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B Just another day beautiful morning in the Wasteland. It's early, but not too early. Just early enough for B to be up and about at her shack, presently kneeling in front of it pulling weeds out of the dirt. Behind her, on the sagging porch, sit two girls with their legs dangling over the edge. There's a brunette girl who looks to be eight or nine seated next to a little blonde girl with ringlets. They two of them are busy stripping leaves off small branches.
Fiona Fiona is out and about, on her way to Bitter Lake from the nearby Caine Ranch. She might well have guessed the nature the small dwelling, but being the first time she came upon someone. The woman shifts from the path, waving, "Mornin." She offers as she approaches, slipping her hat off and giving a nod to the woman and each kid.
B B glances up at the greeting. "Oh, hey there," says the raven-haired woman, pausing in her weeding. One hand rests on her knee while the other dips into the folds of her skirts very casually. She offers a friendly smile before glancing back to the girls on the porch. They too paused in their work, but go back to it when B continues to talk to the stranger. "Nice day for a stroll," says she, gaze skimming over the other woman. Noting her uniform, she relaxes just a little more and folds her hands together over her substantial belly. Looks like she's about six months along now. "Can I get you something to drink? I've water back in the shack or something stronger. Bit early for that, but it's there if that's your fancy."
Fiona Fiona slips a forward more at the welcome, resting her hat before her. Attention goes to the pregnant state almost instantly, and an expression of worry rises on her face. "Yes'umm, it is." The soldier girl swallows, shift her mouth in a certain way one might at observing apparent distress. "That would be nice. I was wonderin if you might have a bottle or two I could get for the road? You okay.. Somebody around to help you?" She waves the sway hat towards the ranch, "If you need any help, you know.. In light of your condition." Yea, not much about her would imply a lot of maternal know how.
B B smooths her hands over her belly, smiling a little distantly. "That's kind of you, ma'am, but I do have help around here. And, truth be told, I don't actually sleep here at night. Wasn't sure how safe it was with the girls and another child on the way. A friend of mine stays here, Derk? Have you met him? He's a doctor." As she speaks, B gets to her feet and shakes out her skirts to keep as much dirt out here as she can.

Becokoning the other woman closer, she turns part way towards the shack. "With him around and the patrols, it's pretty safe here during the day. Well .. except for that one incident," her smile presses into a grim line for a moment at the memory, "but it was a case of mistaken identity and .. we took care of it."
Fiona "Oh, good. It is pretty safe here, but better in the walls. Still close enough to the Caine Ranch, if you need assistance." A quick grin and eyeroll, "Yea, that would be the right thing to do.. I am Fiona Caine, the mayor's cousin." A look down and brush at the duster. "Corporal in the militia. I am 'round here, at Bitter Lake and the ranch pretty often." There is a pan around gaze as she steps forward and offers a hand. "Incident."
B "Mmmn. Couple of months back now. Some thugs came around looking to make good on a bounty, I guess. I don't rightly know the whole story .. only that they kept calling me Sparrow as they tried to put holes in me. Thank goodness the girls were back at the ranch that day. Drake ranch. Aidan thought I should stay there for a while. He's part of the sheriff's department, but you probably know that. Anyways, best I can figure, they were confusing me for Sparrow Drake. Don't know what they wanted with her -- they never said -- but they won't be bothering her or anyone anymore."

The raven-haired woman smiles and steps forward to accept the offered hand and give it a pump. "I'm B," says she, matching her name to the small tattooed letter B on her cheek below her right eye. Sharp eyes would note that the brunette girl on the porch also has a letter on her cheek. Hers is G.

"Well, best come on up and have a seat. I'll get you something to drink. You said you wanted some for the road? I charge two caps per bottle, same as your cousin's saloon. Keep meaning to run into her and see if she'd sell some of my brew. I've more bottles than I need, considering. How many would you like?"
Fiona There is a glance off at the mention of the thugs, the sort of frown and stiffening that one gets in a 'how dare they?' "Sparrow, her I know. She was with us in Mexico, nice person." There is a glance to cheek mark, her amber eyes catching, a deepened breath. The legion assigned guilt, and Fiona has strong feelings about them all her own. Moving to settle after the hand shake and release, Fiona looks back to the woman's face. "I'd take three then? Enough to share with the squad on trips. I can talk to Kate about it, let her know how close you are. I am sure she'd be interested. Maybe mention you at the base too, B." As long as they stay steady, carrying booze is completely legit in the somewhat informal military.
B Fiona wouldn't be the first militia member to stop by and take up B's offer of refreshments, and it's unlikely she'll be the last. Groups stop by from time to time to refill their canteens despite the short walk to Bitter Lake.

B nods. "Three it is," says she with a smile before pushing open the door and stepping into her shack. The view from the door shows it to be not too large, and crammed with stuff but in an orderly way.

While she's gone, the two girls look over to the stranger. The younger blonde shies away, hiding behind the older one. She has big blue eyes that have seen too much in her short lifetime, sadly common these days. The older one pats the blonde on the knee. "S'okay, Pony," says she, "she won't hurt you." Then, to Fiona, she says, "Don't mind her. She doesn't much like people at all."
Fiona A hand lifts to brush back a loose bit of hair from her temple. She glances over at the children, but drops her eyes away as nervously. No, not the type to be around kids much. The mark seeming to make it worse in an 'if I had been there' way. Like some though, it is just taking burdens on herself.

"Nah, I am the nice sort, a good gal. I hunt the bad guys." A over easy nervous smile, then back to the booze and the trade. A bag purse is taken from her pocket, and she gets the caps ready. "Thank ya." She offers, palming the count and offering if forward.
B The girl marked G just shrugs anyway and returns to her work. The little blonde called Pony continues to watch Fiona from the other side of the brunette.

B isn't gone long. Soon after the brief exchange, she's back with a couple of bottles and a dented but servicable tin cup. "Here you go," says she, offering the whole lot out before accepting the purse in return. "Hope it's to your liking, and if you have any ideas on what I should try next, just let me know. I'm happy to try something new. Got three stills in the back. Moonshine, Whiskey and I haven't settled on the third."
Fiona "Thank you." Fiona offers, slipping the bottles to her pockets. "I might be asking more than I know. I haven't a clue on brewing, but I am partial to tequila if you can manage? Like I said, I aould not know, I think it is made with catus?" She takes the cup, lifting it for a sip, trying not to further eyeball the girls. "Thank you again, like I said, I'll mention it to Kate, or Willow, whichever I see next." The words implying Willow might even be the one to handle things in Fiona's mind at least. Another sip, "I hope to see you soon, I am supposes to check on a recruit today though." With that a finishing turn up and the cup is settled down, "And I am just fine with whiskey. Certain I will stop by again soon."
B B taps her chin. "I heard talk of a couple of people with brewing holodisks for sale in town. Maybe one of them has a tequila recipe on it. And I appreciate it if you would. I keep meaning to track them down, but I'm sure Katherine is kept very busy with her new duties. Don't know a Willow, but I'll keep an eye out for one as well. Between the two of us, I'm sure we can make it happen." She smiles again and nods to Fiona. "You're welcome anytime. If I'm not here, Derk might be. He's good folk. It was nice meeting you, Fiona Caine."
Fiona "Willow is the mayor's sister, sometimes runs things." A grin and she adds a little quieter, "Some times including Kate in family business." She starts to move out. A smile, "Nice meeting you, I'll keep an eye out." A nod to the girls and she heads for the door.