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Owner Pose
Camilla     Camilla is standing in the exam room, waiting for the poor thing that is so very very hurt. She taps the exam bed with her hand, "Up.." she says plainly as she goes about checking supplies. "Tell me what happened again?"
Savage Savage nods to Cam and hobbles over towards exam room one, leaning on his stick. "Yeah doc.. the pain... oh it hurts.... better just give me the bottle." he says as he trundles over.
Savage Savage eases himself onto the bed, sitting on the edge. "Got bit by something I think... not entirely sure what it was cause I blew it to shreds soon as it did what it did..." he murmurs, "Not a rad scorpion, that's for sure... some lil dog maybe." he grumbles.
Camilla     "Hmm, alright..." she replies plainly as she turns around, "Strip, I need to look at the bite location. Make sure you didn't get bit by anything to horrible." She turns around to let him go about doing as she asked. "Also, have you had any other pain or symptons after the bite?"
Savage Savage glances. He shrugs after a moment, wiggling out of his pants and top.. it takes a bit, having to unbelt and all that. "Just the one.... was about five days ago... took that long to get back to the town... nothing else.. no puking.. eating all right.. drinking lots... no nausea or anything..." he murmurs, doing his best to recall any details.
Camilla     Cami spins about and sighs, "If you got bit on the leg, I only needed your pants off..." pause, "anyroad. Let me take a look.." and she leans in and starts giving him a look over. "Doesn't look to bad at all, more than likely some sort of standard bite from a non-mutated or rad'ed critter." She spins about and grabs some salve from a cupbord and then turns around and hands it to him. "Here, put that on the spot and the itching and soreness should go away. You'll be fine in a day or so."
Savage Savage does as ordered. "I've never had a lady tell me to not... so..." he winks. "Not much soreness... bit of an itch... this all?" he asks as he lightly dabs. "You new in town?" innocent question.
Camilla     Cami just rolls her eyes, "I bet not..." she replies plainly as she places her hands on her hips. "Oh, yeah, that'll be it really. As I said, just a small bit of a few light symptons to deal with for a day or so and you'll be fine."

    "Hmm? Oh, yes, I am. Well, I've been here about three months now. So, it's, not exactly entirely new, but yes..I am.."
Savage Savage chuckles a bit. "Seems to be the case... three months ain't much... enough to say you live here but not enough to brag i aspose." he mutters. "Did you go to Mexico or were you smart and stayed behind?"