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Qwillis     Feeling much better than before, although he's still got his chest wrapped up, Qwillis is in that clinic prepping one of those tables for a rather.. odd.. looking surgery. There's a lot of computer components around and what seems to be held up in a clamp on display is what would be the roughest analog of a mechanical eye. At least, the small camera looking device in a round shape seems to be an eye. Either way, he was going over final parts, a new device of his nearby, that Pip-boy 5000 was being used to scan scematics and go over final details and confirmations of the device working.
Manuelito Stepping inside the clinic, the Navajo looks around quietly taking in the clinic as he takes in a breath. Heading over to Qwillis, Manuelito peers at the device; saying "So, that is going inside my eye socket?" He asks.
Iris Lark     Iris steps up to the table near Qwillis, giving an odd look to the device he has sitting there. She sees him working with his Pip-Boy and she brings hers up to scan the device as well and makes a happy noise when the schematics come up on the screen. "Oh, that's interesting." She murmurs as she leans in to see the detail. "So it will help with depth perception, keep him from trying to overcompensate with the one eye?" She asks, glancing at Qwillis as her head tilts slightly.
Camilla     Camilla is, as normal, moving about the clinic. She'd been told about some sort of surgery, and has been making sure that everything was ready. Checking supplies, cleaning, asking Qwillis what he needed, things like that. For now, she's decided not to ask questions at the moment, Iris is the real doctor here and she's more of just, well, a nurse.
Qwillis     Q smiles to Iris with a nod. "It'll actually initially act just like another eye. This is the base system.. to make sure I can make the nerve connections.." Watching Manny come in, Q nods to him. "Yes, Commander. If all goes well, the pain will only be intense, rather than unbearable." He'd sigh softly. "Camilla and Iris are here for helping with that. I hope." He'd flash a smile to Cami, then to Iris. "If we do it right, the integration may be clean enough to not cause pain.. I'm not a doctor.. I did it the hard way." He'd reach up to touch that right shoulder of his own a moment then sigh. "Anyways. Camilla has been a wonderful assistant in getting the place ready. Shall we get started?"
Manuelito Bending over the eye, he reaches out with a finger but pauses in making physical contact. Instead he simply nods, glancing to Q. "I see." He replies calmly as he leans back up. "So, in the long run I should feel no physical discomfort with this thing?" He asks, looking back to the robotic eye.

He takes in a steady breath and looks to Iris. "Would you do me a favor if this.. surgery goes south?" He inquires.
Iris Lark     Iris nods as she leans in to study the device. "I think this will work out well, and if we're careful we can fit it in the socket easily." She stands up straight and folds her arms over her chest. "Yes, lets get sta.." She trails off and gazes at Manuelito, a brow raised. "Depends on the favor really."
Camilla     Camilla smiles at Q's statement, "Yes, well, I try.." she replies calmy. She doesn't really know how to answer any of Manny's questions at the moment, she's never dealt with cybernetics of any kind and obviously doesn't understand them. Though, when Manny asks Iris for a favor, she interjects at about the same time as Iris responds. "Commander?" she asks, turning to Iris first in confusion and then looking back at manny, and going silent as she waits for him to respond to Iris.
Qwillis     Q hesitates, then smiles to Manny with a slight shrug. "It.. shouldn't be painful. I'll make the connection and then Iris and Camilla can work it into the socket without long term discomfort. I.. hope." He'd shake his head slightly, flash a grin to Cami, then pauses as well, looking back to Manny with his favor asking of Iris.
Manuelito "Alright, thank-you Q. I am ready when you are." Manny says before looking to Iris again.

"If something happens to me during surgery, would you pass this on to Fiona?" Manuelito asks, hand her an envelope. "Thank-you." He adds.

Glancing to Camilla, the Navajo asks "Yes Camilla?" He asks.
Iris Lark     Iris takes the envelope and walks away from the table briefly to tuck it into her rucksack. "I can certainly do that, but honestly, even if something goes wrong you'll still be alive and able to see out of one eye. There is very little chance that something can go so critically wrong that you'll die." She says, grinning at him as she walks back to the table. She gazes at Qwillis and shrugs. "It looks small enough that it can be nestled in there, there is some things we can do to minimize discomfort, mostly with plastics."
Camilla     Camilla just exhales deeply, "Nothing." She moves about the operating area to make sure she's brought in all the supplies that are focused on pain management, nodding at what Iris says. "I'm sure we have some poultrices, or even a few bottles of alcohol. I'll leave the final choice of pain management to Iris."
Qwillis     Q nods in respons to Iris. "I took some measurements, to make sure to fit in the proper spot." He'd muse, glancing to Manny. "It should stay lubricated via the normal function like the standard eye is. It's also designed to be water proof.. or well, liquid proof. So you should be ok there. But you will need to keep some pure water as possible handy, to be able to flush it, if anything gets in there.. There's a chance of rejection. I'm hoping I calculated correctly to negate it." Shaking his head, he'd sigh softly. "Plenty I have to learn. I'm sorry Commander. I'll do my best.. and.. well, with luck and help from Iris and Camilla, this should go fine." He'd move to his gear, getting on the gloves to help protect his hands and the eye from touch. Prepping it, he'd nod to Iris and Cami. "Go ahead and get him set up. The initial connection will be to the optic nerves in the socket.. so I'll need clear access."
Manuelito "Well, you are working close to my brain." Manuelito notes with a shrug. "Never know what Mother Goddess has planned for us." He replies to Iris with a faint smile.

Glancing to Camilla, his head tilts ever so slightly. "You sure?" He asks calmly; his eye focusing on her for the moment.

He shifts a bit to look at Q, his hand clasping on the man's shoulder. "I trust you Q. In fact, I trust all of you with my life." He states to the three of them. "So, where do I sit?"
Iris Lark     Iris rinses her hand with the alcohol and water mixture that she carries around with her and pulls on a pair of gloves as well. She gestures to a table and smiles. "Lie down there, and we'll try hard to avoid your brain for now, just focus on the eye socket." She purses her lips and shrugs as she pulls some chems from her bag. "I'm thinking we might need to put you under for this, Manny - this is delicate and if you move at the wrong time ..even a flinch, it could make things go south."
Camilla     Camilla just follows suit, washing hands and donning gloves. She stands next to the table and waits.
Manuelito Manuelito nods his head softly "You're the doc." He replies with a small grin, moving to lie on the table. "See you all in a few hours, hmm?"
Qwillis     Q nods slightly with a brief smile to Manny. While the others prepped for the installation, he worked on the eye, getting the final diagnostics back as green, it'd be disconnected from the local connections and the ends of that connection converted into the point for locking into the optic nerve of Manny in his skull. This would take a bit of time, plenty of time for Iris and Cami to get Manny KO'd and prepped for the installation.
Iris Lark     Iris gives Manuelito a shot and after a few minutes the man is deeply under. She leans in and with a few deft cuts, seperates a series of nerves, prepping them to be connected to the device. Every few moments she scans the eye socket with her Pip-Boy and watches the screen as it gives her information that she uses as she works quietly.
Camilla     Camilla just stands near by and watches, silenty. Being near Iris should she ask for anything, or require any help.
Qwillis     Q finishes his prep work as Iris gets her own work done. He'd flash a smile to her and Cami both. Now comes the process that Q.. wasn't as sure about. He'd carefully lower the cyber eye to the socket, frowning, then glances to Cami. "Camilla? That clasp there. Can you hold the eye with it here? I'll need the tweezers to line up the channels. Then making the connection. This isn't like my arm.." He'd frown and if Cami takes the hold of the eye, he'd work left handed. While it may not be his primary hand, it seems he's done this sort of thing often enough to not have too much problem in getting that connection going, waiting only until all the wires are firmly attached to switch on the eye.
Iris Lark     Iris moves to help Qwillis while Camilla keeps a hold of the cybernetic unit. Each connection is carefully made and the inside of the socket is lined with a plastic polymer to keep it from chafing at the socket as well. She takes a few steps back as Qwillis powers on the unit and she watches to see what happens next.
Camilla     Camilla blinks and nods and moves to respond to Q's request instantly. She just nods, easier to nod and do what one is asked than reply with a lot of words and waist time in such a delicate procedure. She does, in fact, hold it so that Q can use his left hand. She has a steady hand, which is no doubt needed for this kind of work.
Qwillis     Q smiles to Cami, nodding to Iris as she'd help as well. With all the connections set, Q motions for Cami to lower it into the socket. Once done, he'd move over to the pip-boy 5k, stripping off that glove to start typing. After a few moments, the eye would 'come alive'. Data flowing across Q's screen and then a display, the eye's sight and whatever it saw, coming up in 3-D on the pip-boy. "Ahh.. Perfect. It's working. Alright. You two should be able to patch up the cuts and then we can wake him up.. The big test is if he can see this too.."
Iris Lark     Iris turns to grab a needle and begins to sew the skin cut to effect insertion of the cybernetic unit. She works slow, with small even stitches so that it won't leave behind a large scar. She leaves the other cuts to Camilla as she goes to the shelves and steps on one of the bottom ones to grab at the stuff needed for salve, dressing and poultice. On her way back to the table she grabs the syringe needed to wake up Manny.
Camilla     Cami does her best to help set the eye and make cuts and to assist Q and Iris as best she can, this is very obviously a first for her. Once she's finished up she turns and looks to Iris as she returns to the table, "Finished. He should be ready to wake now.."
Qwillis     Q would spend his time typing up on the pip-boy 5k. Getting all the data sorted out, he'd nod to himself and shut off the display. It'd ping if it doesn't work right. Looking back to Iris and Cami, he'd smile. "Thank you for the help.. I may get one of you to help me with my own cybernetics.. I've come up with several upgrades I can do and.. well.. It'd be nice to not ache all the time."
Iris Lark     Iris gives Manny the injection to wake him up and then she turns to clean up the mess that was made. "That would be a good way to help Camilla get more acclimated with cybernetics. There are a few who live here and in the surrounding settlements who use them." She grins at Qwillis and when she moves away to put some supplies back on the shelf she gets a glass of water for Manny, bringing it back to the table.
Camilla     "You're welcome" replies Cami plainly to Qwillis as she moves about to start cleaning up.

    She nods at him again, "Yes, well, I suppose I could use the practice.." she adds just as iris says that Cami could use more of it. She nods at Iris, "Yes, that's true. I should be able to help those people just as much as anyone else."
Manuelito Stirring awake from being put under is a very odd sensation. It is like half the body is awake, waking up and still a sleep; those odd sensations and feelings course through the nervous system quietly, confusing the brain as to how it should feel and response to such impulses.

In such rare cases, a groggy groan is given, following a hand moving up to slap himself in the face rather than pressing against his forehead while the other hand moves each finger as if trying to wake them up from sleep. His legs felt like they had concrete weight and thus do not move right away.

Following his snafu of a slap, he grumbles out a "Ow" follow by another groggy groan, his now awake left hand pressing against the side to lift his body up; his right hand finally finding a spot on his forehead.

His eyes remain close as he asks "Everything good doctor, Q?" He inquires calmly, keeping the eyes close, waiting for them to give the go ahead to open them.
Qwillis     Q leans against the table that had his equipment on it, sans the eye of course. He'd smile to Manny with a small nod, motioning with that metal clawed hand. "Yes. Should be. Anyways. The unit is giving feedback as expected. So.. you should be able to see with it. Take it carefully and don't try to stand up right away... This.. would be the hardest part. Rejection by the brain or accepting the stimuli.."
Iris Lark     Iris sets down the glass of water and moves towards the door of the Clinic, taking a seat on a stool where she can catch some breeze. She simply watches what is going on, her eyes moving from one person to the next.
Savage Savage arrives! With a bit of a limp though. The man leans on a stick, trying his best to hide a bum leg as he takes a few steps, easing himself down to a seat to wait for the Doc... or Doctors... as the case may be.
Camilla     Camilla smiles at everyone and turns about to head out and see to the rest of the clinc. "I'll go ahead and let you finish up Doc, I'll be out front checking for other patients. That is, if you don't need me for anything else?"
Iris Lark     Iris gets to her feet and shrugs a shoulder. "I'm heading home, actually, so ..whatever you need to do - you do." She moves to check on Manny one last time and helps him sit up. "Don't move fast and follow instructions, okay?" She says, moving to her rucksack to pick out the envelope and hand it to Manuelito. "Be safe."
Manuelito Opening the eyes was a slight error on his part. As they open, the brain attempts to combine the processing information of a mechanical eye with the natural human eye; the results is double vision and blurriness.

"Woa.." He mumbles, eyes closing quickly in surprise. "That.. feels like I've been drinking Katherine's special Alcohol again." He mutters as a sensation of queasiness comes about. Taking in a breath again, he slowly opens his eyes.

It takes a moment for the brain to catch up with the electrical impulses firing through the nerve bundles of both eyes, but finally the brain can compensate for it; revealing Manuelito to something rather unique and different.

The robotic eye Graphical Interface Protocol simply overlays now on his vision. The G.I.P gave him true sight (similar definition in vision as the robotic eye compensates for the human eye), with a circular green graphical overlay around the peripheral view. As his eye falls on each person, a graphical box propagates in the G.I.P, showing roughly height, weight and sex.

"Nicely done Q." Manuelito responds, eyes falling him now; one having a bluish glow the other his traditional dark brown. "It feels normal.. well, except for the graphical information coming up; but I like it." He adds with a slight smile.

Then he closes an eye, then the other before opening them both. "Okay, that.. that might take some adjusting." He says quietly. Glancing to Iris, he nods "Thank-you Iris for everything." He replies before she departs.
Savage Savage settles in his seat, leaning his cane/stick against the wall. "So what... you just sit and wait fer the Doc to show up?" he asks no one in particular. He's wound some sort of strip of cloth about his injury... probably doesn't do much but it's better than nothing in the grand scheme of things.
Qwillis     Q watches Manny closely, relaxing as he'd adjust and finally smiling in response. Holding up his own pip-boy, he'd hit a few keys and the image that Manny sees via that eye is also on holographic display just over the pip-boy. "There's a terminal link to my pip-boy for it. I can't really help that. I have to be able to access for maintenance. But this also means I can improve it. As I learn more." he'd nod to Manny then. "It's also only got about a 30 foot range. Out of that, I can't connect anyways. But you seem to be doing well with it. It didn't reject. That's good."
Camilla     Camilla, seems to respond to Savage just as he asks the air. She stands there, in plain view, with her hands clasped together at her stomach. "How can I help you?" she asks of the man, smile on her face.
Manuelito Manny glances to Q, head nodding. "No one else could hack this eye, right? When I leave in a few days I will be going to Brotherhood territory. I need to know I will be safe from being hacked."
Savage Savage looks up as Camilla approaches ish, "Ran into a few things... got bit in the leg... so whatever voodoo you can do is good..." he murmurs, gesturing to his bound leg-wound, "It's been awhile so.. i'm sure it's pretty ripe."
Qwillis     Pursing his lips, Q frowns, double checks his pip-boy then nods to himself. "It's actually location locked.. I couldn't even hack it if you're not in this building, Commander. I.. uhm. Well, I figured that'd be best. It makes sure that with such a lock they would have to have days of time trying to hack at it to get into it. If they can even pick up what frequency sequence it is transmitting on.. I did the best I could to make it tough for external attempts. You should be fine."
Camilla     Camilla smiles at Savage and nods, and with both her hands motions towards Exam Room 1. "We just finished a surgery, let me check up on the Commander and I'll be with you in a few moments."

    Camilla turns on heel and steps back in to the other room to do a quick check up of Manny, "He good to go Q?" she asks, looking between the two of them. "If you need any help with pain, you just let me know and I'll do what I can for you."
Savage Savage glances slightly. "What do you lot do with pain? Whiskey? In that case... oh... oh the agony..." he says with obvious falseness, grinning impishly. "The pain doc... oh... it hurts so.. so bad...." he's obviously drawing it out.
Manuelito A slight nod is given as Manuelito turns on the bed and slowly stands up. "Thank-you Q. It .. it is great to see with two eyes again." He says, looking over to him; a Q now showing up over his head. A smirk creases his lips "Cute." He adds.
Qwillis     "You'll also see the cyber eye adapt to your perception of things. It's reading the output of your mind with relation to vision. There's some adjustment it will do.. But it's limited in how far it can go." Qwillis looks to Cami as she'd come check on them, he smiles with a small nod. "I believe so, Camilla. At least, as far as my part is. The eye is a success. So we can start offering more replacements for people I guess."
Manuelito "So, it has the ability to adapt and learn?" Manuelito asks, glancing to Q. "Something.. CORA? assisted with?" He adds curiously, glancing around. "And if I understand, the eye's software can be updated, correct?" Glancing to Camilla he nods and smiles "Thank-you."
Camilla     "You're quite welcome.." replies Cami plainly as she turns on heel and heads back out in to the main room. She gives savage quite the glare, "Oh, you poooor baby.." she adds with feigned empathy. "Alright, Exame room one boyo, so I can give you a look over."
Qwillis     Q watches Cami go into the other room with Savage, then looks back to Manny with a chuckle. "CORA? No. I did this all myself. It's my custom build and my custom software. CORA could learn how to read it, Commander. But.. it's my work. To put it simply.. With what it is? I wouldn't trust anyone else.. But that's just me."