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Kaelyn Kae is relaxing in the casino, seems the girl has filled a damned duffle bag full of random things? There's guns, an axe, heavy combat leggings, holodiscs, pornos, leathers... Lots of stuff! Kae gets her self a soda pop and hops back to her table, sitting down with the light support the weapon as the girl uffs and lifts the thing to check the massive machine gun out... "This thing is bloody heaaavy!!!"

Kae sets the machine gun down and now picks up the calico SMG.. She looks it over and sets it next to th emeachine gun and then glances at the goggles "Newp those I keep..." she then sets out the two holodisks, and tosses the porno out too, she has no real use for that.. She also sets the leathers next to it as well... "Ummmmmmm what else..." she digs through the bag and out comes a 9mm pistol too...
Milton Milton steps through the door with a tip of his hat. He's got a bandage across his forehead and on one hand and is walking with another tall well groomed figure. Strolling in with his nice clothing only slightl usty from the road. "Just back and forth, drop off with the caravans and catch a quick ride with a buggy. We'll be back in no time. You just have to have a little faith." His accent is strange, Transatlantic for anyone who might be a History buff. He reaches up to smooth his hand over his waxed moustaches. "A quick beer and we'll head home for the night though. Perhaps we can check in at Acme before we head back to investigate that strange laughing I heard."
Bart Bart is hot on his brother's heels, his brown suit dusty from their travels. Muttering something about breaking down and buying the goggles for his poor eyes, the eldest Knox simply gives Milton an exasperated sigh and nods, "I understand faith to be an arbitrary thing, why must you insist I partake in it?" the scientist demands in the same Old Timey TV accent. "You don't know the meaning of a quick beer, dearest brother," he reaches out and brushes his fingers over Milton's shoulder and then down his chest to fix his lapels and straighten them. The fingers of one hand lingering to rub the fabric between them slowly, "Fine."

He glances around quickly, and spying the elf with the table of Things, he tugs on Milton's coat in her direction, "Come, there are wares for perusal."
Kaelyn Kae now pulls out a really nice leather chest-piece she flops out on the table now too... The girl grinning a bit... She takes another long pull on her drink and then looks at her colt 1911... "Newp not seling this sucker..." She says and she litterally sticks it in a pocket... She also has her assault rifle slung over her shoulder... Seems the girl litterally just got back from scavenging...

When she sees Milton and Bart wander in she watches them curiously, the girl's ears twitching as she tilts her head. Then one turns toward her? She smiles cheerfully and twiddles her fingers "Hallo!" greets the oft-goofy woman... "How are you two doing?"
Milton Milton huffs a sigh as his brother insists on fixing his lapels and after a moment flaps a ringed hand at him with a small noise of protest under his breath. Long manicured fingers tuck in to check his watch. "Look, an hour. No more, Dear Brother. I promise, I don't know why you cannot appreciate the splendid atmosphere and some libatioo.. hello." He blinks at Kaelyn and looks over the selection fo things. "I say Madame." He reaches to that the twiddled finger and bows over them, his free hand taking off his hat an holding it to his chest. "A pleasure. Please pardon the intrusion but I couldn't help but hear the dulcet mutter of selling. May I see your wares." He smiles and tries his best to look dashing, he's just a bit too boyish.
Bart Bart doesn't seem interested in protest, like a good older brother he just fixeds anyways. "An hour then," he agrees with an almost smile. The catch of wares and selling sends Milton towards Kaelyn faster than Bart was strolling so he ends up coming up behind with an easy look on his face, inspecting what is on the table. Eyes opening some at the selection and he already knows what his brother is looking at. But he is reaching out to fondle that holodisk simply labeled 'Fixit'. Nudging his richer brother with an elbow so the gent can be charming for the both of them.
Kaelyn Kae glances up, and grins broadly, then motions to her stuff "Was going through my stash, but yes it's for sale if you are looking to buy!" she says happily. Then motions over what she has on the table... "Just have the couple holodiscs and alll this stuff, oh and a Porno I'm not intrested in reading..." She says and smiles cherfully as she glances from brother to borther.

Those long ears twitch again as she takes another pull on her soda then glances to Bart again and nods "So how're you two doing?" She asks now, scarlet eyes taking the two folks in curiously... The girl then pulls some of that white hair out of her vision and begins cleaning on the 1911 she salvaged today.
Milton Milton adjusts his glasses and looks over the wears. Yes, what is it, oh.. hmm." He sniffs and looks to Bart and then to Kaelyn as he considers her a moment. "I see a couple things I'm interested in, "I see you have some interesting reading material. I just bought two of those for one hunred caps, but I wouldn't mind having another in the collection. And those two holodisks look nice as well, I coul potentially part with one hundred and twenty five caps for both?" He offers and then she's asking, again, how they're doing. Had he missed it the fist time, okay maybe he's staring at the woman's unusual appearance.

"Oh Bartholomew and myself are well, Milton though most call us Bart and Teddy. It's a pleasure Miss? May I compliment you on your striking genetics and the lovely shape of your skull?" See, Bart, he can be cool.
Bart Bart blinks slowly at the elven woman, his eyes are staring at her ears without a single bit of social awareness that it might be rude. But of course there are words which he has to pay attention to which leads to him almost snorting aloud, giving Milton a look as he describes the shape of her skull. But then he's admiring it too and nodding, "It is unique, and quite lovely." But then he's blushing a little bit and looking away, because he is SOOOO not good at this. He passes some caps into his brother's pocket as way of thanks for purchasing that holodisk for him. in return he turns and disappears to fetch beers for them both. He'll return a bit later with two mugs frothing and chilled.
Kaelyn Kae is all smiles at the starting offer.. "How bout 125 for each disc?" she says cheerfully "They work, I know they do, I can verify that as I know how to work with them, on them and such.." Next a voice from Kae's arm speaks up "Yup she sure does!!! I help too!" Kae glances down and looks to CORA curiously, the exposd screen popping up from the massively modified pip-computer and the avatar, a kind of anime-pixie-spryte waves to Bart and MIlton at this point...

A tilt of her head is given as her ears twitch again, both long and thin, coming to a find point with very little lobe to even speak of... "Ummmm thanks for the compliment on my skeletal structure?" she says and shrugs "Y'can have the porno at 50 though..." She says with a cheerful grin.
Milton The hologram makes Milton recoil a little. As if it was a ghost or something, but after two or three seconds and no mysterious wounds appearing the nervous fop exhales and nods. "How strange.. Hmm, well all right. Fair. Three hundred caps total, yes?" He reaches into his recently added to collection of caps in his pocket and blinks a few more times. "Oh you're very welcome." He assures, "It's quite unique. Tell me, have you ever had anyone draw you? Would you like to? Nothing untoward.." He puts his hand on his chest, "On my name as a Knox. I just.. you're fascinating. Look even Bart thingks so?" Milton so calls out that blush. "Here let me just get business out of the way, would you like a beer?"
Bart Bart coughs lightly into his hand and attempts a quick swipe of his brow and his cheeks while he's standing there. Of course Milton goes and calls him out and he ahems some while giving his little brother a firm reminder of who was older - visa vie a sharp elbow at whatever's closest. Jerk. Cora? Cora is given a strange look, but then the mad scientist in him is leeeeaning closer to inspect her and the Pip-Boy she sprouted from. "Fascinating," he mutters quietly, "You gave your Pip-Boy a personality?"
Kaelyn Kae smiles "Actually, the computer I have on my arm started out as a pip-boy. I've made a ton of modifications, enhanced screen resolution, given it a holo projector, though small. Increased the memory by about 100 times, as well as access times over 1000 times by installing a full neuro-net..." She says and then grins "Then I installed CORA..." She glances to Milton and grins again "CORA is the A.I. that over saw my genetic modifications.... Gotta love what folks will do when bored in a vault." she says and shrugs slowly. Kae grins now as caps are exchanged and she hands over the wanted items... She then glances to Milton curiously "So either of you two need those discs installed?" She asks with a grin.. Evidently she's qualified to work on pips....
% Kae then grins a bit at the mention of drawing her. At this point CORA actually projects a full 3d image above Kae's rist of well, Kae with arms held outright and feet held about shoulder width apart, of course in that skinsuit she wears all the time. This of course reveals the rather rediculous proportions the young woman has. Kae sighs and stares at the rotating image... "Yes CORA I know, you can make a nice 3d rendition of me..." She says and rubs the nape of her neck, then glances to the two brothers "CORA thinks it's funny to embarass me now and then."
Milton Milton says, "Ah so she's a sibling. I see." Milton barges on obliviously and his eyes widen, "Oh yes would you? Splendid woman, splendid.." He's unstrapping his pip boy and offering it over just in time to be distracted by the proportions sudenly displayed for all the world to see and he stammered a moment and takes off his glasses to clean them. "Pardon me Madame." He turns to clean his glasses and look innocent while he 'struggles to get his pip boy off."
Bart Bart blinks once and then twice before looking back up at Kae with a perked eyebrow. "I' interested in seeing more?" There's a flutter of his eyelids and he grimaces, "That is to say, the computer and upgrades you've installed, where did you find them? In the Vault you came from?" It's rare to see the eldest Knox brother this animated. He's truly interested in everything about Kae's pip-boy. Missing the flubbed interactions of his brother. Damn, he doesn't even get to tease him about it, his fingers are actually itching, curling and uncurling at his sides as he inspects everything he can without actually just grabbing the elf's arm.
Kaelyn Kae smiles cheerfully.. "Another soda is all I'll charge for installing the disk." she says and winks playfully, then tilts her head at the stammering of Milton and glances to the image still spinning. She takes the pip-boy and looks at it, before unwrappng the disk. Carefully she opens MIlton's Pip-boy up, and installs the disk, before closing it, and locking it down. She then turns the machine on, glancing over the readings before grinning "All done!" She says and slides the pip-boy back to Milton.

Her eyes travel to Bart at this point and Kae holds her left arm up, now letting Bart actually say examine her work closer... "Mind you CORA is not for sale, she's been my companion for ummmm..... " She counts in her head and shrugs "Probably over 200 years at this point..." She adds "Though only the last couple I've been out of my tank..." She then grins again. If one were to look at the 3d image suspended above CORA they might even see in fine text, Kae's measurements, as well as genetic 'features', kind of a layout of the massively -vast- amount of genetic engineering Kae has been through.
Bart Bart blinks a few times, his eyes are reading over the list of genetics with a rather clinical eye, there's no leering or strangness he's just inspecting closely. Eventually he ventures to touch ever so lightly at the edge of the pipboy computer hacked together. "So the parts you used, did you scavenge them? Piece them together? Luck upon them? How did you work a neural network into the guts withough having to modify the power supply?" he is an inquisitive sort.
Milton Milton is getting Kaelyn another soda and attempting not to look like he almost embaressed himself in front of an entire room. He smiles and then blinks at his brother's question and the younger Knox brother finally responds to bart's earlier elbow with an elbow of his own. "Excuse Bartholomew, he is a curious sort. Though if you would like to come over for that artwork I'm sure he'd love to pick your brain about the processes which were required to ah, release you from your tank. Two hundred years old, I say, you must have interesting tales to tell. Would you like to join my brother and I at a table?"
Kaelyn "The lab I was in was slowly shutting down. I was able to get an MFC to power CORA and keep her functions going long enough for me to scavenge everything from the lab.. Seems when the folks left the vault I was forgotten... Anyhow, I was able to fabricate the network my self using the tools available to me along with everything else. As far as power? She's run by a fusion cell, lifetime on these suckers are like 300 years... I may remember how I built that, hower right now survival and combat programming are kind of at the forefront... I've only been out of the incubation and stasis chamber a little over a year and a half." Kae says and grins slightly... "I was put in before the war..." She then points out... "There's lots of things I can't answer, and CORA could if this PIp had the processing power to allow her full capability to be unlocked... For that I may be needing a 5000 ..." She comments then she grins a bit and shrugs... "But to answer your question, everything I needed to make CORA portable, I got from that lab, then when I left the lab kinda closed behind me... I could find my way back there, but it would take some highly specialized equipment to cut yer way through a 2 foot thick door."
Bart Bart is entranced by the story as he is with CORA and the PipBoy, he's practically cooing at the object itself, maybe even batting his lashes at it. Yes the inanimate object. His brother behind him doesn't get any attention because he's hyper focused. "There are other vaults though, other places to get more advanced parts from," he says quietly, a rather grim determination appearing onhis features as eh goes to chugging his beer. Suddenly setting an empty glass on the table as he looks at his brother, "Planning?"
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head and at the mention of table, she motions to her table "I can just dump everything here in a bag." she says cheerfully, and like she said she could she proceeds to start doing just exactly that. She starts with the armor bits then odds and ends and starts stashing away the weapons... Evidently the armor and leather bits are being used to keep the guns from poking holes in her duffel bag.... "But to answer yer question, some time I could swing by, yes.... If'n ya don't mind me bringing a friend.. Learned almost the hard way go with at least one other friend and stuff... It's nothing against you two, just well once bitten twice shy right?" she says with a smile.
Milton Milton says, "Definately, anyone you like. I love to do contrasts especially. So if they're masculine all the better?" He sounds hopeful, oddly so, though he like his brother is pale and just a little on the odd side he is clearly more interested in the more 'human' aspects of Kae and CORA. He leads the group, well steers Bart really, over to a table to settle in and checks his watch. He says nothing and puts it away. He is keeping an ear on CORA and what's being said about the machine but he is quite curious, "Tell me, Miss, do you have to get your clothing specially tailored?""
Kaelyn Kae blinks and tilts her head "Well I've got a few friends one or two might come with me then?" She says and shrugs 'Not a lot of male friends though.." the girl then oh's and tugs on her shirt "I Have this skin suit, underneath a bra made of similar fabric... It's self reparing... Ummm Then I just wear loose fitting stuff over it to kind of well mute the affect I have on folks?" she says then scratches at the nape of her neck again before she giggles a bit... "Shoulda seen it the one time I walked into a place with just the skin suit... lotsa stuff broke people fell out of their chairs and yah it was funny." She then umms "But yes I imagine if I were to wear regular clothes certain areas up top would have to be let out."
Milton Milton leans in, "Self reparing Fabric you say?" He considers this with a low sound in his throat and smooths his own lapels but finds them in order thanks to his brothers earlier work. "You don't say. Interesting. Would you be willing to let me study it a bit. I cannot tell you how handy such a thing might be for say, the town's miltia expecally given the recent expeditions and information that was brought back. I might be interested with working with you in a mutually lucrative capacity." He looks back towards Bart who's staring at CORA then looks back to Kaelyn, "Please don't mind him. You're fufilling one of his most strenuous dreams." He says cheerfully. Because he's a helpful little brother. Helping. See?
Kaelyn Mo ummms "Meh all it does is help me regulate my body temperature, and keeps me from burning up... "She shrugs and holds her arm out, then with a small knife cuts a small incision inthe skin suit... it pulls away stretching a hole there for a moment, then CORA's scren lights up, showing the location of the tear in the suit and suddenly from the edges the suit closes up... "It does nothing more than well, act as clothing." Kae says with a grin "I don't know how much it would help with your militia..."
Milton Milton says, "Self repairing clothing in a survival scenario I'm certain could be the very thread between life and death. But, nevermind that .. is likely something I couldn't pull off without a lot of help. I'm interested in the structure though, the design. I'm something of a tailor, not a great one mind, but I'd love to pursue it. That and writing a book are dreams of mine and my book is alreayd well under way. I would compensate you for your time of course."
Bart Bart is still hypnotized by CORA and just utterly babbling to himself about probabilities and mathematics as he takes a napkin and a ballpoint pen he happened to find, taking to it with scribbled notes and formulas, it looks like he's taking no time at all to trying to figure out the mysteries. "Yes, please, time, any time, bring whom ever," it's pretty clear that the man is not interested in the woman, but her tech. What a jerk.
Kaelyn CORA now pipes in at Bart "Ya knooooow..." Kae's eyes now slowly shift to CORA... "Kae is a genetic recombinant right?" Kae stares at CORA and sighs "Every time someone sciency comes around you brag..." CORA then points out to Kae "Yus but right now he's drooling on me, I'd rather him drool on you..." It's pretty point of fact... Kae facefaults... CORA then adds "Ayhow, Kae's a genetic recombinant, think of her as a kind of biological synthetic if it helps you better.. There's not a single biological system on that girl that hasn't been altered in a significant way..."
Milton Milton blinks and oh's and looks from Cora to Bart, knowing his Older brother the two will exchange a look. "Say, you and your friend wouldn't happen to be of similar persuasion would you? Would you mind if I..wrote about you. You're fascinting. You're both... fascinating."
Bart Bart blinks at CORA and then waves his hand dismissively, "That's fascinating, you beautiful creature," he is looking right at CORA when he says that, "but the fact of the matter is that my specific specialities lay more in line with your creation than hers. If I wanted to create a synthetic person I would be asking questions about her. Now," he's smiling actually sweetly at the Aritifical Intelligence, "Are your neural networks built on preprogrammed responses or were you allowed to learn?"
Kaelyn Kae umms and blinks staring at Bart... CORA meanwhile turns and points at Kae "She did it, before her other programming took a precident, however! She will eventually get alllll that back as her nerual pathways adjust and repair from having been in stasis for well too long..." Kae then blinks at CORA and facefaults... "I Swear yer making stuff up... Anyhow, CORA had allready attained sentience while managing me.. I just transfered that sentient program to this apparatus once I'd made the appropriate modifications."
Milton Miltonhas fallen thoughtful and silent again. He's watching Bart interact with the two before he finally reaches over, grabs his brothers jaw and lifts his face to look at Kae, "Her eyes are up there, Bartholomew."
Bart Bart grumbles a little before giving CORA a look and then up to Kaelyn, "Ahem," he clears his throat after Milton's reminders. "Interesting, I see," the scientist continues to scribble down notes until he's satisfied and then nods once, "Again, if you have time, do come by, I would love to see the inner workings of your computer - without taking it apart!" he adds at the end, no need to sound unscrupulous.
Kaelyn Kae umms "Well I'm sure CORA can show you a 3d image.." she says and smiles slightly... "If you have a bigger machine she can upload what wsa done to it..." She adds and tilts her head before teasing "Honestly didn't have to add the take it a part thing.. I would actually never allow anyone to take CORA apart... She's my friend, been for my remembered life and all... " she says and smiles slightly. Then oh's! "Come to think of it.. Milton? I was thinking... if we could attain one of those incubation chambers I was modified and stored in. I bet it could be modified to help treat injuries..."
Milton Milton ohs and nods, "Well I might certainly be willing to help with such an endeavor. Tell you what, let's talk over a drawing, say the next time you and your friend are free. We life in that large house over next to the El Dorado Gardens. I think it would be a perfect backdrop for my sketchwork."
Bart Bart hums softly and nods, "I have a computer that I nearly have functional, a few more adjustments and I'm sure I could use your schematics as a test run," he smiles graciously to the elf. "Thank you!" He means it sincerely and sicne he's forgotten his beer it just sort of sits there half downed. A blink, "You're going to put her in your book, dear brother?" he asks, as if that question hadn't already been answered.
Kaelyn Kae glances to Milton, then shrugs "Umm soo what kind of drawing you want of me? I dun do nudes by the way.." she says and umms then blnks... "Actually I don't think I've ever really posed for a sketch..." Kae then glances from person to person curiously... "Anyhoo if anyone goes with it'll probably be one of the medics...."
Milton Milton tilts his head, "Nudes. Oh no as long as the skinsuit is what you're wearing it's fine." He says with a dismissive wave. "You're lovely but as your companion said you're genetically modified. I wouldn't want to .. anyway." He clears his throat. "Bart, shouldn't we be going?" He asks suddenly red in the cheeks.
Bart Bart blinks and watches the interaction as Milton very clearly zeroes in on one of those words and he can't help the little smirk. "Yes, dear brother, we should be going," before you end up tripping over yourself and shoving foot in mouth goes unsaid. He is inspecting the holodisk in his possession now and turning it over as he starts walking back out. "We're stopping by the Caravan, I wan a pair of goggles," he insists.
Kaelyn Kae ummms... "Well there ya go, I'll pose in the skin suit then." She says cheerfully. Kae then tilts her head "They updated the stocks at the caravan store yet? I might be interested in shopping there my self..."