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Owner Pose
Darlene     The System 33, as ever, is a spic and span masterpiece, despite the fact that it's supposed to be a repair shop and tech shop. And this evening, it's mostly closed. The sign is flipped, but there's a light on inside.
    Also inside, there's a Darlene and a Mr. Griffin, back in the showroom. Miss McCrivin leans up against a wall, waving a beer around a bit. "So, yeah, I've got some of that stuff, but the rest I'll have to find, and I'm not sure if some of it is going to be in that spot I'm takin' you guys too." A little lady-like burp, and she makes a face, smiling to cover it up.
Carter Griffin For the moment, Carter has opted to not drink, letting her drink as he listens to her. "So this area we are heading, is it an abandoned vault? Or perhaps some kind of Vault-Tec facility?" He asks, as he looks around her room. She has it immaculatelyh decorated with everything, a solid theme. He's barely ever had a room to himself let alone be able to decorate it.
Darlene     "Okay so it's this old like tech lab, as far as I can tell, but I can't tell who it belonged to from the first floor. But it looks like it was something to do with cars, so like, maybe they worked on motors and stuff? Power sources? I'd love to be able to find like a crapton of cells in there!" Lene swings her legs underneath her as she hops up on a counter and then points the neck of her beer at Carter. "And I know you'd like to find like a Corvega or something down there, wouldn't you, Mr. Ranger? Maybe one of those big bikes?"
Carter Griffin "I admit that finding one of those would make traversing the wasteland a lot easier." He says, though he'd have to figure out how to ride it, but that'd be something he'd need to figure out if he found one of those. He scratches under his chin a bit, "I did already agree to go you know, you don't need to convince me."
Darlene     Darlene rolls her eyes a little bit and then kicks her legs again. It's a long moment or two as she considers her words. "I dunno. I figured I just didn't want to be drinkin' alone tonight and goin' to the saloon seemed like a dumb idea so I figured drinks and talkin' business after that mess with the sheriff. You know."
    She nods her head to the fridge in the corner. "The compressor even works, so it's proper cold."
Carter Griffin He does walk over to the fridge, opening it up, and taking out a Sunset Sasparilla, popping the top and pocketing the cap, "Been a long time since I had one of these cold." He says, as he grins and walks back over, "It's a shame about the Sheriff. Killed by somebody else's incompetence." He shakes his head, "But that could happen to anyone."
Darlene     "And that's why I'm drinkin, cause I could have been the one gettin' stuff from that caravan. I mean..." Lene sips her beer and then grumps. "It's not like I'm not... used to death but still. Gettin' blow to hell is not how I'd want to go out. I'd prefer to let people... I dunno, have something to bury. Call me old fasioned." A furrow of her pretty face and she swishes beer around, swallowing after a long moment.
Carter Griffin "Yeah well don't worry too much about dyin'," The Ranger says, "Try to stay focused on livin'. That's my motto." And that's what he does, trying his best to keep people safe when he can.
Darlene     The girl sighs, and shuffles off her perch to wander over to Carter. A moment to get on her tip toes to smooch his cheek. "Ah, you're sweet. Thanks for bein' honest." She leans back against one of the shelves, and grumbles. "Must be nice to have mottos, or that nice set of dogtags to live with. I ain't got nothin, so."
Carter Griffin "Speaking of being honest." He says, "Why can't you go back to your vault? I mean you seem to have a pretty good set up here in Vault City but...I suppose I'm just curious."
Darlene     "Oh, well, that's really obvious." Those pretty brown eyes look right at Carter, and the Vaulter smiles. "I thought I told you already? I left Vault 33 after there was a catastrophic failure in the depths of the Vault that wrecked the facility's water sytems and rerouted the fusion plant's coolant into the mix taps for the Vault Suit extruders and people started getting super sick! I grabbed the last of the clean Vault Suits and ran! And that's how I got here. Even now, there's fashion concious ghouls out there wearing the Vault 33 Suit and that's why I stay in El Dorado, so ghoul hunters don't get me."

Carter Griffin "Ah, yes." He says, "Well I'm sure most Ghoul hunters will be able to tell the difference between you and a regular Ghoul." He says, with a bit of a grin, as he finishes up more of his sasparilla, "So what is your goal in the long term?" He asks, "Run a successful shop here? Or something more?"
Darlene     Miss McCrivin smiles cheerily, and snickers. "Something like that, I mean... It's not 33, but it'll do. The EllDee isn't that bad a place to live, all things considered. We're not New Vegas, but it's... it's a place I can call home for now. And I might as well, seeing I've got all this stuff here now." She holds out her arms, turning in place to look at her store.
    "And AND I get to lure handsome men into my lair and they don't balk at it." Lene stick out her tongue and winks.
Carter Griffin "I've been to New Vegas. I've been to Shady Sands, I've been all over most of the wasteland, from the Boneyard to Lone Star." Well the Mojave wasteland and the rest of the Southwest...He hasn't made his way to the east coast, because there's too much stuff between here and there...Someday, maybe.
Darlene     "Oh, I suppose you would have to have done that, yeah." Lene leans on her shelf and polishes off her beer, before looking at the tall Ranger. "So, out of all of that, all of those places you had to go wreck stuff in the name of the En Cee Arr, what did you enjoy seeing?"
Carter Griffin "Honestly? Seeing people happy." He replies, "Nobody smiles in this world. Most people try to make it day to day without starving to death. So to see someone smile, be it because you brought back something important to them, or saved them from someone who meant them harm.." He finishes off his drink, "It lets me know I'm making some kind of difference in this crazy, fucked up world."
Darlene     "Oh hell, is that all?" Lene smiles and smiles brightly. "I can't tell you how much I love smilin'! It's the best thing in the world, 'cause like you said, no one sees it enough!" She does get up in Carter's face though, nearly poking him in the nose with her finger. "But ain't all of that that makes people smile, and you know it, don'tcha?" She huffs lightly, and goes back to leaning.

    A moment to brush at her suit, and Darlene lets out a breath. "Anything else I can get'cha for, handsome?"
Carter Griffin He actually smirks a bit as she gets right up in his face, but lets her back away, "I don't think I need anything else. I am quite content, for the moment. Just do let me know when you are planning your expedition so I can properly prepare."
Darlene     One last smile from Lene, and then she's policing up Carter's bottle and her own and dumping them in her recycling bin. Hey, never know when you're going to need them. "I will, Mr. Griffin. You take care now. Make sure the sign says closed on your way out, would you?"
Carter Griffin "You got it." He replies, as he heads for the door, flipping the sign around to closed, and then shutting the door behind him on his way out. Once outside, he takes a moment to put on his helmet before stepping off, vanishing into the night, probably to try to find a place to bunk down for the evening.