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Iris Lark     Iris is working behind the counter in the store today, perched on a tall stool as she reads from a large, old book. She has her legs crossed and a pair of slightly bent glasses on her nose. Both doors are open allowing for a cool breeze to float through the building.
Vera Vera makes her way into the store, her right arm in that sling she has been wearing when able too. Trying to shurg her shoulder a bit, as she winces. "Blasted weather..."
Jacqueline The sound of an engine dopplers closer outside, winding down to the *DOOGLA-DOOGLA-DOOGLA* of an idle before it shuts down. A moment later, a head framed by skullcap-mussed black locks peeks around the doorjamb. "So this is the new store..." Jackie muses, stepping in all the way, trying to look at everything at once.
Iris Lark     Iris glances up at the sound of the door opening and she slips off the stool, closing the book with a *thud*. "Welcome to the Acme General Store." She links her fingers together behind her back and smiles. "Can I get you anything or.." Her eyes linger on Vera for a moment or two before she adds. "Help you with an injury?"
Vera Vera hmmms, "Well, all things considered even...I could do with someone looking at my arm..been having some problems with moving it, since the incident." As she makes her way over to the counter.
Abdiel     Abdiel enters the store and looks around to the various people. He holds his book in hand a cross drawn on the cover which indicates what it is. "Is anyone of you a Miss Iris Lark?" He asks as he looks to the people present. "I am Abdiel Kataras and I can perform some doctoring if need be. I was hoping to see miss lark about a job as assistant or doctor."
Iris Lark     Iris peeks around Vera and spots Abdiel and Jackie, to the latter she beams a smile. The former, she gives a tentative wave hello. "I'm Iris Lark." She says, placing a hand gently on Vera's arm, leading her to the counter and the stool she was sitting in. "Have a seat here, and I'll see to that arm." She murmurs before she turns to smile at Abdiel. "You're wanting a job, in the clinic..or here?" She asks, tilting her head slightly.
Jacqueline Jackie blinks at the sound of someone's voice. And then someone else's voice, but the first one is familiar, at least. "Doc Iris! How are you?" she calls, lifting a hand and waving. "Someone mentioned a store here, but I didn't know you were in on running it."
She looks between Vera and Abdiel, frowning thoughtfully at the former. "You look familiar... have we met?"
Vera Vera winces again at the touch, but moves to the stool. "Thanks...yeah, I should have prolly taken backup to look for that patrol...but I was worried about them." As she sits, she gives a nod of her head to the others as the come in. "Yes, its a nice store..good prices..."
Fern     Stepping in shortly after Jackie is Fern, the kid -still- wearing that damn skull helmet. How many days has she been wearing it now? A few. As she steps into the shop she calls after Jackie, "Ya sure you don't want me to stay with it out there? What if someone tries to take it?"

    The kid moves farther in then, looking over things and glancing over the sign to squint at it. She stares at it this way for a bit before moving on.
Kaelyn Enter Kae! The girl can be seen all but skipping her way in and she glances around "Soo Heard there was some nifty stuffs to buy here!! Saw the advertisement for the chestpiece and goggles, I got caps now so ummm yah? can I get those?" she asks, the bouncy-bubbly- and yes buxome- woman beams cheerfully as she looks around coming in and well exclaims what she wants... CORA then speaks up.. "That's enough coffee for you..." Kae's ears droop and she starts tapping the screen on her CORA "What was thaaaaa?!?" Cora then calls out "Okay okay, no restriction on your coffee!!" Kae then grins and stops tapping "Thought so!"
Abdiel     "I am afraid we havent met before. Abdiel Kataras. I am one of the new canaanite missionaries who wander the lands." Abdiel says to Jackie and then turns his attention back to Iris. "At the clinic. I know a good deal about patching folks up." He says calmly.
Iris Lark     Iris moves in and she prods at Vera's injured shoulder and arm with gentle fingers. She glances briefly over her shoulder at Abdiel and she nods once, before she puts her attention back to Vera. A few moments of attention and some supplies, and she steps away from the Militiawoman and wrinkles her nose slightly. "That should do for now, don't strain your arm for a day or two, and come back if the pain continues."

She turns to Abdiel and she folds her arns loosely over her chest. "I don't see why you wouldn't be able to work at the clinic, I allow any who wish to practice there to do the work." She ducks into the storage room briefly and when she comes out she has some items for Kaelyn and she hands them off to her as she adds. "It's a fairly loose arrangement. You can set whatever prices you find fair, and since it's a volunteer position, you don't pay any to the house. I can cover some of your supplies, but not all of them."
Jacqueline "Cool to meet you, Mister Abdiel," Jackie replies, giving the man a smile even if she wasn't talking to him. She's definitely never seen him before. "I'm Jackie. You fix people, I fix stuff."
She glances back at the skull-helmed Fern, stifling a grimace. "It should be okay. I have the keys. And... how long have you been wearing your helmet, Fernness? Did you ever find any padding for inside?" she has to ask, giving the younger girl a concerned glance.
She can't miss Kaelyn coming in, of course, and gives the elfgirl and her computer companion a wave and a smile. "Hey, Miss Kae! Hey, CORA! You here to shop, too?"
Vera Vera nods her head, "Thanks..." as she raises her off hand, "And I am of course, no one important..Vera O'shay, Militia. I just wander around outside the town and see if anything needs shooting...its a very slow day for me."
Fern     "Mm.. Alright.. If you're sure no one will take it.." Fern says as she stuffs her hands down into the back pockets of her too-large pants. The girl looks about once more and she muses, "Mmm.. Two, three days? Why? Does it make you feel intimidated?" Her eyes cut over to look at Jackie then, staring through the eye sockets on the skull. She stares for long enough, then grins slowly and looks away. The kiddo listens to the conversations going on as she checks out what's for sale.
Iris Lark     "No charge for the Militia members." Iris remarks, smiling at Vera before she turns to walks over to Fern and kneels slightly. "Whoa, that helmet is really neat. What's it made of?" She asks, a grin on her face. She gives Jackie a brief glance and then gazes back at Fern. "You need padding for it? I have quite a bit of fabric that I can give you for that."
Kaelyn Kae glances at the items set on the table, the elf-like woman looking them over before smiling and producing the requisite caps... She pushes them across the counter at Iris, and promptly starts picking up her purchase... "Yay for nifty armor! I can do better with this than the chest-piece I had!!!"
Jacqueline "No... but then again, I was there when Mister Ashur gave it to you," Jackie replies, smiling a little. "I'm just worried about what it could be doing to your hair, if you've had it on for very long. I think I see a mirror here, so we could check."
She looks back to Vera, snapping her fingers as memory strikes. "Oh, that's right! It was a while back, but we did meet. I'm Jackie," she adds, by way of introduction. "Sorry the job's not so interesting. Buy you a soda for the heat?" she offers, gesturing to the cooler.
Vera Vera nods as she stands from the stool. "No need to worry about thieves in Acme...the militia has regular patrols here. Trouble is rare, and is dealt with swiftly when it comes up." She turns to Jacque, "Yeah, I've been pulling double duty..with the militia leading the trip south, I had to cover some patrols I don't normally."
Abdiel     Abdiel nods to Vera and Jackie. "I am willing to try and learn anything. I want to be of use." Abdiel says calmly. "I need to find a safe place to stay, there is a special group of tribals hunting me down."
Fern     Turning her face when she hears someone speaking to her, Fern levels her gaze with Iris. She holds it for a second, then lifts her chin slightly so she can stare in a 'menacing' way at the other. "Bone. Flesh once, 'cause it was on the shoulders of a friggin huge super mutant!!" She starts to grin wide as she can. "It's a real skull.. Almost perfect. Just gotta find some big horns now and some chain to make it -really- cool," she says with a firm nod that makes the skull shift around on her own.

    Her eyes wander to Jackie then and she grunts, "Ain't doin' nothin' to my hair.. It's -clean- on the inside." She sticks her tongue out at the older girl and then looks back to Iris.

    "Ashur gave it to me, yeah.. Cause we're cool. He's my right hand man," she says. "They said I should put padding in it, but I'm not gonna wear it in fights. It'd get messed up!"
Iris Lark     Iris blinks at Abdiel and she frowns slightly, shifting on her feet. "I'd offer you a room at the clinic but they're full up at the moment." She licks her lips briefly and moves towards the counter. "There are ..several exam rooms in the clinic that aren't being used every day though, and people in town will keep the clinic safe enough." She gives Fern a serious gaze as she speaks, nodding and making small noises at the proper time. "It's very scary, if you want some fabric for it, you let me know."
Vera Vera says, "I sleep in the militia barracks, or I'd offer you a spot...unless your looking to sign up? But I kinda am thinking that you don't." She ponders, "Still, I'm sure you can find room, somewhere.""
Jacqueline "You can imagine what riding from El Dorado was like, with that bumping into my back," Jackie intones wryly to Iris. "Cool, clean, both or not, it's heavy and hard. You don't have any boxes, do you? I'm thinking something to keep it from collecting dust... if she ever takes it off."
She slides a couple caps across the counter, waving to Iris. "A Nuka-Cola for the hard-working militia? It's pretty warm out there," she says, in the way of a long-time New Mexico resident. Anybody else might call it a scorcher.
Kaelyn Kae blinks at Fern and ummms "Nice hat..." he ays and tilts her head curiously.. She then glances around again and sets to adjusting the chest-piece she got, having to like pull the waist area pretty much all the way in while letting out the chest in places a lot.. Finally she straps it on and makes more adjusts before grinning "Yay! It fits! Barely!" She calls out happily, then she looks at Jackie now, finally out of her little reverie long enough to wave "Howdy jackie, Howdy ummm.." she looks at Vera now, red gaze looking the other over before tilting her head... "We met? I"m Kaelyn." She says cheerfully, and glances to Fern again before trying to muss the youngster's hair...
Iris Lark     "Sure." Iris says, taking the caps and gesturing towards the cooler. "Take whichever cola you want." She says with a smile as she takes a seat and makes some notes in a ledger. She gazes at Fern and then back to Jackie and giggles softly. "How is the new bike? It sounds amazing."
Fern     "I heard that!" Fern says to Jackie, grinning at her. "I'll take it off when I'm ready to.." Unless it fuses to her head. It's then that Fern notices Kae, and she grins to the girl. "Hey, Kae.. Whatcha doin' here? I was out on a ride with Jackie.. On her -bike-," she brags. It's not even hers! But she was riding on it. The girl grins until her noggin is ruffled, and she grunts at Kae!
Vera Vera nods her head, "Why thank you..." as she moves over, and grabs one from the cooler. "Actually I think I'd better go check with the local militia..thank you again..." As she steps outside.
Jacqueline "I'm still getting the suspension tuned, but it runs fine," Jackie replies, smiling. "Turns heads, too! I just need to find some proper motorcycle leathers to wear with it, or a jacket and jeans. This outfit works, but it doesn't look anything like the old vids," she adds, gesturing to her gecko-leather ensemble.
She sticks her tongue out at Fern. "I know, I know! I just miss your face. I'm starting to forget what it looks like," she teases. "Want to look around? Maybe the store has some pants that'd fit you. Those were flapping like crazy on the way here. I kept looking around to see if there was a storm coming up."
She gives Kae a quick little hug. "Nice armor. How are you?"
Kaelyn Kae blinks and waves to Vera "Buhbye!!" Next she grins impishly at Fern the woman just putting her hands behind her back now as she looks to the youth. Yes Kae can be every bit as mischievious as Fern, maybe more-so... CORA then speaks up "Quit bein' a stinker, Kae..." Kae taps CORA lots now getting "Aaaaaah stoooopppp! Ok Ok I won't nag you about sillyness, even if it's overflowing today.. I realy need you to slow down on the coffee and candy..." Kae taps more rapidly, befoe CORA shouts out "Ok Ok I'll stop!" Kae then stops tapping on the screen before she looks to Jackie and smiles cheerfully at Jackie "This stuff's better'n what I had before! I bought it from IRis here at the store!"
Fern     Fern eyes Kae.. then eyes Jackie. She squints at her, and after a moment she reaches up and slowly tugs the skull from atop her head, lowering it to her side where she rests it on her little hip. She smirks at Jackie and asks, "Is that better? You remember now?" Annndddd it's back on. Helmet is way cooler than her normal face.

    As Fern glances back towards Kae she says to Jackie, "I happen to like my pants, thank you very much! They're from a super mutant, too. A different one. Took 'em after I smashed him to pieces!" She grins wide, then looks at Kae. "Is coffee good?"
Iris Lark     Iris blushes as Kaelyn mentions about where she bought the items. She pushes her hair out of her face and gazes at the conversations going on. "I'm glad you got it working Jackie, I'm sure it's fun! How were you while we were gone? I was worried about you all back here in El Dorado."
Kaelyn Kae nods rapidly "Specially when having sugar and milk and iced down, it's sooo good!" she says cheerfully "You should have som esome time Fern! Just be careful it can be a lil bitter, but the sugar and milk helps with that!!!" She adds and grins... "You should get some from the cafe with the hot coco-mix in it..."
Jacqueline "Selection's always a good thing, huh?" Jackie comments, stifling a smile at Kae's enthusiasm. "Hope it comes in handy if you get into trouble out there! There doesn't seem to be any shortage of that, still."
And... Fern's taking off her helmet? She winces faintly, seeing a bad case of helmet hair that's at least several hours old. "Sort of... and I'm not saying there's something /wrong/ with your pants, Fernness. They just look... big." Which is only natural. "Though I really should have a look at your hair soon. It's getting all messed up." Which is normal, too. Just not /that/ way.
She gives Iris a hug. "Well, somebody had to stay home and mind the fort. Actually, it was pretty quiet most of the time. I had a lot of time to work on my bike when I wasn't on watch. A few of us volunteered to help out the militia while so many were away. How did you all get along out there? What little I've heard sounds like it got pretty hairy."
Fern     Fern listens to Kae, hmming about the coffee. "Yeah? Huh.. I'll have to try it sometime.. Sounds good!" Yeah, keep her away from the stuff. Fern is already wired enough. As she starts to wander around the shop a little more she looks off to Iris again, watching her blush and watching Jacki hug her. Eyes squint slightly and she examines this, watching quietly for a bit before she looks away and says to Jackie, "Yeah, it's been like that for a while. Might cut it one day," she adds with a shrug.
Iris Lark     "There isn't much for me to tell, I spent most of my time healing or doing patrols." Iris says, smiling at Jackie as she shrugs diffidently. "I'm glad to be back though, and I look forward to our next breakfast. Maybe you could come by Avalon with Whassup?"
Jacqueline "Whassup has a lot of talents, but keeping up with motorcycles isn't one of them," Jackie says, not without some regret. "I'd have to cage him and carry him with me, and he doesn't do well with cages. Keeps breaking out his angry jailbird impression. No pun intended. But he might feel better about it once he knows there's food at the end of the road."
And back to Fern. "I could cut it. I do my own hair," she suggests. Not that her own hair is exactly fashion model material, but it's kept clean and trimmed fairly nicely, despite her usual disregard for anything but keeping it out of her way.
Kaelyn Kae grins a bit at Fern, then digs a little I o U from the Diner back in Eldorado. She hands it to Fern "Here ya go, that'll getcha the coffee stuffs..." She says cheerfully "That or pancakes..." she adds and grin sagain, before the girl glances around again curiously and grin a bit before she looks to Iris "If'n you find any nice like marksman semi-auto weapons out there I may be interested in one of those... Looking for something better'n my assault rifle, though it can't be too massively heavy...
Fern     "Mmm.. Maybe.. Long as you didn't make me go bald or something," Fern says with a little smirk. She's had a good enough look around now so she returns to Jackie's side. The girl reaches out to take what Kae offers, and to that she smiles. "Thanks! I'll have to try some.. I'll let you know what I think about it." She pockets the iou, then steps a little closer to Jackie, arms crossing over her chest. "Who is Wassup?"
Iris Lark     "If I find any of those weapons, I'll keep you in mind." She says, nodding to Kaelyn as she turns to grin at Jackie. "Well I'd love for you to see my new home, if it become necessary, I can always pack a birdie bag for Whassup so he can eat in comfort." She moves to the cooler and pulls out a bottle of water.
Jacqueline "I think I can manage to leave you /some/ hair," Jackie ripostes teasingly, greeting Fern's return to her side with a quick hug. "I can't promise much, but I can do that at least. And Whassup's my talking bird... though I guess I can't call him mine, really. He's more like El Dorado's talking bird, but he hangs around my Mom's restaurant all the time so he can beg handouts."
She returns Iris's smile. "I think I could persuade Whassup to take a ride. Once he knew you were there at the end, he'd be okay with it. The only trouble is that once he knows where you live, you might not be able to get rid of him. He knows a good cook when he smells one."
She frowns thoughtfully, considering Kae's need for a better rifle. "If I run across something, I'll keep you in mind," she promises. "I haven't seen many good sharpshooting rifles."
Iris Lark     "I'd love to have him around, so that is quite the empty threat." Iris says, a grin on her face as she takes a sip of her water. "I'll make biscuits just for him, actually. The soft cornmeal ones." She turns her smile on Fern and Kaelyn as well. "You two are invited too, of course, I wouldn't make plans with others here and not include them. I always cook far too much."
Fern     "Ohhhhh. The bird.. That's cool. I'll have to meet him sometime. See what all he can say! Maybe I can teach him some stuff!" Fern cheers, cause that would be wonderful, right? The kid is grinning to herself. Who knows what she'd teach it. "I could swing by for dinner some time.. Maybe after Jackie cuts my hair." A look to Jackie, "Ya really wanna cut it? I trust ya. It needs a new style."
Jacqueline "I think Whassup'd ride a hundred miles in a cage for soft cornmeal biscuits," Jackie says, giggling. "I mean, he loves your cooking anyway. And with you wanting to teach him stuff, Fernness, it'd be like one of those dog parties from the old vids... only with a bird. Just one bird." She shrugs and smiles. "Guess it'd be a pretty uncrowded party."
She grins at Fern. "Seriously, I do want to cut it. Your hair needs a little TLC, and I'd do it for free."
Kaelyn Kae blinks "Birdy Bag?" She asks curiously and tilts her head, before she shrugs... She then looks to Jackie... "Talking about cutting Fern's hair?" she asks curiously, of course Kae is one of those with like massively long hair soo.....
Iris Lark     Iris nods all around and she picks up her rucksack, tossing it over her shoulder. "Well I'm going to take my leave, you three feel free to stay as long as you need to, everything worth anything is locked up anyway." She says, a ghost of a smile tugging at the corner of her lip. "Let me know when you want to do food, Jackie, I'll be around as usual." She raises a hand and takes a few steps towards the door before she adds. "Be safe when you go."
Fern     "Cool! Maybe when we get back?" Fern asks of Jackie, her grin wide again. She really does look excited by this. She glances to Iris then and waves to her before looking at Kae. "it needs a trim.. Got it caught in some sap a month or so back.. Hasn't been the same since!"
Jacqueline "Take care, Iris! We'll definitely talk," Jackie promises, glancing at the doors. It looks like they'll lock from the inside, so securing the place when they leave shouldn't be a problem. "I'll make sure to lock up when we go!"
She stifles a smile at Kae's questions. "I don't know if there's a such thing as a birdy bag, really, but I could see it. And Fern definitely needs a trim. I'm just offering to do it."
She returns Fern's smile. "I think we can, yes! I'll just have to get my scissors and a brush and comb, and we can do it anyplace where there's a mirror."
Fern     "Okay.. yeah! Let's go then? Before I change my mind!" The kid grins wider, waves to Kae, and then is running off, skipping along the way out the door and back to the bike.
Jacqueline "You got it! Just let me grab a soda for the road!" Jackie calls after Fern, laughing. She lays down two caps again, finding the cooler and a grape soda of her own.
She glances back at Kaelyn, grinning. "Can you lock up? She really might change her mind, so I've got to get us both back to town. It was good seeing you again, and CORA, too!" With that, she hurries out the door.