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Iris Lark Iris walks into the clinic, a sleepy look on her face. She automatically starts boiling water for tea - or what passes for it in the wasteland and puts a second pot on with a few eggs inside for a hard boiled lunch. She opens all of the shutters, the door, letting a slight breeze invade the building.
Qwillis     Qwillis hobbles out of the lab and into that main clinic area. He'd look around and sigh, carefully taking a seat at one of those tables. Frowning, he'd look at his arm and then try to flex that flesh leg a little. Looking to Iris, Q chuckles softly and waves that metal hand towards her. "Hi Iris. I.. uhm.. Do you think you could check my arm and leg? I got messed up by the rad roaches and then those mutant ghouls.. I just want to get fixed up so I can work again.."
Fiona Fiona arrives and takes a place in the queu to get treated, a few scratches and such, but more sum than noteworthy of triage jumping. "Q, Iris." She greets on seeing the other two, her hat settled into her lap.
Iris Lark Iris gazes at Qwillis and she pushes to her feet, nodding slowly. "Of course I can check on it." She says, chuckling softly as she gestures to one of the medical table. "Have a seat, lets not let infection set in so you have to build yourself another arm and leg." She pull supplies from a cupboard and sets them on one of the rolling tables, pulling it over to the Scientist. She turns when Fiona enters and offers her a wave and a smile. "Hi."
Qwillis     Q waves to Fiona with that metal arm, then chuckles weakly at Iris' joke. He'd move over to that table she said to use and would carefully open the pant leg on the side to get to the wrapped wound on his thigh. From there, he'd unhook his other arm from the sling so that Iris can check them out. "Yeah.. I really rather not do that." Q smiles with a small shake of his head. "If possible, I want to avoid being called tin-man.."
Iris Lark "According to my Pip-Boy, the tin man in a story was a hero." Iris says, both eyebrows raising slightly. "But yes, I'd rather fix this before we get to that point." She pours some water in a bowl with a clean rag and adds a little bit of alcohol before she begins to clean the wounds. She leans in, and after serveral moments of silence as she works, the wounds are cleanend, salved and dressed.
Fiona Fiona glances at the pair and nods to their responses, but for the most part, she looks at other things. She crosses her legs, drawing out one of her more abused chew-toy cigars. Tye blonde soldier doesn't light if though, just needing something to do to help mind her own buisness. Oh, novel idea, put novels or magazines in the clinic. Probably wouldn't work though.
Qwillis     Q chuckles quietly. "Yes, well.. while he might of been a hero, he also had a lot of issues. I kind of like rain.. when it's not radioactive. So I rather avoid that.." He'd watch Iris work, studying her actions curiously. He knew a little bit of how to do this, but it's hard to replicate a master! Once he's all attended to, he'd nod his thanks to her, getting off that table slowly. "Ah.. I'm sorry, Fiona. Please have your turn.." Q would go to switch out the tools for Iris, so she's ready to tend to Fiona without any need to gather more supplies.
Iris Lark Iris steps back and gestures for Qwillis to get to his feet. "Take it easy for a day or two, let me know how you feel when I stop by." She asks, turning to pull her table towards Fiona. "All right, show me your injuries, and we'll get everything taken care of." She blinks and glances back towards the stove, moving to take the water off, pouring three cups of "tea". It's really just flowers and other things that steeps well. "I rather liked all of the characters the Pip described to me. Except the Good Witch."
Fiona Fiona stands, waving her hand with the hat brew held in it, "Hey, you need a lot more than I do, thought those ghouls had ate you." She says as she moves over and takes her cigar out of her mouth, tucking it in the Militia Duster. "It is just a lot of little things." She slips the coat off, showing injuries that look more like small animal bites and scrapes and bruises from scavenging and hunting. Not one bullet wound or mauling injury. "Good Witch? Something from Dunwich? Place gives my skin the crawlies."
Iris Lark "It's a character named Glinda. She basically tells the main character she has to go on a quest, when she really doesn't. That just bothers me." Iris says, moving to deal with Fiona's cuts and scrapes. She cleans them all with the alcohol and water mixture and then spreads on a salve to keep infections at bay. After all of the wounds have been treated she dresses them, putting bandages on each. "I've not seen Dunwich yet, and from everything that has been said? I may never take the time. It sounds horrid."
Qwillis     Q shakes his head slgihtly. "They did eat me. I'm just tougher than that to give up. Think I gave them indigestion too." He'd pause, musing. "Or the bullets did." Shaking his head, he'd help Iris with tending to Fiona, then smiles to Iris. "I do have a project I'll need your help with soon, Iris.. Once I'm fully recovered, I'm ready to try and give the commander back his eye.. Or at least, a replica I build.."
Fiona Fiona watches the medical treatment with a bit of interest, rolling her neck and testing a few of the bandages as she listens to the two. "Thank you kindly, Iris. Feels way better already." She reaches in her pocket and pulls out a jangly cloth bag of caps to give the healer. "Sounds like a pain in the butt type person. Anyway, I hope that is fair?" She says and gets ready to put her coat back on.
Iris Lark "More than fair, I thank you." Iris says, her cheeks going pink as she moves to pick up a cup of tea. "If you'd like a cup, you're more than welcome." She says, jerking her chin towards the table where two more steaming cups sit. She gazes at Qwillis and she nods. "I'll be happy to help as I'm able. Going to be in Avalon soon to help build walls, if you come with us, you can lean on Sparrow and myself when it comes to help for that."
Manuelito Stepping inside the Clinic is none other than the Marshal. Closing the door behind himself, he looks around quietly before stepping further inside. Spotting the three, he says "Hello everyone."
Iris Lark Iris sets down her cup and she scoops up her rucksack as she moves towards the exit. She rests a hand briefly on Manuelito's shoulder as she moves, giving him a smile. She turns and waves at the three of them before she steps out of the door. "You three stay safe, I'll be in Vault Town for a bit, packing up some things."
Fiona Fiona gives a nod about the cup, "Thank you, please." She offers to Iris and then glances at Qwillis. "If there is some interest, I am thinking of arranging a trip to the Salt Forest near the Pacos. Hunting Mirelurks, supposed to be a big one." She turns to the door, "Hey Cap'n."
Manuelito Stepping inside the Clinic is none other than the Marshal. Closing the door behind himself, he looks around quietly before stepping further inside. Spotting the three, he says "Hello everyone."

Smiling to Iris, Manuelito places his hand on hers, nodding before she steps out. Looking to Fiona, he nods softly, giving her a fond smile, "Before you leave, I was hoping to talk to you after I speak with Qwillis." He says before looking to Qwillis.

"I wasn't sure if you'd be here. I was seeing if the eye project is nearly completed?" A beat and he adds "I mean not to rush you, but I will be leaving town soon."
Qwillis     Q waves to Iris as she leaves and nods to Fiona. "While I am interested.. I've found I'm not much of a fighter. That said, I'm still willing to go and try to help." He'd chuckle slightly and look to Manny. "Ah. Commander. I am actually pretty close to done. I'm going to need to take some measurements of your skull. I'll need a day or two to regain full use of my arm.. and then with Iris' help, we can get you set up with what I made. If you want, I can go get the prototype from my lab to show you?"
Fiona Fiona takes a sip of her tea, intending to get herself out of the way after treatment. But, when Manny asks her to stick around, she nods. Finding a wall to hold up, she leans back against it, going from gulping as much as she can stand to sipping and enjoying. "Sure thing, Boss."

Now and again, she glances up from the buisness of minding her own to think on the exchange between the two men. Of course, the second time she has casually heard Captain Romero mention heading off some where is, kinda sorta, in her assesment her buisiness. "I'll let you know when I come up with a plan about the Mirelurk, thems good eaten."
Manuelito Manuelito lifts his hand, head shaking. "No No need for that." He says calmly, pausing with a hmm. "How about I come around in three days to do the skull measurements?" He inquires.
Qwillis     Q nods in response. he'd drink some of his own tea, study it a moment, then smile to Fiona and Manny. "That sounds just fine, Commander. I'll probably be ready by then. I was just telling Miss Fiona here that I'm willing to help with the hunt.. but I know i'm not a fighter. More a scientist."
Fiona Fiona straightens when the medical stuff is over. "Like I said before, Q. You did better than most. Besides, I would think seeing a Lurk would be good science stuff." She brushes down the leather long coat of the militia as she waits to talk to Manny.
Manuelito Manuelito nods. "Alright then, thank-you Q." He replies calmly before pausing. "Mirelurk hunting?" He asks, his brow raising up ever so slightly; looking between the two.
Qwillis     Q smiles faintly to Fiona. "I've been thinking about trying to learn how to actually use a laser pistol. I rather not super blast it like I did with Iris.. but I think if I learn, it may be easier than what I use now with the needler." He'd tap that weapon at his side. "I do agree. Studying natural habitat as well as it's actions will actually be a load of information that I'd be grateful to have.. I just don't want to drag on the team by not being able to help fully."
Fiona "Yes sir. There is a big one up at the Salt Forest. It has been making a menance of itself." Fiona turns her head back to Qwillis, "Well, if you learn things from it, might help the next dangerous one. I tend to make it a personal responsibility to keep them out of Bitter Lake." A quick grin. "I do not want to get one of them the water with me when I am bathing."
Manuelito "Ah." He replies looking to Fiona and Q "Well, I'd be willing to join you two if you'd like." He replies softly, focusing more on Fiona as he asks.
Qwillis     Q nods slowly, glancing down at his leg with a soft sigh. "I remember swimming.." Absently, he'd rub his leg a moment, then drink some of that tea. "Well, count me in. If I can determine a way to ward them off by what they naturally avoid, maybe we can help secure the whole area against them. That'll take study though.. and potentially not killing it."
Fiona "That would be great, Sir. That sniper cannon of yours could start us off right." Fiona smiles, "Maybe it has babies we can..Not kill. If half what they say of this one is true, autopsy.. Field dressing and a really big frying pan are the only way to go."
Manuelito Manuelito smiles "I may bring the 308 out to play instead of the fifty caliber." He nods, arms folding against his chest "Let me know when you plan on doing the hunting; sounds like a bit of fun."
Qwillis     Q purses his lips, then simply nods in response. "I'll gather what information I can, then we end it as a threat to the people. If there are babies.. we'll just have to see how it goes."
Fiona Fiona gives a nod to both, finishing the tea and settling the cup down, "Tell Iris I said thanks again." To Q. Then she looks back to the Marshal, "You needed to speak about something, Cap'n?" Ready to follow him out ic he chooses.
Manuelito Manny looks to Fiona, nodding. "Yeah." He says, heading for the door now "I'll talk to you outside." He adds calmly, opening the door for her.