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Fern     Fern has been a busy little thing. She's always out and.. who knows where. She stays out late most of the time, but ever since you offered her a place to stay you always find her there in the morning.

    Right now it's early in the afternoon, and in comes Fern. She looks like she's been out and quite possibly up to no good today, for she returns with her backpack (full as can be) and she has an assault rifle over her shoulder. You can't see her face well thanks to the giant mutant skull helmet she wears on her head. The jaw is missing, and the skull fits right over her head, her eyes seen through the eye sockets on the skull.

    Fern looks a bit tired, too, but happy, and she heads on over to her cot so she can plop her backpack down and start rummaging through it. The helmet stay on, and the rifle is placed on the bed.
Abigail Caine     "...Where'd you get the rifle? Bring it over here so I can check it out," Gale offers from her place on the lumpy, damaged mattress on the far side of the room. She takes a deep breath and then holds it for a second before carefully exhaling.
    Gale is busy as well. You see her every day and she helps you with things, makes sure you're fred,watches over you with hawk-like eyes when things ae espeially rough- but, at the end of the day, you go out and do yoru thing and she hers. Family with Gale isn't about control. It's a place of safety for you to run to in trouble.
    The super mutant skull is noted with obvious amusement but Gale isn't going to be the one to bring up face obscuring paraphernalia given her usual get up outside doesn't even show a sliver of her pale white flesh to the world.
Fern     Turning to look your way, Fern says, "I killed a man for it." She smirks, holds your gaze for a bit, then grins a little and slowly looks away. "Nah.. Just kidding. Found a crate at the supply store. Kinda.. random crate thingy? Opened it and BAM. Look at that. Ain't she a beaut?" Fern asks while lifting it up and shaking it about once. She then takes her helmet off, hair a hot, sweaty mess, and she stalks her way over to you.

    "Whatcha think? Is it a good gun? I still need to learn to shoot. I'm learning to box, though. Ashur's teaching me. I beat him up in Jamestown. Got a real good hit in the face!" Maybe that's why she has a bruise on one cheek.
Abigail Caine     "It's a really nice piece," Gale agrees, squinting slightly whe she studies the weapon in question. She studies your face then and nods slowly, taking a deep breath as she does. "I'll teach you something of how to fight unarmed too. Ashur's good- he's really good- but girls like us are too small to fight the way he does. It's a lot of footwork and trying very hard not to get hit, and... Anyway. We'll go over it."
    Gale squints at you for a moment and then gives a slow shrug, taking a deep breath, and leans back against the wall. "Anyone show you how to field strip it yet?" she asks, canting her head slightly to the left as she does so.
Fern     "Ashur is showing me how to jab," Fern jabs a hand your way, barely missing your right cheek, "and swing!" She swings her right arm forward, stopping her fist near your face! She grins.. wide. The kid takes a step back and lifts both arms, keeping her hands in front of her face. She starts to do some sort of.. back and forth, nearly hopping dance. Jab, jab, jab! She jabs the air and swings, then jumps up and down a few times with her hands up high. She wins! Wheee!

    Fern cackles after showing her moves off, and when she calms she comes closer. "We can fight later, though. Yeah. I won't hit you too hard, kay?" She seems serious enough about it. As she stops by the bed she lifts her hands to brush her messy hair back, and she pauses to think. "Hey. Think I should cut my hair?" She's not answering your field stripping question. Yet.
Abigail Caine     "S'long as it fits in your helmet it doesn't make no diference to me to beh onest," Gale responds drily. She watches your dance slash mock boxing match with quiet amusement flickering in her blue eyes, gaze casting over you thoughtfully from head to toe.Gale doesnt' rrespond to it immediately except to watch as yoru hand comes at her face right until it stops.
    "Hit me as hard as you like, don't think it'll make too much of a difference. A match's worth more bruises though," Gale warns quietly. A deep breath and then she tilts her head slightly as she does. "And you didn't answer me with regard to whether or not anyone's shown you how to handle that rifle properly yet," Gale continues.
Fern     "Hit you? Naw.. I ain't gonna just.. pop you in the face right now. If you wanna fight me, then we can meet in the cages and fight later. After Ashur trains me some more. I'm gonna be just as fast as him," she boasts, her smirk similar to an expression you show sometimes. The girl gets one more faux jab your way before she stops messing with her hair and looks at her gun again.

    "No.. No one yet. I figured you would show me, though, yeah? 'Cause you're good with all sorts of guns, aren't you?" Fern wonders, reaching over then to take the rifle. She lifts it and aims at the door, looking down the gun. "Pew! Bet I could kill a few dozen geckos with this thing, yeah?"
Abigail Caine     "Yep, I'll show you," Gale agrees. "I was just oging to say that you need to learn to do that before you take it out in the field again .Last thing you need is to actually shoot at something and have it jame up on you." Gale squints at the weapon and then takes a deep breath, shifting her weight back against the wall.
    "A few dozen?" Gale arches a brow before shrugging slowly. "Maybe if they're all asleep," she agrees slowly. Then that frown returns. "Alright. Yer just waitin' to sprign somethign on me. WEll, come on then, out wtih it." Gale gestures vaguely toward Fern with a hand.
Fern     "Hey! I could totally kill a dozen while they were awake.. You'll see. I'll be so good with the rifle and we can make boots from the hides." Fern grins impishly at that. She needs some new boots. The girl wanders to her bed then and lowers down, slipping the gun under her cot. Her sheet is tugged over the side of the cot to hang down and barely brush the foor, hiding the gun away. It's not as good a hiding spot as yours, but...

    Turning now, Fern arches a brow your way. "Huh? Like what? I was just askin' about my hair's'all. Jackie keeps saying I need to cut it. I think it grosses her out. I told her she could cut it, so I think she will. It's all knotted anyway." She touches her hair again, then sniffs at herself. "Do I stink?" she checks. She probably does. She's a kid. Don't they all?
Abigail Caine     "Not too bad," Gale replies. Sure, Fern stinks. Bu this is the Wasteland, mostly everyone stinks. Gale works in the sun all day with men and women wh odo the same. She is prety much immune to wilderness levels of sink. Even baked in the heat.
    "Cutting your hair would help with the smell," the diminutive woman observes after a moment. "Make it easier to keep clean and keep out of the way." She shrgs her shoulders slwoly at this and takes a deep breath. "PErsonally, I might like my hair a bit too much. But it's definitely more work to keep it long." She shrugs at that.
    "Sounds like it's being cut whether I wanted you keep it or not," Gale adds mildly. "S'your hair. SO go ahead and cut it how you like."
Fern     "Yeah.. Gonna cut it soon then.. OH! Jackie got her bike -running-. REALLY running! We went on a ride! She won't let me sit in front, though. She's still learning how to drive it and her legs barely reach the floor. Mine wouldn't at all, but when I get taller she's gonna let me drive," Fern says, looking as excited as can be. She's almost bouncing in place.

    The kiddo turns and starts for her backpack then, and as she unzips it she remembers something. "Hey! What's a wet dream?" Fern glances over to you curiously. "I was hangin' out with Kae and Ciggy and Cora was telling Kae that she's everyone's wet dream, which I said was a pretty dumb thing to say. Cog got all red in the face, and Kae looked annoyed. Is that like.." What could it even be like!? She hasn't a clue. How will mama Gale answer -that-!?
Abigail Caine     Gale answers bluntly. She grew up in a whorehouse. The question when she was five was probably, 'What's spitroasting mean and why does Daphne charge triple for it?" The diminituve scout shrugs her shoulders and then takes a deep breath. "Anyone explain to you what sex is? It's not precisely important to this conversation but I know you've heard about it. Adults do it with eachother in private and they enjoy it a lot, so they get all worked up about. And it's kind of messy."
    Gale shrugs faintly at this point, cockign her head as she does so. "A wet dream is a dream someone has about sex that feels so real they wake up feeling more or less the way they do after actually doing it. There's a specific reason they call it 'wet', of course." She pauses for a second.
Fern     Fern stares at Gale as she explains it all so easily. Her eyes roll up towards the ceiling, go left and then right, and as they focus on Gale again she slowly murmurs, "Yeah, of course. Everyone knows what sex is. Duh." She gives a faint roll of her eyes, then crosses her arms over her chest.

    As the rest is explained she gives a slow nod, and her eyes do that squinty thing they do when she's thinking too hard. "Okay.. It makes sense, then.. Cause one day when Lucky and Kae were hanging out, Lucky was blushing lots and Cora said that Kae was everyone's wet dream. Do you know Kae? It'd be odd if -everyone- was having wet dreams about her," she states.
Abigail Caine     "I can't say I do know her," Gale responds quietly. "Might hae run into the girl once bu t refresh my memory. Why would it be odd if everyone had wet dreams about her?" Gale arches a brow and crosses her arms over her cest briefly while she patiently waits for Fern to continue speaking. She's pretty comfortable with the discussion apparently.
Fern     "You don't think it would be odd if -everyone- was having sex dreams about the same girl? That'd have to be some sort of.. demon.. thing or witchcraft stuff," Fern says with a little smirk. "Kae is kinda like an elf. Pointy ears and red eyes. Big boobs and hips. Stuff guys like, apparently," she says with a little snicker.

    "She's nice, but," Fern shrugs. "I don't think she's into anyone. That makes Lucky sad, but I think he'll find someone else."
Abigail Caine     "I mean, it's an exaggeration but I've met women the vast majority of people around whom were pretty interested in. It's probably an assumpton made on the size of the girl's breasts." Gale rolls her eyes at this. "Right, I remember her now."
    Gale shrugs careuflly and then squints as she studies the far side of the room. "Ther'es nothing wrong with alrge breasts but if I had ot have a type it would be someone more athletic. Not muscular, ut- strong..." She pauses for a second. "Hm."
Fern     "Oh yeah? You have a type? Not muscular.. but strong? Hmm.. I don't know anyone like that. The only really strong person I know is Ashur, but he's already got a bunch of wives, and I think he's too muscular for you," she notes with a snicker.

    The kid looks to where you glance, and as she looks back to you she smiles a little. "How come you're single? Are you single?" she wonders. "Don't like anyone in town?" she questions, now nosy.
Abigail Caine     "...Female," Gale replies drily in response to the suggestion of Ashur. he woman shrugs her shoulders then and tkaes a deep breath. "In the main I'm single becase I don't tend to get along with people and they don't tend to get along with me. Most would agree I'm best in small doses. Which amkes it hard to live together."
    Gale shrugs at this, apparently unperturbed. "If I weren't single you'd know, girl. You live in he same home as me." She arches a brow at this before adding, "I suppose i migth fall for someone in town," she continues. "We'll jsut have to wait and see. Are you wondering why you don't have a second mother yet?"
Fern     As if that option hadn't occured to her yet, Fern sits up a bit more, looking surprised. "Oh!" she says, head canting slightly. She stares at you now, watching you for any lesbian signs she missed! Like she'd know any, anyway. The kiddo shrugs her shoulders once she's looked long enough, and she says, "I'm not always here.. and I give ya space sometimes. You could easily be sleeping over at your secret lover's house," she notes, trying not to grin at that.

    "You ever had a girlfriend?" she then wonders, watching you again.
Abigail Caine     "You're meant to come home and sleep here most of the time," Gale replies firmly, though with no actual reproach. She takes a deep breath and then shrugs slowly, leaning back in her seat.
    "I could be at my secret lover's house at that," Gale agrees. "And yes, I used to date quite a bit when I was a few years older than you are. I've stopped being so... Aggressive as I've aged." Gale offers a brief, slightly lopsided smile. "I sincerely doubt any young women would like to date me, Fern." She seems to have made her peace with this.
Fern     You may be at peace with it, but Fern's not. She cocks a brow and smirks, crossing her arms over her chest as she eyes you. "Really? Why do you think that? You're awesome," she says, starting to look a little angry. How dare some imaginary girl not want you! "You're good at shooting, and you're nice, and you're smart. What else would a girl want?" she asks, looking like she might spit. The only thing to keep her from it is how they're inside.

    "So.. you don't wanna ever date someone again? Why'd you stop? You wanna be alone or something? You're alright in big doses. I bet someone out there could handle it."
Abigail Caine     "I might date sometime, Fern. If I find the right girl who's interested," Gale replies very softly. She closes her eyes for a second. "And... No. I don't want to be alone. You'll kepe me copany in the meantime, hmm?" Gale smiles slightly but then she leans way back in her seat. her hands finally drop into her lap. "Ain't nothing you need worry about none. I'm here for you either way. Okay? We're a family."
Fern     Fern is quiet at this, studying you from her spot on her little cot. It takes a minute before she starts to smile a little, and she says, "You really see me that way? Like real family?" She smiles a little more, now starting to look mischievous. "I could maybe help you find someone.. you know? Tell me your type. Strong, but not muscular.. Looks? What else?" she asks as she eyes you now. Yeah, wheels are turning.
Abigail Caine     "I just told you I stay away from basically everyone and I'm more or less a hermit. You live here. What does that tell you?" Gale asks in a dry tone, perhaps just a little bit offended that whether or not they're a family is a question. She takes a deep breath and then frowns. "My type? I like girls who are taller than me usually, which is everyone. Capable... Wait a second." A beat. "No, you're not setting me up with anyone. That's a terrible idea. Fern, no."
Fern     Too late! Nyah! Fern is grinning widdeeeee now. You just told her not to do something, and dammit! she's gonna do it! The kid keeps that grin going as she settles back against the wall, and she then smirks. "I'll find someone who can put up with you.. You shouldn't spend your life all alone.. I'll go look, and when I find someone I'll let you know.."

    Fern hmms. "How old are you anyway? Like.. twenty-eight or something? How young or old are you willing to go? I only know a few girls I think might like other girls. They set off somethin' in my head when I see them."
Abigail Caine     "...I'm thirty years old, Fern," Gale responds slowly. She arches a brow, tilting her head slightly to the left as her eyes spring open once more. She gives a soft sigh. "I mean it. You shouldn't be setting people up o ndates with me. Anyhow, you probably won't find anyone. An adult's an adult. I don't much get particular beyond that, though I'd prefer a girl closer to my own- why am I answering you? Don't, Fern. Really. No."
Fern     Rolling her eyes, Fern says, "Why not? You're awesome! And someone should be able to enjoy the awesome, right? What if I could find someone for you? Someone who's just as cool? Might have to get my own room and all, but, hey. We'd deal with that later," Fern says, snickering as she does.

    She calms soon enough, and while watching you she wonders, "Did you always like girls? Or did you try both and like one better? How did you know?"
Abigail Caine     "...Fine. FIne! If yo ufind someone who is just as cool as I am-" Gale has to pause to roll her eyes and give a most unlady-like snort-" And who wants to try dating me then be my guest." She groans softly and then looks down at the table for a second. "I knew I liked girls because I found myself staring at them when I was young. I'd dream about this one girl, Daphne. She worked in the brothel. And then later... It just alwyas felt right. I never looked at a man and wanted him." She shrugs slowly at that. "Different for everyone."
Fern     Brows lift slowly and Fern continues, "Oh yeah? What was she like? Did she like girls? Did you ever date her? What happened? Where is she now?" Fern needs to know!! The girl watches you like you were a live episode of a soap opera.
Abigail Caine     "Daphne took anyone as a client but she preferred men. I was 15 so nothing ever came of it." Gale bites her bottom lip for a second in an unusual show of nerves. "She married one of her regulars and they went and got a homestead out 'round here. Raiders hit it awhile back from what I understand."
Fern     "..Oh.. Damn.. I'm sorry.." Fern says, her grin dying down as she watches your face. She studies it. "You still think about her sometimes? Is.. that why you think you don't need anybody around?" she wonders. "Cause you miss her?" she asks softer, unlike her usual self.
Abigail Caine     "What? Nah. I datedp lenty after Daphne. She was just a friend," Gale responds, shaking her head. "I just don't tend to get along with people is all." She shakes her head slowly. "Daphne had a family. We hadn't even seen eachother in years when she died. I' mnot hung up on her any longer, Fern. Don't need to worryabout that."
Fern     "Okay," Fern says, leaving it at that. She looks around again, waiting for the silence to grow before she wonders, "How old were you when you first kissed someone? Fifteen? What was that like?" she wonders, hands resting on the edge of her cot.
Abigail Caine     "Very awkward. We were both terrified. And I was thirteen. I was just confused. I didn't figure it out until I was 15," Gale replies somewha drily. "Girl's name was Romy. It didn't work out."
Fern     "You kissed someone at thirteen? Dang!" Fern leans back a little more at that. She clasps her hands together before her and twiddles her thumbs. "What didn't work out? The kiss or Romy? You two were going out and broke up? Or did the kiss kill any chance of that?" she asks, snickering.
Abigail Caine     "Yeah, no. We were 'experimenting'. After the awkward kiss we kind of just avoided eachother for awhile. We actually did date, three or so years later..." Gale shrugs. "That worked out alright for awhile."
Fern      "Ohh.." Fern nods a little at that. She lets it run through her mind a little, and soon she gives a little sigh as she hops up from her cot. "Well.. It's been good talking, but I should get out.. see what's going on in town.. Ya know. Stay busy." Stay busy playing cupid!