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Iris Lark Iris leads Sammy into a workroom, part of the tour, but also a means to take care of his wounds, which..are pretty obvious. She points him to the cot while she eyes his leg, still splinted but needing attention. "I didn't see you at the meeting tonight, but to be honest, you didn't miss much." She says, offering a soft chuckle. "How much pain is that leg in, because I'll be honest, if it's begun to set I may need to rebreak it."
Sammy     Sammy considers this, and though he's had a few good nights in clean sheets, and managed to take time to clean the extra trail dust and sand from everything he owns, and keep the bandages on his arm and leg in clean order, it's mostly that he's not had to run anywhere in a hurry. "I learned a long time ago." he starts, "To ... compartmentalize pain. Mostly I think it's a combination of aknowledging it's there and the nerves getting tired of telling the same 'Jackass, you're injured, get rest.' signal." he has been favoring his right leg, and left shooting a little wide when the big gun had to be used.
    Off comes the duster, helmet, armor, with practiced ease, and unbuttoned is the fatigues and slipped out.
    While not a great re-bandaging of the leg, it's somewhat over-zealous.
Iris Lark Iris runs her fingers along the length of his lower leg, feeling where the bones are connected and she sighs, wrinkling her nose. "It's as I thought, it's already begun to knit, and ..if you don't want to walk with a limp, I'll need to fix it." She glances back at the counter and then to Sammy. "I'm sorry, but it's probably going to hurt." She folds her arms loosely over her chest and regards him silently for a moment. "I wish I had an assistant for this."
Sammy     Sammy reaches for his fatigues a bit, and takes the leather holster dropping his Ranger magnum on the pile of clothes, folding the belt back over itself, there are marks where his teeth have embossed the leather already. "I had a feeling it was gonna be like that." he folds the leather into a bit, and places it between his teeth, and lies back on the cot, curling his hands around the edges, looking to her with a quiet nod a moment or two later as if to signal, that he's ready for the shock of it.
Iris Lark Iris takes a hammer from under the cot, it's not large. It's made of wood with rubber ends and has a rather large handle. She sees him looking at her and she raises it to put enough pressure on the already brittle healing bone and brings it down sharply, wincing at the crack it makes. She lets out a quick breath and sets the hammer aside, her eyes on Sammy.
Sammy     There's a definite sharp intake of breath, and he holds it, glad for the bit, to silence the cry, but he olds the breath and it wells up inside, the pain reminds him of it's presence, was hes over him in a wave. He bleeds off the pressure of that wave, letting the breath out in a hiss, that seems to somewhat deflate him. The breath after that, is longer, held not as much, and let out, his neck and jaw relaxing.
    Tears well at the corners of his eyes and he blinks them away with resolution. Another breath and he's able to release the cot.
    "Lets get it set proper this time so we don't have to repeat this." he groans, on the fourth breath.
Iris Lark Iris looks slightly shaken and she nods in agreement. "I didn't realize your leg was broken, Sammy or I would have had someone hold you down to let me set it on the trip back." She takes a deep breath and runs her fingers along his leg again, finding the nice clean break and exhaling in relief. "Okay, this will hurt less, but it will hurt regardless. Stay still for me." She goes to work setting the bone and re-splinting it, working slowly and carefully.
Sammy     "It's mostly my fault for letting it get as bad. At least, on a motorcycle I don't put weight on that leg like I would riding in a saddle." he murmurs, setting his holster-belt once again on his folded clothes, and untying his hairband to unroll the red handkerchief and blot at his face quietly. "That stupid stubborn part of me is gonna get me in trouble more than it should I think. The whole 'Get everyone out' instinct that I foster, nurtured by all the training." he props himself up on the right arm, to watch her work quietly. "I'm more concerned about fixing those who are really broken in Spirit, than I am myself."
Iris Lark Iris steps back and folds her arms over her chest. "I agree on the stubborn bit. You're just as important as everyone else, and need to treat yourself that way sometimes. I'm just glad we fixed the problem, honestly." She gestures for him to sit up now that she's finished. "I don't want you walking on that for a few days, and then after it starts to knit, I still want you to rest. You understand?"
Sparrow Sparrow had walked in not long ago. Moving carefully trhough the house so as not to disturb anything or anyone; the soft bray of a LBD who's unhappy to be left behind follows her. "Iris?" Sparrow calls. Her hat is off but the bandage is still over her face. Will be too until the stitches are out.
Sammy     Sammy sits up with a careful motion, "Lilly wanted to turn the sidecar into a wheelchair for me." he murmurs, "She was awful upset at the whole shrapnel thing." he sighs, and then looks down to the work on his leg, "I can see it lined up that much more. Good." he grins sheepishly.
    "I'll take it easy for a while beyond that, I hope." as Sparrow comes in he almost audibly blinks at the bandages. Here's one of the interventions he's glad he took, and he rolls his handkerchief back into a headband. "Just one of the people I wanted to check in on." he smiles.
Sparrow Sparrow moves to the workroom and smiles, "Hey, Iris." She says in a raw rough voice, words still slightly slurred. She upnods at Sammy but falls quiet and folds her arms. "Sorry to interupt. I was just checkin' in about the note."
Iris Lark "I'm glad you were checking in, I want to check on the stitches and the nose. Sit next to Sammy and take off the mask...please?" Iris says, turning to pull out some things from the cupboard. "I have a walking stick you can use to keep your weight off that leg, Sammy."
Sammy     Sammy scoots over just a little, and scoops up his fatigues, "I've got a ... well it's a walking stick for all the good it will do. A long rifle that just wants to go back to Dunwich." he smirks, "It's misbehaving at the firing range, so I might just see about melting it down and returning it to the Earth." he tugs on the pants and wiggles the belt through the loops, before digging in his duster pockets, producing another wax paper bundle, and a black plastic film cannister. "Okay between you two, who has the greenest thumbs?"
Sparrow Sparrow sighs. The bandana had been a permenant fixture pretty much since they'd left Posiden dropping into the ocean. She moves over and sits down, silent once more and her brow drawn down, even the one with the bandage on it. No one ever said a Mutant with a Power Fist to the face wasn't going to leave a scar. She reaches up and pulls the knot out to reveal the mess of bruises and stitches that is her face. "I was raised a Rancher." Sparrow replies in a light slur, caused by the nick in her upper lip.
Iris Lark "I didn't have plants until someone built me a plant box. I killed more things than I managed to harvest." Iris replies, looking slightly embarassed as she gazes at Sammy. Her attention turns to Sparrow then and she leans in, checking on the stitches and making sure that the broken nose was healing the way it ought to be. She spreads salve over the stitches and redresses them, a contemplative look on her face.
Sammy     Sammy undoes the wax paper bundle, and the fragrance spills out. A large purple-white flower is almost-center-top in each of the three bricks of soap, the five pointed star of Moonflower, "I have three bars of soap to sweeten the deal. These are tricky," he smiles a bit, "A little softer than the last batch." he grins, and shakes the capped vial, "These are seeds. It's a climbing vine, that'll get over twenty feet tall... Some say they've seen it grow six feet a day." he gives a shrug, "Doesn't need too much water, and blooms in the evening."
    He sets them down, and turns to Sparrow a bit more. "Working with your hands and the earth will help you find your way home. I kind of wanted to talk with you about that process. I'm glad you're starting to function again." the road home, had been hard.
Sparrow Sparrow stares at Sammy for a moment and looks away. "I shouldn't have been the one taking that shot. Abe shouldn't have gotten hurt in the process." That's all she says and there's a quietness to it. Hollow and bitterly dissapointed. "I'll take one of tose bars and grow yer ivy for you, Sammy. You just want me to grow it or you want it grown, specifically, somewhere?"
Iris Lark "We all probably could have done things differently. It's too late to go back and change it now." Iris states, shrugging a shoulder. She moves away as they discuss the plant, putting away the supplies she didn't use and cleaning up after herself. "Honestly, I feel as if I froze and didn't do enough. It all got out of hand fairly quickly, and next thing I knew, Abe was shot and Sparrow was on the floor."
Sparrow Sparrow says, "He lied to us." There's a snarl, "He didnt even have the fucking guts to be honest about it. He lied to us and did it anyway. That's what fucking happened." Sparrow slams her hand into.. well her own thigh. There's a pitched snarl and she recoils into silence again. Ah, maybe that's why she hasn't said a word. Dissapointed Sparrow is dissapointed and angry."
Stockton "And by the grace of havin' to wear this badge, I ain't shot the fucker what knocked her face in," comes a familiar snarl and grumble. The Sheriff of Rottingham, Stockton, stalks in on heavy boots with spurs jangling. The bastard could sniff out all the pretty in the room or somethin. Taking up a lean in the doorway to the workshop he offers a kindly tip of his hat to each of them gathered. "Evenin. 'Eard there was a new resident," he smiles at Iris and proffers a wax capped bottle of something alcoholic, "House warmin and all." Then Sparrow's goin off and he just lets his lips thin some. Adding nothing to it, he's just a little relieved she's finally getting it off her chest.
Sammy     "Actually you both kind of started behaving genuinley crazy at that point. Lets consider that for the sake of argument, the first behavior of a sane mind is self preservation. If we could have stood around in that room and gotten the answers to why, we probably would have deliberated about it and come out with why things were done. But when the building started to go, you were content with staying there, of disappearing into the ocean with it. And so was he." Sammy states, with a rather calm, quiet tone of it, "And that's why I put you on suicide watch and drug your ass out of there. I do hope you'll forgive me for making sure you didn't get the chance again all the way back here?" but there is the apologetic tone to his words. "But we're here, and because we're here to tell it, the mission is complete."
Iris Lark "Thank you." Iris murmurs as she takes the bottle and sets it on the counter. Her lips press together and she leans in to scoop up a sleeping piglet before she faces Sparrow. "He made a mistake, and we've all done that - maybe not on that scale, but we've all done bad things." She holds Bacon close as her eyes move to Sammy as he speaks. "It's done, all of it, and we have to deal with the consequences. Have to figure out a way to use the information we worked to get."
Sparrow Sparrow looks at Sammy and shakes her head. "You don't understand, he didn't save us. If the Enclave has more, we're screwed. The weather patterns are gonna change, and I hope your Ivy is rad proof because there's a whole new swath of changes to the soil, the ghoul numbers, to the plants and the animals of the wasteland. I saw where those bombs dropped Sammy. I wasn't acting fucking crazy, We have an inoculation and the means for a cure. He knew what he was doing was wrong, Sammy, he /lied/. He knew and none of you care that he knew. He deliberately lied to us, all of us, and made the choice by himself. There shouldn't have even BEEN a fucking deliberation." She laughs and there's a hint of something emotional there so it stops and she falls silent. Back to stoicism and looking back at Iris. "We're almost done?" She's picking the bandana up. No, it's still too fresh for her to be legitimately okay with it.
Stockton Stockton lifts his scarred eyebrow up as Sammy calls Sparrow crazy, but he remains chilled out right where he is. Chewing on his cigarillo, he sticks his tongue between his teeth to bite down on too, just for now. Mentions of suicide watch are brought up and he is blinking rapidly for a moment, head tilted. A smile is given to Iris as she takes the gift. "Welcome," he tells her before chuffing softly. "Sure, we all done bad things. How many of us can say we done apocalyptically bad things?" he asks still unconvinced. The livid Sparrow halts any further words he mighta had as she explains things he had a gut feeling about but didn't know. With the bandana coming up again, he moves inside a bit more, clearing room for what may end in a storming Sparrow.
Sammy     "Three nukes. Not thirty. Not three hundred." he counters, "Nature's going to recover, nature always does recover. Nature doesn't care about the little tribes of man." he states, "Now their lab is sunk, and a chunk of their Horde is dealt with, and we can take the time we bought to make sure that they don't vaccum up the small towns along the way. There were so many ghost towns with hints at recent, post-war life that we rolled through. He isn't a hero. He simply did what he thought was right at the time based on the information he had at the time. That's the kind of choices we all have to make, all the time. We work on doing the most good." he shakes his head. "I wanted to try cutting North from South America, because that horde would roll south, hit Argentina, then come back North, hungrier and leaner." he slips his armor on, tucks his helmet under his elbow. "That vine will grow. I pulled it from Azteca. It was climbing a pyramid." he leans down, ties his boots properly, gives a look at the way Iris fixed his leg proper this time, and uses the extension-of-his-arm that is his haunted rifle to push himself to his feet. "I know what it is, to be a soldier returning home. I know a little of the old ways. I'll teach what I can to heal your head."
Iris Lark "The computer said the Enclave has more, that's not an if." Iris responds, and she walks towards the door, setting Bacon down outside of it. Her arms fold over her chest and she watches Sparrow speak, watches her emotions ramp up. "I *do* care that he lied, but I can't change the decision he made, I couldn't leave him behind to die, and I can't imagine that him being castigated is going to make any of what is coming ..better. It's not in me to do that. You might see it as a weakness, and I can accept that, and how you feel, but I can't change it." She gazes down at her feet and adds. "You heard how most of the party behaved at what he did, he's seen as a hero by some and if he hadn't done it - someone else would have. We would still be standing here having this conversation."

She sighs at Sammy as he pushes his way to his feet and she points at him, a severe look on her face. "No Dunwich and no craziness until that bone starts to knit or you and I will have words. You hear me?"
Sparrow Sparrow snorts, "No, Iris. I don't see it as a weakness. But I don't think patting him on the back and fuckign telling him it's all okay is right either. I'm not going to be shamed out of my outrage or told I'm in the wrong for feeling it. Not with so many lives at stake. Bad men lie to cover shit that takes innocent lives. And if he lied, he knew. /Bad/ men. And if he makes this mistake and no one even bothers to show him consequences and we all just pity poor Abe who had to push a button, who didnt even have to look all the lives he's ripped away in the eyes.. And he'll feel free to make them again. If you'll all excuse me." She tips her non-exsistant hat and strides for the door affixing the mask back in place.
Sammy     "... Concern for one's own safety in the face of dangers that are real and immediate is the process of a rational mind. Isn't that exactly what we're talking about?" and he looks with sadness in his eyes to Sparrow, "Neither he, nor you, wanted to leave that building. Therefore, for the greater good, we drug you back to work on fixing your heads." He heaves a sigh, and then glances to Stockton & Iris, sighs a little bit quieter.
Iris Lark Iris clenches her jaw and a hand reaches out to keep Sparrow from leaving. "I can't speak for Sammy, but I don't think anyone else here is patting Abe on the back for what he did." A beat. "Nor will I ever shame you or tell you that you're wrong." She lets go and huffs out a breath. "Don't go, please." She gestures to one of the stools, quirking her brows up briefly at the angry blonde.
Stockton Stockton just grits his teeth some as the talks go heavy and dark. He can't help the scowl coming, "Simply doin what we think is right breeds vigilantism, Sam. And if Abe was a soldier where was his order to set off nukes in our name? He made a decision that's gonna impact everyone, after apparently lyin' about it." He shakes his head and gives the Ranger a look, "Sure, nature will how many hundreds of years? Rather than bringing a cure and finding more people to trade with down South, we now have tah hope the radiation storms don't wipe out our crops." He shrugs a shoulder and sighs, "Sorry, we're gonna disagree on this one, Sam." He looks over at Iris and his form moves for the assist to keep the cowgirl from storming off just yet.
Sparrow Sparrow tends to keep the angries in; they make her look older - but she's not really concerned about those wrinkles right now. Given that her face looks like someone decided to tapdance on it. Iris' words make her pause and Stockton being reasonable makes her give him the -weirdest look-. She blinks at Stockton, then Sammy and then to Iris. "I'm sorry, Sis." She mutters and reaches out to squeeze Iris' shoulder. "It's not on you, and Sammy, I'm sorry this isn't your fault either. I know you've been looking out for me." She says from behidn the Bandana. "And for a while there it mighta been touch and go but all I am now is.." Sher takes a breath to think of a word, "Bitter." Though some people immediately associate the word with vitriol and sulleness. The real meaning holds conotations of regret, pain and grief. And that's about where she's at.
Sammy     Sammy looks to Stockton, "I've been shut in for a few days cleaning, sleeping, and banging dents out of my bike, so I haven't had a chance to sit down and talk with Abe over things. I don't know why he lied. Or what his rationale was for them. But you'll find throughout history, someone had to push a button. Someone had to pull a guilliotine. Someone had to stand in a firing squad." he considers stockton, "And it's better to stand tall before twelve, than be carried by six." he is sticking with that. He heads out, "Enjoy the soap folks. I'm making the next batch with Jumiper, should be ready by next week."
    He looks to Sparrow, one moe time, "I don't blame you for being upset. That's a natural, sane reaction. And you'll work through it in time. Work the Earth. Talk to animals. Do the things that remind you that you are, in fact, alive and connected to all these things."
Sammy     A minute or two after he heads out the door, his motorcycle's bark and whine is heard as it spins up and he cruises back to town.
Iris Lark Iris glances out the door when Sammy leaves, setting aside the soap and wiping her hands on her jeans. "I won't argue with most of what he said, but I should point out that if I see you talking to your animals overmuch, I won't think you're gaining sanity. I'll think you're losing it." She shrugs and takes a seat on the cot. "I mean, I talk to Bacon, but only when he's doing something he shouldn't be doing."
Stockton Stockton gives a tip of his hat to the Ranger on his way out, his gaze flicking back to Sparrow. "Bitters allowed," he says in a mutter, "givin up ain't," he tells the cowgirl as he moves to her and rests a hand on her shoulder. He didn't know and he wasn't there, and now there's a hint of guilt over that in his features. Looking back to Iris he smirks, "Hey, the horse's talk back sometimes," he says with a teasing wink.
Sparrow Sparrow smiles, "I talk to all my animals. Often. Blue and the other one, who I need to name.. Essjay. And of course Stockton." She winks at Iris and then finally moves to hug the doc and then pulls the mask down. "Sorry, angry, I probably should let you finish my face." So young, so angry.
Iris Lark Iris returns Sparrow's hug and she settles on the cot, facing Sparrow so she can continue to work on the bruises and cuts and of course, the cast for her nose. "Noted. If I had a medical journal, this is where I would be noting that you're already crazy." She rolls her eyes and gets back to work. "I think with how you're feeling though, it's probably best that you avoid El Dorado. I can see you shooting someone if they piss you off enough, and you've got a lot of angry in you right now."
Sparrow Sparrow smiles but winces. None of that for a while; it'll help her up her poker face. She inclines her head, "If you didn't know that already Iri.." She teases quietly. But then she gets accused of having an itchy trigger, "Oh, not the whole town. Just one or two people and a Super Mutant." She mutters her reply but lets it go. "I've got work to do here. Gotta get Avalon built compeltely and some walls. Gotta clear those ghouls out by Rosewell.Word is they aint all Hostile though so I'm hopin' to take people who /arent/ quick to gun things down with me."
Stockton Stockton sighs a little at the mention of Essjay and he just shakes his head in utter and profound unamusement with Sparrow. Then his eyes are squinting when he's mentioned. Flaring nostrils and he snorts like a big horse. "You should let her treat yer damn face so you stop walkin' around lookin' like yer about to rob a place," he tells his friend and confidant. The smirk growing as he nods in agreement with Iris, "And we just passed that law what says yah can't do that in city boundaries. So." He mutters right back at her, "Yeah a few people and a mutant," he grumbles before chuffing at her, "I'll go wit'cha soon as I turn in this badge that's keepin me tied to a desk."
Iris Lark "Well you tell me what I can do to help, and I'll do it." Iris says, a slight grin on her face as she patches Sparrow up. "Except for shooting people, I try to restrict that for people who try to mug me in the wasteland." She gets to her feet and points to the bottle that Stockton brought with him. "What's in this bottle?"
Sparrow Sparrow hmms, "Convince him not to give up the badge?" She shrugs, "The people need someone, Stockton, and Clara fucks off randomly and no one else is willing to step in." She mutters as she winces while Iris pokes at her. "Well, helpin' Jude out with here for now is really all I can ask. Then, if ya can see if there's anyone interested in fighting ghouls, maybe talkin' to some non-ferals." She lifts a shoulder.
Stockton Stockton smirks a bit at the point of not shooting people, "You just keep patchin us up, Miracle," he tells Iris. A glance and quirk of his scarred eyebrow is given to Sparrow as his lips thin some and he moves back to a seat while she gets her face stitched and adjusted. Scowling he looks back at Iris and then to Sparrow again, "She already voiced 'er opinion, an' she's of a mind wit you," he is grumbling at this point. Breathing in through flared nostrils he exhales a huff and folds his arms over his chest, "Seems I'm outnumbered."
Iris Lark "You are, but like I said, you'll do what's best for you. That doesn't mean it's best for El Dorado. If you figure you can do more good not having the badge - give it back." Iris says, giving Stockton a look. "I'll see about gathering a small grouup to help you with the ghouls, I'll come with you as well." She lets out a sigh and glances between Stockton and Sparrow, a frown on her face. "Let's be honest though, I haven't see the militia mustering up, or much in the way of plans for defense being discussed beyond walls. Walls aren't going to be enough, and if they're not interested in defending themselves one man, even if he is Sheriff, isn't going to be enough to convince them to do it."
Sparrow Sparrow says, "Well Kitty was saying there's going to be a guard tower. So I mean I guess there's that. As for Avalon, they uh, they don't want tech really. So be very careful about the tech you do use here. They're a little weird and paranoid about it. That's why no guns and why I bought the crossbow. They uh, get less pissy if you use non-tech around them. But.. that said yeah we'll work on Panacho, Tinnie and Hondo soon. Manny is.. I dunno.. busy flirtin with Fiona or somethin'." She huffs a broken laugh. "But I'm sure if Sammy makes noises at him or something we may get some support. I'll feel a lot safer knowing you're there.""
Stockton Stockton's lips are thinned to one side, "I'll do what's best fer the people of El Dorado, even if the one's makin' the decisions don' deserve it," he snorts and his hands unfold so that he can pull out a cigarillo paper and his pouch of tobacco. Sprinkling the dried plant into the leafs pressed together, he starts rolling his smoke. "Manny's gonna do what he's gonna do, and he'll git up an' charge in at the last second like always. We just gotta muster the forces in a direction, the bigwigs'll follow like they always do. Git Sammy on board, git the rest ta follow. We got the Spire fer early warnin, and the walls'll help some, but we need men on the walls. Guns in their hands an' trainin'. We also need as many settlements to call on as we can get. Panacho, Tinnie, Hondo. Send people with guns and people good at talkin', we get the non-ferals on our side that's folk that can withstand the radiation risks of fightin the Horde."
Iris Lark "Sounds like you're keeping the badge then." Iris says, drawing her feet up on the cot, her legs pressed to her chest. She starts to fiddle with her Pip-Boy and she nods along to the conversation. "We could use more watchtowers, honestly, one isn't enough." She clears her throat and grins. "I've learned that if you make a person think that something is their idea, they'll get behind it quicker. Dropping a few well placed and timed suggestions might get the ball rolling in a few places without too much fuss."
Sparrow Sparrow says, "It's a pretty good tactic for the most part and I certainly don't blame ya one bit for usin it. Anyway, it's late and you've fixed me up." She pulls the bandana back up and inclines her head to Iris with warmth in her eyes. "We'll get out of your hair. I'm glad you're our neighbor now." Our? Well. She pushes up and rolls her shoulder, "I better get outside before Essjay figures out how to work the door with his teeth."
Stockton Stockton grunts and just gives a 'look' at Iris. "More watchtowers would be ideal, more people keeping eyes open and patrolling the roads too," he notes before smirking some, "Yup, it's a good tactic, I'm terrible at it, maybe one'a you two charmin' ladies could do the trick," He's mostly looking at Iris right now considering Sparrow is on a warpath. "Have a good night, Miracle," he gives her a fond smile and a tip of his hat. "Yah need anyhin', jus' hollar." After a minute he realizes something and points at the bottle, "Was told it was a sweet wine, monsanto er somethin'," he tells Iris. Looking out the hallway he squints some, "He's figurin' out doors now?" he is not amused.
Iris Lark "Sweet wine, sounds good." Iris says, getting to her feet and snagging the bottle. "I'll get to work on getting people in town to get things done." She offers them both a smile as she walks towards the door. "You two see yourselves out when you're ready and I'm sure I'll be seeing you soon."