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Owner Pose
Camilla     A gentle and slightly chilly new mexican morning, who could ask for anything else? The clinic is, abnormally, pretty quite and empty. No one else is in it save for an early rising Camilla. She goes about the front of the clinic doing, well, nurse things. Cleaning. Checking supplies. Handling records. All the things one should and is expected to do to keep any size and shape of clinic operational.
Eden In stumbles Eden with a cloth held against her head. Blood is seeping through and wetting her hand. She is obviously a bit disoriented and in is jsut glad she found the clinic!
Camilla     Camilla gasps at seeing Eden, the things in her hands falling to the floor and making a racket to join the sound of that gasping breath. "Oh goood god, Eden? What happened?" she asks as she races over to help keep the other woman stable and on her feet. "On second thought, answer that in the exam room, and in bed.." she says as she starts guiding Eden to room 1.
Eden Eden tries to answer but falls a bit instead. Regaining her balance she follows the doctor to the bed and lays down. She has no idea how to describe to Camilla the full story, her head so full of random images from her searching and now fuzzed with pain. After getting slightly more comfortable she sighs "Dead kids"
Camilla     "Ok, ok, let's just get you on the bed and let me get to work.." she says softly. She does what she can to keep Eden comfortable, and goes about looking about for all her supplies. "Just, keep talking to me ok? Try and tell me what happened." No doubt she's trying to keep Eden concious.

    Cami starts with the head wound, no doubt a concusion and some trauma there.
Eden Talking seems so hard just now. After the blow and the walk back, Eden just feels overwhelmingly tired. Talk the doctor says talk. ok. "We were looking at the tombstones. Trying to find the people from the newspappers. But they weren't in their graves anymore. First the kids, then the mechanic. No, that's not right. First the lady... wait... I can't remember" Eden trails off trying to think, but is just getting sleepier by the moment
Camilla     "Hey, hey you, none of that. Stay awake and stay with me. Keep talking to me.." says Cami loudly, snapping her fingers around Eden's eyes.

    "What day is it?"

    "Do you know where you are?"

    "Can you tell me what exactly happened to you?"

    She starts shooting off all these questions while working on that head wound. Since Eden is already out of it, she's cleaning it, checking it, working on stiches, and then a new bandage.
Eden At the snaps Eden shakes her head. Tuesday? In the clinic. Foudn the clinic. The doctor will fix it." Eden shakes her head again, trying to clear the fog. "There were zombies. Something is seriously wrong in that place. I don't know what hit me, but Ashur got us out alive." Her eyes close at the effort this took. Talk. The doctor said talk "We were trying to find out what happened there."
Eden Eden is starting to feel the doctor's work have it's effect. Still very tired, but the fog is turning into just feeling the pain in her head. "owwww uggh" then she remembers to lie still. Her father had always said to make all the noise she wants, but stay put. "I can't remember what exactly hit me, I really can't."
Camilla     Ok, ok, just rest.." Cami replies softly. "I'm going to keep you here over night for observation. I want you to sleep, but I'm going to be waking you up every hour for the first few hours ok?" she asks of Eden. "You're stitched, and cleaned up and have a new bandage. I'm going to get you a blanket, and you're not going anywhere."
Eden Eden gently nods, just glad to be allowed to sleep finally. "thank you camilla" And with that she sleeps.