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Gwin Three days pass in this fashion as the group heads north-west. Three days of very few breaks and endless plodding under the sun, leaving behind Camp Happy as nothing more than a memory. A distant one. Gwin hates to say it, but she misses that place. Half-asleep, her head suddenly snaps up. "Get down," she hisses, dropping into a crouch. You're aware of it .. movement on the sidelines, and the two of you are really the only ones prepares when shots rip through the air as the raiders are .. raided.
Walker Really, at this point Walker is just ready for them to shoot him. Not that hiking is an issue but the utter defeat of being a slave has really started to get him down. He follows her lead and drops into a crouch as well. He has quick reflexes for things like this and is always at the ready. "Shit, now is our chance I think! We...what do we do about the shock collars though? I don't have any experience with them at all."
Gwin Bullets fly though the air, returned by the guards. All around, Slaves are cowering, and using this distraction to do just what Walker suggested. They're running off in all directions .. except the left. That's where the raiders are firing. The seem to be aiming at the guards, not the cargo. Maybe they're here to resuce the slaves?

"Don't worry about those," says Gwin, eying the wagon full of stolen goods. "Let's grab something and go. I've got a plan for the collars but it really depends on us living long enough to get them off!"
Walker Walker imagines they are here to kidnap the slaves and sell them for their own purposes. "Can't we..go take out someone and get the key to unlock these? " He looks to the pile, hoping to find any of his stuff...especially his marksman rifle. "Ok fine, but we need food too...or water if nothing else. Grab what you can then we go. If we can't be prepared we might as well be dead. GO!" With that he starts running to the pile and rummaging through the goods, unless..she doesn't run that way.
Gwin Gwin nods at his words. She darts alongside him to the wagon and grabs a pack at random. Hopefully it will have something useful in it. If not, hopefully she'll live long enough to sell whatever is inside. Walker's able to recover his rifle and a random bag of his own before Gwin turns to the right and points off towards a hill that's just south of them. "That way!" she yells before heading in that direction. It's the only cover to be had for miles that won't put them in the middle of the firefight.

The guards and the head of this caravan are otherwise engaged, and not paying much attention to the precious cargo they're supposed to be hauling. They can make it to the hill, if Walker doesn't object. It'll take them about five minutes to do so, leaving them completely exposed the whole time, Walker could try to pick off some of the goons on his own, or lead off in a completely different direction, perhaps following some of the other slaves. Safety in numbers and all that. What will he decide?
Walker Walker is more afraid that the raiders will decide to kill their slaves before letting the other raiders have them, kind of like a scorched earth policy. I really hope these collars dont go off or ..maybe they dont actually work huh? He starts running with no looking back, the man seems to be in pretty good shape despite the days of hiking and minimum sustenance. Anyway he follows her, he cant move off in another direction because he is cuffed to the girl, though he could theoretically shoot the cuffs apart. He goes with her, if for no other reason than being cuffed to her and having spent the last few days stuck with her. Plus, who else has a plan on getting rid of shock collars?
Gwin Over the hill the two of them go and Gwin drops her bag on the ground. She reaches into her pocket for those keys she's been slowly filing down. "Turn around," she commands, waiting for him to do so before she tries every one of those keys in the lock there. "Come on .. come on .." she says, flipping from key to key until finally .. *click*. Walker's collar falls free, deactivated, to the ground. She thrusts the keys in his direction before turning around and yanking her hair to the side so he can return the favour. "Too bad there's no key for the cuffs too. Get mu collar -off-. We make it back to El Dorardo, and I'll get these cuffs off, but I'm not going anywhere with this collar still on."
Walker Walker turns around as instructed, no argument's at all. He has been in the custody of raiders for a long time, sure she could take his gun and run off but at least he isn't back there. Once he hears the click a big grin forms on his mouth. "Wow that's great! I was afraid they would blow up if you tried to mess with them." He then does the same for her, careful to not scrape her neck as he works with the lock. "I could shoot the cuffs off maybe? I mean the long rifle might be hard to fire at them but we might be able to do that? Anyway I don't want to sit here and shoot off a gun. I'd rather not find out that they managed to defeat the raiders and are now actively hunting all of the escapees." He gives her a big grin and then begins to trudge off to the next horizon. "I'm good in the desert, just trust me on this and I can get us back to civilization."
Gwin Gwin rubs her neck, relieved to find it bare again. Crouching down, she scoops up the deactivated collars and flings them off in opposite directions. "Just in case they have a tracker or something," says she, giving Walker an assessing gaze. "Well, looks like it's my turn to trust you then. At least until I can get these cuffs off. Might be something in the bags to help, but I don't think that sticking around here to find out is a good idea. Feel a helluva lot safer with some distance between Us and Them. Which way?"
Walker Walker gives her a wink. "Well, you won't see me frisking you while you sleep, so you can rest comfortably. " A small dig at her earlier attempted theft, not that he really holds it against her. Let's get some space between us and them, I'm ready to just run flat out for a bit if you can handle it?" He looks around and then points in a direction, one that he hopes is the right one. "That way!"
Gwin Gwin nods curtly. She can run. She says nothing though, since she'd rather save her breath for the sprint ahead. Turning in the direction he pointed, Gwin runs off in that direction, backpack clutched to her chest with her free arm since she can't actually put it on properly. Saves it from bouncing up and down on her back anyway. Her legs are shorter than his, so he'll have to keep the pace she sets, or risk yanking her along behind him. They run and run and run until it's Walker who finally has to stop for a break.

They've covered a lot of ground and there doesn't seem to be anyone chasing them. If they detonated the collars, they didn't hear it in their mad flight. But now, here they are, in the middle of nowhere. Dropping her bag on the ground, Gwin takes the moment to catch her breath. "Damn, I'd kill for some water," she pants out, looking down at the bag, "Let's see what we have."

Plopping down, she uses both hands to open the bag and root around in it. There's some leather, a couple of cans of food (but no opener) and a well loved porno. Cursing, she gives the bag a kick. Did Walker bring a bag too?
Walker Walker huffs and puffs as they stop to see what's in the packs. "Ugh, I'm not used to being in such shitty shape. I hopewe have some food in there, I need some real energy and a rest before I can get much more done. They kept us starving so we couldn't get far if we got caught." He starts rifling through his bag now, tossing out stuff that he doesn't need or want to carry, and keeping food and other important things.
Gwin Between the two of them, they have enough food to last for a couple of days. Beyond that, they'll have to hunt. Water, on the other hand, is in shorter supply. They have enough to quench their thirst for now, but they'll have to conserve to make it last those same couple of days. The good news is that they have bottles to put water in, should they find a source that is drinkable.

Leaning against a rock, Gwin turns her face up to the sun and unzips her jumpsuit. She's wearing a tank top under it, which should be no surprise to him by now, and pulls one arm free so it hangs from her. "Oh god. I'm so beat. Don't suppose we could take a nap, could we? Maybe eat some of those snack cakes .. mmmn. I can almost taste them now." Then she opens her eyes and sighs, "Who'm'I kidding. We don't have time for this shit. We need to find some more supplies. Get these damn cuffs off. Don't suppose you found a bobby pin? No? Damnit. Well, I guess you could try to shoot off the cuffs if you're so inclined, but I'm partial to -keeping- both my hands. Get a rock and smash it off? God-damnit to hell and back. Ideas?"
Walker Walker swallows his first drink of water and then looks around, taking his time to just relax and think about what's going on. He can't help but notice her and the tank top but he keeps his eyes mostly above her chest when he does look to her. He seems all serious though, so likely she won't notice. "I really think if we stop we run a good chance getting captured or being found by something else. It doesn't help that this sun is going to drain us before anything else. We need shelter and a place to rest." He gestures to his rifle. "The report of that rifle could be heard for miles and miles, I suggest we don't do it. That and I only have as many bullets as are in the magazine. No reloads."
Gwin Gwin nods slowly, tired. "Guess we walk then. Which way though? Not the way we came. Maybe we should .. damnit, I don't know. I don't think I've been this far north before. No idea what's out there, or even any geographic features." She lifts her hand to shield her eyes against the sun. It's already starting it's downward trek from high noon. Walker would probably realize that they have about four hours of sunlight left. She scans the surrounding area but doesn't see anything of note. "Just miles and miles of desert. Can't even see the caravan or the hill we hid behind."
Walker Walker had already pointed out which way to go. "It's that way. Let's just keep on and I'm sure we can find something before it turns to night. Like I said. Just trust me." He forces a smile then hoists his pack and takes off in the general direction of town.