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Manuelito Stepping inside the Town Hall is Manuelito, Marshal of the Militia. He has his duster on, the only thing tying him to the Militia; otherwise, he's wearing blue jeans and long sleeve button up shirt. He heads inside quietly, toward the meeting location.
Katherine Caine It's been a few days since the Expedition had returned from Mexico and while the gist of what had occurred there had been filtered along thanks to diligent reports and meetings that had occurred since then.

The purpose of the meeting here today was to allow those who had not been present on the Expedition or privy to what was discovered to ask questions of those who had gone and for those who had gone to share that information.

The meeting room had been setup, or rather it had been left the same as it had been a few weeks ago when the last meeting took place.
Alasa Alasa arrives for the meeting, curious about what the trip accomplished. Sure she heard rumors and tales...but nothing actual. She still tends to run into refuges when out in the wastelands, so its hard to no what to expect.
Clara Caine Where or where has Clara gone.. oh where or where would she be! Here, she is here. This Caine who fell off the map and needed some time to go travel the lands, beat shit up and all around see things has returned. But without much notice. No, no word was given to family and friend. Because she just got back. The lass covered in dust, her long jacket swaying around her ankles and as always cowboy hat askew, she trots in among the masses, going to lean against the back wall crossing her ankles and looking around with her bright blue eyes. Idly a hand digs into a pocket and pulls out some bark, placing the end in her mouth and chewing on it.
Sparrow Sparrow is near the door, taking up wall space. She hasn't got anything on her right no, save her armor and a bandana she's wearing over the lower half of her face. Most of her face cannot be seen between the bandana and her cowboy hat down over her eyes though a gruff grunt and a few clipped slightly slurred words assured folks it was the blonde Drake cowgirl Her arms are folded and she's waiting silently. It doesn't look like she intends to stay long.
Kaelyn In wanders Kae! The Talish white-haired pointy-eared woman glances around curiously before sidling to her right and occupying a seat in the background. She sits there for now, staying quiet for now. She even puts her hand over Cora's speaker as well, getting a few noises from the A.I who then 'respectfully' is quiet as Kae listens to the hearing.
Fiona Fiona Caine slips in just before the crowds, hat off and held in front of her. The blonde militia woman taking a spot on the wall that lets her observe doors and the stage. Her eyes survey the gathering alertly, taking up the same self assigned guard duty as before the expedition. Manuelito is given a nod and a slight smile before she waits for Kate to start things.
Stockton Stockton stomps in on his usual heavy boots, the spurs jingling with every step. His duster swishes a little in his wake as long legs keep a confident stride. His cowboy hat is tipped up his head to allow more light in, getting a good look at those that've gathered. Taking a step or three to the side, he ends up planting broad shoulders on the wall by the door with Sparrow. Brows are furrowed forward over his nose as he waits, silently.
Manuelito Looking around with his one eye, Manuelito takes in the people quietly. His eye falls on Clara with a bit of a surprise. Brows furrowing, a hmm escapes his lips before look away and around once more.

They fall upon Fiona and a warm smile is given. Stepping over to her, he leans in to give her a hug before stepping back. Glancing to the podium or stage, he says "I suppose Katherine will want me to talk." A beat as he looks back to her "Did you see Clara is here?"
Iris Lark Iris darts into the Town Hall, standing near the back instead of taking a seat. She folds her arms over her chest and leans against the wall to get comfortable.
Katherine Caine Katherine waited for most of the arrivals to get settled, noting even her absentee sister there before she smiled at those gathered, "Thank you all for coming. As many of you have heard or perhaps even seen, the Expedition to Mexico was a success. While not everyone made it back, they knew the risk they were taking when they went. From what I've discussed with Marshal Manuelito, it would appear that not only do we have a possible form of inoculation against the spread of the mutant disease, but also that the Expedition was able to seize control of Enclave nuclear missiles which they used to strike a blow against the largest concentrations of mutants. While they are not defeated and are by no means, something we should ignore, I think we should all thank those who risked life and limb for giving us all the chance to breathe easier for awhile. I'd also like to give those who went on the Expedition along with Marshall Romero and anyone else to share anything they wish to and those who want, to ask any questions they would like." Gesturing to Manuelito to step up and take over speaking for a bit, she stepped off to the side.
Clara Caine Clara smirks to herself when her sister glances her way. For now this Caine says nothing, simply listening to what is being said. Of course she noticed Manny - he is given a smile in greeting, with a tip of her hat and a fleeting look of surprise at his one eye. Fiona gets a quick nod too. Cousin's right?

Regarding again her sister, while that cinnamon like bark is chewed on, the lass mutter a to herself around it.

"Who the hell taught her big words like that, did I die and come to hell?" For good measure she pinches herself. That pinch hurt. Yup, must be real.
Ashur Thump-thump-thump waddles the barefoot Ashur, near crawling through a doorway made for people half his size vertically and horizontally. The super mutant's red as a sunset and laced with bulging blue veins, a hulking monstrosity of muscle that defies common sense and good color coordination-- a hair over ten feet and somewhere in the thousand pounds ballpark. He's got a black-singed cape wrapped around his mountainous bullneck, the frayed ends of it coming to his shoulderblades, and wrapping his waist is a large, thick sheet of white wool serving as a loincloth.

"We nuked the mutants," he agrees, voice projected with a loud echo through the room. He caught the tail end of Katherine's speech. "And any left that make it here, I'll kill them."
Fiona Fiona: stalwart sentry and cautious observer: hugged? It is a bit awkward, not her fault. Hat held before her in her left hand, the right gripping a freshly bought big revolver. Still, she tries give it a try. "Hiya." She whispers and nods as she glances to cousin Clara. After listening to Katherine, she nods, "It seems she is leading with you." Voice barely past whisper.
Sparrow Sparrow upnods at Stockton and breifly touches Irs' shoulder on the other Doctor's way by but otherwise she stays in her small space, locked against the wall and keeps an ear on the proceedings.
Alasa Alasa ponders to herself, the use of the nukes. Thats a mixed bag of cabbage there...thats gonna change up the weather patterns for who knows how long.
Kaydin     Kaydin comes in, missing the speech but looking to pay attention now atleast. Seeing Ashur here though causes him to watch the super mutant and he gives Fiona a nod before moving a hand to pull his helmet off his head and face so she can have his complete attention. He watches and remains silent for now.
Kaelyn Kae blinks as she kind of stares at Ashur curiously... Her wide red eyes studying the super-mutant, before she looks back at the others and then stays quiet for now as she mulls things over in her head about how in the world Ashur was made that way And possible avenues of cure, though she really doesn't know a hell of a lot. But still, it's amusing to her to think about such things.
Manuelito Looking back to Fiona, he grins. "Loosen up; it's just a debriefing." He whispers in a tease before moving to the Katherine. Stepping up to the podium, he turns and sighs as Ashur speaks. Adjusting his duster slightly he steps forward and nods to the crowd. "As the Mayor stated; we lost many good people during the expedition. It is also true that we utilized nuclear missiles to destroy the horde." He pauses. "I will not go into great detail; however I will say this: While a chunk of the horde was stopped from coming into New Mexico, there are still some heading into other parts of the northern continent. To that end, I will be speaking with NCR representative in the coming days." He pauses "And I will be departing eastward for a month." Another pause. "Questions."
Iris Lark Iris elects not to speak, listening to others talk about the experiences and the ongoing plans. She does seem to be tapping into her Pip-Boy as she stands near the door, taking notes perhaps?
Abe     The meeting was supposed to be... when?

Abreham has been enjoying his time in the comfort of home, renewing his acquaintence with several members of the Gold Digger staff as well as the work of it's kitchen.

If The Scribe had lost any weight during his lean times in the excursion, it will not be long until it is found once more. Likewise, should anyone have missed his presence here, it was not for long. Doing his best to slip through the doors, Abreham attempts to find himself a seat... or in the event of standing, a place to do just that!
Eden eden has always been a quiet one, but the woory coming off her is obvious. This meeting may have many reasons, but the little redvhead is dearly hoping to hear that some small progress has been made, or that there is something she can possibly due to help fix Ashur's mutation. Eden gathers up her courage to speak, stands (not that standing makes her much more visible, especially next to a supermutant) and asks "have the scientists made any progress with innoculations, or with..." she pauses can't bear to say it out loud. She just looks over to ashur.
Carter Griffin It seems Carter had gotten caught up a bit at the NCR HQ in El Dorado, but he has made his way to the meeting now that they have allowed him that moment of free time. Debrief by NCR, debrief by the town, next he knows he'll get debrief by some random brahmin in a field somewhere..
Fiona Fiona takes a deep breath at Manny's suggestion, nodding. Lighten up? That is not Fiona's specialty. She tries, but finds herself scanning the audience just the same. Ashur naturally gets an extra check now and again. A little smile though, she is trying. Any time nukes are mentioned though she gets stiffer, having to relax again. No mention of that.. thing they brought back.
Clara Caine What has she missed?! Clara looks floored, jaw dropped enough that her bark tumbles from her soft pink lips to the ground, hitting her foot and bouncing off. Yeah, there is going to be a lot to catch up on.
Manuelito Looking to Eden, he says "Frankly, I do not know. I believe Sparrow was leading that; I think." Manny says calmly. "Any other questions?"
Katherine Caine When Manuelito was finished speaking Katherine nodded to him and answered Eden, "Not yet, but I'm sure they will soon." She had heard about Ashur's condition and all she could do was reassure Eden, "If there is anyone else from the Expedition who had anything to say, please feel free to come up, otherwise, anyone else can ask any further questions they wish. I will note before that though, that some of you may have noticed the construction of 'The Spire' in Shantytown which will help serve as an advanced guard post to spot any trouble approaching. I'm told a sniper can see for miles at the perch. The walls will also begin construction soon not just in Shantytown, but at other settlements allied with El Dorado."
Sparrow From the back wall where she, Stock and Iris are tucked holding up the wall by the door. "Sparrow will get back to you when she can operate a microscope." Comes a rougher slightly slurred tone from the cowgirl. Stitches show on her cheek when the bandana around her lower face moves.
Alasa Alasa says, "That sounds like a rather large construction project. Where are the resources for these walls coming from, and what will they be made of?"
Manuelito Seeing no further questions for Manny, he steps off the podium and continues toward the back of the room. Pausing, he nods to Fiona and smiles before continuing toward the door and exits.
Sparrow Sparrow is silent for a while rolling her lips together. The expedition isn't anything strong and she'd been here to answer any questions of her. There being none she looks towards Stockton.
Katherine Caine "A large chunk of the resources and as much work as possible will be taken care of by the city and volunteers. The reason Shantytown didn't have a wall before now I suspect was an issue of resources and it's still going to be, but I'm positive that if everyone sticks together and works as a community, we'll get it done." Katherine said to Alasa, not even knowing herself how she would manage to get the wall built in full, but well, the Sheriff's Department was barely getting any resources anyways; she could always cut their budget a little since there weren't many deputies.

"Remember to buy a round for the brave heroes who went to Mexico the next time you see them. I'd also like to thank everyone again for coming, if there's nothing else, everyone is free to head back to whatever it is they had planned. We'll meet again in a couple weeks to see where we stand on the wall and other issues."
Iris Lark Iris glances around, gives a few people a nod as she turns to pick up her rucksack and leave. She slips through the door and walks towards Vault Town.
Alasa Alasa nods to the answer, "thats good...I was a bit worried you'd be taking apart shantytown, to build the walls. Glad thats not the plan." As she stretches out her arms.
Stockton Stockton chews on his cigarillo as the explanations come. Without anyone directly addressing him, he just stays quiet until Sparrow looks at him. A shoulder rolls and he glances at Katherine when she closes out. With the meeting basically done, the man turns back into the street to resume his patrols.
Ashur "Trenches are good, too," the titanic Ashur remarks. "It doesn't need to be a wall. You could strip some of the shanties and the scrap forest for a fence, too. We called them pali.. pali.. palace stains."

His mouth curls down, jaw tightening. That isn't the right term. Why can't he remember it clearly? This is one of those moments where the newly-christened Hulk is keenly aware of his diminishing intelligence, and agitated by it.

"Whatever. Lots of defenses. And if they get attacked they could retreat anyway into the town. No point trying to defend that really."

The frustrated mutant grumps and clenches his hands into fists. It's at this point he notices Eden stare at him, and walking over, he reaches down and pats her head with a hand that could literally squeeze and pop the entire thing.

Then Alasa speaks, and he brightens up! She's smart.
Katherine Caine Palace Stains? It was hard for Katherine not to giggle at Ashur in his current condition but out of respect she did not, "I'm sure Jude will be glad for your help with suggestions Ashur." Nodding to Alasa as she began to walk towards her office she said, "Of course not. Making people homeless won't keep them safe."
Kaelyn Kae blinks curiously... She ummmms and after wracking her mind for a while finally mentions "Perhapse Palasades is what he means?" She asks curiously, the woman then glances around curiously before she stays quiet now, content to listen.
Ashur Ashur looks toward Kae and nods, folding his arms over his chest. "Right. Fences. When camping for the night in the Legion, we were told that fences and trenches were the basics." The man hrms at that and watches Katherine as she speaks, committing the name Jude to memory. Jude is an important person he should speak to! It would be bad if El Dorado fell to the Horde. He hasn't moved all of his shit to New Rome yet.
Katherine Caine "Pallisades, yes, I'm sure that's what Ashur meant." Katherine replied to Kaelyn before glancing at SuperAshur again and frowning, "Let us know if you need anything Ashur. I'm sorry again about what happened to you."