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Qwillis     So the group comes together because there's word of an area within the Roswell scrapyard that seems to host several rather homicidal robots. However! There's also been talk of scrap there, making it quite useful for getting to! So since it's robots, the group forms up near the Scrapyard and starts heading within. Time to deal with bots and get sweet lootz.
Savage Savage is here, more to explore and not really all too focused on scrap or salvage, getting the lay of the land really. He charges his rifle, "Let's be bad guys..." he grins impishly as he wanders towards the scrap heap, trying to be careful, get a lay of the land before poking further.
B B's last trip into Roswell was fruitful, so why not try again when the opportunity presents itself. The raven-haired woman might be heavily with child, but she won't let that get in the way of earning a few caps. She eyes Savage at his comment. Assault rifle carefully pointed at the ground in front of her, she says, "Bad guys? Guess we could be, if'n this place is already claimed by someone else. Then I guess we'd be no better than raiders." She frowns at that thought, but quickly dismisses it with the shake of her head. "You go on ahead. I'll hang back here to make sure nothing comes on us from behind."
Kaelyn Kaelyn can be seen walking up to the group. She's trying to adjust her chest-guard, the girl fidgiting with it and hopping a little bit with all the other accompanying movements, before finally sighing "There..." She mutters and as she gets to where the group is she pauses, the girl currently has an assault carbine strapped over her back, but at her hip is a colt 1911 pistol... Kae then blinks and umms "Why would we wanna be bad guys?" she asks curiously.
Qwillis     Ashur is along for the ride, because.. things to hit we'll say.

    As the group gets further into the scrapyard, there's a sort of commotion ahead. It's getting louder, the closer they get and a peek around a pile of garbage reveals there to be 6 robots, semi-aimlessly roaming around an area that's relatively clear. They are hovering slightly, hulky brutes with massive steel limbs ending in what would be considered construction equipment. Hammer, drill, so on.
Savage Savage settles a bit, squinting at the array of robots. "On line." he motions, trying to get everyone on a line ish, so everyone can pick a target. "Wait for it..." he murmurs as he takes cover behind a bit of scrap, aiming his rifle at the closest robot. "When everyone's ready......" he murmurs, waiting for the non-rangers to get into position.
B B arches a brow to Kaelyn. "I know.. right?" Her grin fades quick enough when they approach the garbage pile. Wrinkling her nose at the smell, she pokes her head around it to take in the scene before them. "Robots," says she, more to herself than anything, "we have a plan or .. oh. Okay. I got the one with the hammer hand." She finds her own place behind the garbage to crouch down and line up her shot, finger on the trigger. She'll wait for someone else to take the initiative and fire the first round.
Ashur Ashur comes with all the force and majesty of a storm--and all the leadfoot grace of a particularly fat rhinocerus. The super mutant, red like the dawn, red like blood, red like anger lumbers through the Roswell scrapyard, scratching at a patch of chest hair over a thick knot of scar tissue shot through with the same berry-blue veins that cover the rest of his body. Herculean in proportion, a hair over ten feet, a spot over a thousand pounds, all lopsided muscle and rocky flesh, the mutant's unarmored and nude save for the lovely white wool loincloth he wears.. and the charred, black-tipped white wool cloak he wears as cape now, barely restraining his mountainous neck and falling just beneath his shoulder blades.

His mammoth right fist is encased in steel and machinery, the power fist bulging out around it. It's a wonder it's survived this long under his abuse. "Robots," he spits. "I hate things that don't feel fear."
Kaelyn Kae unshoulders her rifle, the young woman glancing around and then sighing "Yaay blowin up robots.." Meanwhile, CORA is making a cry-baby face on the pip-screen as she whispers "Awwe, and I coulda so used one as an adjunct..." Kae then umms and glances at CORA "Umm CORA? they're scrapper bots.. not nurses..." CORA then oohs "Ok that's good then, shoot away!"
B Despite her early intention to wait for someone else to go first, it's actually B who fires it. Her first shot isn't anywhere close to hitting her target, but the second buries itself just off center in the robot's back. That's about when she feels it: a dull ache blooms in her own back, right where the shot landed. Surprised, she glances over her shoulder to see where that came from.
Kaelyn Kae pops out of her cover, the odd pointy-eared girl raising her gun. She takes aim then squeezes the trigger, first burst is long, about half her magazine expended in a single moment as she drills the robot in its torso. Next she fires off a shorter burst, again using the fully auto capability of her rifle to well lethal intent. The first machine crashes to the ground, before Kae hunkers down again, trying to make her self seem small....
Savage Savage waits for the others to shoot.. then.. well. shoots... sighting down his rifle a moment before firing... like he's back on the range.
Savage Savage crouches slightly, aiming his rifle, aiming at the closest rifle. He fires at the head, plinking like he's back on the range as he changes targets as the first shot goes off and the others are alerted.
Qwillis     The robots, defective as they are, are slow to the respond to the invasion of the group. As more fire goes down range, they turn to face where the people are and start heading that way in their massive, lumbering way. Between B, Savage and Kaelyn, they're able to take down 2 of the 6 robots. The rest of them raise their impliments of destruction as they loom ever closer!
Kaelyn As two robots of destruction roll in on Ashur, Kae's eyebrows raise at the fact that Ashur pretty much one-shots one... She swivels slightly, now, rapidly firing off a pair of rounds at one before being set, making sure to cut loose before Ashur is even in her sights. The next burst of fire is more sedate, as the woman now takes careful aim and double-taps to the machine's torso... Kae then calls out "1 round left, more mags to back it... Will make my last shot count!" she calls out.
Ashur When the bullets fly, the behemoth grows still, save for the rising of his hunched shoulders from each breath. "I wonder what fighting with a drill would be like," he muses aloud, scratching still at his chest-- ever since his mutation, his body has been doing queer things, and the scar tissue has been stretched to the breaking point across a chest now much too big for it, and it itches something fierce. "I will find out."

With a bellowing battle cry, Ashur lurches into motion, a deadly momentum carrying him with stampede speed and sound across the uneven ground. He sprints like an Olympian, his massive hand coming around in fierce haymaker that shatters one of the robot's drill hands in a spray of sparks and tangled wires; as the drill falls, the giant scoops it mid-air and pivots, driving it down in an overhead spike right through the thing's skull. There's a mechanical buzz, a machine whirl, as cloudy smoke from an electrical fire pours into the air and wraps around him like a fog.

The robot twitches and falls over, essentially lobotomized.
B Keeping her rifle aimed towards the advancing robots, B calls out to her companions, giving them a short, but inspiring little speech. She watches while her allies gather their strength and each get in another shot (or punch). She lays low for a moment, waiting for just the right .. now! She fires off a single round at the robot next to Ashur. As luck would have it, her aim is true and she blows a chunk off the thing's left leg then sucks in a hissing gasp as her own leg starts to burn.
Qwillis     The robots are lumberous. Slow, but quite deadly. At least.. to the ground. The first swing from that massive machine at Ashur has him avoid it just in the knick of time, that hammer leaving a solid impact in the ground with a thud that could be felt all the way up to the teeth. That second shot, the fork for it to lift rubble, bounces off Ashur's chest.

    meanwhile, the other robot would seek to try and charge those hiding behind the garbage pile, just missing Kaelyn as she'd scramble out of the way!
Qwillis     It doesn't take much more from the combined firepower of the team to take down that last robot. With the sparks flying as it'd crumple to the ground as well, they are able to search the area to get some sweet lootz! Although they of course don't want to linger too long. Afterall, don't know what new thing may move in next.
Ashur The battle rages on! Ashur weaves to the side of one hammer blow, and the other catches him right in his bulky red chest-- and while there's a lot of noise from the hit, there's no damage at all! "Puny machines," the mutant growls, lifting it from the earth and brutalizing it with his hands, "metal cannot overcome flesh!" A pause, and then he rips, shearing it like one might a tin can. "I'll make you into a lamp!"