins it and slides it back in. "I'd say, that having tow sets of Vaulties as a good -base- population helped get it kick-started." he grins, and tips his helmet in a nod. "Be seeing you."
Kaydin     "I need to head out and see if I need to report to the sheriff's office for being a deputy." He says as he finishes his nuka cola and looks to Fiona. "Next time I will buy you a drink, okay?" He asks before heading on out.
Fiona "Next time, come up to the ranch, we'll go swimming or fishing, California." Fiona offers as she gets up. "Just north of town."