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Ironface Jones The little restaurant is a touch on the busy side this time of day with folks finishing up their lunches before getting back to whatever business it is they have to attend to. The tables are mostly full but there's plenty of room at the counter, notably to either side of Ironface Jones. The tribal is currently staring intently at the menu with a frown on his face. The rest of the joint seems to bustle around him as forks and knives clink on plates and people chatter to one another, overall it's a pretty content looking crowd.
Skittles Skittles steps into the diner, letting the door close behind her. She looks about and spots Ironface and wanders over beside the huge man. Short herself, she has to hop up onto the tall stool. Glancing up at him, she asks, "Heyas Ironface. What are you trying to decide upon?".
Aidan Drake Aidan makes his way into the Diner having heard that it's got some of the best food in town he figured he'd give it a shot. Sniffing the air a bit he smiles in appreciation as he looks around for an open seat not spotting anything really besides what is near the small mountain at the counter he makes his way over there and taking a seat at the counter before he picks up the menu.
Ironface Jones "Greetings Sister," Ironface tells Skittles with a happy look on his face, not quite a smile, but as close as the big guy usually gets. "There are many choices. I think I will go with either brahmin burger or brahmin steak, but I do not want to choose." When someone arrives to sit on his other side, Ironface turns towards them and gives a nod of greeting, "Good day."
Skittles Skittles arches an eyebrow and glances to the menu, "Why not both?", she asks with a small giggle. "Think I'll have a couple biscuits, and um... yeah, hot tea please.", she asks, directing her order to the waiterbot.
Aidan Drake Aidan glances over at the man next to him and offers him a nod of his head, "Hey there mister, Why not order a burger and a steak then slap the steak on top of the burger?" He looks at the menu himself and then looks up to the waiterbot, "I'll take a steak medium rare and some cofee."
Ironface Jones "Yes, that is a good idea," Ironface tells both parties with a pair of nods before he turns his attention to the bot. He gives it a second to process the other orders before he places his own, "One brahmin steak, rare, one brahmin burger and one Nuka cola, please." He puts the menu away and then puts his elbows on the counter to lean heavily onto them. "How is today finding you both?"
Skittles Skittles gestures to the bandage on one arm and a patch on her shoulder, evidence of recent medical attention. "Small explosion after being scammed, but I got drunk, so better now I guess.". She picks up her tea and sips at it gingerly before making a face. "Some sugar, or uh, three sugars", she says to the waiterbot. The sugars are deposited on the counter in front of her, and their contents are quickly drained into the cup. She slowly stirs the beverage and says, "Hey there Aidan. What about you bone breaker Jones?".
Aidan Drake Aidan nods towwards Skittles, "Heya there Skittles." Glances over at Jones and shrugs, "Things are well enough for me. Just got back to town so getting my bearings again ya know?"
Ironface Jones "I am well. Slight injuries from when we took our new home from the raiders," Ironface replies to Skittles as he pokes a fresh bullet hole in his armor and then shrugs his broad shoulders. "I'm glad you are better. I also usually get drunk after injuries." Turning towards Aidan the tribal gives him a nod, "I understand that returning to a place after some time away can be difficult. I am of the El Dorado tribe now and I find it is a good place."
Skittles Skittles nods to Ironface as she turns to munch on her warm and soft biscuits, leaving the other two to their conversation. She alternates between bites with sips from her tea, and even through the din of the diner, the thud of glass on bar is audible as she puts her cup down repeatedly with the passage of time.
Aidan Drake Aidan nods a bit, "It is. But it'll be nice to be home. Although I've stayed clear of the old homestead. I really need to see what kind of condition it's still in." As his food arrives he sniffs at it and smiles a bit as he appreciates the food, "Oh this had best taste as good as it smells." He cuts off a piece of the steak and takes a bite savoring the food at first before he begins to politely devour it.
Ironface Jones When his food shows up Ironface looks it over and inhales deeply through his nose to admire the scent of it. Once he's convinced it's edible he begins to dig in with relish. "I would like my own robot to cook for me." He looks towards Skittles and asks, "Can you make me a cooking robot? I shall provide for you very many goods and services in exchange." And then he's back to talking to Aiden, "I am helping people with things whenever I can. If you need help with your things, such as clearing out beasts, then come find me and I shall aid you."
Skittles Pausing between bites, she takes a moment to swallow her food before responding, "Yeah, I mean. I think so. Building a robot isn't cheap though, but maybe? I know Roman has a bot for sale, so that could probably be modified to cook up a few things.". She gestures to his steak, "There's also the whole getting the food to cook part too, but you wouldn't have trouble with that I think.". She glances over to Aidan and his meal, his manners shown past and present not having been lost on her.
Aidan Drake Aidan mmms with his mouth full nodding a bit before he swallows his food, "I'll keep that in mind. I've gotta swing by and see if it's still even a viable ranch anymore and how much effort it'd take to reclaim it. And then getting livestock back onto the ranch. Securing the fences watching for predators..." He just shakes his head a bit and shrugs, "It'll all be worth it I think." He looks over towards Skittles almost having to lean over the bar to do so, "And a good cooking 'bot would be an amazing thing half wish I'd had one when I'd left town. I've tasted my own food. It keeps me alive but I'm not quite sure how."
Ironface Jones "I love to hunt. It was what I was born to do," Ironface tells Skittles with evident pride in his voice. He even stops eating for a second to puff out his chest. "I will look into the purchase of the robot." As Aiden speaks the big tribal focuses on him again and nods deeply, "I will aid you in killing predators in exchange for half of the meat and hides. We can use First Horse Jones to help find your livestock but I am bad at riding him and may fall off from time to time."
Katherine Caine Katherine stepped into the diner wearing a black pre-war dress, the kind of thing she was normally wearing in the saloon but the damn Mister Cook-It had been on the fritz for days and she was starving. Drunks and Gamblers may have put up with her cooking, even travelers who didn't know better; but she didn't have to.

Stepping up to the bar of the diner she gave Ironface's arm a gentle little squeeze, "Hey there Big Iron and Skittles." Aidan isn't recognized immediately as she leans over the bar and begins to give her order to the person behind the counter.
Skittles Skittles has just finished off her meal as Katherine greets them. "Morning!", she offers cheerfully. Her cup isn't gone yet though, and so she picks that up to finish off.
Aidan Drake Aidan glances over at the newcomer and blinks as he tries to place the face, she looks familiar but it's been a while since he was home and the steak is great and almost done. Nodding towards Jones, "When you say meat and hides you're talking the meat and hides of the predators? If so I'd like to counter your offer with all of the meat and hides for the predators as long as you'd like to hunt them on the ranch." He looks back over at Kitty and frowns, "You look really familiar miss. You can't be... Can you? Katherine? You don't look like you've hardly aged."
Ironface Jones "I love to hunt. It was what I was born to do," Ironface tells Skittles with evident pride in his voice. He even stops eating for a second to puff out his chest. "I will look into the purchase of the robot." When Katherine squeezes his arm Ironface gives her a little flex and turns to nod towards her, "Greetings, Miss Kitty. You look healthy and prosperous." Then it's back to devouring his delicious meals. At Aidan's suggestion that he can keep all the meats and hides Ironface perks up some more, "I would happily kill all your predators. Just show me where the ranch is and I will begin killing them. The less fortunate of our tribe can use the meat and the hides can be sold or traded so I can buy Skittles a holster."
Skittles Skittles glances up with a smile to Ironface as he mentions the holster, "You should definitly save it for a jacket, my pockets work fine.". She shrugs and sets her cup aside. "We also need to spend some time clearing the area around our base, but I don't mind helpping hunt down some horses, though I'm not sure how much help I'd actually be.".
Katherine Caine Katherine is about to reply to Ironface's comment when she looks like she's seen a ghost for a moment before breaking out into a joyful smile, "Aidan! Aidan Drake!" She practically leapt onto the man's lap and gave him a great big hug, "Everyone told me you were dead, but you seem pretty alive to me." Skittles and Ironface are entirely forgotten for the moment as she reunites with an old childhood friend.
Aidan Drake Aidan shakes his head as he returns the hug, "Nope not as dead as those bandits wished I was. But that's a story for another time and a lot more whiskey, where'd you get off to? I'd run into Lilly at the saloon although I'm sure she's got no idea who I am since she was still a toddler when the ranch got hit..."
Ironface Jones "Yes! I look forward to helping to keep the land around our base safe. We shall slay the evildoers and dangerous creatures that infest the land to keep it safe for travelers," Ironface tells Skittles with an almost smile before he goes back to digging into his food, making the rest of it disappear before he takes a long drink from his Nuka cola. Once the soothing drink is down his throat he turns to start at Kitty and Aidan, blinking once before returning to his drink.
Skittles Skittles nods her head and crosses her arms over the bar, putting her head down on them. She closes her eyes for a moment or two before opening them back up again, and asks, "Well, when do ya want to do that? Could head out whenever you'd like to.".
Katherine Caine Katherine sidles up on top of Aidan wrapping an arm around his shoulder, "I'm very sorry about your parents Aidan, they were real nice people. Even offered to take me in when I was scared to tell my parents about my pregnancy."
Aidan Drake Aidan nods a bit, "They were good folks. But I found all the lil bastards. Took me way too long but I found 'em all. Now I plan on helpin make sure nothin like that happens again here. Heard Clara's the Sheriff, it'll be interestin workin for her." He glances over at Skittles and Ironface, "If you need help around the base let me know I'm more than willin to lend a hand when it comes to that."
Ironface Jones "I would like to do it later this evening, when the sun is less hot in the sky," Ironface tells Skittles after a moment of thought. "Animals are also often more active at dusk so we will have a greater chance of spotting them and bandits and raiders will hopefully be bedding down for the night." His head tilts slightly to the side, "You seem tired. Do you need to have a nap first? I could escort you to our base to rest and prepare." With a look at Aiden Ironface says, "I will happily accept your help. It is good to have many allies who seek to keep people safe."
Skittles Skittles lifts her head and slips off of the stool, "Yeah, that'll be good. Nap, then hunting. Can take a few to look at that radio tower too.". She sets the spread of caps on the counter to pay for her meal, and turns around, elbows resting on the bar as she leans. "Whenever you're set.", she finishes.
Katherine Caine "Glad you got every last one of them." Katherine said with a smile before sliding off of Aidan's lap to get her food, "Clara as Sheriff. Doubt it's going to last, but she might make a good Assistance.. vice? Sheriff. Whatever you call it. In the meantime, I think everyone's too scared to take the job on. Sheriff Wayne did go out pretty horribly."
Ironface Jones "Yes. We shall nap and look at that thing," Ironface confirms with Skittles as he fishes for his own caps to pay the food bot. Rising back to his feet he looks around once more to make sure that he's not forgetting anything. Once that's all taken care of he looks back to Skittles and makes for the door. "Goodbye, Miss Kitty. Farewell, Aidan."
Skittles Skittles pushes forward from the counter and nods with a smile to Katherine and Aidan, "Stay safe you two. Was nice seeing you both.". She waves to them and slips out the door behind Ironface.
Aidan Drake Aidan nods a bit, "I hadn't heard how the Sheriff had gone out. I know I don't want the job too much responsibility I just want to gun down.. err catch the bad guys. Less politics more action." He offers a nod towards the folks departing, "Pleasure talkin with you all hope the hunting goes well. Let me know when you need my help."
Katherine Caine "He got taken out by a wagon of exploding dynamite if you believe the stories. Didn't see it myself though." Katherine replied with a shrug as she began picking at her food, "So what made you come back home?" She was of course curious since it wasn't like poor Aidan had any family left...
Aidan Drake Aidan shrugs a bit as he finishes off his meal and pushes the plate away, "It's home. I was raised here and realized I missed home. But really a wagon of dynamite that's a hell of a way to go."
Katherine Caine "Well, I'm glad you came back. There's not enough familiar faces around here sometimes. Just watch out for little Clara, she's all grown up now and well, you know she had such a crush on you." Katherine could just be making trouble for her sister or she could have been telling the truth, "Remember Manny? Adopted kid of the Romeros? He's organizing a group to go rescue a kid whose been kidnapped, should lend him a hand if you got time."
Aidan Drake Aidan chuckles and nods a bit, "I'll keep an eye on her. And yeah I remember him. Doesn't matter if I knew who was organizin it or not rescuin a kidnap'd kid is always somethin I'd help with if I'm able to." Glances at her and blinks as what she'd said fully settles into his head, "She was just a gangly little kid when I'd left. Haven't seen her since I've been back, but if she takes after the rest of her family I'm sure she grew up to be a beautiful woman. Prolly has suiters all over and has forgotten all about me."
Katherine Caine "I guess you'll just have to wait and see for yourself, I don't want to ruin the surprise of seeing Clara again." Katherine replied teasingly before finishing up with her food, most of the plate untouched, "I should get back to the Saloon but don't make yourself a stranger, we've got everything there but good food." Leaning over she gave Aidan a little kiss on the cheek before she turned to head out of the Diner.
Aidan Drake Aidan nods as he finishes up his coffee and sets his payment on the counter, giving her a quick hug as she gives him a little kiss on the cheek, "It was good seeing you again, glad you're back as well. I was in the saloon when I first arrived whiskey's good. I'll swing by and visit again soon I promise." He stretches a bit as he heads for the door after her, "And I guess I should get ready for helping with the kidnap rescue."