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Owner Pose
Manuelito A gruff looking man sits behind a desk in the Militia headquarters building. Old Bill was the recruiter and hiring officer for the Militia and was currently reviewing several candidate profiles.

The room was quaint - a simple desk, bookshelf and filing cabinet. Light barely filtered in as dark grey clouds fill the sky above, blotting out the sunlight.
Marcus Marcus makes his way into the Militia HQ building and glances around until he notices the recruiter and makes his way over, "'Scuse me sir is this where I go to sign up for the Militia? Fairly new to town but I've really liked how folks actually care about each other and I'd like to help protect that for 'em."
Manuelito Standing up, Bill nods as his hand extends outward to Marcus. "Hello." he grunts, adding "Yes, I am the recruiter for Militia. Looking to join up?" He inquires questioningly.
Marcus Marcus nods as he reaches out to shake Bill's hand, "Yes sir looking to join up. I'm Marcus Daniels"
Manuelito A small nod as he shakes Marcus hand with a firm grip. "I see." He says, gesturing to the desk. "What is your skillset?" He asks, moving to the filing cabinet; opening he, he retrieves a folder and places it on the desk. Opening it, he pushes to the other side where Marcus would sit. the papers were joining papers.
Marcus Marcus shrugs a bit, "I was a merc did some work for the NCR when I was living up in the New Vegas area and did caravan protection on the way out of town, ended up here. I can shoot, and I'm not half bad in a close up fight either."
Manuelito A nod "I see." Bill states in response. "Then fire support in the Scout and Recon." He states, nodding to the paper. "We don't do any boot camp or heavy training. Simply sign the papers and report in. Missions are ongoing; just keep an eye on the mission board out front. Your rank will be Private."
Marcus Marcus nods, "I appreciate it." He leans down to sign on the papers, "Are there barracks or can I get a place in town to stay at?"
Manuelito "We have barracks." Bill replies "Although, if you can get a house in town if you like." Taking the folder, he closes it and files it in the cabinet.
Marcus Marcus nods, "I appreciate it. Is there anything else I need to do or sign? Otherwise I'll go look at the mission board and see what's happening."
Manuelito "Nope. Welcome to the Militia." Bill replies with a small smile.
Marcus Marcus smiles and nods, "Thanks." He turns to head out towards that mission board now that he's signed his life away.