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Owner Pose
Iris Lark      A real honest to goodness pre-war train car sits here and has been lovingly restored by the owners of this fine establishment. Iris has wandered over here from the clinic, happy for a break, and she stares that the menu, trying to decide between whatever a hamburger is, and a hot dog. She has her little piglet in her arms and she croons softly to him, trying to get some help in making a decision.
    Bacon squeals at Iris as she speaks quietly to him, but then again he squeals after everything she names, so he's either hungry or he doesn't care which item she picks out. Finally she steps up to the counter and tilts her head, ordering a hot dog and some frenched fries. She puts down her money and steps aside to wait for her food.
Lucky The well-known Ranger kid entering the caboose was not entirely enthused. No, rather he wore a rosy red cheek, a purple, bluish black ring around his eye and a cut lip. The swelling has subsided, making it more than tolerable since the incident.

Groaning, he steps inside the Caboose; wearing his signature Desert Ranger Duster, the left sleeve rolled back to make use of the pip-boy he so fond of and underneath the duster was a brown shirt and blue jeans.

Lucky heads on over to serving area, glancing up to review the food board.
Kaelyn In wanders Kae! Right behind Lucky! The tall woman tries to skid to a stop and just barely is able to avoid running into the other person... She blinks and calls out "Sorry!" Before glancing around the place curiously... "Oooh don't think I've been in a real one.." CORA pipes in "Plenty of simulations of them while you were 'growing up'" She says and Kae blinks and shrugs "Probably..." She adds before the woman blinks and notices Iris and her pet Bacon... Kae grins and offers a wave to her too "Halloo!"
Iris Lark     Iris turns when Kaelyn calls out to her and a smile touches her lips as she waves. She spots Lucky when he walks in as well, and her head tilts as she takes in his scrapes and bruises. "What happened to you?" She asks, grunting at Bacon starts to squirm and fuss. She sets the piglet down and it trots over towards Kaelyn, almost dancing on his tiny legs as he tries to get her attention.
Lucky "Well hello Kae, how are ya?" Lucky says, avoiding Kaelyn as they nearly collide. His head turns to see Iris and bacon.

"Some stupid thugs thought /I/ was Joe Caine." He looks between the two. "Joe! I mean, come on.. how can they get us mixed up!? I am definitely more handsome and good looking than that guy." He groans, rubbing his jaw. "At least they didn't disfigure my face too badly.." He adds.
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head curiously, then with an impish grin. "I mean the black eye greatly resembles em and all.." she says and grins a bit before she looks to Iris, the woman then looks down at the Pig and pats it on the head "Hallo Bacon..."
Iris Lark     Bacon squeals at Kaelyn and satisfied that he's checked her out he trots back over towards his mistress who is getting her hotdog and french fries. She takes her food and takes a seat, helping Bacon up to sit near her. She picks up the hot dog, gives it a considering look, before she takes a bite.
Lucky "Oh ha-ha." Lucky retorts, pausing his rubbing of the jaw. "Still better looking." He mumbles calmly, moving over to the food board. "So Kae, what would you like? I'm buying." He notes, glancing to Iris "Yours too." He adds.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and umms "Well don't have to but ummm... I like chicken'fried steak sammaches with fries and gravy to dip everything in." she says now suddenly all smiles.. CORA points out now "Fattennniiing...." Kae blinks and glances to CORA "And with the Metabilism I'm engineered with this matters how?" CORA pauses a moment... "ooh, good point..."
Lucky "Uh.." Lucky says, blinking to Kaelyn. "Damn, wish I had that kind of metabolism." He responds shrugging. Stepping forward, he says "I need a chicken'fried steak sammache with fries and gravy dip." He pauses before shrugging again. "You know make it too. And whatever Iris wants when she comes back in." He tells the clerk whom gives a brow raise "Er, the female with the pig named bacon." The clerk gives a slow nod before paying for the food; giving a little extra for whatever Iris wants to buy. Turning, he heads over to a table. "So how are you Kaelyn?"
Kaelyn Kae pauses and tilts her head before she shrugs "Okie! Been working with shooting while in melee and stuff with simulators and whatnot that CORA runs... Umm Oh yah also been trying to research virus vectors and the like to maybe help with this FEV mutant strain..."
Lucky Settling in a chair, Lucky looks over to her "Simulator eh? Sounds kind of interesting.. And if you are needing some help with shooting.. I can help if you like." He replies. The last bit though goes over the Rangers head "I .. see. Well, uh good luck?" He inquires.
Kaelyn Kae umms "If you say so, CORA litterally kinda drums it in while I sleep." she says and shrugs slowly.... The girl then grins a bit as her drink, lemonade, is delivered and she begins sipping..."Anyhow yah, am hoping maybe I can help come up with some kind of FEV Antigen.... would be nice if I could help out."
Lucky "Er, wait. Sleep? How does that even work?" Lucky asks, a confused look on his face. "Science.. isn't my fortay.. but I do hope your able to come up with this.. FEV Antigen? Sounds like it could save lives in the future." A glass of tea is placed before Lucky and he picks it up, drinking it.
Iris Lark     "We'll be workong on the cure soon, and you're more than welcome to join us Kaelyn." Iris remarks, looking up from where she's eating. "I'll be in contact once we gather the scientists to start working."
Kaelyn Kae grins at Lucky... "CORA's fortay is genetics... I've learned a bit about it and can possibly help." She responds, then she looks to Iris and nods.. "Am hoping mebbe I can help? Also I have a rather unique antibody that makes me pretty much immune to most disesases out there and whatnot... Might be able to use that to help come up with a antigen vector and whatnot?" Offers Kae, then she looks to Lucky and grins cheerfully "It's all kinda crazy and stuff what with all the sciency stuffs...."
Lucky "Er, yeah.. it is." Lucky responds, looking down to the table and quickly picks up the team; drinking it. Most of the medical science stuff was going completely over his head. As his sandwich is place in front of him, he exclaims "Ah, food!" and happily munches down on the sandwich.
Iris Lark "Well you're welcome to join us, I am not a scientist, and I'm surely not any kind of researcher. I'll just be there to offer whatever other assistance I can." Iris says, pulling open her coat and showing the syringer. "I'm dropping off the samples to Einstein and a few others in Acme at some point soon." She takes another bite of her food and adds. "You should come when they gather, tell them about your antibody and see if it can be of any assistance."
Kaelyn Kae nods rapidly and smiles "Sure will be most happy to help you..." She says cheerfully... Then she glances at the sandwich... "Oooh chicken fried steak sammich.." She mutters and tilts her head at it... Next the young woman begins to pick up the sandwitch. She looks it over then dips it in a bowl of gravy before picking it up and beginning to bite in... "Yaaay, tasty!!!"
Lucky "Well, see... There you go Kae. Sounds like they could use your help." Lucky replies cheerfully before taking another bite of the sandwich; savoring the taste of the food.
Iris Lark     Iris continues to eat quietly, occasionally breaking off bits of food to hold down for Bacon. "What else has been going on since we've been back? I haven't seen too many people, and I haven't heard of anything that went on here while we were gone."
Kaelyn Kae umms "Not much for me, going through CORA's files on genetics, and virus propogation, as well as mutagenic pathogens spread by virus, etc... See with an adult subject the best way to create controlled mutation is through Virus contamination, That and the speed by which a virus can propogate. Problem, usually is the virus dies and so does the person usually... Rapid uncontrolled mutation puts a lot of strain on the subject and usually you end up with mush, or something very not appealing..." she says and tilts her head before blinking "Sorry just spattering out what I was reading about."
Lucky Setting down the sandwich, Lucky looks over to Iris "Er, we.. not much really. It has been pretty quiet." He then looks over to Kae with a rather confused look. "Uh..." He says, blinking. "I uh, like cats?"
Iris Lark     "Well I'm sure that Einstein and the Knox brothers will be happy to have your knowledge." Iris says, smiling at Kaelyn. She turns and dips her head briefly at Lucky. "Thank you for buying my lunch."
Kaelyn It's now Kae's turn to blush just a lil "Sorry. I got carried away." she says with a slight smile... She glances at Iris' lil piggy and grins "I take it Bacon's doing quite well?" She asks curiously, and glances to Lucky curiously "So what were ya doin' out in the wastes lately?"
Lucky "Your welcome Iris; you help keep me alive, so.. least I can do is feed you." Lucky replies kindly, giving her a soft smile.

Looking over to Kae, his smile turns a bit warm as he says "I think it's kind of cute that you get carried away in the science stuff." He compliments, pausing to eat a bit more of the sandwich.

"Er, mostly scavenging; it.. is sort of a passion of mine." He replies.
Iris Lark     Iris glances down at Bacon and nods a few times. "He's doing okay, getting fat, hanging out with me in my new house." She says, giggling softly. "Would either of you be interested in a little project?" She asks, an impish smile touching her lips. "It's going to be hot, sweaty and not fun..but I'll be cooking for people who help."
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head curiously "Mebbe what issit y'need done?" she asks curiusly, the odd pointy-eared girl now smiling between bites of gravy-dipped french fry..
Lucky "Well... you said food sooo.. sure, what's up." Lucky asks, interest perked about the little project as he looks over to Iris.
Iris Lark     "I'm going to be helping Sparrow, Jude and a few others build walls out in the settlements. I have a house in Avalon, you all are welcome to stay with me, and I'll keep everyone fed and watered while we build." Iris says quietly, offering both people a happy smile. "I've plenty of room, lots of bedrolls.."
Kaelyn Kae oooh's and nods slowly "I guess I can helps with that... Though if it's walls to help repell a huge amount of like uber-mutants and stuff, might be needing to make them out of some pretty heafty stuff and make em hard to climb over too.." She says and smiles cherefully... "you guys prolly know more about architecture than I do though."
Lucky Lucky shrugs and smiles happily "Sounds exciting; so, count me in!" He replies before finishing off the sandwich.
Iris Lark     "They've already got all of the structure planning done, I'm going to imagine they took all that into account." Iris responds and taps some notes into her Pip-Boy. "I'll let Sparrow know that you two are willing to help." She says, taking her plate up to the counter before she scoops up Bacon. "I need to get home though, I've some things to do, feel free to stop by Avalon if you need anything."
Kaelyn Kae oooh's and nods slowly... She then grins now and offers a wave to Iris "Have fun then and enjoy your new home and all?" she says and grins cheerfully "I'll be out there soon as I can to help out with the wall."
Lucky "Always willing to help" He replies with a warm smile; adding "and okay Iris and take care. Say hi to Jude for me."
Iris Lark "I will, he's been missing you, you should stop by and see us soon." Iris says, cuddling Bacon against her chest. "Stop by anytime, I'll be hoeme tonight." She says, pulling her cloak up and waving goodbye.