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Zealot Shreya "Having heard some tales of supernatural evil, you set off to debunk it. Cattle mutilation, travelers disappearing, the list goes on. When you got there you found yourself in a church where you heard children laughing and wounds were opening up in your chest. You fled. What the fuck was that place? Certainly not some asshole raiders playing tricks like you thought. The wounds were in your mind. Once you get far away from the horror that is Dunwich, you remove your mask and the trappings of your alter ego. As you are getting close to Roswell, you see a carriage at the side of the road. The horse is laying in the dirt and there is some movement around it. As you get closer you hear a woman's voice. "Reginald stay still, I have to make the blood stop."
Augustus Nielson Augustus pulled out his collapesed cane and extended it and began to hobble with his cane towards the downed horse. The front may not have been necisarry for a stranger but he couldn't risk that this was someone he'd met before, or someone he'd see again seeing him without his cane. "H-Hello? Everything alright over here?" he called out, his voice's texture was rough like gravel while still having a wind-like tone almost like a whisper.
Zealot Shreya The woman looks up. "We need a doctor! My husband is bleeding pretty good!" As you get closer you see that the husband has a six gun in his hand though he isnt pointing it at you, its close at hand.

"Bastard shot me when I pulled my gun and shot Radish before he took off. You can see the dust cloud from his horse going to that abandoned part of Roswell. I hope the fucking ghouls eat him."
Augustus Nielson Augustus squinted as he looked on towards the dust cloud looming in the distance. Why would anyone willingly go into roswell? It didn't matter. Augustus slowly approached the downed man and knelt over him and tried looked him over, trying to determine the severity of the wounds.
Zealot Shreya The wife has already used a ripped up shirt to stop the bleeding. He probably needs a doctor to get stitches and avoid infection. Thats not you however. "Scavver told me to give him our horse or he would kill us. We cant survive without a horse. All of our things are in the carriage. I wasnt gonna start over for that punk."

"Quiet Reginald, he's gone now. Save your strength." The woman looks at you imploringly. "Sir if you could go to Roswell and bring back someone to pull our wagon in we should be most greatful. We can pay you."

"Nothing but those zombies in Roswell," the husband says with irritation. "I fucking hate ghouls. One step away from eating people the lot of em."

"We dont have a choice," the wife says tersely. "Will you help us sir?"
Augustus Nielson Closed his eyes and groaned, bending his head down slightly and rubbing his face with his hand. After a long pause he began to speak; "You think some ghoul in Roswell is gonna help you with you wagon? Even I find a non-feral I-" He stopped speaking as if he was interupted and sighed. "Yeah, I'll see what I can do." he said with a half-smile on his face, pursing his lips slightly.
Zealot Shreya "Thankyou sir," the woman says. "I'll pay fifty caps if you can get someone to pull us in to a doctor." There is equal parts hope and fear in her eyes. The husband looks more skeptical.
Augustus Nielson Augustus nodded and turned to head towards Roswell, hobbling on his cane only until he was far enough from the couple to walk like normal without them being able to tell. Stopping to re-take the mantle of The Specter, as Augustus was too paranoid to let anyone see his face, and taking out a attempted murder was practically another monday for him. He approched the ruins of Roswell, keeping his guard up. He had heard all kinds of disturving stories and rumors about what people had seen here, he was slightly sweating at the thought of it.
Zealot Shreya The spectre moves toward town. The non feral ghouls look curiously out at you. Its so unnerving with those freaks as how would you know if they are feral until they are slavering for your blood. You've heard rumors they can turn. You can see a shop in the distance as you pass an abandoned neighborhood on the right. From there you can hear the hungry growling of the ferals. Might as well be the damned. What a horrid fate to feast upon those you once loved. If they have no mind left it would be a mercy. A mans voice shouting can be heard coming from one of the larger estates. "Open the fucking door or Ill burn it down bitch!". The sound of a rifle shot cracks over the city. "Really? Your gonna try to shoot me? Me?!!!"
Augustus Nielson Augustus's eyes looked from face to face, if you could even call them faces. His eyes finally found there way towards the commotion towards one of the larger buildings. His right hand rested on one of his holstered revolvers as he approached the commotion.
Zealot Shreya A horse is hitched to one of the posts on the front of what was once probably a celebrity's mansion. There is an odor of death here. The raider has stepped below the awning so that the home owners cant see him anymore but he is still talking shit. A tall man with hairy arms and big muscles below his yellow flannel and faded jeans. "I like em when they fight," he laughs. "Now Im gonna fuck you too."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya speaks from behind the cover of the window. "Thou shalt not defile this vessel! You will move the Lord of the Glow to Anger!"
Zealot Shreya The man laughs loudly. "Yeah sure, and maybe Santa Claus wont bring me a present this year!"
Augustus Nielson Augustus walked up behind the man causing all the commotion "You ain't fuckin' anyone, son." Augustus's rough voice voice pierced the air, his distinctly southern-wasteland accent more prominent than usual. "I don't know what that woman is on about but it's clear you ain't supposed to be banging down her door."
Zealot Shreya The man turns around and spits a long string of tobacco into the dirt. You notice that in addition to the shotgun slung over his shoulder there is a revolver on his hip. "That right? Are you the Lord of the Glow? You know thats a cool mask. You want to die in it?"
Augustus Nielson Augustus smiles under his mask and chuckles lightly. His hand still resting on his revolver his fingers began to twitch a bit. "That's funny." He tilted up his mask and spat on the ground. "I'm not sure I really give a shit about whatever this Lord of the Glow shit is about, but answer me this Mr. Comedian; you know anything about a dead horse and a wounded wastelander?" Augustus /clint squint/ed at he looked into the mans eyes, waiting on a response.
Zealot Shreya The man has his hand resting on his pistol too. "Yeah. I might know about em. But oh look here come my boys." He gestures behind you with his eyes.

"He's lying," Shreya screeches from above! "No one is out there!"
Zealot Shreya The man chuckles. "Well so much for fun. You really want your life to come down to whose faster. Guarantee you its me."
Augustus Nielson "Son, I've been out-drawing men like you since before you born." without so much as a blink's worth of time after the end of his sentence, Augustus drew his revolver, pointed downwards at the mans gut he fanned the hammer, unloading lead into his viscera.
Zealot Shreya The man crumples to the ground as Augustus fills his guts with lead. "Oh fuck," he says as he tries to clutch at his stomach. There is so much blood. "Oh shit! Oh Jesus Im gonna die!" Apparently this was unexpected for the thief who had been lucky up until now. Shreya comes around the house from the backyard. A 308 sniper rifle is held at the ready but it looks like she wont need it. The man has dropped his weapon and is hitching. He will die soon without medical attention.
Augustus Nielson Augustus sighed and with a spin of his revolver, slipped it back in the holster. He came foward and picked the man up by his hair and the waist of his pants and began to carry him out to the street. "It's distasteful to die on someone else's propery." he said as he laid the man in the street. "If it ain't your time someone will save you, otherwise..." Augustus spat on the floor near the man. "Good riddance." He adjusted his mask as he made his way back to the woman.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya lowers her rifle now that the raider has been dealt with. She picks up the pistol the man dropped and shoves it in the sash of her rags. "Glory to Atom," she says to you. "I sent a prayer to the Lord of the Glow and you come. I give thanks." She bows to you. Looking back at the wretched man convulsing on the ground she tisks. "He cannot die like that." She moves to the back of the house and returns with a broken door. This she carries over to set beside the fallen raider who only moments ago promised to burn her house down and worse. "Help me get him on the board," she says.

"Dont let me die out here," the thief begs fearfully. "I dont wanna go like that! I dont wanna get eaten!"

"Shhhhh," Shreya says soothingly and strokes his forehead. She then looks up at you to see if your going to help.
Augustus Nielson "I can put I bullet in his head if you'd prefer him to die like that instead." Augustus said pulling the revolver from its holster once again.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya shakes her head. "Atom has decided his fate. T'was not to die by the gun or he would be dead already. Help me move him."

"C'mon man you win," the raider begs. "Dont kill me. Do what she says."

"Whats your name thief," Shreya asks.

"Its Billy."

Shreya looks back at you. "Am I going to move Billy myself?"
Augustus Nielson Augustus gave Sherya a look of bewilderment. "Who decided what...?" He shook his head "This guy threatened you and now you're going to try and save him?" After a moment of confusing and debating with himself on wether or not this was a good idea, he finally holstered his revolver hesitantly and lifted the man onto the broken door.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya has to put more effort into hoisting the man than you do. "Wait here while I go get my things. Make sure he doesnt die." She seems to ignore your question as she heads around behind the house.

"Hey man," the Raider says apprehensively as you are left alone with him. "I'm sorry man ok. I'm sorry.". Shreya returns with a mallet and two railroad spikes. Billy cant see her as she is approaching from behind his head.
Augustus Nielson "Shut up." Augustus replied impatiently while waiting for the woman to return, paying almost no mind to the man as he was bleeding out on the door.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya grabs one of the man's hands and drives a railroad spike violently down through his wrist. She then uses the mallet to drive the spike through the wood of the door and into the ground while he is screaming bloody murder. He tries to roll over and make a grab at her or the spike your not sure which. The pain from his gunshot wounds doesnt let him complete the move either way. The merciless Zealot grabs the other hand and nails it down as well with the spike. She sings in a soft spanish voice as she works. "En division gloriosa...hay no differencia en muerte... los ladrones y los santos por el final....."
Augustus Nielson "What the fuck...?" Augustus says under his breath as he looks on, slightly distrubed as the woman performs what he can only think is some odd torture method on the man. He rests his hand on his revolver once again, slightly unnerved by what he's seeing.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya continues humming as she pounds her horrid spikes in. She doesnt seem to pay you mind as you have served your role. She straddles the man's waist eliciting a pained grunt from him. Dipping her finger in his wounds she begins to draw a circle of blood on his forehead. This is followed by a straight line down over his nose and mouth. A wider oval from cheek to cheek. It appears she is drawing a nuclear bomb with his diminishing supply of blood. The eerie humming continues throughout though sometimes she will sing in spanish instead. Who the fuck did you just save?
Augustus Nielson Augustus says nothing, he just stands there, dumbstruck, watching the depraved events unfold in front of him.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya uses the last bit of blood on her fingers to wipe a line of blood down the right side of the atom tattoo on her face before standing. The sounds of the ferals are getting louder...closer. "Come let us go in, for the forsaken of Atom come to the feast."

"No no, I dont want to die like this," Billy cries. "Just shoot me man! Please Oh God please shoot me."

"The nailed God does not hear your prayers Billy," Shreya explains. "Repent unto Atom. Your flesh will act as a sacrifice to the forsaken that perhaps in their beastial rage, they remember that The Lord of the Glow is still our father." She turns away then toward her back gate, expecting the Spectre to follow perhaps.
Augustus Nielson Augustus stared at the helpless man nailed to the door, he was conflicted about leaving the man to be eaten by ferals. He figured he would have bled out by now, it was strange that the man even still had the energy to struggle. The confliction faded almost as quick as it surfaced and Augustus let out a deep sigh and hurried after the woman. He wasn't exactly crazy about being in the same building as this lunatic, but he liked his odds against her a lot more than his odds against a horde of ferals.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya leads you in through the back door. Inside the mansion it might as well be a chamber of horrors except these are no props. "Glory to Atom stranger. Your coming was so timely. Tell me how you came to know."
Augustus Nielson Augustus looked around the room in fascinated shock. He almost didnt hear the woman as she spoke. "I-I'm sorry?" he asked in confusion. "How did I come to know what?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya smiles as she ascends the stairs. "How did you know you were needed here? Your coming was so fortunate wait..." she pauses and listens. By the loud growling noises and Billy's piteous screams, there must be a grisly feast in progress. "His will be done."
Augustus Nielson "I didn't /know/, I just heard a commotion and it looked like he was causing trouble." Augustus looked around the room some more, and backed away from Shreya a bit. "I was also in town looking for an attempted murderer and some hands to help his victims with their wagon." He looks out towards the door and back to the Shreya "And well...I'm pretty sure I found the would-be murderer."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya frowns. "So I was not his first victim. What of these victims? They are stranded outside town. I can go and fetch Doc Reseda. Perhaps some of the other immortals will help us bring them in. Tell me where?"
Augustus Nielson "Not too far out, a few miles out on the side of the highway. Ol' Billy shot their horse and tried to gun down the husband. Their wagon is stranded and..." Augustus stopped himself and took a step back. "You're not asking where they are so you can nail them to a door too, are you?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya raises a brow at you. "Are they going to try to burn down my house and rape me also? If the answer is yes then yes but I think the answer we both know to that is no." Billy's screaming finally cuts off with a gurgle but the ripping, chewing, wet sounds continue.
Augustus Nielson "Fair enough, I guess." Augustus looked around the room once again and sat down on one of the various 'pews' that littered the room. "How long til' those munchers have had their fill?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya descends the stairs again. "Hard to tell. It takes some time to consume a body. We could go over the back wall. The ferals are feasting we should be ok if we are quiet. Otherwise we shall wait a long time I think."
Augustus Nielson "If we sneak out, how are we supposed to gather up the others?" Augustus asked.
Zealot Shreya Billy's horse is going nuts. You can hear its terror filled whinney as the ferals no doubt are closing in. The stomping of its hooves and then, its agonized cries as the pack of ghouls overwhelm the beast.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya puts a finger to her lips to shush you. "Perhaps we shall wait a bit," she whispers. "They are on the porch now. "Come let us go upstairs so they do not hear us or smell. They are in the throes of bloodlust. A dangerous time to go out, this."
Augustus Nielson "You ain't got any pets of the feral variety hanging around here do ya'?" Augustus asks as he scans the room, getting up to follow the woman upstairs.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya shakes her head. She doesnt say another word until you reach her bedroom and she closes the door behind the two of you ever so softly. She takes a seat by the ruined vanity. "I do not keep the forsaken as pets. They were once human."
Augustus Nielson Augustus leaned on the wall near the door. "I've heard a lot of terms for the Ferals, but no one's ever called them Forsaken." he paused for a moment. "As a matter of fact I haven't seen or heard...a lot of the things you've done and said..." He looks around the room curiously before continuing; "What was that about exactly...not just why he wanted to burn down your place here but...why'd ya nail him to the door?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya closes her eyes. "In the end we are all the same. Saints and Murderers, statesmen and thieves. We shall all be reunited in Glorious Division. Billy was a taker. He took whatever he wanted; caps, horses, lives, he didnt care. Billy was a raider, much like those men who held me captive before the mysteries of Atom were revealed to my dead eyes. There is no heaven or hell, only division and recreation again and again. Billy will not suffer in the next life for his sins. I have ensured that his debts were paid. Perhaps he shall not be so wretchedly reborn now that he hath paid in blood and terror and pain."
Augustus Nielson Augustus said nothing for at least a good thirty-seconds. "Forgive me ma'am." Augutus said, in his head thinking this woman had lost it for sure. "I'm still not sure I understand."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods. "So you are not an avatar as I imagined, only a fortunate turn of the wheel. I shall explain. Within each of us are thousands of cells and within each of these, trillion of universes which fold in upon themselves again and again. We all know of the great war and most consider it an evil. Mankind in their hubris saught to be gods, harnessing his holy fire. But it cannot be denied and once set free, the fires of Atom brought our Lord physically into this world. His Glow changed everything, the plants, the animals, yeay even we ourselves. Division...this is what happens when the fire of Atom seperates our particles. They will come back together in time as universes are reborn."
Augustus Nielson Augustus scratched under his beard and contemplated the woman's words. "So you're saying...?" Augustus shook his head and thought about his words for a moment, going over what she had said in his head again. "The bombs were god? Forgive me if I'm wrong but you lost me at 'I shall explain.' ."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya looks irritated but trys to be more patient. "The holy fire of Atom was released by the nuclear bombs. His glow is his connetction to our world, and our connection to Him. The bombs were not themselves Atom."
Augustus Nielson "And this 'Atom' the lord?" Augustus asks, moving to inspect one of the varius bottles of glowing liquid.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods. "Ever since we crawled dumb and naked on the face of the earth, man has saught to know God. All religions had parallels leading to Armageddon but only now do we see that each was only partly right."
Augustus Nielson "So was nailing Billy to that door and leaving em' ta' be eaten by thoem munchers supposed ta' be some sorta' ritual?" Augustus chuckles a bit. "Does Atom demand sacrifice? Or was that just what he gets fer' tryin' ta' burn down yer temple and force himself on ya'?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya thinks about this. "T'was both. I admit I took some satisfaction in it. But had his fate been to die quickly from your bullets, he would have. Had his fate been to die from shock as his wrists were staked to the door, he would have. No. It was the will of Atom that he suffer for his sins, not only those he wanted to do against a Zealot, but all those that came before. Do you mourn for Billy?"
Augustus Nielson "Do I mourn for Billy?" Augustus quietly sighed and looked over to Sherya. "There are two kinds of people in this world, those with loaded guns, and those who dig." Reaching inside of his duster, Augustus pulled out a flask of and took a quick swig before putting it back from where he pulled it. "Billy was a digger." Augustus said, a slight cringe in his voice from the burn of the alcohol.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya looks confused. "Explain this to me. Billy's guns were loaded I assure you."
Augustus Nielson "It's a figure of speech, those with the enough fight to survive keep their guns loaded, and those who don't get buried underground when they perish." Augustus replied. He stood in silence for a moment, listening to the fading sounds of feral ghouls ravaging their sacrifice just beyond the walls of the large home. "Though, in this case I suppose he's more of a dinner than a digger."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods. "I imagine they will get bored in an hour or so when they have gorged themselves on the dead. Its a shame about the horse. I should have remembered to bring it inside. We could have used it to pull that wagon you mentioned also."
Augustus Nielson "So, in the mean time we just hole up here an' hope they don't find their way inside?" Augustus asked.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods. "Indeed. It shouldnt be long." She peeks out the window. "Some are already starting to wander off."
Zealot Shreya Some time later the ghouls wander off as the corpses are picked clean. Shreya waits a bit longer, finally leading you downstairs and around the back of the house again. The front door and the door inside the garage are boarded up to discourage looters or at least give Shreya time to wake up and grab her .308. She leads you through a back alley until finally you are in a safer part of the city. The clinic is inside a rebuilt home facing the main road. A bell strip warns the doctor you are in the small waiting area. A ghoul in purple scrub pants and a labcoat appears. She must be female by the fact that she has breasts. "Shreya," the ghoul rasps. "What have you brought me?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya says, "This wastelander found a family stranded by raiders. They are injured and their horse is dead or shot."
Augustus Nielson "Their horse is def'nly dead. The husband looked stable but he was shot-up pree' bad." Augustus interjects. "They're stranded on the highway bout' a mile or two out. I came into town to get help and find their attacker, and I'm halfway done at this point."
Zealot Shreya Doc Reseda studies you with her beady black eyes. "Well I think we can get some people to bring them in. Smooth skins like you right?" Her voice is like nails scraping a chalk board. "I'll let Tye know to bring an extra horse."
Augustus Nielson Augustus snickered "Smooth Skins?" he asked himself quietly. "Yeah, like me." he replied.
Zealot Shreya "Yes they are," Shreya agrees.

Alright," the ghoul rasps. "You two coming along or this is my word good enough?
Augustus Nielson "Yeah, I'm comin'. Gotta' know they're still alright." Augustus replies before looking back to Sherya "You comin' too?" he asks.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya shakes her head. "I'll just get in the way. You stop by my Church any time wastelander. You know where to find me. Atom keep you."
Augustus Nielson Augustus followed the small group of ghouls out of roswell and began to lead them to where the family was stranded. This wasn't at all what he had planned for today, but when you're The Specter you tend to get tied into everyone else's problems. His mind was on the family, hoping no stray ferals found there way to them and turned them into a gross imitation of what was left of Billy. The sooner this was over with, the sooner he could go back to his home in Acme and get some damn sleep.