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Owner Pose
Qwillis     Qwillis was out in that medical area, cleaning up the parts he'd left behind from his work on Manny. He shifted some, frowning then looks around for Iris or Cami. "Hmm.. I wonder if I can get the last of these bandages off.."
Camilla     "You can let me do it.." replies Cami plainly as she steps out of the back room, and looking rather worn out. "Come here, sit.." she says as she points towards an exam room and heads inside.
Qwillis     Q glances over, nods and follows after Cami into that exam room. In there, he'd take off his lab coat, then his shirt. That connection of metal arm to flesh was quite obvious, a metal ring at the shoulder that had metal plates hiding the connection. Q has across his chest some wrapped bandages, to help him recover from the mauling the mutant ghouls had done.
Camilla     "Well, that's...interesting..." replies Cami as she moves about the room. "Alright, let's see what we can do to attempt and make you feel better.." she adds. She goes through the motions, checking bandages, checking cuts and scrapes and wounds, checking range of motion, pain levels and tolerance, all of it. She focuses in on getting some new bandages placed around the area where he had the most damage, that is after putting some /feel good/ stuff on it. "Alright, there, how you feeling?"
Qwillis     Q looks to Cami curiously. "What's interesting.. my cybernetics?" He'd hold up that metal arm. There's the slightest sound of wires shifting within that metal arm as he does so. "I.. well.. you were going to help me with that too, right? I need to take this one apart and rebuild it.. I got a better method now and.. well.. an actual lab." He'd chuckle quietly and sit while Cami goes through what she needs to do, to help him patch up. He'd nod in response. "Much better actually. Thank you Camilla. I'll gather the parts for my arm and leg, and let you know when I'm ready to pull them off to fix them up.. ok?"
Camilla     Camilla nods as she finishes up checking the bandages and the like. "Yes, they're, well, new.." she replies pausing slightly to give that arm a quick look over.

    "Hmm? Oh, yes. I'll help. I mean, I'll do what I can anyway. You're quite welcome, and when you're ready, you just come and find me."
Qwillis     Qwillis nods in response and gets his shirt, putting it back on. "Well, Camilla, when I take the arm off.. I'm not going to have a left hand. That means I'll need your help the most for it. It's kind of like surgery. opening up the parts and everything. I'll be able to help some, left handed.. But.. well.. I'm right handed normally."
Camilla     "Ah, ok, well, again..." pause, beat, "I'll do what I can when you need me.." she adds smiling warmly. "Just, come grab me, and we'll do it. Though, I might ask for some help from Sparrow or Iris."
Qwillis     Q nods in response. "Alright. Thank you Camilla. I won't keep you from what you were doing." He'd nod to his lab. "I'm going to get back to work myself. Especially feeling better as I do."
Camilla     Cami smiles and nods and waggles fingers in a waving goodbye as she slips back in to the back room again.