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Iris Lark Iris is sitting on one of the bed, her legs folded indian style as she presses random buttons on the Pip-Boy on her arm. She seems more interested in making the tones match the song she's softly singing than actually accomplishing anything with the machinery. The chair in the corner of the clinic is empty. Achilles must be elsewhere.
Jacqueline The clinic door's knob turns almost silently, the door opening just enough for a face framed in messy black tresses to peek in. The sound of the beeping music prompts a pause, then the door opens fully, apparently as much to permit a better look around as to let anyone in as Jacqueline looks owlishly around the room. Seeing the red-haired doctor so caught up in her singing and playing, her eyes widen. "Oh, wow... they do /that/, too?"
An instant later, she realizes she said that out loud and claps a hand over her mouth, dark eyes going wide. Airhead...
Iris Lark Iris glances up and she starts to laugh as she spots Jacqueline. "They can do anything if you try hard enough." She says, holding out her arm for inspection. She slides off the bed and walks to the new person who pretty much snuck up on her. "Who are you?" She asks, her head tilted slightly.
Jacqueline "I'll find one one of these days, and fix it up," Jacqueline replies, her smile a touch more determined than pleasant. Then she realizes that the doctor asked her a question. "Oh... me? Jacqueline Wayne, though my friends call me Jackie."
She steps into the room, slightly favoring her right leg, and shuts the door to the street behind her. "You're the doctor, right? I heard she has red hair..."
Iris Lark "Hi Jackie." Iris says, running her fingers through her hair with an impish grin. "Yeah, I'm Iris Lark. I'm one of the Healers of Shantytown. Are you okay or did you come here with some owwies?" She asks, her wide eyes on Jackie's face.
Jacqueline "Healers of Shantytown? I've heard that name, I think," Jackie says, looking around the room a little. "Owwies? Um..." She glances tellingly down at a messily-stitched spot on the right leg of her carpenter's jeans, as if giving that some thought. "I do kinda have a cut on my leg. From some sharp metal. It /is/ kinda ow."
Iris Lark Iris nods and she gets to her feet, pointing towards a bed. "Well let me take a look at it." She says as she goes to quickly wash her hands. "Are you afraid of giants?" She asks.
Jacqueline "Giants? Like, super mutants?" Jackie asks, blinking at the doctor in confusion. "I think everybody's afraid of those. I mean, I heard they /eat/ people. Ick!"
She moves to the side of the indicated bed, glancing down again at her outfit. A little self-consciously, she steps back and dusts her outfit with her hands, so as not to get any stray dust on the bed. Satisfied enough, she settles on the edge of the bed, trying not to look at Iris as she begins unlacing her well-worn NCR combat boots.
Iris Lark "Not like..that." Iris looks scared and she holds out both hands shaking them a bit as she tries to explain. "Achilles is just really tall, he's not a mutant." She frowns and then moves to look at Jackie's injury. "So what happened to you? You got a cut?"
Rose Into the clinic another arrives, the thud of her own NCR boots a little lighter as the duster-coat wearing Ranger stands in the doorwards, seeming to pause for a moment as her eyes assess what she finds inside. Not exactly a permium medical facility, but certainly not the worst she'd seen either. A clear of her throat, the blonde woman looks between the pair. "S'cuse me. Lookin' for the doc? Got a few scrapes and bruises out there I thought I should get checked out."
Jacqueline "Oh... oh! I'm sorry, I mistook you. I don't think I've met this Achilles," Jackie says hastily, looking up at Iris. Distracted, she finishes pulling off her other boot. Unlatching her belt and setting it aside, she unfastens her jeans and stands, pushing them down.
The sound of the door opening catches her ears, and she straightens so she can look up. Seeing the NCR Ranger, Jackie gasps, her eyes going wide. "Shut the door!" she hisses, blushing brilliantly.
Iris Lark Iris blinks and glances between Jackie and Rose. "Uhm." She grins and points at the door and shrugs. "It's usually open, you know, just in case someone needs help." She says, nodding slowly. "Who..are you now?"
Rose      A blink, a pause, but Rose closes the door behind her quite calmly. Seems she's unfazed by the other woman's state of undress, but then she's spent the last few days staying in the Saloon, so perhaps she's seen it all. A nod back to Iris she gestures to herself. "Rose Hallows, Ranger. I came to town almost a week ago...was there when we got the horses back from those thieves and...the robot made one hell of a mess." A chuckle, she does at least try to keep her gaze on Iris so Jackie can feel some semblance of privacy. "Got clawed up a bit lately and haven't really had time to do more than wrap it. I was hoping I could get checked over?"
Iris Lark Iris nods and points to the second bed, as she gazes back at Jackie and moves to take a look at her leg. "I was there when deathbot was going a bit crazy. You get used to it. I think that Alice keeps him on a very long leash." She glances at Rose and then adds. "If you don't have any bullet holes..the rest is pretty easy!"
Jacqueline "Oh... sorry, Doctor Iris. Sorry, Miss Hallows," Jackie murmurs, blushing more deeply. Realizing that she's standing there in her blue vault-issue underwear and that it isn't helping things, she sits down with self-conscious slowness, toeing off her jeans. There's a bandaged wound on the side of her right thigh, traces of blood showing through. "Deathbot?"
Rose      "Not for lack of trying," Rose comments under her breath with a chuckle before moving forwards and shrugging off her coat. Beneath her moulded vest and gunbelt riding low on her hips, complete with the two large revolvers in their holsters are clearly visible. "I got one on my leg, two on my back and one on my right shoulder. Armor caught most of it, but I let them linger without getting looked at longer than I really should have."
Iris Lark "Over 9000. I call him Deathbot, he's one of my favorite ...bots." Iris shrugs and gives Jackie a guileless smile. "Gonna pull at this bandage here, don't yelp or anything, because that'll startle me." She says giving the aformentioned bandage a tug. When Rose takes off her coat Iris' eyes light up and she tugs gently on Jackie's arm, pointing over at the Ranger. "Look at that outfit, that gun! That's so cool!" She bounces lightly on the balls of her feet for a moment before she remembers herself. She blushes and turns back to Jackie's injury, giving it her full attention.
Jacqueline "I should meet him. He sounds interesting," Jackie replies, glancing down at the bandage only once, then determinedly keeping her eyes off of it.
Though with the Ranger sans coat close by, she's soon distracted enough, especially once Iris catches her arm and points it out. But Iris is far more distracting than the solemn Ranger, and Jackie giggles. "Wow, Doc, you're just as impressed as me!" she teases lightly, smiling cheerfully at the redhead.
Her gaze turns to Rose. "It's some outfit, though," she adds, nodding to the Ranger and giving her a smile of her own.
Rose      A laugh from the blonde woman, but it's one of humor rather than any mocking of the reaction. On her newly bared shoulder there's some obvious (if not hastily done) bandaging, but the rest is covered as she tossess her coat down on the opposite bed and moves to take a seat unless told otherwise. For now the guns remain where they are, resting in their holsters. "Thanks," she chuckles, smile still on her lips. "It's functional and it's comfortable. Moving slow when bullets are coming your way isn't always a good idea now, is it?"
Iris Lark Iris blushes and keeps her eyes on Jackie for the moment, only sparing a quick glance back at the Ranger. She pulls some salve from the shelf and begins to slowly spread it on the wound, humming softly to herself as she works. "Okay, once this scabs over..come back again and I'll take another look at it." She mumbles, pulling out a bandage to wrap the womans leg.
Jacqueline "Not at all. My stepdad Wesley'd say the same thing," Jackie agrees. "Though claws are a little harder to be out of the way of, seems like."
She glances up as Iris speaks, glancing down at the wound. "It feels a little better already. I think you have magic hands, Doctor Iris." But she still looks up at Rose rather than at the wound as Iris begins binding it up again.
Rose      One boot removed as Rose takes a seat, she begins rolling up her pants leg as far as she can manage, revealing another bandaged injury while the pair continue to talk. This wasn't exactly an NCR treatment tent, but at least the folks were nice enough and it sure beat her usual approach of bandage, sterilize and 'keep an eye on it'. "So how'd you get hit there?" she questions of Jackie. "Or were you fixing something that went a little crazy?"
Iris Lark Iris moves from Jackie to Rose, taking a look at her injuries with a practiced eye as the two women converse. She moves away briefly to stand on her tiptoes and gather clean supplies before she comes back to bathe and treat each of the wounds.
Jacqueline "Thanks!" Jackie says with a smile, glancing down at the injury and sighing in relief. She doesn't have to keep gritting her teeth behind her lips now. She sits and watches as the red-haired doctor moves over to treat the Ranger. It takes her a moment to realize that the blonde asked her a question. "Oh, me? My own stupidity. I was scavving out in the wastes and got too close to some old metal. Guess I'm just not Ranger material," she adds, with a self-deprecating smile, rubbing her leg above the bandage.
Rose Rose laughs at that, shaking her head lightly and leaning forward to give the doctor access to her injuries. "Happens more than you might think, even to experienced folks. Doesn't take much to not see something sticking out, or something to fall and land on you when you're looking. Just gotta hope it's smaller than you and only leaves a bruise or something rather than a gaping wound," she says with a wink at Jackie. "Wasteland will play tricks on you if you let it."
Iris Lark "It's why I stay in Shantytown. It doesn't play tricks, it's just a little smelly." Iris quips, turning briefly away from the wound cleaning to address them both. She goes back to her work though and listens ot the two women speak as she reaches for the salve.
Jacqueline "Good point," Jackie has to admit, her smile gaining a little confidence. "I guess it's happened to you, too, huh? What was it that got you?" Her tone holds a faint teasing note, but that glance at Iris says there might be another reason she's keeping the conversation going. Those clawmarks look angry. That's gotta hurt...
She looks down at Iris, nodding. "That's true. Though I don't envy you the radroaches. Nasty little things get everywhere," she says sympathetically.
Rose      "Ghouls mostly, the feral kind I mean." Rose answers with a little laugh. "They come at you in big enough numbers? You'll get a few scrapes for sure. They're stubborn about falling over when you put bullets into them that sometimes you can't quite drop them all. Fortunately I had some backup with me."
Iris Lark "I saw ghouls the other day!" Iris pipes up, holding her hands out as she tells the story. "There was a big blue glowing one and I shot him right through his forehead!" She insists, bouncing a bit on her feet. "They're gross though, I would't go near them if I had any kind of choice."
Jacqueline "Feral ghouls, ick! I've heard about those mindless things," Jackie says, grimacing. "I haven't run across any yet, but it sounds like they're better avoided. I'm glad you had backup, Miss Hallows."
She looks up, stifling giggles as Iris excitedly tells her story. But that shot... she bounces to her feet, caught up in the enthusiasm. "Ooh, nice shot! Wesley's teaching me how to shoot better, but I think I'm still a little short of that." Probably /way/ short, really, but she has that Wastelander gift for understatement.
Rose      "Short?" Rose laughs, gesturing to herself. "Not exactly a towering giant over here either y'know, but I've managed fair decent. If you can hold a gun then you can learn how to use it." Nodding at Iris words, she shrugs her shoulders. "Don't go getting yourself eaten, then who'd patch us up?"
Iris Lark "I was with Achilles, he won't let me get eaten. He sort of promised." Iris says, her tone clearly distracted. She begins to clean the rakes with a wet rag, humming softly to herself. "He's got a large axe and I gave him a hat." She glances up briefly at Rose and grins. "That has to count for something!" She giggles and shakes her head, the first wound is clean and she smoothes salve over it before she wraps it with a bandage. She moves to the next wound, her lips pursed slightly.
Jacqueline "Huh? But you're a /Ranger/," Jackie says, looking puzzledly at Rose, as if she not quite sure what she heard. "Aren't you all supposed to be expert shots? That's what I always heard." The girl with no pants seems to have high expectations.
Her attention strays to Iris. "He sounds nice. I'm sorry I mistook him for a super mutant earlier." She watches the redhead work, leaning a little closer but careful to stay out of her light.
Rose "I'd say I'm fair decent, yeah. Haven't let myself down yet." Rose says with a wink to Jackie before glancing back over her shoulder, watching to see how the Doctor is fairing. "Met another healer that came to town, she might end up venturing your way if she doesn't get scooped up beforehand."
Iris Lark "When you see him you might think he is one." Iris says, her slender shoulder lifting in a shrug. "But he takes care of me, and he's nice." She smiles over at Jackie and adds. "He also bulit me this place, and..he hunts and kills things that scare me." She glances at the floor and then huffs out a sigh. "He sucks at mopping though, just don't tell him that." She smiles at Rose and nods a few times. "Might be nice to have another pair of hands around here. I certainly wouldn't mind it."
Jacqueline "Ah, I see," Jackie replies to Rose, relieved. "Guess it's hard to complain about that kind of record. What's this other healer like?"
She smiles, hearing Iris describe Achilles. "A gentle giant... coolness. Maybe I'll get to meet him sometime. I think I saw him once, in the Gold Digger. I almost /did/ mistake him for a super mutant."
Rose      "Little on the nervous side, but a nice enough girl," Rose comments as she listens to the others talk. She speaks of the other medic, but doesn't comment on Achilles. She'd met him more than once after all. Even seen the hat. Reaching now for her jacket, the ranger pauses.

"You look like you have your hands full doc, I'll swing back later. Doubt these scratches will kill me in the next few hours."
Iris Lark Iris gazes out the door as the woman leaves and then glances back towards Jackie. She shrugs a shoulder and walks back over to lift the bandage she just wrapped. She peeks to see how the salve is working and then grins up at Jackie. "She's pretty nice, isn't she?"
Achilles As Rose heads out somebody else enters. It's none other than Achilles, the giant they were talking about. "Hello." he greets everyone, hand raising in a slight wave. Iris gets peck on the cheek as he cuts through to go sit in his large chair in the corner. "Busy day today babe?"
Jacqueline "Take care, Miss Hallows!" Jackie calls after the Ranger, sitting on the examining bed and looking after the departing Ranger. The sudden tug at the bandage on her leg reminds her that she's still unpanted, but she smiles in response to the question even as she blushes at her own absentmindedness. "She really is. Modest, too."
She looks up as someone makes his entrance, someone who turns out to be Achilles. That faint blush deepens. "Oh, hello again!"
Iris Lark "Lots of people, actually." Iris says, turning to aim a bright smile at Achilles. "I have to go see Ironface though, he has a holo...thing with'll help my.." She points to the Pip-Boy on her arm and she sighs. "I just need to talk to him, will you come with me when I'm done?" She glances at Jackie. "Do you know Ironface?"
Achilles "Of course." Achilles nods at Iris before looking over to wave at Jacqueline. "Hello again. Were you out fighting again?" He turns his attention to the bandage on her leg. "Managed to get myself injured again as well, more ghouls." He doesn't look banged up at all though, at least not from the way he carries himself.
Jacqueline "I don't think I do," Jackie admits, looking around. "Now where did I put my pants? They're not on the bed... not under the pillow... or the blanket... On the floor?" She stoops to pick up the discarded carpenter jeans, blushing as she stands and shakes them out.
She looks gain to Achilles. "Not so much... this was while I was out scavving in the wastes. Hope you feel better soon. Ghouls can be nasty."
Iris Lark Iris frowns as she shuffles around the clinic. "Achilles..I found a gun in the box, what am I going to do with it? Why do we have so many guns?" She scunches her nose and then glances out the door and then back to Jackie. "Are you going to town? Do you use guns?"
Achilles "When there are too many of them. They're too squishy for my liking." Achilles sighs quietly, curing the rarity of Glowing Ones. He looks back down at Iris. "Because we've been lucky. I've got a rifle I'm looking to trade as well. Maybe for new armor, if anybody has anything large enough for me."
Jacqueline Jackie steps easily into her jeans and pulls them up, answering as she fastens them. "I live in town, Doctor Iris. And I do use guns, though I only own one that my stepdaddy gave me," she replies, nodding to the bed and the belt and revolver on them. "But it's a good weapon, as guns go."
She looks between the two of them. "Good luck scavving? I wish I had that kind of luck. I found some leather this morning, but that's about it lately."
Iris Lark "Well I'm not going to use this, and I make plenty of money from work. By the way, you owe me fifteen caps." Iris says, laughing as she walks over to Jackie. "So you take this, you pay me, and I'm gonna go find Ironface and sweet talk a disc out of him."
Achilles "All I found today was fabric." Achilles says with a slight shrug. "Looks fancy, sure I could trade it to the shop in town." He pushes back up onto his feet. "I'm sure we can come to an agreement with Ironface."
Jacqueline "Sure, I've got that much..." Jackie starts to say, blinking in surprise as Iris says what she does, and more when she suddenly finds a heavy double-barreled shotgun in her hands. "Doctor Iris, this is... I don't know if I can accept this. It's awfully generous of you, and I appreciate it and all, but don't you need it?"
Iris Lark "I have Achilles." Iris repeats, gesturing to the very tall man standing near them. "He doesn't let anything hurt me, and I don't use shotguns. Me keeping it doesn't make sense and .." She glances towards Achilles for a moment and then back to Jackie. "They say out in the Wasteland that if you do something nice for someone, they might remember it one day when you're down and out."
Jacqueline "It's seriously generous, Doctor Iris," Jackie says, genuinely touched. She gives Iris a hug with the hand that's not holding the shotgun. "Thanks so much. It'll come in handy out there. That saying's bang on. I won't forget this."
Iris Lark "You're welcome." Iris says, smiling at Jackie. "I'm gonna go see Ironface, you can come with me if you want." She chirps, moving to climb up on the arm of the chair. She kisses Achilles on the nose and moves towards the door. "I'll be at the Marketplace."