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Qwillis     Everyone is worried about the Horde. Even with the nukes dropped, that didn't stop it fully. Just.. scatter it a bit. While the eggheads work on figuring out a way to stop it for good, others are simply figuring out a way from stopping it getting in. So the call went out in the Shanty Town. Anything not nailed down, (and some houses that were nailed down) are being pulled up and taken apart. All to gather at that edge of town for working on building a wall. Word spreads, more people are putting effort into it. This, afterall, is how they survive in the wasteland.

    Qwillis, although more one of the eggheads than not, is still out there helping with a section of wall. Tools in use, instead of pistols or anything else, he's helping direct people as they start on the lowest point of the wall to make sure it has a solid foundation.
Savage Savage is doing much better, the ole leg wound has been treated but he keeps the stick-cane... part to lean on and it gives him plenty of stories to tell the ladies. He glances about, trying to put a professional edge to their work, "So.... just sticks and stones? No mines?"
Iris Lark     Iris is hefting blocks back and forth without complaint, happy to do whatever she can to protect the settlement that took her in when she had nobody. She doesn't talk as she works, sheh simply hauls a block in to one of the people setting them for the wall, takes a drink or two of water and then hauls in another. She is dressed casually with a scarf tied over her hair.
Kaelyn Kae wanders to where the folks are well working on the wall, the girl carrying a large bucket, this with a bit of a lid on it to keep dust from getting in. In said bucket is a ladle... She makes her way from worker to worker, offering, of all things, water! Kae smiles as she gets the ladle back and moves on, now closing in on Iris as she waves... "Water!" She calls out to the other... Even if she can't do a ton of lifting, Kae is going to help in another way!
Qwillis     Qwillis shakes his head with a glance at Savage. "No. Sorry. We don't have anything like that down here. This is about it.. If you want to offer though.." He'd shrug and continue his own work as well. As Kae comes closer, Q would pause long enough to get a drink, flashing a smile her way. "Thank you, Kaelyn. Please stop by the lab some time. I want to show CORA my new pipboy too.."
Savage Savage frowns, "Well what is your plan then? Shower them with flowers and hugs till they cave in?" he squints in Qwillis's direction. Kaelyn is offered a slight nod, but he hasn't quite broken a sweat so H20 is not entirely needed... yet...
Iris Lark     Iris smiles at Kaelyn when she approaches and takes a drink of water before she moves to get back to work. "Thank you Kaelyn, it's very much appreciated." She says, wiping her forearm across her face. She moves back to get another block and as she walks towards where people are stacking she says to Savage. "I'm sure people from the town will band together to fight if they come from this direction. Kids, people walk through these areas. The last thing we want is someone getting a leg blown off."
Kaelyn Kae glances to the others curiously "Ya know, from around here, we could easily make a simple, but strong concrete... Just need lime, ya heat it up till it crumbles to make quicklime, silicate, clay, add a lil water and poor it up..." she says and grins slightly.. "It might make making these walls easier, and also be extremely strong..." She suggests as she looks from person to person curiously.
Savage Savage kneels down quietly, taking up a handful of dirt and crumbling it between his fingers. "Just dirt here.. no rock.. no lime... you'd need gravel as well.... and sand... better off using scrap metal.... maybe make'em into spears and put them in the dirt... like punji stakes."
Qwillis     Most of the people stare at Kaelyn like she grew another head. Knowing her? She might. Qwillis nods thoughtfully to Kaelyn, then looks around to see what resources they have. Q shakes his head, then looks over to Savage. "Hmm.. that's a point. We're going to put the wall up to hold them out. This isn't military people.. Just survivors. We keep the enemy out until the Militia can come to help us. That's about all we can do."
Iris Lark     Iris just keeps moving with blocks and she pauses as a discussion starts about where to put what and where. She allows herself a short break before she starts to carry again. "I'd ask if we should put spears up, it's a lot less dangerous than mines."
Kaelyn Kae blinks and tilts her head "But there's limestone not too far from here... wouldn't take much to go get the lime stone and make the concrete.. Gravel is in abundance too..." She adds and shrugs slowly... "Just thinking of a quicker means to put up a wall.." she adds and glances around then ummms "Those mutants aren't like completely stupid and they have guns too... ... Might wanna put up pitfalls with pungees in em to maybe slow em down..."
Savage Savage gives a bit of a shrug. "Well, i'm sure a wall of pokey bits will be enough to keep them away... if anything they'll see the defenses and perhaps decide that there are easier targets... it's the question of posting reliable guards that may be the trouble... this isn't the military... after an hour they may just wander off to the bar for a drink."
Qwillis     Q would chuckle softly, nodding a little. "That will be an issue. But we might be able to jury rig some cameras.. to at least have a sort of perimeter.." He'd look off to the side where a few of the civilians started shouting at each other. Q turns to face that way with an "uh oh.." As the taller guy gets pissed off at the smaller one and proceeds to deck him, this started a bunch of people getting into a fist fight!
Savage Savage steps in with Qwillis to try to stop the fight. There's a benefit to numbers, "Quit it... stop..." he barks, trying to place himself between the two folk, "Save it for the mutants, allright?" he snaps at the pair, trying to send them off in opposite directions.
Kaelyn Kae isn't like so big she can just shove her way between folks. Still though she has her bucket, and when some others get at each other's throat she calls out "Heey stop foighting! Otherwise you'll be soaked!" she calls out, when the ydon't seem to be cooperating, well she dumps 5 gallons of water on both of them...
Iris Lark     Iris stands up on the block and she utilizes the voice she's developed for the Clinic after something horrible happens. "Break it up!" She calls out, her hands on her hips as she yells to be heard. "We can argue and fuss at each other out here and wait for the horde to come take us, our women and our children. Or we can work together, build this damn wall and then go have a drink or two at the Saloon." She notices that some of the people are now soaked but she's said what she had to say and with that she hops down to check on the man who was decked in the face.
Qwillis     Q would move with Savage, getting into the middle of it to help. Metal hand much more of a deterrant than anything else, they manage to get the men to at least partly break up.

    And then they all get doused in water.
    Sighing, Q would glance over at Kaelyn, shaking his head as Iris stands up and scholds the men. Finally cooling down a bit, they look to her, as she is one of the main people that has helped probably everyone in that shanty town and look quite sheepish. The people would start getting back to work as Q watches, then nods and returns to the others.
    "We can probably start gathering the items to do concrete. See if we can't get a mixer going. But anything is good for now. We get the wall up. Then the ditch for the pikes. Then we'll see about enforcement.. sound right?"
Savage Savage finds himself soaked in water, glaring at Kae, "What the F(((" he blurts, drooping with water. He glares back at Q, "I would help but now i'm soaked with water... seriously... how did that even begin as a good idea?"
Kaelyn Kae smiles cheerfully. "Umm was trying to break up the fight?" She says and rubs the back of her neck... "It worked didn't it? Nobody's fighting?" She adds and then umms "Least yer cooled off sir?" She adds and the girl rubs at the nape of her neck continually. Meanwhile CORA can be heard sniggering....
Iris Lark     Iris gazes around at the work that has resumed and she goes back to her job. After she's unloaded another brick she fetches a soft towel from her rucksack and walks it over to Savage, holding it out with one hand. "Here you go, this might help." She offers, smiling at him. Having done that she goes back to hauling the bricks , laughing about the fighting crowd with some of the other women, especially Sally from the soup shop.
Qwillis     Qwillis shakes his head, chuckling to himself as he'd shake that lab coat a little. "Yes. Well. It will dry quickly enough. But we're going to need more water now, Kaelyn.." Q himself would get back to work with the others. "I'll ask the second in command of the Militia about getting components for the cement. I'm sure we can come up with something to be able to help with fortifying the wall."
Savage Savage shakes out an arm, as if that will dry him faster. "Miltia? Bout as useful as a third leg.... though, same could be said about this wall... . some stakes and.... oh who are we kidding? you couldn't keep a cow out of this place."
Iris Lark     Iris gazes steadily at Savage for a few moments and then pulls the towel back, moving to stow it back into her rucksack. "Attitude like that, he'll dry fine on his own." She might be heard to mutter before she goes back to work.
Kaelyn Kae blinks at Qwill and then wanders off to one of the wells to get some more water.. Of course she doesn't hear the comments made by Savage or Iris. Instead she returns and is cheerfully going about ladling water to folks wo need it!
Savage Savage just grumps, "Trying to be practical." he says, surveying the works on hand. "With this stretch of land to cover... you'll need dump loads of concrete..... and a hundred guards... work with what he have.. not with what we want."
Qwillis     Q nods to Savage slightly, but flashes a grin at Iris. He'd keep directing, helping when he can. "That's it exactly. Always.. work with what you have, rather than bemoan what you want.. It simply is just a fact of life out here."
Iris Lark     Iris turns to Savage and she drops the block she was carrying on the dry dirt in front of her before she stalks up to him. "You hush your mouth, these people don't have much hope as it is, and if this wall gives any of them a measure of peace, let them have it!" She leans in and her eyes narrow. "It's an almost untenable situation, but don't take away what little hope they might garner from doing something. Better to sit on our asses and wait for the end?" She huffs out a breath and walks away, moving towards the water where she rubs her hands gently over her eyes. Obviously making an attempt to collect herself.
Savage Savage looks at Iris, "Better to tell the truth than give a false hope. Men will grit their teeth if they know the chips are down.... you molly-coddle them and they are sure to get lazy... be straight... they will understand." he says as he hefts a metal pole, driving it into the earth as a punji stake.
Iris Lark     Iris turns and aims a slightly scathing look at Savage. "I was in Mexico, I know what we're against. If we're smart, we can make the horde regret if they make El Dorado fight." She points out at the men and women carrying bricks and mixing mortar. "They don't look lazy to me, they look like they're fighting for their homes." She hisses out a frustrated breath and adds. "They heard the stories, they know what's coming. Don't malign what little they can do to try to save what they love."