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Manuelito The Battle for Tinnie is going to be a long, deceive battle. The Militia had surveillance on the small township for the last three months; taking notes of the patterns and activities within the town. The Elite Scout and Recon had made several quick stealth reconnaissance missions into the town to gather intelligence and information; information that has now proven invaluable to the next phase of the Militia's plans.

Now came the second phase, the attack; a two-prong attack that focuses above and below ground. For now, the attack begins above ground.

Tinnie was a small town that ran along the 380, with few buildings that were spread openly; making for actual coverage hard to come by. There are roughly twenty buildings spread across a mile radius. There was an old underground access point for a bomb shelter located on sight. This would be the next phase.

Intelligence puts roughly twenty feral ghouls spread throughout this small community. The groups arrival comes in where a restaurant use to be; now decrepit and abandoned. It is known as Tinnie Silver dollar and has watchtower rising up, giving a vast view and overly of the town. This build was cleared by the S&R team and is considered Forward Operating Base.
Sparrow Sparrow had been expressing interest in helping out with the townships between Roswell and Dunwhich for a while so when she'd heard the Militia was taken care of it, the Doctor had volunteered. She'd rode up but left the horses away back, but one tiny stubborn little Donkey decided to follow after Sparrow and Stockton like a shadow. Sparrow heads for the oeprating baseto arrive with the others.
Iris Lark Iris leans near the door in the Silver Dollar, checking the ammunition in her Gauss. She's actually wearing armor, but it doesn't look any less comical than it did in Mexico. She quietly eyes Manuelito and waits for a briefing to detail what's going to happen next.
Kaelyn Kae is now with the group, the odd white-haired woman now having her hair tucked up neatly in a military grade heavy combat helm. However those long tapered ears poke out from underneath as the helm as been altered just slightly to work with this odd woman's distnguishing anatomy. Red eyes peer out and around curiously as she checks her assault rifle... SHe then shoulders that and checks her 'brand new' 1911 colt curiously, before nodding to her self and grnning a bit, seems this one instead of holding 7 rounds it holds 15 so it has a rather big extended mag... Kae then glances to the others curiously and smiles... She doesn't really say anything nor does she need to as she waits to be told what to do.
Vera Vera stands with her carbine resting in her arms. Dressed in standard militia gear, except she has replaced the hat with a combat helmet. She seems at peace as she waits for further orders. At least today she wouldn't be taking on a enemy alone.
Fiona Fiona is there, rifle at the low ready and a bit more boot time in on the way here than the riders. She did stop to check out the horses though, after which she made quick time to be ready, scanning Tinny. Then glancing around at the team, "Heya." Her eyes settle a bit on Iris' weapon curiously and starts toward her.
Manuelito A short, scruffy man known as 'Dwarf' by the Militiamen comes inside; he coughs in his hand, glancing around. The man wasn't husky by any means, more fit in the terms of muscles and had a long beard that came down to his mid-chest. He was roughly five feet four inches; very short.

"Alright." The man coughs, glancing to the group. "So here's the deal. We will be heading westward into Tinnie and hit the first grounds; three buildings that has roughly four ghouls running around the property. Should be simple for the likes of ya'll."

"Everyone understand? Good, get going. Your making feel like I'm walking through a forest of gaints." He grumbles, opening the door for them.
Stockton Stockton stalks in after Sparrow having to deal with the stubbornness of his own mare, leaving her back with apples. His boots crunch hard and his spurs jingle. A nod given to those gathered as he reaches up to flick his helmet to the on mode. "Howdy," he grunts through the mask. Staring at Manny through the T-visor he just chuckles at the mention of giants and ducks out the door while pulling out a cigarillo. Once outside he lights up with a match and puffs a few times before chewing on it in the corner of his mouth.
Iris Lark Iris falls into step with Fiona and the rest of the group, looking around to see if she can find higher ground to perch in. She slings her rifle over her shoulder and smiles at the other woman. "Hey there." She says, offering her a wave. "Think we'll be able to find somewhere high that'll be safe?"
Sparrow Sparrow nods to the others and makes her way to stand next to Iris as well. She smiles a bit at the othe doctor, the scar across her cheek and eyebrow pulling a touch when she does. She checks her revolvers and keeps an eye the direction of 'Dwarf' with a slow nod as she adjusts the bitten end of her cigarillo in her mouth. "Iris, Fiona." Sparrow greets and then tilts her head to listen to the plans of the group at large.
Kaelyn Kae glances around "So inside a building right?" she asks curiously, then the girl shoulders her AR and draws the colt... "Not as much rapid fire or options, but this thing's a thumper." She says with a slight smile. She chambers around now, careful not to ratchet it too hard so as not to make a bunch of noise and takes a two-handed grip on the weapon.
Vera Vera raises an eyebrow, "roughly? at least 4, maybe more..ok.." as she gives her gear one final going over. "Right, lets go kill us some baddies.."
Fiona Fiona studies the guass rifle, then reaches in a pocket, "That is one of the fancy techo-guns, half energy weapon, half projectile." She reaches in a pocket, pulling out a small but heavy little box, "Found these in the Enclave stuff in Mexico." Then she hands the box over. Then she moves to get in position.
Manuelito Dwarf watches everyone disperse to the property and shakes his head. "There all dead." He grumbles despairingly as he heads over to a rack. "ooo, Lucky Ladies Nude Magazine issue 10.. Dwarfy likey."

A set of stairs inside the shop leads up to the watchtower where one would find Manuelito.

The property was small, roughly an acre of land four buildings on the property; a shack and two decent size homes and a shed. A few abandon vehicles could be seen on the property itself. A sign outside the property says 10 FG.

There is a crack of a rifle and something goes thud within the property. The shot would come from the watchtower.
Iris Lark Iris blinks at Fiona and then gives her a happy smile. "Bless you, that'll keep me in ammo for quite some time." She says happily, and then she looks over at Sparrow and gently touches her shoulder in greeting. She looks back to Fiona. "I'm going to pay you for these when we're out of Tinnie, for now though, my fat ass needs to climb." She says, grinning diffidently before she shrugs her rifle higher on her shoulder. She moves to the watch tower and starts to climb the stairs, going slow at first as she gets used to moving in her armor again. Soon though, she's perched snugly in the watchtower and the rifle is brought up to scout below.
Stockton Stockton blinks at the dwarf and just keeps his mouth shut and his eyes open. The duster is pulled to one side, exposing the holster at the small of his back and the twin handcannons resting there. The crack of rifle makes him duck and he moves up to find cover and check out the place for movement. Suddenly wishing he'd pitched in for the radio install for the mask too. "Anyone see anything?"
Sparrow Sparrow glances at the exchange with a low whistle under her breath before she nods to Iris and smiles. She turns her attention back towards the property and checks both her guns before looking around an shaking her head at the Sheriff. Her serious bright blues scanning the area as she heads in, keeping an eye for cover and attempting to move as silently as possible.
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head as she sees the box handed over. The girl then grins slightly and follows behind everyone else "Best get us movin' forward... Guess I can take point, I can see pretty well, hear good too and am fairly agile..." She comments, and Kae slides up toward the front, now trying to stay stealthy and also keep her eyes pealed for everyone else.
Vera Vera wishes there were more places, just because..its such an open town. As she moves, "Well, were killing anything we come I don't think it matters too much." As she keeps her carbine ready for what may come.
Fiona "Just consider it a donation of sorts to the clinic." Fiona offers, about to take the lead, then nodding to Kaelyn. "Okay." She adjusts the sway hat and slips to a couch about three meters left of Kae. A look back to the sheriff and Sparrow, then over to Vera. "Any thing that doed manage to yell, 'don't shoot.' There could be some non ferals, but if the charge.. Light'em up."
Kaelyn Kae continues to move closer with Fiona as the young woman keeps her pistol at the ready. She's careful at least about foot placmement as she tries to make her way to the building. As she gets closer she glances up and motions that way with her finger... "Maybe one can help the other on top and we can then take em out from above?" She whispers now.
Stockton Stockton lowers his approach and those heavy boots and jangling spurs suddenly stop making noise entirely. The big bastard of a ninja he creeps along until he's under a window and he peeeeeks up over the edge of the window to get a sense of what was inside...or who.
Sparrow Sparrow lets Stockton head in to check. He's the light footed bigfoot, she'll just say bhind and shoot from cover if needed. Essjay stays back with Sparrow but the Doc keeps her guns aimed and at the ready.
Vera Vera drops down to one knee, bringing her carbine up. She watches the others move in on one of the buildings. Whats inside, who knows..but it prolly will be coming out.
Iris Lark Iris leans out from the tower and holds up three fingers. She's not sure if she's seen, but even if she's not she has a shot lined up easily. She brings her rifle up and sets up a target.
Manuelito Three Ferals stagger around in the courtyard like area. Well, it was three. The blast from the laser rifle vaporizes one of them. The two glance to the ash before looking around; not seeing anything just yet.
Stockton Stockton rolls back up to his feet and quickly brings both guns to bear. Gripping the first Desert Eagle, the handcannon claps off twice, thudding heavily into the undead creature and dropping it. The second bark of the other weapon finds nothing as the bullet sails harmlessly into a wall. A grit of his teeth and he mutters a curse before calling, "Focus fire if yah don' drop 'em."
Kaelyn Kae moves up to the building at this point, the others having well, taken out everything outside the building before she could fire a shot... Kae then moves to the door and carefully, and as quietly as she can, turns the knob before stepping to the side and giving the door a lil nudge to open... "Lets see how this works" She whispers quietly, her free hand bringing her hand-gun close enough so she can fire it if need be.
Fiona "Contact." Fiona calls out on habit even as the others are starting to mow down ferals. The militia woman takes quick aim, dropping to a knee and rapid firing her target down in a rain of lead.
Iris Lark Iris leans back and glances over at Manuelito. "Well this is going a lot easier than I thought it would." She comments, bringing her rifle up to keep an eye on their group. "Something is going on down there, but I can't really make out what it is."
Sparrow Sparrow can't see much but she hears the hail of gunfire and trusts those ahead to be able to take out the ghouls she does note; the ones that all fall within the first few moments of gunfire. But she doesn't move; this area is open but loud gunfire could attract attention so she remains vigilant.
Vera Vera watches the others takes out the enemy, counting in her head..."one, two, three...." As she sweeps her carbine back and forth, wondering where number 4 is.
Manuelito Manuelito glances up from his scope, nodding. "Aye .. so far it's been easy.." He mutters in reply, bringing up the scope again to zoom on Fiona; a crack of a smile creasing his lips before scanning around once more.

As Kaelyn begins to step inside, she finds herself in a living room; dark with minimal light shining through the dust covered windows. A couch a few chairs could be seen along with a few bookshelves. A hallway leads off in one direction with an opening leading to a dining/kitchen.
Fiona Fiona steps to the side of the door, peeking to check Kaelyn's location. Then she steps in, rifle barrel low. In, sweep the room and moves slowly along the inside of the wall rifle up. "First room clear."
Sparrow Sparrow is the medic and so her position is fairly much, in the rear unless needed. So that's what she's doing and how she's staying. Watching the horizon for any signs of incoming while keeping an ear out for the first indication the combat medic is needed.
Vera Vera continues to stay where she is. They others seem quite intent on going into the unknown. Why take that away from she'll just keep an eye out for anything.
Stockton Stockton grumbles and then starts stalking past the stealthy types with his heavy boots, giving whatever's inside the impresson of one big loud fucker. "There's at least two more inside," he says before finding the hallway and picking the door in the middle, they're always int he bathroom right? Readying his guns he calls out, "If you can think, if you ain't feral, speak now or forever hold yer peace," boot to the door!
Kaelyn Kae blinks and looks down at CORA, she then mutters "We've run into plenty feral ghouls CORA... At full volume, can you do a Feral Ghoul Alarm call?" she asks with a slight smirk... As she looks to Stockton... She looks at another door that's closed and then umms and kneels a bit, not really that great at building clearance... She then shrugs and looks back at CORA "yah go ahead and make the call." she says with a smirk to her A.I.
Iris Lark Iris watches the house, her rifle up near her eye as she waits for something that isn't a friendly to step into her line of sight. Nothing can be seen so she just holds there, her breath shallow.
Manuelito As Stockton goes to break open the door, a Feral on the toilet looks up in surprise. "hey! Isss pissing here!" It shots. About the same time, a Feral bust through the door behind Kaelyn, attacking Stockton from behind; hitting his left arm with it's claws. The pissing Feral stands up and lunges at Stockton; swiping and missing.
Kaelyn At seeing the feral come racing in from behind. Kae's pistol barks. 4 well placed rounts blast out of the massive hand-cannon in an instant. The girl's gotten better at firing rapid like... All 4 rounds slam into the ghoul's torso and spin it off Stockton... Kae then calls out "Back up, but don't put the ghoul between us>!"
Fiona Fiona keeps her position, lowering her barrel for them moment and waiting. "Holding, call out if you need me, too tight."
Stockton Stockton roars when he gets clawed, turning around quickly so that he can John Wick blast the thing in the gut twice. The pistol whip happens anyways, it just happens to a crumbling lifeless body so that the barrel of his second Desert Eagle just bounces off the limp brainpan of the ghoul. "House clear," he calls out.
Manuelito The house was cleared out and soon in a slow, methodical order the rest of the town is slowly cleared out; building by building. With buildings cleared, the Militia set up in the old church as a checkpoint; sending out sweeps every now and then.

The last part was the bunker, an underground long tunnel with several rooms. That was for another day though.
Sparrow Sparrow stands when Stock says clear and she takes Essjay over to spot him when he comes out giving him a quick once over. "I'll get you bandaged when we get home." She tells him giving him a look over and checking back at the house. "Anyone else hurt?" She wonders of the two ladies who'd went into the house as well.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and looks at Stockton and tilts her head "Everything allright?" she asks curiously, the girl moving up next to him and looking at the cut... "Mebbe next time y'won't kick a door down when someone's takin ga piss?" She asks Stockton, yes the elf-girl is teasing... She winks playfully and tilts her head to the left now as she checks her magazine, and tops the thing off... "Another house now right?"
Fiona Fiona scans the house a little, then starts outward. "I am good, least for now." She swaps mags for a fresh load. "You a'right Sheriff?" She asks stepping to clear the house. She slips off her hat to wave signal all clear towards Iris and the tower.
Iris Lark Iris climbs down from the tower and smiles at the lot of them. "How did it go inside?" She asks, slinging her rifle over her shoulder. She glances at Kaelyn as she speaks up and quirks a brow.
Stockton Stockton shrugs slightly when he gets what he considers fussed at by Sparrow, a low grunt given and he nods. He can keep going. Checking his guns he reloads and racks the slides once more, ready for the trek home or another house. "I'm fine, I'm fine," he grumbles around his combat mask, "'E coulda said he was in there," he grumps a bit and looks up at Iris, a partial smile, "Nothin we couldn' handle."
Iris Lark Iris nods and she starts to fiddle with the straps on her armor as she starts to move towards home. "In that case, I need a bath. I hate this armor crap." She says, starting the long walk home. "I'll see the lot of you later, if anyone needs help - I'll be ..well..I'll be at home." She waves off.
Sparrow Sparrow whistles to Iris, "Hey, Iris you want a ride home? I gotta head up towards Acme and the Labs."
Kaelyn Kae shugs at Stockton "Well you'd try and claw someone or shoot them if you were busy pissin' and they came in on ya..." She says with a slight grin, and yah Kae's giving Stockton a little hell... Next she looks to Iris curiously and grins a bit... "Want me to show ya how to adjust it?" She asks curiously, now moving after... "Figurin' I'll swing by some cafe or sme such on the way back to Eldorado..."
Iris Lark "It's too big on me, people have strapped it on me twice, I'm just too small for it." Iris says, and then she levels a look at Kaelyn and smirks. "Next time any of you interrupt me doing anything, I'm gonna shoot too." She giggles at herself as she walks towards the horses. "See ya'll."
Fiona Fiona waves the group off, "Take care, good work." She lights a cigar, taking a few puffs. Then she gets to the work that needs doing, dragging the ferals out and burning the dead. Then she starts off for home.
Kaelyn Kae glances at Iris curiously and umms "Yer not much shorter'n I am..." She mutters and shrugs... "I can come by some time and help... I was able to get this tactical armor I bought from you to work!" She adds with a slight grin...
Iris Lark "Did you take your armor from a legionnaire?" She asks, and then shrugs. "You can come by if you want, I guess."
Sparrow Sparrow looks over to Iris and grins at Kae but she's getting the strawberry roan mare around Bluebelle and gently leading her over to Iris. Blue follows after curiously the well trained mare as well as Essjay moving after the Wasteland Doctor. With a wave towards the others ince Iris has herself settled she mounts Bluebelle and waits for Stock to get on Brandywine. Though she does wait for Iris to finish her conversation.