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Qwillis     The need for a wall around the different towns is quite real! While the mutant horde had slightly been dispersed, it's a question of what happens when they regroup? Or worse? Come back?? So the people of El Dorado looked around for a good way to deal with this! Thus.. Wallbot-5000!!

    The group was escorted to where the defunct robot was stored at. One of many, there were parts around to try and help repair such things. Although.. none of it was working really. They were told to fix it, so it can build the wall of El Dorado and wished good luck. Now, left to their own devices, they have an immense, 15' tall robot to try and fix.. so it in turn can build the wall.
B In light of recent events, B is fully behind this idea to put up big, thick and sturdy walls. She's here to get some practice and perhaps learn a thing or two so she can start to fortify her own place. At least that was the plan. Now, standing and staring up at a robot three times her size, she arches a brow, unsure if this will be helpful or not.

Shrugging one shoulder, she turns to those who came with her. "Guess we should turn it on to see what happens? Debug it, or something like that? Unless one of y'all is a robot person. I'm not, but if you are be sure to share your ideas."
Kaelyn Kae wanders up to well, the big robot, the girl blinking as she starts to look the thing over while talking to CORA "Noo CORA you can't have this one as a physical adjunct... Least I don't think.. It's gotta build a wall.." She says. The 'elf'girl glances over the thing and starts to climb up on it to try and look at it more closely... Yah Kae's pretty fearless when it comes to this machine "Lemme check it over some first!!!"
Eden "oh just look at him! Such a handsome fella! He's gonna be perfect!" Eden is completely excited at the project before them. The possibilty of not fixing it doesn't even occur to her.She stifles a giggle at Cora. To Qwillis she says "have you looked into it at all yet?"
B B steps back to give the others more room, hands resting on the swell of her belly. She looks around at the various pieces scattered around, looking for something useful. "Anyone bring any tools? Might be some around here, otherwise. Just gotta hunt for them." She grins, watching Kae climb right up onto the machine. "Guess we have a volunteer to climb up and fix stuff at the top.."
Aidan Drake Aidan makes his way over towards the giant robot and the folks gathered there and just stares up at it for a moment, "Wow that's a big 'un. I'm here mostly just for physical labor folks so just tell me what yer needin done."
Lucky A skip a hop and a jump, Lucky arrives with the fellows as he looks around the area where Wallbot-5000 is stored. "Aye, funny thing here.. Looks like a lot of parts. Possibly this boy is gonna need repairs." He murmurs glancing around. "Speaking of which, where is this thing?" He asks swiveling around to see the fifteen foot tall robot.

His jaw drops open, eyes and head scaling upward. "Oh.. My.. God.. DIBS!" He cries out. "I call enteral dibs on that gargantuan of a bot." He exclaims, arms spreading outward "And shall call you Brutus! King of all Robots." He adds gleefully, hands clapping together.
Kaelyn Too late, Kae is allready perched on his shoulder, the girl along with CORA going over the head area as they try to figure out where the access hatch is... Kae glances down at LUcky and smirks "Allready up here!" She calls out with a big grin.... "Also he's needed to build the wall for the city..." CORA meanwhile answers Lucky "If I can't have it as a physical adjunct neither can you, so nyah!" Kae then blinks and looks at CORA and sighs "Seriously we'll get you a body...
Qwillis     Qwillis looks between the others, then chuckles quietly with a slight shake of his head. "El Dorado called dibs before either of you were here. Sorry guys.." Looking around, he'd nod to Aidan, then starts pointing out some of the heavier parts. "We're going to have to rebuild him. Those parts will be needed for the legs I think.. oh and that arm will have to be taken off. Kaelyn! Can you get the left arm off?" He'd scratch his head with that metal hand. "Hmm.. I wonder how the circuits look.."
Eden "Tools! i have tools!" Eden says excitedly. "and Brutus is a perfect name for him!" the little mechanic sees Kae at the top and wonders if she can look into the head section at all. from the ground she cant see if it is opened or if an access panel needs to come off first. she shouts up"kae, what do you see up there? is the head open? do ypu need a screwdrover to get into it?"
Aidan Drake Aidan just watches the others as they go all giddy over the giant robot, "I like Brutus." He moves over towards the parts, "So these are his legs? And why does the arm need to be removed?"
B B says, "We got tools? Okay, great." She grins again and walks around the robot to take a look at its back. "Wonder where I'd put an access panel on a thing this big. Well, that's dumb. I'd put it down low so I could reach it, but I doubt it's there. Mmn. Maybe .. yeah, in the head? Does it even have a head, or does it just sort of stop at the shoulders." She pauses to cant her head to the side and tap her chin. "Brutus? I like it."
Lucky "Nu-uh, mine Cora!" Lucky retorts. "You can't have it! So MeeH!" He says, sticking his tongue out toward Kaelyn, but of course meant for Cora. Yes, the Ranger is arguing with an AI.

Looking to Q, a pout forms on his face "But.. but, enteral dibs..." He says before sighing. "Fine." He says, shoving his hands back in his pocket and kicks a rock. "But at least can we call him Brutus?" Seeing the added votes, he folds his arms across his chest "See, three yeas, so ... Brutus it is!"

And putting that to a quick end without letting Qwillis to rebut the name, he claps his hands together and rubs them before taking off for one of the mechanical component to inspect.

As B agrees with the name, Lucky shouts "FOUR!" and resumes working.
Qwillis     "But it's named A12-X53.. You know what? Brutus is fine." Shaking his head, Q would turn off the write up of the robot on his pipboy, looking to Aidan with a small wave. "The whole inside of it is hollow. Something ripped it out. That's why we have to take it off. To fix it. Those pieces.. there and there.." That mechanical hand would point out two of the longer pieces of junk. "They should do for the legs.."
    Glancing to the others, he'd nod and look up at Kaelyn, then at his pip-boy again, switching it to send a transmission to CORA of the head schematics. "It has a head. or it should. Otherwise we'll have to rebuild it too.. So much stuff to do.. Ah.. Edan? Can you work with Lucky and.. uh.." He'd look to Aidan. "I'm sorry, what's your name? I'm Qwillis." He nods and looks to Edan. "Work with him too. Get the parts together."
    Turning his attention to B, Qwillis smiles her way. "Can you climb? We'll need to get up there to where Kaelyn is, to get access to the control unit.."
Aidan Drake Aidan glances over at Qwillis and nods, "I can handle that and the name's Aidan." He's not really doing anything with the robot so he goes to moving parts as directed by the folks who know what they're doing.
Eden Eden is finally in a spot where she isn't nervous in the least. Fix a thing? no problem! "ok, so let's start at the bottom. foot bones vonnected to the leg bone! find em all, line em up, then we start attaching. it's like a huge puzzle" eden is totally loving this
Kaelyn Kae is well up to her waist in the head of the robot... Soon enough she pulls her head out and calls down "I got his central processor all connected and stuff... The electronics should be fin enow once you guys get power to em!" she calls out happily... Seems the odd elf-girl is ok with technological systems...
B Climb? B looks down to her belly. There's a baby in there given the size and shape, but she's not so large that she can't .. or rather .. won't be useful. "I can try," says she, ever the optimist. Raising one hand to shade her eyes, she looks up at Kae. "How'd you get up there anyway? Oh I see. Foot, hip, elbow, shoulder. Yeah. I can do that. I can totally do that. Here .. pass me any tools I should bring up before I get started." Then she'll climb up, slow but steady, to help however she can.
Qwillis     Q figures that if B shows up to help, she knows her limits. Or at least he hopes so. Then again, Qwillis probably didn't pay attention to the baby bump or would of left her on ground crew. Either way, he'd get to work himself, working on removing that arm so he can get into the access of the power supply. "Let's see.. what a mess. Is that a rat? No.. just.. wiring. Whew. Ok.. so this here.. and that there.."
Lucky Grunting, Lucky pulls and tugs on an arm as he drags it across the ground toward the bot. "I found an arm." He calls out, pausing as he drops it. Wiping a brow, he walks over to the armature's lower arm and blinks "woo, a panel.."

Opening the panel, he begins to press buttons; power restoring from a micro battery built inside the armature. "Hey look.. mobile power.. Coool." A few more buttons are pressed and the hand begins to rotate and move.

Then giggles; the hand is rotated with middle finger extend upright, pointing toward a mountainous region.

"So, Qwill.. How do we get this connected to the torso?"
Eden Eden starts trying to drag leg pieces to the kain shell and falls over. She stands up and without bothering yo brush herself off goes to the other end and keeps trying. '
Eden eden calls over to aiden and lucky "could i get some help dragging the bigger pieces?"
Kaelyn Kae glances around curiously, then looking at her pip-cora she tilts her head... "Ookay... " She goes to another part of the robot and looks around at it before going to the pile of stuff and starting to sort things out, looking for various things to have to repair and all.. "This is gonna get silly.." She mutters to her self.
B B clings to the arm that's not set to be replaced. She peers at the wiring in the joint. "That's not right," says she before fishing out some tools from the pockets of her apron. Using some pliers and a screwdriver, she sets to work. Frowning, she reaches into her apron for another highly invaluable tool: duct tape. A little here, a little there and .. "There. That should do it. Maybe."
Lucky Lucky leaves the arm next to the robot and meanders over to Eden. "Sure, what do you have?" He asks with a smile.
Eden "legs! i gots legs" eden says, grinning back at lucky "gotta get this over to attach it"