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Iris Lark     The Inez family has been down on their luck for a few months now. The patriarch of the clan has been sidelined with an injury and unable to work. The family was getting by on the charity of some kind people in Shantytown, but then a storm moved in and their already too small home was destroyed, leaving them homeless. The Inez family have been living in El Dorado for years, and are known by several of the influential families and a gathering was started. Before they knew it, supplies had been purchased and volunteers have been gathered to help build the Inez family a new home.
    The whole clan is here, including the father Carl who is still laid up with injuries, sitting on a chair to the side. The matriarch Lucy is wearing work clothes, along with her two smaller children. A plan has been drawn up and all that is left to do now, is build.
Manuelito As an Elite family of El Dorado, having belong to the Romero's, it was Manuelito's duty to support those in El Dorado in times of crisis; but for him, this was no duty, simply just the way he was wired. He would be seen on site, ready to him; his last project before his tentative departure for Texas.

He was in the middle of building, placing up beams to help support the frame. Sweat has gathered on his body from the work and his shirt has since been removed. A hammer and nail in hand he works on the rebuild.
Grover Grover shows up ready to work...he looks around for someone nammed Jimmy...yes, Jimmy something is always building houses for people. As he dusts off his hands, "Right, so were building a house?..not a resturant or fountain..good good, I don't want to make thats mistake again, I tell you. Sure it was a wonderful water feature, but made sleeping kinda soggy..." As he moves over to check on the supplies.
Kaelyn In wanders Kae! The oft bouncy elf-like girl now well yah she's allways bouncy. Anyway, the young woman pauses near all the other folks and looks around curiously, her head on a swivel as she looks around at this place... "This is fancy..." She mutters to her self then ontices Manuelito! She grins and waves rapidly, not realy paying much attention to what he's doing. The girl then does what she can! She grabs a bucket, fills it full of water and proceeds to wander around and give folks water when they need it!
Iris Lark Iris and Lucy Inez are with several of the women from Shantytown, they've pooled their resources and are cooking up a meal for the hard workers, bbq style. Several spits and cooking pans are set up, and the smells are starting to get very inviting.

Several men (and a few women) are moving around the site, hefting 2x4's and cutting lengths of wood as they prepare to start to fill in the frame and get the walls up and insulated.

Lots of equipment has been scattered around the area, allowing for people with different skills to get involved. Food is being cooked for those not good at building, some women are finishing sewing up window treatments. There are even people passing out water to those who might be getting parched. It's a busy place with lots of people doing lots of different things.
Fiona As there is a Romero, so there should be a Caine, that might follow a logical progression to put Fiona here. She is not topless though, just cause you know. Mostly she is doing a few minor things, hammer a nail here, haul that over there. She pauses close to Manny from time to time to share her canteen with him.

Fiona waves to a few that she knows like Iris and Kaelyn.
Eden Eden shows up in a very good mood, whistling as she walks toward the house-in-progress. hammer in hand She walks up to the group and looks around for a place to join in. She sees several of her friends and waves to them. She grabs a pile of nails and starts working on the end of plank being nailed into place. She doesn't know the person standing next to her, but that's ok. She's here to help!
Tina Tina has joined the small crew of water bearers, having learned the hard way that most of her skills have no real application here. Nuns apparently don't learn all that many building skills. But it doesn't matter; she is here to help, like very nearly everyone else here. Occasionally she trades a smile with Kaelyn when they pass close to one another.

"Please raise your hand if you need water?" she calls softly as she wanders the site. Maybe she's a nun, but she's not omniscient, after all; sometimes she doesn't see just how thirsty someone may be.
Manuelito A small smile crosses his lips as he takes a sip from the shared Canteen. After handing it back, he begins to work once more on the beams; wiping sweat from his brow. The presence of Fiona appear to bring a happy state to the Marshal. It was also interesting to see that the eye patch was gone; a mechanical eye now rests in the left eye socket, a bluish glow could be seen from the ocular system where the iris would be.
Iris Lark     One man sitting in the site is measuring materials for the roofing as the walls slowly get nailed in and the insulation gets stuffed into the walls. The outer walls are going up at the same time, and now some of the crew are taking short breaks to move to get some food and water.

There is a lot of talking and laughing and enthusiam and a lot of shared stories between some of the older men and women present. "Remember that time that old Clent almost got his house knocked over in that storm that rolled through here when I was a young lad?" An old man cackles, shaking his head. "The damn fool built his house next to a tree, swearing it could never fall over because it was leanin' on said tree, but the damn thing almost fell the other way on his house!" A few people laugh with the old man who is nearly howling at this point. A younger woman blesses all of them with a bit of silence when she brings the old gent a plate and a chipped glass of water.

Kids are playing a little ways away, and some of them are called occasionally for fetch and carry, but mostly it's a community effort to rebuild the home while keeping an eye on the kids as they throw around an old ball.

As people pass near the cooking hub, Iris and a few other women - including Lucy Inez - are handing out plates of food, all slathered with a spicy sauce. The comforting hum of activity ebbs and flows around the area, allowing people to slip from one group to the next for easy conversation or to help out with the building.
Grover Grover goes to work, having a bit experience in doing such work. He moves around the site, helping with any heavy lifting. "On them second floor lintels between the lally columns, do you want we should rabbet them or not?"
Kaelyn Kae glances around curiously, then shrugs to her self and walks around some more with her bucket and ladle. When close to another person she smiles and offers the ladle, and of course the cool liquid refreshment that goes with it...
Manuelito Coming back out of the house, Manuelito fetches the Canteen from Fiona again. Taking in some water, he hands it back and begins his approach to the house; that is until a ball hits his leg.

Glancing down to the ball, he looks back up to see kids waving and calling for him to kick the ball; a few were unsure what the man would do next. Rolling his foot along the top, he pushes the ball forward and then backwards. Then he props it on the toes of his boot and lifts it into the air. His right knee comes out, bouncing it back up and proceeds to hit it with his left knee; continuing this feat for a few minutes; awing the kids in the process whom smile and giggle.

The ball sails further up on his last knee bump, enough for him to hit it with his head, causing it to spike back to the ground. Running forward, he taps the ball between his leg and begins to play ball with the kids. Laughter and giggling ensues from the kids as he does this; all of this taken in with a smile and laugh.

His long, normally braided hair hangs loosely and waves around as he kicks the ball around to each kid; teaching them the proper way to kick and bounce the ball.

For most, this was a different side of Manny; his spirit, kindness and love for his community showing brightly as he entertains the kids.
Fiona Fiona is no carpenter, handy enough at minor repairs to do some nailing. Mostly, she carries though, sturdy enough to lug buckets of nails or stacks of rebar or lumber. She also seems to have little hesitation with the needed climbing. When if comes time for a break, she heads over and gets two plates, "Hey." She offers to Iris as she gets warrior size helpings on them before heading over to Manny to prompt a break after he finishes with the children. Fiona herself, a little less experienced in that area. So draws him over to workbench to commedeer so they can eat together. She'll motion over to perhaps Kae to get a refill on the water.
Eden Eden sees the children and watches them thoughtfully for a moment or two. She snaps out of her reverie when she hears the people beside her moving to the next area. She takes a moment to go to Kae and get a drink, then finds a new spot to work. She doesn't really know much about buildings, but she can follow along with the logic of what is happening and enjoys learning.
Tina Tina pauses near the crowd listening to the old man's stories, offering around her bucket and dipper as needed. By the time she leaves their company, the bucket needs refilling, and so she pauses near Iris and Lucy. "I don't know what you are cooking, but it smells /heavenly/. Isn't it wonderful how people come together when there is need?" she asks warmly, stepping out of the way as several people come in to collect plates during an apparent break in the work.

Shouts from the children draw her attention to Manny and his work with the ball and the children. "Little miracles happen every day, it seems. Look at him go!" she cries, chuckling as she watches. "I never knew you could do such things with a plain old kickball!"
Iris Lark     Iris smiles at Fiona as she approaches and she hands out her plates, offering her a wink and a smile before she moves on to hand food out to other people. When she spots Tina she takes a break and moves from behind the spits to enfold the woman in a bracing hug. "I haven't seen you in a while, how are you doing?" She hands her a plate and takes one of her own, following her to a place where they can sit.
    As some rest, others work and several men approach Kaelyn for water before going back inside the frame of the home to continue to build. The outside of the home is shaping up to look like some of the other pre-war homes in town. The inside is pure luxury for the Inez's who had a two room shack before. A working bathroom, kitchen, living space and two bedrooms are very far beyond what they expected when this project started.

The sound of hammers pounding and wood being sawed is loud, but the conversation is louder. Eden is beckoned by a few younger men who are working on plumbing and they hand her soldering tools, giving her instruction before the three go to work.
Manuelito Manuelito glances to Fiona, nodding. Waving to the kids, he heads away and to the table; sitting down across from her. Glancing back briefly, he smiles. "Something I always love to see." He says looking back to Fiona. "A community coming together." He adds, taking a helping of the food and eats it.
Grover Grover keeps working on various parts of the house. Moving from one part of the deweling to the next. "nice difference to things...should make it..." He moves through the place, checking over various thing...stopping at one of the doors.."Can I come in to the out now?" As he steps out onto the porch,
Fiona Fiona takes a little water, looking up from her meal with a smile, gaze panning over the construction site. "It is nice to see, everybody working on this and the walls. I wish I knew more of building." She offers, taking a few bites. A wave is given to Groven and Eden before the woman vanishes to work on plumbing. "It is good you know more if you, we, are thinking about that cabin."
Kaelyn Soon Kae's travels have her passing by Fiona. Kae smiles and holds the bucket up to them as well as the ladle "Water?" She says cheerfully... The girl tilts her head as she watches the kids... Oooh she soo wants to go play with the kids. Her ears even twitc a bit at the thought... Next she looks back to Fiona and then to anyone near by and holds up the ladle.
Manuelito "I know enough, but.. I'll need to gather a few good hands. A lot of the log will need to come from Salt Creek." He replies, smiling kindly lovingly to her. "I could teach you a thing or two if you'd like." He says quietly, taking in another bite.
Iris Lark     A few hours have gone by and the small house is looking nearly done. Large buckets of whitewash sit out and the children are apparently being included in what happens next. Brushes are handed out and people move with purpose to finish what was started. Some of the men from earlier are carrying second hand furniture into the home and medical supplies were delivered a bit ago from the Clinic so that Lucy's husband can convalesce in peace at home.

People start to whitewash, not minding the spatters on themselves as they give the cheerful little house a bit of paint. Small jobs still remain and people are still working while others are painting. Twilight is approaching and most seem to be moving to have most of the work done and the small family moved in by full dark.

Furniture wasn't the only thing donated, clothes have been brought too and the leftover food that wasn't consumed tonight will be set aside for the family as well. People stand and sit in groups as the work continues, though things seem to be winding down a bit.
Eden Eden waves back at Fiona, then jumps to take up the soldering iron. She knows how to use the tool, but listens carefully to the instructions of what needs to be done and how. she practices a time or two in front of her new teacher, then goes along and continues the task she has been given. Repeating the motions at every joint she comes to. The repetition lets her mind be lost in its own daydreams as she works in the sunlight.
Tina Tina returns Iris's hug in kind, setting down her bucket to do so. "Missed you too, Miss Iris... I've been rather busy lately. So many people coming by and talking about that awful Dunwich place... I can't remember ever doing so much research on demons and spirits in my life before now. So many souls need comfort after going there. It's scary to think such a place even exists. But hopefully that will quiet down soon, and I can get back to visiting the sick, and their caretakers. I've missed it."

She accepts the offered plate and lingers nearby to eat. "You two are /amazing/... perhaps it's just the hard work that makes it taste like something from Heaven, but I very much doubt that. Thank you for providing for us all." As she finishes her meal, the calls for water pick up a bit, and she hastens over to refill the bucket and resume her duties.
Fiona Fiona offers the canteen to Kaelyn to fill when the woman offers, "Thank you, Kaelyn." A quick smile to the woman before she is scrapping at her plate for a couple of last bites. Military acquire a habit of eating fast, and it is usually a life long habit. Her eyes go back to Manuelito, smiling. "You can try, I'd like that. Still, I have to warn you, I can be a slow learner at civilized skills. I don't have a clue why.. Wait, actually, probably Gale. We always tended to end up hunting or fishing when I started to read a book."
Grover Grover keeps working, doing whatever he can. Occasionally he eyes those that decide to shirk work for awhile..shaking his head a bit. But he continues to work, "Not a bad place...a little open floor plan, but still not bad."
Manuelito Cleaning the plate, Manuelito leans back a little and chuckles. "Of course; though there is nothing wrong with hunting and fishing." He says, standing up. "I should go though.. Last minute packing." He tells her.
Eden Eden finishes with the soldering, then puts the tools carefully away. After a full day's work, she is tired and hungry. She wanders over to the tables where they are serving a gets a plate. She walks over to Fiona and Manuleito to sit and eat. Smiling at their closeness, she sits and says "Hi there you 2!"
Kaelyn Kae is grinning again and now soon enough she's put the water bucket down for a paint bucket. Now Kae is well painting! It's one thing she's actually pretty good at, as the white haired girl is one for spotting fine detail. Soon enough she's got corners of this wall she's working on painted in and is beginning to work out, not leaving a spot un-touched. Occasionally she wipes her nose which has the added affect of leaving a little paint there as the girl sets to painting an dof course making a mess of her self.
Iris Lark     Full dark has fallen on El Dorado, but there is a beacon of light and it's coming from the newly installed windows in the cute little two story home that every hand here had help in building. The newly whitewashed outside will fade in time as the wind passes through, but right now it looks just as new. Lucy Inez and her husband stand close together near the porch, and the woman has a handkerchief in hand. "When I was told that this was going to happen, I didn't expect anything beyond what we had. Like always though, the people of this town have blessed us with more, and asked nothing of us in return. Bless every single one of you for the help you offered today and continue to offer to other people in need. The next time someone else has need of help, I can be right there knowing that they helped me tonight." A few people step up then and help her get her husband inside and the groups still standing outside start to wander off, speaking quietly to themselves.

Iris stands at the end of the street herself, her rucksack over her shoulder and an introspective look on her face.
Tina Tina sticks to the water detail, even as most of the other water bearers abandon the job to help with the whitewashing. "This reminds me of something out of an old book... I think it was about someone named Mark Twain. Or was it Tom Sawyer? Huckleberry Finn? Oh, well... it will come to me."

As the job is finished up, she finds herself sniffling a little, and dabs at her eyes with the end of her sleeve. "Miracles /do/ still happen. I will be giving a lot of thanks for the citizens of this town in my prayers tonight," she murmurs, smiling as she watches the family moving into a new home that took shape in little more than a day, thanks to the good people of El Dorado.
Fiona Fiona stands when Manny makes the comment, nodding and giving a glance off from the construction. "I know, if you want, swing by the ranch on you way out?" Then she gives him a hug, before glancing back to the building. "I mighg as well help with the last of it."
Manuelito Slipping his arms around her and nods his head "I'll swing by before I leave." He replies, leaning in to kiss her lips softly; a smile creasing his lips as he leans back. "In the meantime, go have fun." He adds, chuckling "They'll need help with painting."