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Manuelito Sunday, March 27

It is said in an old movie dating back before the war that there were literally a thousand ways to die in the wild west; gunmen, Indians, the landscape, plagues, viruses, and the multitude of animals. Fast forward through civilizations greatest accomplishments, to just past when the bombs fell and one will find that the statement is true once more.

The shopkeeper's son had disappeared several months back. He had promised his dad to bring back rare technologies, plenty of caps and maybe a bit of fame for their poor, desuetude family. A jovial smile on his face he set off to the wasteland to make his mark. Days would pass and at first, his luck was great. Trade with Acme, Jack town and deadwood brought in the caps and equipment to sell. But for the young, eager lass it was not enough. In Acme heard of rare treasures to be had in the Salt Creek Wilderness and decided to head north, in to infamous Salt Creek Wilderness. And So, the smile shifted from jovial to amiable to midcore to a frown to despair as the days turns to weeks. Then one day, after many months, he didn't show up in Acme.

Manuelito learned of the shopkeeper's plight after not being seen by his dad in months. It took several days of tracking, investigating and getting the information he needed. Still, he was nowhere near finding the kid. Salt Creek Wilderness was huge, and what little he could gleam from Acme was that he was after a bit of treasure in northern canyon sections of Wilderness.

And so, Manuelito gathered his posse at the North Gate Entrance to El Dorado. Information was said, people were given what horses they had and the rest walked. It would take half the day to reach the Wilderness, a night at the campsite and most the morning but they finally arrived at the Canyons inside the Wilderness. "This may be a fool run. Last information I had was the kid headed here about a three days' prior with a lot of climbing gear, some explosives and claimed he found something." He informs them quietly. "Be on the lookout for tracks. Probably loaded down mule or horse, so the imprints will be deep."
Dusty Rose When they reach the point at the canyons Dusty Rose stops, leaning foward a bit to brace her hands against her knees and sucking a few deep breaths in. She's use to being on her feet for long periods, but that's working around a machine shop. Not a two day hike into the Wilderness with only a break to sleep overnight.

Once she's partially caught her breath she stands up and pulls on her goggles to keep the dust out of her eyes while they're exploring. "There's a lot of rough terrain out here isn't there? Gonna be a lot of distance to cover if we don't find no trails."
Orathio      Orathio did not arrive in El Dorado all that long ago. He did not even have time to fully start what he planned to do with his own goals here. In fact, one of his first goals after getting a good room, a good meal, was to meet some of the merchants here for resupply, get a good pulse of the town. This is when he have heard of the man's plight, of a lost son that have forgotten his way home. Or worse, is dead. The ignorance of his fate is perhaps worse than knowing if he is alive or dead... even if being alive is far more prefferable. Orathio is not quite certain that this will be the case.

     After further examination, the newly arrived man joins at the North Gate Entrance. With a brief conversation, he joins the expedition, but kept mostly quiet on the way there. He's walks along, unafraid, peering onward until the arrive.

     "The boy may be dead." Orathio comments, clasping at his amulet as they spend the time at the campsite, staring on ahead. "What else do you know about him? I have come here very recently." He says, giving a tap to his Pip Boy's sides, turning a knob. A faint, blue light spreads out from it as he uses it to help look for tracks... or any clue around the place. "May the Lady's fortune smile on his darings and that we may find him whole, free." He mumbles, touching each prongs of his amulet in clock-wise order.
Aidan Drake Aidan had heard of the party heading out and joined up just as they were getting ready to leave, dressed in his finest cowboy digs with a rifle in a scabbard mounted to his saddle. As they get to the canyon he dismounts with the rest of the folks and looks around before he steps off to the side to start looking around to see if there's anything that him and his eagle eyes can spot.
Molly Brown So once there were a thousands ways to die out here if the old movies were right, evenif they were embishing there would still be hundreds. Today? Things are different and perhaps worse. The old records don't show any signs of horrors like Death Claws exisiting before the bombs fell after all. Stil here she was ready ot help look for the miggin young man.

"I know it might be a fool run, but what are we going to do. Even if we find him ... dead. It's better his family does know than woners what if?"

the Vault suit wearing woman had a poack sporting several bits of gear. She took note of Orathio and grinted a bit she also noticed Dusty rose as well was here. However she's now looking for little things, signs of gear, or fights, anything that might hint at the young man's passing through here.
Skittles Skittles also takes a moment or two to catch her breath, "I'm tired, but, I prefer it to soar thighs any day.". She pants heavily once, and then twice, before taking in a deep breath, holding it, and releasing it slowly. As she takes in her surroundings, she frowns, not quite sure what she's looking for. The principles of tracking were known to her sure, but the skill never had to be applied before. Still though, diligent as ever, she proceeds with an intent concentration.

     "Huh, nobody heard any explosions?", she asks as she treks along, her overalls stuffed with a PDW and a slim energy weapon. Over her shoulder is slung a very tactical looking assault rifle, definitely prewar. The red and black strap of the weapon matches her BoS fatigue jacket, which is only slightly too big for her slight frame.
Ruane Roman Raune is the sort of individual who might be more than a little bit out of place travelling with this group. A thin sort of man who doesn't really do a whole lot except walk around, eat food and exist, but a pair of sharp eyes and ears at least are able to guide his movements and actions in occasionally.. sometimes maybe directing the group in the right direction towards where a missing person might go. Or really.. his best guess.

Thus as the group assembled inside the Canyons. Roman then will look about before studying Orathio for a second then Dusty and back to Manuelito the man who is suppoesdly leading the expedition. "So we are looking for prints. Three days. imprints may be blown over in the sand. Possible drag marks though exist. Waste products as well. Certainly will keep an eye out."
Roxie Now, Roxie isn't much for the ''finding lost children'' business, but she'd sworn an oath to serve and protect the citizens of El Dorado. To protect the peoples that reside there and their property. Her involvement had nothing to do with the promise of treasures for which the boy so galliantly galloped out of the comfortable bosum of town.

Atop her noble stead, Dog (it's a horse), a hedious beast to be certain with it's mange and near ravenous luster for the groins of other such animals, she cantered along with the posse with a cigarette burning between her raisin green/brown lips.

"You can tell a lot by poop..." Roxie agrees with Roman, pointing his way, "everybody keep an eye out for large mounds of crap. If he's dead, he likely been ate, if he aint, he's definitely making twosies. Win-win for us."
Katherine Caine Katherine moved along with the group astride the black stallion Apocalypse, the horse itself snorting whenever another horse got too close to it. Adjusting the brim of her cowboy hat she flashed a smile in Aidan's direction before looking at Roxie, "Always some kind of shit with you, isn't it?" Cracking a joke at her old friend.
Manuelito Manuelito shakes his head quietly. Gesturing his hand, he begins to trek into the canyon eyes looking for anything that might be out of place. Slung over a shoulder was a sniper rifle, at his side his trusty pistol. It was slow going for now.
Skittles Skittles makes a face as her foot steps in something, her eyes drawn downwards to the piece of shit under her foot. "Yuck she says. Stooping lower, "Um, well, this looks a few days old, could be his I guess, so we're on the right track.".
Orathio      Orathio makes no comment on poop. The Ghoul is absolutely correct. Everyone does, after all. "Let us stretch our ears and banter less." The tall man says, muttering under the light of his ornate Pip Boy. His eyes glances around, then stopping suddenly, crouching down to see something. Litter. Litter is proof. He picks it up, squinting his eyes against the light of his computer. "Radaway." He mumbles, then more louder. "Either our young fellow had an habit, Lady preserve him, or he was preparing himself... Or this is a coencidence."
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose just trudges along with the group, until something catchs the corner of her eye. She veers off to the side a bit, and picks up something from the ground. "Hey, there's a medical kit over here! Maybe it fell out of his stash of equipment." Pause. "Or anyone elses... if anyone else even comes out this way." Well it's still some indication someone's been out this way.
Carter Griffin Ranger Griffin has taken up his standard position towards the back of the possee, keeping an eye on their rear and doing what he can to make sure nobody gets the drop on them.

As he walks along, he catches something out of the corner of his eye, a glint of something shiny. He doesn't like spotting shiny glints when he's in open territory. He raises his carbine up to his shoulder and aims it at the glint to try to get a better look.
Ruane Roman just lifts his head slightly, his eyes focusing on the horizon of the canyon itself before he lifts a finger slightly to point to the north. "Footprints, Multiple. Exact number of tracks uncertain, likley two." Roman observes rather simply. The man doesn't make to lead the way as he just stands still, waiting for someone else to verify his findings but then, his gaze shifts to study Dusty then. "Interesting. You found that? On the ground. The possibility of contamination is high. Exercise caustion, Dusty." Roman observes.

They'll head northward.. sometime right?
Roxie "It's always some shit with all humans..." Roxie confides with Kitty, "You're all notorious about taking dumps..." Out right ignoring any directive not to stop bantering as they amble along. Her Carbine strap adjusted with a little tug of her fingers and her attention does snap in another direction, "Well I'll be damned, the weird tall guy was right... ya'll shut up for a second and I heard something important over yander!" Pointing, first one direction and then another, "Explosion... Guess it's safe to say he farted on a campfire... also a common mistake of many humans who don't realize methaine gas is flamable..." She clicks at her mule, "Alright, well we can return to town and tell his father he farted his way into the sunset."
Aidan Drake Aidan glances around and smirks a bit and shrugs, "Always fun stuff." He pauses and peers down the road a bit, "Hey what's that up there? I see something shiny anybody else see it?"
Skittles Skittles glances between Carter, Aidan, and Roman, "Uh, our options are between a shiny something, or footprints... I vote, footprints.".
Molly Brown Molly Brown pauses for a momnt as she searches she knells down to pick up a cain which she takes a look at. "Hey I think I found something, A can of beams Uncle Sams nuclear Beans. Think they belong to the guy we were looking for?" She'll hold the can up and give it a look over on her pipboy as well to see if it might have some information on this stuff.
Ruane At Aidan's and Carter's observation, Roman's eyes shift to look slightly into the distance as his brow lifts slightly. "Human shaped. Held aloft by an unknown object. Possible a message? Trap is far more likley." Roman observes before looking to the foot prints again that lead northward. "If trap, best to ignore. If not, then the body will still be here when we return." Roman notes as he steps forwards lightly as if to try ad encourage the group to follow. "If it is him, tracks will lead us to teh corpse and definetly a trap."
Joe Caine Joe Caine had been walking along-side Katherine's horse, keeping up with it at a fairly casual pace. He'd been mostly quiet the whole time, lumbering about like a hulking menace with a well-kept P-90 strapped about his muscular shoulder.

Right about the time Roman spots and Aiden spot something, Joe stops, his hand moving above his brow to shade his vision. Whatever it was, it was obscure. Joe's lips twist in annoyance, his thumb slipping upwards on the strap of his weapon, "Wonder what it is Ma'.."
Katherine Caine As much as Katherine wanted to ride up towards the explosions guns blazing, she knew tactics was not one of her own strong suits and tempered with years of experience; she reigned in the black horse that just wanted to run towards the explosions.

"Not sure Joe, looks like you got your wish for some quality family time though." She smiled as she drew a gun from her side.
Manuelito The tracks and the shiny object both meet as the team approaches. The tracks however, continue on. It was a six foot tall post with a body attached to it. Hands were tied behind the post and nailed in. The mouth was open and a rail spike was sent through his mouth and into the post. His throat was slit open. A sign hung around his neck, saying 'Trespassers, you have been warned. Signed War Boys.'

For Molly, a little cartoon animation presents of a soldier boy eating USN beans. The Audio kicks in spouting "Uncle Sams Nuclear beans! So damn good your farts will be nuclear!" And to add to the pun, a nuclear explosion comes out of his ass and he gives a signature thumbs up and wink.

Manny stops at the post, frowning. "If he went beyond here, he is likely dead." The Navajo says with a sigh, looking back to the posse. "I have heard of them. Insane, cannibalistic and dangerous. If you wish to back out, now is the time to do so."
Dusty Rose "That is needlessly repulsive," Dusty mutters at the 'sign', and doing her best to not have to look at it farther. The warnings from Manuelito don't help with the disgusting imagery any, and she lets out a sigh. "And I suppose we gotta take the same risk to find out for sure, don't we?" Takes a moment to readjust her overall straps and make sure her jacket is on good and firmly. "Would be a poor show to turn yeller now though."
Aidan Drake Aidan shakes his head as he reaches down to his holster and makes sure that his piece isn't stuck on anything before he reaches for his lever action and slides it out of the scabbard, "Well likely dead and definately dead... They're not the same and I'll drive on for that slim chance of only likely and not definate."
Orathio      Orathio looks ahead, keeping note of what's going on around them. He is used to being the outsider. He didn't travel the Continental American from the East by feeling at home somewhere. He looks up ahead, squinting at the sign, back from the warning, to the animated cartoon.

     "Perhaps." Orathio intones, straightening up as he shoves the package into his pocket. Litter is not fine to have around. Plus, it can be useful. "We will not know until we find his body, friend. We owe to this man the certanity of his grief so he may move on, if it comes to that."

     He looks at Aidan, nodding firmly at him. "Being certain will be better than eternal doubt."
Ruane "A warning.. Interesting. This should of been expected. Probability of death has increased however. Worrisome but not insurmountable." Roman mutters as his hands cross over his chest as he considers the sight in front of him with a small frown. "Curious. Would love to run tests on cause of death. Spike through the throat post-portem? Unknown." Roman observes before looking to Dusty. "Payment would be worthwhile. So we must pursue."
Roxie Roxie is uncharacteristically quiet as people continue along rather than following her back to town. To think she doesn't know a butt toot explosion when she hears one? The cheek of these people...

That is until they come across the sign of warning. "Well, looks like we're gonna have a fight on our hands... Probably a good bit of processed soylent green for consumption.. Probably better if we start constructing some manner of plan before we go riding in there... Just for funsies."
Joe Caine Joe frowns as the grotesque scene unfolds. Sneering, the man plucks a battered sequioa from his belt-line, the hammer being drawn back decisively. His piercing gaze darts from corner to corner, articulating several different plan-of-attacks, ever the military tactician, "Yeah, you're right about that. Hmm. Seems like it'd be an easy ambush, we've got enough people, too bad we ain't got any eyes on the inside.. I could scout ahead if needed.."
Carter Griffin "War Boys?" The Ranger says to himself, as he looks at the warning, "Looks like discount Legionares. Can't even do the cross beam on the crucifixion." He makes a motion with his hand towards the dead guy, "Don't cut him down. It's probably booby trapped."
Skittles Skittles groans and averts her eyes, but not before the image is burned into her memory. She closes them, and mutters, "Oh gross.". She seems to grow a little lighter; the blood having drained from her face. A moment later, she has composed herself enough to say, "You've encountered them before, or only heard of them?". She gnaws on a lip and finally makes her choice
     With another step in line with the prints, and her hand firmly on her laser pistol, she verbalizes her affirmation with a quick, "I'm in still.". She just listens now though, paused while the others make their decisions. Once the group is ready though, she'll begin to adopt a much more stealthy approach through the canyon as they all travel.
Katherine Caine "Good idea." Katherine nodded as she turned her head away from the crucified figure out of disgust, "Joe and I can sneak around and spank them." Maybe the word she was looking for was flank, or maybe the error was on purpose. It was easy to mix the two up, right? Dismounting from Apocalypse she drew a pair of cowboy revolvers because who used one when you could use two!
Manuelito Seeing that no one was backing down, Manny simply nods. Shifting his weight, he begins heading forward into the War Boy's territory; eyes up ahead and on the tracks as the walk. A nod is given to Katherine as he says "Fine. Scout ahead and alert us if something is coming our way." He informs her.

For now, things are quiet. Tracks continue straight ahead, deeper in where the canyon walls reach higher up. Ledges so form, rocks from avalanches can be seen. It was a foreboding place filled with hiding spots.
Orathio      "If you need a distraction." Orathio says, before they leave, whispering. "Do tell me. I shall give you one they will not soon forget."

     As the sneakier folks goes, they proceed, waiting on with the rest. He holds firmly his amulet, poking each prongs with a murmur of words, looking ahead. Also, killing the light on his pipboy. This is going to get them found out if he keep that out. "May you be as Free as the Flames atop her Torch, feel the wind and be ready to shed the darkness with your Freedom. Praise be." He mumbles, keeping his eyes wide open, looking around. "Praise be."
Skittles Fallen rocks, carved trenches, and dark shadowy niches all make it far more easy for Skittles to sneak through. However, it's not all easy going, she's having to be very careful not to make too much noise with the gravel underfoot. She keeps her eyes peeled, her pistol drawn low to the ground. Glances to her right keep her party within sight, and glances upwards make her self-conscious of the position they were putting themselves in.
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose hangs back with the rest of the group while other people sneak ahead to take a look, because staying out of the front worked better for her last time too. She's got her laser pistol gripped tightly in both hands ready to go, and trying really hard to not think about that no trespassing sign made out of a corpse. Doesn't really help that she's just thinking of how a bunch of psychos could hide in those piles of rocks or up on the ledges instead.
Roxie Roxie slides down off her mule and pulls her carbine from her shoulder. Sneaking folks go off to do sneaky trickster things, but she remains behind with weapon in hands ready to deliver the most infectious death imaginable. Orathio's dimming of his pipboy has her doing the same, one finally glance on it and then she too is the night.

Like Batman.

Only uglier.
Aidan Drake Aidan has set his horse off to the side it being a well trained cowboy horse when the reigns fall slack to the ground it stays in that area before he takes some cover with his rifle and watches... and waits. Like a creepy deadly peeping tom.
Ruane Roman just remains with the group for the timme being, by this time he'll have drawn his 10mm pistol, but otherwise be more concerned with investigating signs of danger or trails or the like then actually looking for actual enemies who might be pursuing them. His finger will play with the trigger of the firearm, threading through and the like.. and one can only thank the gods that guns come with safteys.

"Chance of ambush remains high." He'll murrmur as he glances up to the horizon then.
Joe Caine Like a pro, Joe zooms off ahead like a stealthy jack-rabbit.. on steroids. It's actually quite amazing to see how agile he can be. He raises his Ranger Sequoia about waste-high, ready to spring it forward to eye-level should he have too.

He moves about twenty feet from his Ma, eyes focused ahead, attention unwavering as he checks the battlefield for any hostile enemies. His years of scouting the Wasteland with his comrade in arms return in an instant, as if he'd never left War's deathly embrace.
Carter Griffin "So you folks do realize that after this amount of time, the kid we're after has either joined this gang or been killed by them." Carter offers, as he keeps his carbine at the ready, prepared to snap into action if an ambush does get set off.

He can't help but feel like they're being watched, because honestly around this point in time, he knows he'd be setting one up.
Aidan Drake Aidan glances over towards all the neigh sayers and shrugs, "I'm sure that he's likely dead but I'm going to present a body either the ones who killed the boy or the boy or all of the above to his father."
Katherine Caine Katherine sticks close to her son, her years of experience with the NCR Rangers paying off as they skirt around the area sticking to the dunes and outcroppings, "Well, at least we won't get ambushed." She whispered to Joe as she kept her pistols at the ready, moving far away from the group.
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "It's possible yes, we need to see how this ends." She has some ideas maybe to talk them out of being in the gang. Then again she's learning most stories in the wastelands don't have happy endings. her's likely won't either.
Manuelito As they continue forward, Manny unslings his sniper rifle and holds it carefully. Eyes continue to scout as they move.

Up ahead, just beyond those sneaking around comes five people walking toward them. As the group passes an invisible line, out from ledges come six more; three upon each side. They all wore bone armor; quite possibly the armor was made from their victims of who they fed upon.

Stepping forward was a bald young man, perhaps in his twenties. A pair of goggles hung on his head, he wore a leather jacket over his clothing. With a Gleeful smile and talk, he says "Oh, what a day... what a lovely day! DINNER boys!" He laughs maniacally as his men draw rusted guns and point them toward the group.

Stepping forward, Manny says "We are here for John Gunny of El Dorado. We wish you no harm, please hand him over and we will depart your territory."

The man grins "That weeping little boy? I think we ate'm. If I recall he was a little gamey and not a lot of meat." He says with a lick of his lips before addressing everyone else "Surrender your equipment and drop to your knees. We'll make your deaths quick and painful as possible." The man says in a jovial tone of voice.

The 11 men have not seen Skittles, Katherine or Joe as of yet.
Ruane Still standing out in the open, Roman just turns his head slightly at the sight of the intimdiating force. There is a second of quick and immediate conideration, eyes shifting to look about before his fingers turn bone white and without a word lifts the gun to pop of a few rounds even as Nux finishes his little speech. Even as Manualito and the like talk everything up, or others might be interested in fighting.

"Initative is important. 50 percent death toll expected. Response likley minor. Survival likley." Roman notes.
Roxie "Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the floor! Guess the kid is dead now, so let's shot these filthy whores! Not you Kitty." Roxie side runs towards cover with her carbine coming up once she's reached the comforting protection of a bit of rockspace. "I've got their tank! He's going to be holding aggro on the floor boss once I'm done with him!" SNAP!
Manuelito Manny looks to Rux and sighs. "Well, looks like my group has made their decision in shooting ya'll." He states, slinging the rifle and withdraws his pistol "How about you call your men off and give us the boy?" He inquires.
Joe Caine Joe Caine is lurking in the shadows when the patrol passesby. There is a hesitant pause, his pistol being raised to eye-level. Waiting for the opportune time, Joe carefully waits until they've passed before slowly stepping out of the shadows and delivering a misplaced blast to one of the enemies. He was aiming for his head, but.. unfortunately that pistol's recoil causes him to miss the intended location.. yeah.. the recoil.

Fortunately the bullet lands a devastating hit to the right arm of the bogie, "Surprise bitch!"
Dusty Rose By this point Dusty is getting accustomed to the fact that these things keep turning into fights, and these guys are crazy, so it's better to just beat them to the punch. Or the shots, as the case may be. She turns a bit, lifts her pistol in both hands and shoots off a pair of beams. They may have the high ground up on the ledge, but she's betting this laser has enough oomph to cut past the rock and still give them a good what-for.

Cannibals are a sick and disgusting concept that's better just put an end to either way. Major squickness there! And wearing the remains of their victims like trophies too. So sick and wrong!
Molly Brown They eat people, oh god they eat people?! These things that walk as men /eat/ people?! That's all that echos through Molly's mind. Their fate is clear, fight or die. She's got the big iron at her hip out already and she's moving for cover even as she goes, she fires off a shot at the trio on the left ledge. There are no words to be said, just this primal urge to fight or die. She'll end up dying if she doesn't fight back and these things that walk as men are just going to sow more misery across the wasteland if they don't stop them here.
Manuelito Smiling gleefully, even as the bullets seem to fly, Nux stares down Manny. Raising his own gun he smiles "Oh, but why would I do that? Your people look so much more well fed then the game we've hunted north of here. Pretty sure they'll make for excellent breakfast, lunch and desert." Eyeing the woman, he adds "Maybe a little play before we cook?" He licks his lips slightly and smiles.
Aidan Drake Adjusting his hat a bit Aidan gets his rifle sights up on Nux and glares down at the man showing himself to be the leader. Squeezing the trigger he smiles a bit as he hears the the blam of the rifle and the flames shoot out of the barrel, the smell of powder and that enjoyable crack of a bullet hitting a target... Hopefully the one he was aiming at.
Carter Griffin As soon as the fight kicks off, the Ranger moves to cover from the raiders on either side of them. He braces the rifle against his shoulder and sights in on two of the raiders above them. Giving them the high ground is a bad idea, he needs to take that back from them ASAP.

He spots two close by, up to his left, firing two rapid shots at either of them, trying to put both of them down, this is a bad situation as they are outnumbered and outgunned.
Skittles Skittles skitters across the gritty ground and turns around. Glancing up and above causes her to swear quietly, and then to dive out of sight. She slips her pistol into her overalls and unslings her assault rifle. By the time she's in place, carnage has rained down, leaving her to only just now being able to assess the situation.
Katherine Caine Katherine had bided her time when the attack began, using the advantage that nobody had seen her to work her way past the cannibals and directly in line of sight of Nuxa, "Hey Ugly." She called out as she pointed both of her revolvers in the direction of the man, "Tell the devil I said hi."

The triggers were depressed on the pair of cowboy revolvers, one of the signature weapons of the cowboy tribe that had helped form El Dorado.

Five high caliber rounds spit out of each weapon and despite the unwieldy nature and recoil of the weapons she manages to keep control of them as they slam into the manly bits of the former Cannibal chieftain and into his head...
Orathio      Orathio's heart is burning. Hearing these cannibals, these degenerates raving, /being proud/ of eating his fellow man. Of doing what he did, of screaming out his defiance at them. The Missionary of the Lady takes a deep breath out, remaining in clear cover as he looks up, even as others begins shooting.

     "YOU, MY SON." Orathio shouts, his voice steel and his glare fire. "HAVE COMMITED THE GREATEST OF SINS A MAN CAN INFLICT UPON ANOTHER! /You/ have robbed him of his life! His Freedom, no more able to walk the Earth as a great, brave young man! /You/, will face judgement, by our hands! But there is hope!"

     Orathio fling his pistol out of his holster, firing down at the left side, levelling it up at two of the cannibals, opening fire. "MY HAND IS THE HAND OF JUSTICE, ANIMALS! IN ANSWER TO YOUR CRIMES, I BRING YOU LIBERATION OF YOUR SINS BY MEANS OF LEAD! HAIL THE LADY AS YOU DIE!"
Manuelito As the posse begins to unload on the War Boys, the Left ledge becomes the primary assault. Within seconds, the three men are gunned down by flying bullets.

On the right ledge, Roxie shoots a man his balls, the bullet exploding out of his ass. A look of shock shows on his face as his hands drop the gun and go for his privates. He slips on rocks and screams the entire way down to his death. Another falls to the lead by Orathio.

Continuing to lick his lips, Nux says "Shit, I may take that pretty one with the large rack I saw earlier. Think she can go hours up on hours?" He wets his lips "Yeah, Thinking I'm gonna enjoy that one. Betcha shes a feisty one too."

As the words ugly is said, he turns to look at Katherine "Who the fuck you calling ugly beautiful." A look of shock crosses his face as his privates are blown away, a high pitch squeal escaping his lips. "Mother fuckin bitc-" The words are further cut off as his head explodes.

As the War Boys watch Nux go down, they turn and run. No Boss meant no food and no caps. As the took off in a hurry, the only chance of finding the boy was fading.

or was it?
Skittles Skittles flinches as the blasts from Katherine take her eardrums out. over the ringing though, she hears people running. She get's to her feet, and tries to look for a way to give chase, eyes darting about looking for a route up.
Roxie "Oh hell no..." Roxie grumps as the warboys give up after their leader goes down, "I don't see no white flags... no fat ladies.." She reaches out and swings her wrist around the gunstrap to hold it tight while taking aim. "Thaaaats it..." Trailing one of them with a little grin. "Don't worry, just gonna wing ya..."
Manuelito As she beads down on a runner that is heading down the canyon (not on a ledge) and shoots him, the man falls screaming "OH GOD MY ASS!" a pause "It's in my fucking ass! Don't leave me!" He shouts to his fellow War Boys.
Molly Brown Molly Brown takes a moment ot reload her weapon and mutterss something.

"That's right run you animals!" Molly doesn't see the guy get his nuts or head shot off but lets be honest? She felt more sympathy for the /raider/ who got shot surrendering tht that guy. Molly were she more experinced might not think the guys were running way in fear. If she had more experiance shr might think something else.

"Anyone need patching up?"
Joe Caine Joe Caine glances over to his mother, curious to her condition after the fight, "You doin' ok Ma? You need any assistance?" He offers with a rather concerned twang to his outlandishly hick-ish accent. His pistol doesn't drop, instead he continues to look about for any stragglers.
Dusty Rose Note to self: Do not get on Miss Kitty's bad side. Dusty Rose isn't going to make fun of her mediocare cooking again, that's for sure!

As the other War Boys turn to run from the example made out of their boss, only for Roxie to rail one in the rear, the mechanic lowers her laser pistol. "Welp. He's definately gonna be butthurt over this."
Aidan Drake Aidan brings his rifle up over his shoulder as he walks up towards where Nux's nuts exploded to look around a bit as he goes. He reaches up to push his hat up a bit so he's a more relaxed for now.
Ruane Roman just moves to look over his ten milimeter pistol then as he castsa glance aside to look at Roxie as she continues to fire at the fleeing group, a very visibe frown touching at his lips then but he exhales then. "Need to resume searching." He observes as he slowly moves towards where he might get a good look at those fleeing, his hand remaining on his firearm as he tries to keep a good eye on where they are fleeing to.
Orathio Orathio lets out a smirk as they star trunning. Not because of him, but because of all their effort. One of them get shot and get brought down low. "Incredible shot, Lady." The man says, reloading his gun for the last two bulles he spent. "Take heart. We may have the source of knowledge we need, walking to the one poor bastard that got left.

     Orathio walks up to the man, his eyes staring down at the asshot raider. He hums to himself, a little patriotic tune as he makes his way there. He looks up at the fleeing War Boys, then looking down, kicking any weapons he might have.

     "Well, my son." Orathio says, his eyes unwavering. "You'd better start talking."
Katherine Caine "Doing better than that asshole." Katherine replied to her son with a smirk as she holstered both of her pistols, "Let's just hope the person we came to rescue is ok. I would hate to have to be the one to tell the poor guy his son got eaten by cannibals." She imagined Joe or Lilly being eaten and suppressed a shudder.
Roxie "That's what you get! You need a role-model... Don't eat people! That's what ghouls do and it aint like that got a whole lot of schticks for you to go stealing!" Roxie shouts at the assed (heeh) War Boy, disregarding completely that she, herself, is a ghoul.
Manuelito An explosion is heard by those that got higher than a two on the alertness rolls. It was close by, probably by a half mile. As the explosion went off, the War Boy took his gun out, placed it against his chin and pulled the trigger. Apparently, death was better suited for him then interrogation.

The explosion sounded just to the north, half a mile. As you go to investigate, you'll find a cave with black smoke trailing out of it.
Katherine Caine "Come on!" She yelled out to the others.

Katherine doesn't waste any time whistling for Apocalypse, the black stallion running forward like he was waiting this entire time. Mounting up on the horse, Katherine began to ride towards the explosion and the cave dismounting again as soon as she got there to investigate.
Orathio Orathio frowns, his head snapping back away from the War Boy after he shoots himself. "Mrm. Another soul lost." He mumbles, touching the seven prongs on his amulet, before snapping his head around to the explosions. "Yes! I have heard them, as well! Let us go in haste, citizens! There might be some hope yet left!"
Aidan Drake Aidan whistles for his horse and as it gallops up to him he slides his rifle back into it's scabbard and quickly mounts wheeling the reins around towards the direction Katherine took off in, "Yah. Yah." And off the cowboy horse goes that really needs a name and stuff.
Skittles Skittles jogs after Katherine, the apparent location having been cleared of danger, or so she hoped. Not being on a horse, she's slow on the approach, but her pace is fast and steady, and makes it there by following the rising trail of smoke.
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose lets out a small groan. Great, more hiking. But she sucks it up and follows after the others. They did said the kid had brought explosives with him, maybe this was related.
Ruane Roman just exhales then before he lifts up his shoulders in response. He'll take a look at Roxie and her new best friend.. or ex-best friend? It isn't really clear what is going on with that new budding relationship with them now as he just looks to try and follow Skittles, Katherine and the like towards wherever they ae going.

On foot and slowly of course becuase fuck having a horse.
Roxie Roxie whistles for Dog, but the damn animal is off sniffing one of the War Boys' horses butt, "Come on you stupid animal! We don't have time for this!" Running over to grab at his reins, give them a sharp tug, and be rewarded with insistant naying that he wasn't going no place! "Dammit! Let's go! There's treasure to be ha- FOUND and by TREASURE I mean that POOR KID to return to his FATHER!"
Carter Griffin The Ranger snorts behind his helmet. Hope for what. He sheaths his rifle on his back and follows with the group. He doesn't have a horse, so he'll just have to follow on foot it seems, "I really doubt this kid is alive, and all we're going to do is run into more of these War Boys."
Joe Caine Joe Caine grins at his mother, "True enough.." His pistol is returned to it's holster as he chases after his mother towards their destination. It wasn't no thing to hike. He'd been eating too many contaminated pastries in the wild lately anyways. About time to sweat that out his pores.
Manuelito Stepping out of the black smoke is a young kid, covered in black soot. He worn brown overalls, a long sleeved white shirt that was now covered in soot and boots. Waving a hand and coughing, he walks forward and looks in surprise at the group of people standing before him. "I don't have it yet!" He shouts in fear, stepping back. "Don't eat me please!!! I swear I'll have enough in a few days to put the caps out of business! I swear." He says flinching, moving his hands up.
Molly Brown Molly Brown follows the rest of the party as they move out. "Not sure what to think... about this." Shekeeps moving as the group goes on the hike and she takes the time to reload her weapon being on the smart side. She's not aware the war boy shot himself. It's likely for the best. She looks to see a young kid and lowers her pistol saying. "Don'tworry your safe we're not going to eat you. You got a name?"
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose nudges Carter in the side with her elbow lightly. "You were sayin'?"
Joe Caine Joe had put his pistol away long before reaching the kid, "Woah woah, no worries kiddo. Ain't no one doin' no eatin' of nobody!" He shakes his head, raising his weaponless hands, he waits for his mother to approach the kid, since she was all fancy with people.
Orathio Orathio whistles as they stop up, holstering his gun as he sees the boy coming out of the cave. He smiles, again poking the spikes on his amulet. "Thanks the Lady." He says, smiling a geniune smile. "From El Dorado, I presume, young man? Have no fear. We are not of these barbarians."
Carter Griffin "Well color me surprised." The Ranger says, "Hey trust me, this is one time I'm glad to be wrong."
Skittles Skittles leans against the side of the cave to catch her breath. She's content with letting the others speak at the moment. her rifle has been slung back over her shoulder though, but she does have one hand in her pocket.
Katherine Caine Katherine removes a canteen from her duster and a trail bar, smiling warmly at the boy as she handed both towards him, "Here. We're not going to eat you, but you look like you could use some food. Your dad sent us to bring you back home."
Aidan Drake Aidan pulls up near the rest of the party and looks at the dead and eaten boy that's been blowing crap up and blinks, "Well then pup... Your da's been worried sick about ya think you might want to return home? I don't recommend you stay here after Miss Kitty there removed Nux from power. His friends might eventually come back..."
Manuelito Manny looks to him and asks "What do you have son?"

"Go.. Gold of course. I found tons of gold down in the shafts." The kid says, presenting one of the rocks as proof that he was of course serious and not lying.

Manny steps forward and takes the rock. The rock was angular, sharp and hard. It had a glisten look. A chuckle escapes his lips, then a hearty laugh. "Kid, this is fool's gold, not real gold."

"That's not real!?" He says in shock, tears welling to his eyes. "I.. failed, I thought I'd do papa proud." He whimpers. When asked of his name, he says "Jo...john Gunny." He tells all, looking to Katherine and smiles just slightly.
Ruane By this point as they discover the child there is a sigh of relief as he glances about the group then and moves to holster his pistol at his side, moving to stretch his arms then before glancing about. "Explosions indicative of mining." Roman observes then as he looks towards the cave the child came from. "interesting. I wonder if the compound could be used for components?" He mutters before shrugging his shoulders and looking to study orathio then with a long and intense stare as he watches the man, lips twisting into a frown.
Skittles Skittles looks up and at the gold he's found. Having been disproven of worth, she still attempts to snatch a few pieces up; maybe someone'll be dumb enough to buy it from her. If nothing else, they'll be neat momentos.
Carter Griffin "I'm a bit surprised to see him alive, but...I suppose he is kinda skinny, probably makes it easy to get into small places the others couldn't get into."
Katherine Caine Katherine takes the boy by the hand, leading him away from the mine, "Come on Johnny, let's get out of here. You've had enough adventure for one day." Unless the boy did something crazy she lead him back to her horse and kept her with him on the ride back to El Dorado!
Orathio Orathi continues to smile, reaching over for the young man, giving him a firm clasp on his shoulder. "You are safe, John Gunny." he says, firmly. "Your courage was exemplary, if fool hardy, to come to find opportunity for yourself and your family." He holds and show his amulet, spinning it between his fingers. "The Lady of Liberties is proud of your actions. I am certain your father will be proud and over joyed to see you alive and that you meant well."
Aidan Drake Aidan nods, "Like they said son you're safe now. Lets get you home, cleaned up and fed. You've been through a nightmare and it's over now."