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Kurokumo Mibojin      Rumors have been circulating around, that the Expedition had returned relatively intact. She hasn't heard aynthing about who came back, or in what condition. A thousand times Kurokumo has tidied up the Clinic, opening that front door and circling the grounds like a weary vulture. When will he get home? She hopes, trying deperately not to fall into the nagging fear that something has gone terribly wrong. Folks would tell her what happened to Ashur, right? She's bundled in some worn terricloth robe, shuffling around outside as the day winds down.
Ashur Look! The windows shake; the hinges of poorly-made doors squeak. There is a quiet vibration that permeates the air and rises through the soles of the feet to tickle the bones. It begins faint and distant; but swell the sound in your mind, for as its maker comes closer, it grows in intensity! Like a ship cresting an ocean horizon, the smooth movements of the super mutant as he rounds a corner and descends upon the clinic start first by making the dot of his head bigger and bigger, and then the rest of him becomes abstract silhouette; only by the time he's reasonably close, treading over the tangled clotheslines and junk littering the street, are details clear.

Over ten feet tall. More than a thousand pounds. It's muscle and vein, skin blood red and veins bulging all over in bright, almost neon blue. A tiny charred cloak wraps a neck as thick as a woman's torso, and the lumbering behemoth's modesty is kept by a simple thick loincloth of white wool.

The facial features are broader, more blockish. The body is more filled out. But the remaining braided hair, the overall mannerisms and posture-- even if the body is hunched by an oversized lump of muscle in the back-- indicate identity. And the voice, though the vocal chords are thicker and roughened, is familiar.

"My Kumo," the mutant booms.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Looking around bewildered, the young Asian woman pulls the robe tigher around herself and the noticable bulge of her stomach. New Mexico doesn't have earthquakes, does it? Kurokumo peers off into the distance once signs of movement crest within view, and her expression turns from aimless worry into dawning horror as the behemoth makes his way closer. Recognition dawns from watching those braids sway, her breath becoming labored and her tiny frame shaking as she covers her mouth with her hand. Closer and closer does Ashur approach, but Kurokumo doesn't run. Of course, her knees wouldn't move if she had wanted them to. "Wh-what have they done to you?" Is her hushed reply.
Ashur Ashur has had time to acclimate to his new state, and he has faith in its temporary nature; as such, when faced with Kumo's covered mouth and wide eyes and hushed words, the titan responds with a craggy smile, closing the distance in a mere two steps. He was always taller than her, even tall as she was-- but now she is a child against him, a difference of eight inches becoming a difference of over four feet!

The giant leans and scoops the woman up, holding her multiple feet above the ground, that even her toes cannot brush the dirty ground.

"An officer of the Enclave named John Horrigan stabbed me with a syringe," he explains, speaking slow and deliberately as if truly focusing on the words. "There was FEV inside it. Something special. What makes the super mutants, but different. I have been changing since; my body growing, changing color, hurting less. And my thoughts slow, distracted. But they have the stuff to study a cure."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Being lifted to such an unfamiliar height has Kurokumo scrambling to get a grip on that bulky flesh. She squeaks, clinging as she's lifted with ease. "Did you stop the Horde? Are we going to be safe?" The woman in his arms is more worried than frightened, her body finally relaxing into the sure hold as one hand goes to stroke that now mishappen face. Her fingers still tremble, eyes beginning to mist as her husband was changed without notice or planning or any sort of control.
Ashur "We got some nukes in the Poseidon facility," Ashur explains, twirling his bride with carefree spirit. His shape isn't entirely human anymore-- it isn't merely that he's got too much muscle, though he does, but the arrangement of it is different. She could lay across his shoulders, nestle in that hump of muscle, struggle to wrap her arms around his neck; he's just big, big, big.

You know. Super mutant big. He's not the twenty-plus-feet of the older behemoths, but he is larger than the bog-standard ones.

"We dropped them on the Horde. I watched them burn in the fires of Mars; they aren't all dead. There was a lot. But many died. The rest will fall to the NCR and Legion. If any make it here, they will be small groups we can deal with. You are safe, wife."

Another big smile. A light breeze stirs his hair-- it didn't grow with the rest of him, so those once long, back-length braids now pool around his explosive shoulders.
Kurokumo Mibojin      There's a sharp intake of breath as Kumo's not accustomed to being twirled around by Supermutants! It takes a moment to sink in, and from the excitement and tension comes a short bark of laughter. They're...going to be ok. Kurokumo's owwn shoulders begin to relax as she remembers those loving eyes. Her curiousity begins to take over, fingertips caressing the texture of the red flesh of Ashur's cheek. "Does it hurt?"
Ashur "The first two days," the mutant rumbles, voice resonating through that sprawling chest and rocking Kumo's body, "my skin had all sorts of things wrong with it. Boils and cysts growing and popping. My bones felt like they were breaking and rearranging. It's.. like I melted, inside and out, and then someome took me and remade me like an old wax candle."

He pauses.

"Yeah, it hurt. My head was splitting, I itched everywhere, I lost consciousness for awhile. But it settled, and now-- I feel strong! I feel invincible! Nothing hurts anymore, and I'm stronger than anyone. I'm the strongest one there is."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo huffs, a kind of sad, wet laughter that goes along with her brimming tears and broad smile. So much has happened to her brave husband on that mission to save their town and the lives of countless others. She presses those soft lips against the broad expanse of his forehead. "Thanks you for coming home." Her arms tighten around the trunk of Ashur's neck, belly making an unusual jab into his chest. "Ohh!" Is his wife's pained response, smile turning into a brief grimace. "Looks like someone knows that Daddy's home."
Ashur The giant keeps his head lowered when Kumo makes the kissy face, bringing his forehead in range of her lips. "I told you I would," he reminds, "because nothing can kill me. Turn me into a freak of nature for awhile, though.." Given his state, his choices are laugh about it or be profoundly frustrated-- given the potential danger he could be with a simpler mind and superior physiology, he chooses to minimize frustration. At the kick of her stomach, though, he chuckles, holding her with one arm and splaying the fingers of the opposite massive hand across her stomach to feel. "Mm. Can't raise a baby in a hotel. With the Horde taken care of, mostly.. time to find a bigger home."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo looks down, marveling at the breadth of the hand and fingers completely encompassing her belly. He's so warm! And it's good to finally have Ashur home... "Yes, we definitely need a larger place to live. Can't take care our child in the Clinic, either." Just another few months is all them have before a new life comes into their lives.
Ashur "New Rome has much need of talents such as yours," the man remarks, gently setting the woman down upon the ground. That massive hand musses her hair before he begins to walk into the clinic--stooping so very low he nearly goes horizontal to fit, and turning to the side. Even then, his sheer size means there's bumping against the threshold and a bit of pinching and squeezing to do. The world simply is not built to accommodate his new size. "And there is land available. That is where we will go." He nods to himself, rising back up within the clinic, and making his way to her office. He's been walking barefoot for awhile, it will be nice to get off his feet.
Kurokumo Mibojin      There is no way that Kurokumo would get in the way of Ashur's sheer size, and she graciously lets him go first. She winces as he brushes against the ceiling, hear and there, closing the Clinic up behind them. However he makes it inside, her office is small and somewhat cramped. "I'm make sure to have my things packed."
Ashur With a grunt, the looming mutant walks to the side of Kumo's office. There's an old, fake potted plant beneath an outdated calendar decoration, and the fading evening light filters in through an old chipped window with broken shutters. Ashur turns, sits, rocking the ground with the fwoomp of his weight collapsing. His long, long legs stretch and then bend, knees near his chest, spine arched forward, as he rests himself on his legs.

He doesn't fit in chairs anymore, after all.

"Come, my Kumo," he says, waving her over with a hand. "How were you when I was gone?"
Kurokumo Mibojin      Well, don't they make the charming pair? Having come out of the quickly plummeting temperatures of the oncoming night, Kurokumo's robe parts to reveal that she's still wearing her office clothes, hands pulling down the oversized shirt to cover her protruding belly. She should probably invest in a jacket at some point. "I have been bored to tears with everyone having run off. Folks did come to check up on me, but I've missed you so terribly much." Kurokumo makes her way to awkwardly sit down on the floor as well, leaning into Ashur's side.